Why do we need SpO2 Monitoring in Smartwatches?



Of late, in this pandemic situation, we come across the term SpO2 monitoring quite often. SpO2 refers to the percentage of oxygen saturated in your blood. Measurement of blood oxygen level can be of two types namely, transmissive pulse oximetry, and reflectance pulse oximetry. Transmissive pulse oximetry is generally used in Pulse Oximeters. It measures the percentage of oxygen saturation in the body when your finger is placed in the oximeter.

Smartwatches And Fitness Bands With Built-In SpO2

The light emitted from one end reaches the sensor at the other end, With the help of wavelength and other parameters it calculates the SpO2. Most smartwatches use reflective pulse oximetry to measure the oxygen level in your blood. The SpO2 is measured when the light from the sensor is reflected by the blood under your skin on your wrist. 

Why use SpO2 Spo2 Oxygen Monitoring in Smartwatches?

The measurement of SPO2 is essential to understand the general health of a person. During serious illnesses, the oxygen in your blood reduces, weakening your entire body. In severe conditions, it can even be fatal. Conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, congestion in the lungs, infection, etc., can lead to a reduction in your SpO2 levels.

Are SpO2 Smartwatches the Best Alternative to Oximeters? 

With the advancement of technology, most standard smartwatches can detect blood-oxygen levels (SpO2) using reflectance pulse oximetry. The sensors on the lower end of the smartwatches measure the amount of light reflected from your wrist. Also, the infrared light passes through your wrist that gets reflected by the subcutaneous tissues or bones.

The sensors measure the difference between the light emitted and the light reflected, thus determining the blood oxygen levels from your wrist at any point. Any drop in your blood oxygen level can be a sign of an underlying disease or stress condition. If you face such a scenario, you should consult a physician immediately. 

How to Check the Oxygen Level in a Smartwatch? 

Smartwatches with the SpO2 feature monitors the oxygen level and alerts us if there is any drop in the level. These smartwatches with SPO2 features are especially beneficial for aged people and people with underlying lung diseases such as congestion in the lungs, COPD, bronchitis, etc. With these smartwatches, you will not have to worry about using a pulse oximeter now and then to keep track of the oxygen levels in the blood.

It is a convenient process of tracking your SpO2 metrics 24/7 rather than having to note it down time and again, using a pulse oximeter. Especially it is helpful for patients contacting the SARs Covid-19 virus in the present scenario as they can monitor their oxygen levels 24/7.


Best Smartwatches with Spo2 Oxygen Monitoring in India

The best smartwatches with SpO2 sensors in India and the US are the Fitbit Versa 3, Apple Watch 6 series, Garmin Fenix 6, and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. Each of these measures your blood oxygen saturation more or less accurately from your wrist. For example Apple Watch 6 measures the oxygen saturation data in a single touch from your wrist. Also, the data is also available on the Health App. And where you will get access to the trends of your blood oxygen saturation on days, weeks, or months together.

SpO2 Smartwatch Accuracy 

The SpO2 smartwatch accuracy is reasonable. However, this data is not for medical use. You can consult your doctor as soon as you see any irregularities in the trends. Overall, the SpO2 monitor is an important feature of smartwatches at present. And, you can keep track of your overall health just by tracking your blood oxygen levels. Most Smartwatches And Fitness Bands With Built-In SpO2 monitors these days.

Best Budget SpO2 enabled Smartwatches

Moreover, a few smartwatches also provide trends, trigger alerts, and share a summary of your SPO2 levels at the click of a button. With such features, you can review your SPO2 levels weekly and get a complete picture of your health levels. So, we advise you to invest in the best budget smartwatch with spo2 measurement along with many other features and be rest assured of tracking many health metrics at the same time. With these best budget, SpO2 enabled smartwatches, you can now track your blood oxygen saturation any time, anywhere.

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  Smart is now integrated with every gadget. Smartwatch, Smart toilets, Smart Assistants, and so on. Home appliances have also seen an exponential improvement in...

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