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The Electric vehicle is slowly but steadily finding its place in the motor vehicle-rich market of India. Almost all top automotive houses have jumped into the fray. With the fuel price shooting up every day, it’s become an expensive affair to own a motor- vehicle. Electric vehicles are the best solution and the tide is surely turning. In this article, we have briefly discussed the Top 10 Electric Bikes in India with their advantages and disadvantages.

Top 10 E-Bikes in India 2022

1. Ather 450X


Key Features:

  • Both the speedometer and Tripmeter are Digital.
  • It can accommodate a pillion rider comfortably as a seat is designed.
  • Presence of a clock
  • Both the Headlight and Tail- lamps are LED.
  • Aluminum cast chassis
  • Battery full charge time is 3 hours & 35 minutes

  • Kerb weight lighter by 11 kilos compared to the earlier model
  • Road cornering is easier due to equal weight distribution and a firm front suspension
  • Eco and Ride modes are 85 km and 70 km respectively, which is a sharp increase over the earlier model
  • Acceleration from zero to 60 km takes only 6.5 seconds and beats the competition by one second.
  • Buyback option after three years at Rs 85,000.
  • Demand is more than supply and would allow competitors to sell
  • A mismatch between rear brakes and low rolling resistance
  • Quality of switchgear to be enhanced
  • Highly-priced -1.47 lakh INR.

If you are looking for an electric scooter that looks trendy enhanced by its sleekness, then Asther 450X fits the bill as it is one of the Top 10 Electric Bikes in India. The paint, which is Space Gray, lends a sharp look with the yellow headlights in total contrast. The compact look is quite deceiving as a pillion can enjoy a ride with the driving one. The LED boot light does light up the rear, the U- shaped lamp at the back and looks attractive in the dark. You can easily fit a standard helmet and your other belongings into the storage under the seat, which can hold up to 22 liters.

Also, you can obtain a wealth of driving information from the easy-to-read LCD screen, which is seven inches in size. You can choose one of the four riding modes from the screen, with the options being Warp, Eco, Sport, and Ride. The toggle on the side would also allow you to change to the appropriate mode. One additional mode is the reverse mode, through which you can reverse the vehicle back but only at five mph.

In this model, music and call receiving have been introduced and aptly named Atherstack Atom. It would be best if you had your Bluetooth on to enjoy the music and engage in a call. The LED screen is IP67 rated, and the smoothness you feel is equivalent to a Tablet screen. The 4G sim card, which is inbuilt, helps you navigate easily.

It takes only 3.3 seconds to speed up to 40 Mph from zero, thus making it the quickest in the country. This is made possible by combining 2.9 kWh battery packs of lithium-ion and an eight electrical hp motor. It is also the perfect center of gravity and equal weight distribution to handle the vehicle easier. The suspensions are good on normal roads with speed breakers, but it’s best not to test them if the road is terrible.

The riding experience is enhanced with 12-inch alloy wheels, and the dual disc brake Helps brake instantly. For the battery to be fully charged, it would consume three units of electricity if charged from the outlet on the wall, and the cost is approximate Rs.20.

2. Revolt RV400

Revolt RV400

Key Features:

  • Navigation available
  • All display is digital
  • Three riding modes
  • Front and rear suspensions
  • Battery charging less than 5 hours
  • Headlamp and all lights are LED
  • Indicator for low battery
  • Tubeless tires

  • Best for city / urban riders
  • The facility of Artificial sound available and uploading new sounds possible
  • Battery recharge time is good enough
  • First Indian E-bike with AI
  • Compact and light vehicle
  • You can upload new sounds

  • Sport mode drive is not smooth
  • Sale of bikes only in a few cities
  • Although the design feels good, the plastic parts are flimsy

You would be surprised that the heaviest part of the RV400 is the 19kg battery! The vehicle is designed and built most compactly, thus making it lightweight. Moreover, the battery placement is best as it coincides with the RV 400’s Center of gravity. The driver is bound to gain more control due to this aspect. With a ground clearance of 220 mm, even a tall person would find it convenient. Such a factor helps while hitting a pothole or going above speed breakers. Armed with a combi braking system and the fact that both rear and front have disc brakes, the vehicle runs on a mid-drive – motor, which is 3000 W.

