Top 10 Smart Glasses | BEST Augmented Reality Glasses In 2022


Smart Glasses haven’t completely penetrated the mainstream consumer market of tech enthusiasts and remain a novelty to this date. However, the past two years have showcased that the hustle for creating the numero-uno smart glasses is still going on. Brands like Razer, Amazon, etc., and even Ray-ban are coming up with enticing smart glass offerings. The rumors about Apple smart glasses still remain a rumor but other brands are consistently releasing products, thus ensuring variety in the market. If you are thinking of investing in smart glasses and are perplexed about making a choice, read on to know about the Top 10 smart glasses that money can buy.

What are Smart Glasses?

Smart Glasses are an extension of smartphones that aim to provide a few necessary features like calling, visual displays, music, recording, etc., via themselves. The perfect smart glasses do not exist yet but if they did, they could potentially eliminate the need for pulling the smartphones out of your pocket, for reading every notification and responding to calls and messages.

Some even integrate AR features into the mix to give you a truly immersive experience of using smart glasses. Needless to say, fitting such features into such a compact form factor raises the prices significantly, sometimes greater than the cost of mid-range flagship smartphones.

Top 10 Smart Glasses of 2022

1. Vuzix Blade Upgraded Smart Glasses

  • 8-megapixel camera (with autofocus)
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Noise-canceling microphones and Voice control
  • Expensive
  • Only right-side screen alignment

The ade Upgraded Smart Glasses top this list of the top 10 smart glasses not because they are the most expensive piece of eyewear that you can find, but because of how close they are to the perfect smart glasses. These smart glasses are priced at 800 USD currently which is a lot less than they originally launched at. Vuzix Blade Upgraded Smart Glasses bring a lot of improvements that include auto-focus support for the inbuilt 8-megapixel camera that lets you click images and record videos in HD resolution.

Top 10 smart glasses - Vuzix Blade

The right side of the glasses includes a touchpad for navigating the features and a micro-SD expansion card slot for storing the images, apps, and videos. It uses a combination of projector and lens to project images on the right side of the glass only. Vuzix is reportedly working on a prototype that combines images from both sides for a centered view which will be even better than the right-side alignment that Vuzix Blade Upgraded Smart Glasses offer.

For connectivity, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless are present along with noise-canceling microphones to facilitate clear audio calls even in traffic. Vuzix Blade Upgraded Smart Glasses run on Android OS and have discarded the blade OS which powered the earlier gen glasses and is a suitable option if you crave something like Google glass but in a more bearable form factor.

Buy Vuzix Blade on Amazon

2. Stories Smart Glasses by RAY-BAN

The Stories Smart Glasses by RAY-BAN is a collaboration between Ray-ban and Facebook to curate smart glasses that can capture snaps and short clips while also doubling up as your call/earphones companion. Stories Smart Glasses by RAY-BAN are by far the most normal-looking smart glasses that you will ever put on. If placed side by side with an assortment of Ray-Ban collections, the Stories Smart Glasses by RAY-BAN are hard to distinguish and perfectly blend in. They have a lighter frame combined with a modest lens area and the support for prescription lenses.

Stories Smart Glasses by RAY-BAN

Smart Glasses by RAY-BAN lack AR capabilities and do not project anything on the lenses. They do feature dual-5MP cameras, one on each side to capture photos and videos. Since they are designed from the social media creator’s perspective the orientation and resolution are portraits. But you can choose to capture in 16:9 via the companion app that lets you edit, alter and beautify the images after which you can share them to the social media platforms of your choice. Stories Smart Glasses by RAY-BAN support a micro-SD card and use Bluetooth to pair with your smartphone.

The button controls are slightly complex but you get the hang of it pretty easily. There are three noise-canceling microphones that deliver and curb the background noise. The speakers aren’t that impressive debut considering the intended use case, they are pretty okay. Smart Glasses by RAY-BAN won’t last more than 3.5 hours but come with a charging case that provides three full charging cycles. You can get the Stories Smart Glasses by RAY-BAN for as low as 200 USD on sale but they usually retail for 300 USD.

  • Dual-camera system
  • Extremely low-profile
  • Lightweight and trendy
  • Low output speakers
  • Average battery life

Buy Stories Smart Glasses by RAY-BAN on Amazon

3. ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses

The ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses are slightly different in implementation than any other smart glasses on our list. They pack extensive AR capabilities along with a powerful processor by Qualcomm specifically designed for the purpose. But ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses gravitate more towards the enterprise needs rather than a fun and everyday-use gadget like the other two smart glasses mentioned above.

ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses

These smart glasses can create multiple AR displays which can serve as an extension of your single display and are very much interactive and work with head tracking and eye movements. ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses are not a consumer-grade product because they cost a whopping 1500 USD for providing an augmented reality experience that is fit for professionals. Surely, you can stream content with the hardware present underneath but let’s be realistic, no one would prefer to buy AR smart glasses worth that price for content consumption.

