Top Fitness Apps for Fitbit, Wear OS and Samsung Smartwatches


 Fitbit, Wear OS, Watch OS and Samsung Fitness Apps

Nowadays, everyone in this world is concerned about their health and fitness. They do take various steps to achieve their goals but are not sure whether they are heading in the right direction. Fitness Trackers were launched for this very purpose. They track down the user’s movement and collate the data, and show fitness tracking data in various forms of visualizations. Even sleep quality can be accurately measured by these devices.

A highly expected change came some time back. The fitness bands/smartwatches replaced the phones. There are many apps available that help optimizes the function of the smartwatch. Climbing up steps in your office or residence happens every day. These are tracked by a sensor called ‘Altimeter’. The fitness apps also serve as reminders on what the user has to do next, including water consumption. Fitness apps did bring around a revolution in the way we interact with smart bands and smartwatches.

These smartwatch apps work well with different operating systems. In the subsequent sections, we will be discussing the top Fitness Apps for the leading operating systems in the market: Wear OS (Google), Fitbit OS (Fitbit), Watch OS (Apple), and Tizen (Samsung). 

Benefits of Top Fitness Apps from Fitbit, Wear OS, Watch OS, and Samsung Smartwatches 
  • Your Progress tracked
  • Free coaching from experts 
  • Goals set realistically
  • Health monitoring constant
  • Motivation helps.

Best Fitness Apps for Tizen


The general purpose of Strava and its usability. Strava is a Swedish word for Strive. The app has at least 30 million users. It is meant for athletes who engage in cycling and running and it analyses your performance. The main features of the app are activity tracking and analyzing your feed.

The activity feed ensures that all the posts done by you and others can be viewed on your smart screen. You can add comments on other’s activities. It can work as a social media platform where you can send requests, accept or follow. The challenges are there to create opportunities for you to set goals to be achieved within a particular period. Comparison over the efforts you made with the current ones is made possible. The segments are the various activities. Once a segment is completed, comparisons between the current data and the one before it are compared to monitor the progress or lack of it. This is one of the best Samsung Galaxy Fitness apps.

Tabata Timer

A lengthy Workout is not possible to perform for everyone, and Tabata makes it possible. Tabata breaks down such tough workouts into meaningful sets of exercises, thus permitting rest between them. The heart rate never slows down during these small intervals. It displays the heart rate after each workout. In addition to that, Tabata tabulates all the completed workouts in the form of cycles and sets. 

The latest innovation is audio which sets off the timer for the next set to begin. The touchscreen has this facility too. The displays are bright and bold to ensure that short-duration workouts are effective and results are achievable. 

Like running, swimming is also considered an excellent fitness workout. is an app and it is designed to track and compare your performances in water with your friends. The app does not have a start button and gets activated as soon as you touch the water. The app works best with Wear OS by Google, Garmin, Suunto, and Samsung. 

You would be amazed at the choices of workouts available in the app. There are thousands now with regular additions. You can find the exercises that suit you. If you are unable to set one, recommends the best one that suits you, provided you update it with your vital stats. Such essential stats should include your choice of strokes, distance, pace, etc. The other popular option is to construct and design your workout. There are plenty of templates for you to choose from. 

The guidance or coaching is carried out effectively by the app. It guides you in every set for you to compare the results after the workout. Using, you can track your progress, improve on them, and compete if your training results have achieved their goals. is free and would work on both Google and Android Wear OS.

Best Fitness Apps for Watch OS

Map My Run

Users who are not happy with Samsung should try out Map My Run. The GPS inside the watch is responsible for all kinds of Stats like duration and speed. Heart rate reading is available in real-time. Confusion on which route to adopt is avoided as the mapping provides accurate information on where to run in the vicinity. You can rearrange the data in the latest version. The phone app of ‘Map My Run’ has to be downloaded in combination. With both the apps of phone and smartwatch working in excellent combination, the best running app is in your possession which is second to none in the app Store of Samsung Galaxy. After all, an app that keeps you informed every step of the way while you are running is a delight.


Talk about an app that is both effective and stylish too. Yes, Zova offers both audio and video workouts to maintain control of your running and other fitness exercises. In addition to this, there is a heart rate program that is unique. The ‘star’, as it is known in the Zova app, is the Zova ZX5. It makes accurate readings of the heart rate and adjusts the training for burning maximum calories. It introduces new workouts every week, and it would be at least three. Such new exercises keep the user excited. A few of such movements are named Cardio sweat, Body Burner, and Strength & Sculpt. 