The battery, which is 3 24 KWh, would take 4 hours and 30 minutes to get charged from Zero to full. The RV400 battery can last up to 85 km when fully charged. It has tubeless tires and can safely ride up to 50 km with a puncture. The e-bike has a digital display of all the rider’s readings, including the Tripmeter, Speedometer, and Odometer. Navigation through GPS is Convenience, and all the illumination points are LED, thus making it the Top 10 Electric Bikes in India.

3. TVS iQube Electric

TVS iQube Electric

Key Features:

  • Both Speedometer and Tachometer are digital
  • USB charging port
  • LED lighting
  • Regenerative braking
  • Navigation assistance
  • QPA available
  • Smartphone notifications

  • A regular 5A battery charger is enough.
  • No deceleration despite pillion presence
  • Braking is regenerative, and the battery gets recharged, leading to energy savings
  • Two shock absorbers at the rear
  • App in front console
  • Allows communication via Bluetooth
  • It has a powerful hub motor
  • No lags while accelerating
  • Reverse movement enabled
  • The suspension set-up is well balanced, allowing smooth movement over potholes, etc.
  • The floorboard is high and causes inconvenience to tall people, especially while turning
  • Batteries get charged slower comparatively.
  • Available in main cities only
  • Choice of colors ruled out
  • Pricey

In addition to a port for charging through USB, there is a digital display in total color, and you can connect this conveniently with your smartphone. The lighting is all in LED, with the emblem illuminated shining proudly. The connectivity via the smartphone comes in handy as it warns you against overspeeding and other emergencies. Moreover, the navigation feature is impeccable, and you are made aware of incoming SMS and calls.

According to the manufacturer, the iQube Electric’s maximum speed is 78kmph, thanks to the vehicle’s 4.4kW motor and 2.25kWh batteries. On a fully charged battery, it can last 75 kilometers. It’s also lightning fast, reaching a top speed of 40 kph in just 4.2 seconds. However, in Eco mode, the vehicle’s maximum speed is limited to 40 Kmph. Telescopic front forks and dual rear shocks serve as the scooter’s basis.

A disc at the front with a drum at the back serves as the scooter’s anchors. They have adopted the Jupiter Grande’s 12-inch wheels model for this vehicle. The iQube is 118kg in weight (kerb).

4. Okinawa Praise

Okinawa Praise

Key Features:

  • Detachable lithium-ion batteries at 2.9kWH.
  • The motor with the capacity of 1000W is waterproof
  • Charging time is fast
  • The tail and headlamps are both LED
  • Regenerative Braking allows energy saving
  • The speedometer, Tachometer, and Tripmeter are all digital.
  • kerb weight is 118 kg.

  • The speeds achieved in all three modes are satisfactory
  • It comes in three colors which allows choice for the customers
  • The vehicle, if parked on the side stand, would refuse to start.
  • Plenty of leg space
  • The pick-up is great
  • It would constantly update the battery level on the dashboard, which is digital.
  • Pillion comfort
  • Lesser time to charge the whole battery
  • Erroneous display of speed-driven at by ten km at least by either the odometer or speedometer.
  • Horn switches are two in number but inconvenience felt by the driver as it is not near the thumb.
  • The indicator and beam switches are not near the thumb.
  • Riders short in stature would suffer as the ground clearance is only 175 mm.

i- Praise, which uses a pair of lithium-ion and removable ones. A 15 amp wall socket is considered sufficient to charge them both, and the charging would take a minimum of two to three hours from zero. The i- Praise uses Okinawa Eco, and the bike owner has to download this app. It has top features like
• Geofencing
• Locating the bike
• Travel history of the past
• Secure Park etc.