Moreover, the headset needs to be tethered using select compatible devices, or a PC, which is another punch to the wireless dream. If you are looking for the perfect AR smart glasses fit for your workstation, then only you should consider investing in this hefty proposition.

  • Motion tracking
  • 8-megapixel high-res cam
  • Qualcomm XR-1 SmartViewer processor
  • Not for everyone
  • Super expensive
  • Needs a companion device to function

*You can buy this product from Lenovo official website

4. Frames Alto Smart Sunglasses by Bose

Frames Alto Smart Sunglasses by Bose are the best smart glasses if your primary concern is a great aural experience. They aren’t as sleek as the Ray-Ban ones and sport rather beefy side frames to house the internals. Some may even ask why this piece of tech exists when it has nothing but speakers and a microphone in them. The answer to that is: not every user is looking for smart glasses with AR or camera capabilities and craves specs that can let them take calls, or listen to music without plugging their earphones every time.

Frames Alto Smart Sunglasses by Bose serves that very purpose and sounds great. The bass can be felt to some extent, unlike the Ray-Ban Stories that have a bland audio output. Bose has managed to position great speakers on both sides which produce admissible volume with very little sound leakage even at high volumes. Taking calls and issuing commands to the voice assistant works a great bit. The noise-canceling is subpar if you compare it with the Ray-Ban stories.

Frames Alto Smart Sunglasses by Bose

The case does not have any charging capabilities and it uses a pogo pin connector to charge the glasses. Also, the Frames Alto Smart Sunglasses by Bose feel a little bulky on your face after some time but can last up to 4 hours on basic usage combination of music and calls. If cameras aren’t your go-to thing and you just need something equally trendy yet usable for taking calls, Frames Alto Smart Sunglasses by Bose is worth trying once.

  • Good bass output
  • Ample design and frame choices
  • Voice-assistant support
  • Bulky to wear
  • Beefy side panels
  • Lack of touch controls

Buy Frames Alto Smart Sunglasses on Amazon

5. Soundcore Frames by Anker

Soundcore Frames by Anker are probably the most customizable smart glasses you can buy today. Unlike the other two audio-focused offerings from Ray-Ban and Bose, these ones offer to change lens types while retaining the frames. It is a nifty feature that enables you to purchase smart glasses once and when you grow tired of one lens style, you can always change and upgrade by pulling them apart from the frame. Each lens or style upgrade is just 50 USD which is a lot cheaper than getting a new pair every time you need to upgrade to a new style.

Soundcore Frames by Anker

Soundcore Frames by Anker are way better in implementation too. Their battery lasts almost 6 hours if you use them at moderate volume along with minimum use of the calling function. Their speakers are not thumpy but manage to cancel the ambient noise with the two mics, one on each side of the frame. Soundcore Frames by Anker change using the proprietary magnetic pin charger and do not charge in the case like the Ray-Ban stories.

There is a privacy mode included within the companion app which muffles the sound leakage to a certain extent. The app also lets you toggle the equalizer and even set tapping and swiping gestures. All in all, you can easily keep a low profile with these smart glasses from Anker while easily picking up calls. If you use prescription glasses, Anker facilitates installing them with your Soundcore Frames as well.

  • Great battery life
  • Detachable frames
  • Swappable styles
  • Lacks charging case

Buy Soundcore Frames on Amazon

6. Anzu Smart Glasses by Razer

Anzu Smart Glasses by Razer is good on paper but their bulky and boorish-designed frames and absence of ANC position them so low on our list. These smart glasses started at 200 USD this January at the time of their launch but now retail at 75 percent of their price. Anzu Smart Glasses by Razer isn’t a bad product at all but stacking it up against Ray-Ban and Bose, they begin to appear less enticing against the other two. They come with a soft leather case that can only store the glasses and cannot charge them in the process.

Anzu Smart Glasses by Razer

The charging cable snaps onto both ends and is a wired affair from top to bottom. Anzu Smart Glasses by Razer sound average, like you, would expect from a non-in ear pair of speakers but lack active noise cancellation. You will notice the difference while taking calls when your voice will be muffled because of the ambient noise. Due to the chunky frames, the Anzu Smart Glasses by Razer can last up to 5.5 hours or even more if you use them at low volumes.

Users can swap lenses and choose the blue light or sunglasses ones as per their use case. The swapping process takes some time to become accustomed to and you have to be extra cautious while inserting them. Razer allows the integration of prescription lenses but you have to get them from their official partner “Spectacle”. At 150USD, Razer Anzu isn’t asking much but you can get them for even less if you keep tabs on year-end sales and hourly deals on Amazon.

