Top 10 Best Foot Massagers In India For 2022


It’s the end of a long day or a tiring workout in the gym and it’s your feet that feel sore. Having a foot massager at home which is extremely compact but does the job of many masseuses is not a bad idea. It activates your blood circulation and relieves you from pain. There is more to it and you would find that out as you run through our list of top 10 foot massagers in India.

1. HealthSense LM 310 Heal-Touch Foot Massager

HealthSense LM 310 Heal-Touch foot massagerKey Features of HealthSense Foot Massager:

  • Washing of detachable fabric Convenience
  • Therapy adopts methods followed in Shiatsu Bipedal reflexology
  • Angles are adjustable 360 degrees
  • Display available through the big LED screen

HealthSense Foot Massager Pros
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Activates blood circulation
  • Large benefits for Arthritis patients
  • Power-packed motor
  • Remote control
HealthSense Foot Massager Cons
  • The massager is sensitive

The LM 310 delivers a massage targeting the key points of the muscles located in the feet by squeezing them with the aid of rubber pads made of silicon. Blood circulation activation, stress relief is achieved by deploying the acupressure method of treatment as it focuses on pain points. The ankles and thighs receive a proper message due to the excellent design in which the height is low and the angles are 360 degrees adjustable. The intensity of the massage can be set through the three modes and you can program the device on what you desire from it.

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2. JSB HF72 Leg & Foot Massager Machine

JSB HF72 Leg & Foot Massager MachineKey Features of JSB Leg & Foot Massager:

  • LED display
  • Light-weight at 16.94 kg
  • Provides an all-round relief with 45-degree angling

JSB Leg & Foot Massager Pros
  • It’s a mini spa which is not pricey
  • The whole family can use it, young or old
  • Activates blood circulation
JSB Leg & Foot Massager Cons
  • Not suitable for a person above 5’7 height

The JSB foot massager uses kneading, rolling, and vibration to massage your feet. It also provides good calf coverage, which is a plus. It also has a timer that turns it off automatically after fifteen minutes. The JSB massager can be reclined at a 45 ° angle, allowing you a massage lying down. Aside from the foregoing functionalities, the foot massager has three vibration settings and three massaging functions. The JSB foot massager has an LCD that guides you with information.

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3. DI GRAZIA Fabric Compact Portable Foot Massager

DI GRAZIA Fabric Compact Portable Foot MassagerKey Features of DI GRAZIA Foot Massager:

  • ABS
  • Three modes of massage
  • Four programs and all are automatic
  • Both foot and ankle receive presses effectively
  • It comes with adjustable speeds

DI GRAZIA Foot Massager Pros
  • Relieves body stress
  • Aching feet relieved due to perfect massaging
  • Three modes even target your arch
  • You can adjust the speeds.
DI GRAZIA Foot Massager Cons
  • Not effective for tall people

The Di Grazia is constructed out of ABS, which is a tough material. There are four choices of mode, which are automatic, and these three target your foot’s arch and tiptoe. It comes only in one color, black, and can be controlled with remote control.

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4. ZALTAN EMS Foot Massager Machine

Key Features of ZALTAN Foot Massager:

  • Six massage modes provide instant relief to sore muscles
  • Muscles around the foot, including ankles, receive an effective massage.
  • The user can set varying speeds via four modes
  • ABS material used

  • Enhanced blood circulation
  • Relief from stress
  • Relieves sleep issues
  • Reduction in pain
  • Leg strength improves
  • Portable
  • Excess usage may lead to a blood clot
  • It May does not suit everyone

The foot massager from ZALTAN has a unique feature by allowing the user to stand in it while it relaxes your feet. It uses electrical impulses that contract and relaxes your muscles at the feet through EMS Technology. The massager is easily transportable due to its foldability and lightweight. The massage is effective through six modes that provide relief to different parts of the painful feet. All the controls lie at the bottom of the pad.

5. Lifelong Electric Foot Spa Massager

Key Features of Lifelong Electric Foot Massager:

  • Water heating between 35 and 48 degrees C
  • Timers
  • Bubble bath
  • Digital panel which indicates all readings
  • Drainpipe to get rid of used water

  • Portability enhanced through slip handle
  • Lightweight at 800 grams
  • The massager can handle any weight
  • Easy access to controls
  • Electric shock observed in a few cases

The massager aims at pain relief, callus removal, and improved blood circulation, and to accomplish this, it has eight rollers, but all are manual. Muscle and joint tightness find a solution with this massager as it features a Bubble massage. The Lifelong Electric Foot Massager’s infrared light fights bacteria and germs at the feet region.
The massager has a digital display, which indicates current temperature, duration, and massage style settings. The portable foot massager has a non-slip handle and a draining line for wasted water. It heats the water before each spa session in seconds using innovative heating technology.

6. Lifelong LLM279 Foot Spa and Massager

Lifelong LLM279 Foot Spa and Massager

Lifelong Foot Spa and Massager Key Features:

  • 4 Automatic Rollers
  • Manual rollers too included pinpointing acupuncture areas
  • Bubble massage for relief from aching joints and relieve muscle stiffness
  • A digital panel to guide you through the entire process

  • Blood circulation activated
  • Designed on specific sciences
  • Relief from stress after massage
  • Value for money
  • Eight rollers to enhance the experience
  • It cannot accommodate both feet
  • Feet may get bruised as edges are rough

The LLM279 has been designed taking into account various sciences like meridian, magnetic and traditional medicine. It triggers wellness by activating the blood pressure, which is accomplished by the rollers it has. The rollers have various functions, and they are divided into two; automatic and manual. The temperature control exists, and the preferred setting lies between 35 and 48 degrees. The foot spa takes only twenty minutes, and there is a display panel to guide you.