The I-Praise boasts of being the fastest than any scooter. The confidence to say so comes from the three modes viz. Economy, Speed, and Turbo. They understated it as Economy mode can be driven up to 45 kph. The rests are 60 and 75 kph. i- Praise can last up to approximately 160 km, and that translated to money is 14 paisa for every kilometer.

5. Bajaj Chetak


Key Features:

  • The Bajaj runs on a Bosch battery with an IP- 67 ratings.
  • It has varying speed levels at the Eco and Sports mode.
  • Battery sustainability is 85 and 95 km in the eco and sports modes.
  • Music, Geofencing, and tracking are controllable through the left handlebar.

  • Build quality is supreme
  • The finishing touches of the headlamp and DRL are excellent
  • All lights are LED
  • Dynamic and sequential turn indicators
  • An app that has geofencing and the capability to locate the vehicle.
  • Comfortable travel for pillion riders
  • High-quality suspension
  • Acceleration in the initial stages is good
  • Speed can be increased when switched from Eco to Sport mode
  • Very pricey at 1.50 Lakhs INR.
  • Supply and availability in just 20 cities, thus creating a vacuum in other places.
  • Delivery lags.

The Chetak sports a stellar design, the scooter aims to woo the current young generation, which is why the design is chic. The color is enticing, and the paint finish renders a glossy look. To add to this are the alloy wheels which are 12 inches? The twin mode for speed travel exists in the Eco and Sports mode. The seats are designed for comfort, which the pillion also enjoys, and the e-bike has trustworthy suspension.

It comes in two variations with varying characteristics and costs. The Chetak Urbane costs INR 1 42,830, while the Chetak Premium costs INR 1 44,830. The bike is sold only in Pune and Bangalore. It boasts a modern style and a comfortable two-person seat. It is a low-energy scooter. The motor charges quickly, allowing the vehicle to go longer distances.

With a completely charged battery, you may ride up to 95 km. Bajaj did all possible to influence the audience’s opinion of an electric scooter’s performance. The 4080 W BLDC motor allows the scooter to reach 70kmph.In short, Bajaj Chetak is an excellent option for the current audience trying to reduce their carbon footprint. The retro and classic style scooter is suitable for all modes of commuting.

6. Ampere Zeal

Ampere Zeal

Key Features:

  • It’s tubeless tires that are in use
  • Alloy wheels
  • Glove box and front hook to suspend carry bags
  • Digital speedometer
  • Two ways to start; push button or Remote start.

  • Batteries are portable and easily changeable.
  • It can clock a decent speed at 55 kph
  • The charge lasts for 75 km.
  • Pick-up is good
  • Cost-effective
  • Electrical options are good
  • Ignition is keyless
  • Anti-theft system with alarm
  • Glove compartment available
  • Regenerative braking saves energy
  • Five and half hours is a long time taken charging
  • The charge lasts for 75 Kms only
  • Bike is too light-weight at 78 Kgs

There is only a single model available of the Ampere Zeal, and it’s priced at INR. 63896/ – . There are brakes in the front and rear; the combination helps bring the vehicle to a sudden halt without skidding. The indicators are found on the handlebars, and the headlamp is designed like an arrowhead. The LED DRL can be found in the front apron.

Lithium-ion batteries take approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes to charge from zero. Both the brakes are drum types, and there are shock absorbers at the rear and front, which are suspended with the aid of telescopic forks. The Zeal can carry a weight of 130 kgs, and on its own, it weighs 78 Kgs only, which is considered very light in its category.

7. Okinawa Ridge Plus

Okinawa Ridge Plus

Key Features:

  • Both the trip meter and speedometer are digital
  • Tubeless tires help during a puncture
  • It can take a load of 150 kgs
  • Drum brakes at the front and rear
  • Warranty of three years
  • Radial tires

  • Battery charging is fast and requires three hours only
  • The charge would last up to 100 km
  • You can connect apps.
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Free of noise and pollution
  • Battery weighs lighter
  • Legroom is good
  • Horn is loud and effective
  • Storage capacity is massive at 17 liters.
  • Vehicle available in few cities only
  • Lack of service centers
  • Sensors fail to register battery usage

The Okinawa Ridge Plus comes for INR 65 k approximately. The vehicle travels in two modes, namely Eco and Sports. Eco can drive up to 50 km, and the sports mode can hit a speed of 55 kph. Despite being drum-type, the brakes do not perform well. The suspensions, on the other hand, perform adequately.

