Yamay Smartwatch Review


Smart wearables like fitness bands and smartwatches are an essential part of day-to-day life. Smartwatches can perform a bunch of functions, from fitness tracking to heart rate monitoring. Yamay smartwatch is one such useful smartwatch that you can buy yourself if you are looking for a budget-friendly wearable. We will be reviewing and giving you an in-depth insight into the Yamay smartwatch that will help you to make a balanced buying decision while spending your bucks.

We will be elaborating on the build quality, performance of the fitness trackers, battery life, and much more in this article. Yamay is a Chinese brand that has been manufacturing budget-friendly wearables for years. The brand sells smart wearable products across North America and Europe.

Yamay 020 Fitness Tracker Watch Review

Build And Design:

The first look of this smartwatch will give you an impression of Galaxy Watch Active 2. The circular dial paired with silicon rubber straps makes it easy for the users to wear it for long hours. It weighs around 54g and feels pretty light when you flaunt it on your wrist. The straps are interchangeable and you can choose from the variety of colour options available based on your preference.

Available strap colour options are black, green, pink, and grey. The watch has an IP68 rating, which means you need not to worry while swimming or going on an outdoor adventure. The watch can stay in water for minutes under a depth of 1 and a half metre. It is also available in multiple size options, suitable for both kids and adults. Inside the box, you will be getting the watch, magnetic charger, and manual instructions. The watch provides a 1 year warranty, which will surely be quite satisfactory for the buyers.

Moving to the display size and quality, the watch gives a pleasing usage experience when indoors, and can work decent when using outdoors. The 1.28 inches capacitive touch display is responsive and easy to use. The watch doesn’t come with an always on display feature and you need to move your wrist to wake it up.

If you love to hop around with different watch faces, then Yamay smartwatch has more than 40 watches. These watch faces include both digital and analog style watch faces. You can also use your images as the watch faces. Each watch face has basic widgets which consist of time, date, and heart rate.

Features and Trackers:

Fitness tracking is primarily the reason a buyer opts for smart wearables. Yamay smartwatch has all the basic fitness tracking features that one would require in its armoury. It has a step counter to calculate the steps taken or jogged during the day.
Simultaneously it can count the calories burned by each walking step during the day.

If you are a sports enthusiast, then this smartwatch can be the right choice for you. The watch can track multiple sports which includes running, cycling, walking, yoga, football, climbing, and more. During each sport activity it will track the calories burned and heart rate.

Also, it can tracker heart rate simultaneously during your day to day activity. This feature automatically turns on during the workout. The watch comes with a very basic sleep tracking feature that can provide an overview of your sleeping habit.

It also offers Find My Phone feature that can be useful if you have accidentally lost your device. There is a music player integrated in the watch that you can use to play songs. You cannot play music directly from the watch and need to connect it with your smartphone to enjoy listening to songs.

Connectivity and Battery:

Yamay smartwatch comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity options. The connectivity is seamless and smooth connection in one go. It will notify you of calls and notifications, but you can answer them only via your smartphones. You can customise the notification you want on your smartwatch by adjusting the setting in the Only Fit app. Also, you can activate the Do Not Disturb or DND mode with a single click.

You can integrate this smartwatch with the OnlyFit app, which is available on both Android and iPhone platforms. Besides that, you cannot install any third party app, which is one of the downsides of this watch. The user experience with the app is decent and you can preview all your health tracking in one tab.

Talking about the battery capacity of this smartwatch, it comes fitted with a 340mAh battery that can last for 7 days with basic usage frequency. The company also claims that the battery has a 30 days standby time.

Pros Of Yamay Smartwatch
  • Impressive design and build
  • Contains all the necessary health trackers
  • Decent usage time
  • DND mode
  • Multiple straps and colour options available
  • 13 Sports tracking
Cons Of Yamay Smartwatch
  • No GPS
  • Cannot install third-party apps
  • Cannot track sports in the background


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Final Verdict:

If you are looking for a budget-friendly smart wearable with basic fitness trackers, the Yamay smartwatch can do the job for you. Though it has some downsides but seems to be competitive in this price range when compared with its competitors.

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