  • Low Latency Audio
  • Multiple types of swappable lenses
  • 5.5 hours battery life
  • No ANC
  • No charging case

Buy Anzu Smart Glasses on Amazon

7. Echo Frames (2nd Gen) by Amazon

Echo Frames (2nd Gen) by Amazon are a massive improvement over the first iteration that comes with multiple software tweaks for audio. These smart sunglasses are considerably practical and less flashy than most of the offerings on the market. If you ignore the thick side frames, these look like a normal pair of sunglasses or spectacle, considering whichever lens you choose. Prescription lenses can be installed too but they shoot up the price by 80 USD which is almost half of the price of these smart glasses.

Echo Frames (2nd Gen) by Amazon

Echo Frames (2nd Gen) by Amazon have Alexa inbuilt which makes it way better in the smart glasses aspect as compared to other devices. You can turn the assistant off and can even mute the two microphones using a dedicated button. The swiping and tapping controls are configurable and you can tweak them as per your usability. Alexa can read the notification to you, thereby minimizing the need for pulling out your phone unless you have to check images or documents.

Google Assistant and Siri are supported too but they require tapping a button. They last about 60 percent more than the previous-gen ones and can last for four hours on a single charge on continuous playback. Of course, you won’t be using them non-stop and their auto-off feature extends the battery life by quite a bit. If fashion isn’t your biggest priority, then Echo Frames (2nd Gen) by Amazon are the smartest audio glasses of the bunch. Their availability, however, is an impending issue.

  • Practical and light
  • Alexa integration
  • Support routines
  • Not for the stylish bunch
  • Audio leakage is pretty evident

Buy Echo Frames (2nd Gen) on Amazon

8. Spectacles 3 by Snapchat

Spectacles 3 by Snapchat pack two cameras instead of one and capture round videos and images. The captured media can be cropped but the additional lens lends much more depth to the media. It still remains a novelty and can only record 30-second video clips at maximum but the audio recording, as well as images, are much crisper than the Spectacles 2. Spectacles 3 by Snapchat start at 380 USD and still lacks display capabilities or speakers and call handling capabilities.

Spectacles 3 by Snapchat

Spectacles 3 by Snapchat is clearly for avid Snapsters who crave quality images and videos even on the fly. You can import video to the Snapchat app and then apply filters to make the best possible version of the recorded media. The brand also bundles a 3-D viewer that can help you view photos in the 3D format using the smartphone. It is a light cardboard box that makes the images appear surreal.

Apart from that, you can tap the sides to check the battery status and can charge these glasses using the magnetic charger. These smart glasses don’t last long but support both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connectivity which speeds up the media importing process.

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • HD camera
  • Four mics

  • Very expensive
  • The steel frame is bulky

Buy Spectacles 3 on Amazon

9. JBUDS Frames Wireless Audio

JBUDS Frames Wireless Audio supplies only the necessary bits and lets you choose the frames. It means that they are simply strap-on mid-sized speakers that can be added to the frames. For a measly 50 USD asking price, JBUDS Frames Wireless Audio does deliver great audio and calling experience. A major advantage is that you can pull these out whenever you feel like it. This kind of modularity is absent in most of the items on our list and if you are looking for such a product from a reliable brand.

JBUDS Frames Wireless Audio

JBUDS Frames Wireless Audio can last up to 8 hours on a single charge which is the highest battery life in the smart glass segment. The JBUDS Frames Wireless Audio can be used in pairs, as well as a standalone unit if you need them for making calls using one ear. The connectivity is decent and supports Bluetooth. Voice assistant integration is present and you can choose from the popular ones to perform movie commands.

The mics are able to cancel ambient noise but you can still hear some noise in the overall output. JBUDS Frames Wireless Audio is the best budget alternative if you are looking for a product to make you shades capable of playing music and attending calls.

  • 8+ hours in each earbud
  • Bluetooth version 5
  • Extended range of connectivity
  • Weird design
  • Difficult fit on wide frames

Buy JBUDS Frames Wireless Audio on Amazon

10. TechKen Sunglasses

TechKen Sunglasses look like a DIY project with tacky looks and rotatable earphones. The whole gadget is a plastic affair and doesn’t feel premium at all. But it is powered by Bluetooth and can last for a few hours before going off. The earphone part is adjustable and can slide for a perfect fit. You can listen to music and take calls, both of which sound average on these “smart glasses”. TechKen Sunglasses are available for just 15 USD and you can find similar glasses from other brands as well. We found TechKen Sunglasses among the highest rated products which is why it made the list.

TechKen Sunglasses

  • Budget-friendly
  • Adjustable
  • Flimsy

Buy TechKen Sunglasses on Amazon


These were our picks for the top 10 smart glasses. Vuzix is the only smart glasses on our list with the best possible AR integration and a display. Other smart glasses are merely photo clickers or speakers with mics. Our picks will be Ray-Ban stories for the best possible audio and image experience and the Bose Glasses if you need the best aural experience.

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