There is more to Zova as you can view fitness classes hosted by celebrities and experts alike. You can choose your exercises that would focus upon strength, flexibility, or cardio. A user without an apple watch but does have an iOS device can access hundreds of workouts. Zova does permit one week of free access if you have an Apple ID. You need to pay $ 59.99 annually to access all their programs.

Pocket Yoga

An app that yields more benefits when you increase its usage cannot be ignored. We are talking about the Pocket Yoga app for iPhone, which allows you to relax and practice whenever you wish to. All you need is your Yoga Mat, and your yoga app is kept at a place which you can hear or see kick off your session. You are spoilt for choice as the app rolls out durations which are three. All the durations have different difficulty levels and practices. 

In all, you can enjoy 27 varied sessions. The audio and video are the best part as the soothing voice guides you expertly through each exercise. There is yet another feature called ‘Unlockables’. These are environments that are ten in number. Your progress would unlock environment after environment. Every pose has an image, and you cannot make a mistake. Coupled with the audio, it’s a perfect session of Yoga. With the experience explained above, it is noteworthy to talk about the financial implications. The yoga app saves you money as live classes cost a lot. Previews are available and can combine the music from the library.


What does FIIT have in store for you? Well, it’s been designed in a way that makes it user-friendly, and there are enough varieties for you to stay enthusiastic. FIIT has also solved another issue. The apps are played on small screens, which deter the users while exercising. To circumvent this problem, you need to purchase a Cable sold by iPhone and connect the TV with the iPhones. 

The Fiit apps measure your performance of the past with the present. It also keeps a close watch over your movements when you are engaged in a specific exercise. Any half-baked effort is not counted as a repetition. The monitor which measures the heart rate is called the Fiit Branded Wahoo Tickr X. There is no doubt that the Fiit app is easy to use and cheaper compared to gym subscriptions.

Top fitness Apps for Fitbit OS


How much is one aware of their good habits which they indulge in every day which helps their fitness? You could be drinking water at regular intervals, doing a few jumping jacks, or even walking your pet. Streak can record not one but six activities simultaneously and helps you feel you are doing well to yourself. If these good habits are succeeding in giving you a great feeling, you can set the program in advance for a month. 

The three-day trial should convince you of its usefulness, and it would warrant payment of just $1.49 to access the rest of the features. The wonderful design at the surface level has in it a winning set of fitness programs that would set your life on the correct path. If you are a fan of Apple, then you are taking the best of it.

100 Pushups

The pushup is a basic exercise that everyone is aware of. However, what about an app that makes you do a Hundred repetitions? The app first assesses your effort on how many you can do consecutively. Based on the count, it devises a routine upon which you can slowly improve upon. 

You can also adjust it to increase or decrease the count. The app does not count the pushups but allows you to see your progress over time. The app would prove useful to people who do light workouts with weights and trust workouts that utilize the body. For extracting full use of this app, it is found that it performs best under the Versa series and Ionic watch series.

C25K Trainer

Certain products that would make you do the impossible are worthy of the purpose it was invented for. The C25K Trainer pulls people who are relaxing in their comfort zones and challenging them with a program that runs for eight weeks. The beginners are the primary target, and the results can be seen for sure. The programs are most motivating, and rewards are definite. 

It’s the Fitbit Smartwatches that have chosen C25K as their official app. As one may be aware, Fitbit has Versa and the Sense that use tracking sensors. These Sense the electrodermal activity and thus gives us readings of stress along with the abnormal rhythm of one’s heart. C25K makes prompt use of this and delivers advice on how to divide your program, including the perfect time to warm- up and start on it. Your progress is indicated through consistent buzzes, which you can feel while moving. The Versa Smartwatches can also use C25K even though it was designed initially for Fitbit. The modus operandi is kept simple as you need to press a button and follow the directions which appear on it. 

Although the device does not fully use the stored music, it can solve this issue by accessing music from the other app. To access it free, you can download the C25K.