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7. JSB HF51 Leg & Foot Massager

JSB HF51 Leg & Foot Massager

Key Features of JSB Leg & Foot Massager:

  • The practical design allows the full leg to receive massage.
  • Three modes each for kneading and vibration
  • Vibrating plate for the sole
  • Adjustable speeds
  • The display screen is LED

JSB Leg & Foot Massager Pros
  • Provides immense relief to pain in the foot, including calf regions
  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Ideal for all ages
  • Can be used in both positions of sitting and sleeping
JSB Leg & Foot Massager Cons
  • Would not suit tall people above 5.7″
  • Machine is heavy

The JSB HF51 has rollers that target the sole of the feet, including its arch. The massager is flexible, and you can use it in all three poses, including sleeping. Calves and ankle regions are kneaded with their pads and the squeeze is just perfect.

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8. Dr Physio (USA) Foot Spa Massager

Dr Physio (USA) Foot Spa MassagerKey Features of Dr Physio Foot Spa Massager:

  • One button to start operations
  • High build quality with a material of superior quality.
  • Confirmed on safety features⁵ re 3km as it is IPX4 rated
  • Infrared therapy to activate blood circulation
  • Easily portable with grip attached
  • Bubble bath

  • Different modes for different massages
  • Remote control armed
  • Well built and elegant to look at
  • Washable sleeves
  • Very powerful massager with strength levels
  • Ruled out for people with big feet
  • Unnecessary pauses
  • Slow heating

The press of a button sets the massager in its course. After that, it’s the Digital display that guides you in setting it up as the water heats up. The massage rollers spring into action of kneading and squeezing, and there are many of them with their targets. A bubble massage is also there to rejuvenate you, and it is easily portable.

9. Walkent Foldable Foot Spa Tub & Bubble Massager

Walkent Foldable Foot Spa Tub & Bubble Massager

Key Features of Walkent Foot Spa:

  • Bubble massages
  • Clear digital display
  • Water heating through infrared lighting

Walkent Foot Spa Pros
  • Foldable and portable
  • You can place tea or herb bags inside
  • Removes Calluses
  • Dead skin fall off
  • Acupressure Points located and clean- up done
Walkent Foot Spa Cons
  • Lack of drain facilities
  • Water takes at least ten minutes to heat

The Walkent Foldable is easy to use as the press of a button converts it into a small tub with legs. Water at mid-level is sufficient for both ankles to be submerged as the heating co-occurs. You can enjoy a herbal spa by placing green tea bags in addition to lavender oils. There is a skip handle to grip the tub and dispose of the used water. It is indeed a good pedicure massager.

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10. Lifelong LLM306 500W Electric Foot Spa Machine

Lifelong LLM306 500W Electric Foot Spa MachineKey Features of Lifelong Electric Foot Spa Machine:

  • Eight Rollers with various targets to relieve pain
  • Bubble massager for relief from stiffness in joints and muscles
  • Red infrared lights exterminate bacteria and germs
  • Used Water disposed of through drain pipe
  • A digital screen with bright displays to guide you

  • Easy instructions to follow
  • Supports pedicure
  • Good build quality
  • Suits people with feet size 9
  • Cheaper
  • The product is not approved medically

The eight manual rollers help in getting rid of tiredness and tension along with features like bubble massages, in-built heated water up to 48 degrees, and activating blood circulation in the process. All these features need to be perfectly regulated, for which the digital display comes in handy. Adding fresh water for every spa session is easy to do as there is no slip handle, and the wastewater is also drained away through the pipe meant for it. The build quality and design are superb, and there is an extended warranty of six months if registered with fifteen days of purchase.

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Q. What to look for in foot massagers?

A. There are certain key points you should look into before purchasing a foot massager. They are:

  • The purpose you are buying it for
  • Does it have all the features you are looking for?
  • Transportability is important since you may want to move it around the house and use it
    from wherever you feel.
  • Is it priced within your budget, and you should match the price with features.
Q. Do foot massagers hurt?

A. A foot massage does not hurt, but it does make you feel sore. Its main objective is to eliminate toxins, and in the process, it flushes your muscles with nutrients. These muscles are generally inactivated and with the massage activating it you would experience muscle soreness at best.

Q. Foot massager Vs someone massaging your foot – what’s the difference?

A. A device like a foot massager has many benefits compared to a person massaging your feet for you.

First of all, the machine is readily available at your home, and you need not wait for anybody. Generally, the expert masseuse would engage in 15 different massages which are all possible by the machine. There are rollers, kneaders, bubble baths, a heat treatment that a person cannot provide. If the masseuse makes a mistake in twisting your feet, your problems compound. There is also the expense portion to consider. A person may charge you per session, and if you equate it with the price of the machine it would be exorbitant.


All these foot massagers found above are in an equal price range and possess almost all the features you are looking for. Choosing one that would make a difference to your feet.

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