Best Fitness Apps for Wear OS 

The Nike Run Club

Nike, as everyone knows, is one of the top brands in the fitness domain. Nike has developed an app for their patrons who must be members of the Nike club too. The Nike app is free for such members, and you can keep track of your running miles even if you choose to run in any Nike pairs you run on. The app can be downloaded and used for seven days free of any charges. After the free trial, you need to pay $14.99 a month or $ 99.99 per annum to access all the features. 

Features include running by using GPS and audio guidance with various challenges set with preset periods. The free app has many features like capturing and logging time, distance, heart & pulse rate, etc. The Nike Run Club can be downloaded and set up on your Android or Apple iPhone. The app works best with the ‘ Health App’ of Apple and my phone’s Activity App. It’s a perfect start for beginners and keeps them highly motivated. Now, Nike Run Club is available with Apple Watches, and you can avoid carrying your phone. The app is considered to be 100% perfect in its performance.


How about an app that keeps track of your intake of water and food? The app can also measure how much you have burnt off your input and also allow you to add to the quantity it suggests. 

You may call yourself fit by proving your Athleticism physically. You are sure to get better results if you tabulate the intake too. It is the intake that makes you perform your everyday schedule of running or swimming. Improving your fitness is a process that does not end too soon, provided you keep track of the intake. 

Lifesum is the app that does it perfectly for you. It can count your water intake in glass and solid food in calories. Lifesum allows you to measure your fasting sessions too, which can be easily customized with your app. It can lend you a helping hand in balancing your protein intake with the rest of the diet plan. Popularly known as the Calorie Counting app, it is considered the best among other apps which carry out the same function. The interface is smooth and easy to understand, and customizations become easier at a very reasonable cost. Lifesum, in short, makes you understand the relationship between food and you and is a life-saver for a person whose goal is to lose weight in the long run. You can download Lifesum for free!

Map My Run 

Please check the description above (under Watch OS)

7-Minute workout

The World is a busy place, and you are no different trying to find those precious minutes to get fit. If you think that visiting the local gym would help you achieve your goals, you are wrong. The coach over there would have plans for you, and your vital minutes would go wasted. The 7 Minute workout plan has been transformed into an app, and you strap it onto your wrist.

The seven minutes work out your core muscle, upper body, and lower body, with the app informing you what’s coming up next. Yes, the app follows a High-Intensity circuit workout. Still, you can enjoy those visual reminders, and the repetition countdown inspires the user with not even a lucky escape from cheating. It does not finish here. The exercises are indeed completed, but the results keep coming through. One of them would be your average heart rate with improvements over the past. There is nothing complicated about the 7-minute workout app. The results are evident, and you can download the app for free.


If an app is coming from Adidas, it has to be taken seriously. The app Runtastic is yet another running app that should be used by every runner irrespective of their objectives. The best part is that it works smoothly on iOS and Android with a voice that keeps you well informed of your progress as you run. It can only motivate you further to become a better runner. Runtastic is not only helpful in sports which involves running or movement at a certain speed. Even bodybuilding can be synchronized with this app, and it helps you train better. Its primary focus is cardio workouts. Runtastic app is a perfectionist as it raises specific questions about you and logs in data to work out a plan. 

The Runtastic has two sides to it. It does aid you in your Running stats; on the other side, it has a Training schedule that helps you work out in the gym. The app is compatible with Apple, Garmin Connect, Polar Flow, etc. In conclusion, one can clearly state that the combination of Running and Training apps working in tandem does help us maintain our goals in strength and cardio.


The MyFitnessPal is the real one you should be looking out for as it is a revolutionary way of achieving both fitness and weight loss. Also, MyFitnessPal arrives in two forms. You can access it on the website or the mobile app. You can access the website for free, but you would miss out on certain features available for premium users only. The modus operandi of MyFitnessPal is kept simple. They develop an exclusively developed plan for you based on the details you have shared for them. The plan would include nutritional goals, calorie counts, along detailed workouts. The app would track your diet and fitness workouts as you input them every day. 

MyFitnessPal believes in two systems. They are Cardiovascular and Strength training. The free app has many features, but it is wise to go premium. The app has proven its worth in the past as it prescribes perfect diet plans from a massive user base. The app is capable of working in combination with other apps if the need arises. The premium version is cheaper if you subscribe to it annually as it comes with a good discount. (Just $ 4.17). Also, check out Top 10 Kids Smartwatches to Buy in 2021

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Best Handheld Body Fat Scanners of 2022

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