Although the new Okinawa Ridge Plus is an improvement over the older model, the design and appearance have not changed much. The battery is lighter and takes less time to charge comparatively making it the best charging bike. The biggest advantage is that it can be detached and charged at home.

The other difference is the new alloy wheels, but the panels, seat, front apron, headlamp are the same. Also, the horn is surprisingly loud, but the cornering is still difficult. As per calculations, a kilometer costs 20 paisa, which is good.0

8. Ola S1

Ola S1

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are available
  • Geofencing for security reasons
  • The front suspension is of a single fork and the rear of a mono-shock.
  • Kerb weight is 125 kgs
  • Storage under the seat is large at 36 Liters.
  • Digital speedometer

  • Highest production ever in India of an electric bike
  • Specs in the ola S1 are best
  • No key for ignition- press start
  • Ola s1 can run up to 121 km in a single charge
  • The touchscreen is large, and many features are interconnected to it
  • Home delivery
  • Charging points over a lakh
  • Reverse assist
  • Delay in timelines committed
  • The batteries are not detachable
  • Footrest for pillion missing

Priced at Rs. 1.10 Lakhs, the Ola S1 can achieve a top speed of 90 km per hour. The design is exquisite, which is a combination of the future and the past is. There are five colors to choose from, thus creating a choice for its buyers. The ground clearance is good at 165 mm and thus can ride over a few speed breakers without any hassle. Although one is reminded of the Vespa, the Ola S1 improves. There are two LED projector built-in units and lend it a humanoid look.

They have kept the tail – lamp as basic as possible, but the indicators at the front are sleek. Disc brakes are at 220mm but disappointingly without an ABS. The charging slot is not visible as it is concealed at the rear. To summarize, the Ola S1 is not a disappointment at all. It is a pity that a few fixtures have been omitted, but it is bound to please the driver and pillion.

9. Bounce Infinity E1

Bounce Infinity E1

Key Features:

  • Tubeless tires at the rear and front
  • A vehicle can move in the reverse
  • All anti-theft safety features included
  • Both front and rear brakes are hydraulic disc brakes
  • The front brake has CBS, which means it is a combined braking system.
  • App in the bike supports Mobile related features.
  • Instruments like speedometers etc. are digital

  • Option of buying without battery pack
  • Optimum luggage space under the seat of 12 liters
  • Best suspensions and wheels are both alloys
  • Eye-capturing design.
  • Tubeless tires which can sustain a puncture
  • Ground clearance would suit a person of average height.
  • Mobile/ GPS connectivity
  • Disc brakes
  • Detachable batteries
  • Footrest for pillion
  • The vehicle costs an additional Rs. 25K with battery pack
  • Details of after-sales service not available

The retro look is the main highlight of the Infinity E1. The design is curvy and LED headlights to remind one of the 2Kymco designs. The Infinity E1 offers you a choice of purchase with or without a battery. The price difference is nearly Rs 24 to 25 k, with the battery-less option priced at Rs. 46K. The customers who opt for the battery-less one have to subscribe to a unique scheme that would cost them a minimum of Rs.

Eight hundred fifty to Rs.1250/ – and an additional Rs.35 for every swap. The plan is ‘ Battery as a service. ‘ However, when you opt for the Bounce with a battery, it could be a lithium-ion one. It’s portable, has a range of 85 km, and would take anywhere between 4 to 5 hours of zero to full charge. Also, the top speed you can achieve on this vehicle is 65kmph. The bike has a storage capacity of 12 liters beneath the seat, and you can find the charging port (USB) there.

The option of cruise control is available along with its three modes to ride. The display reveals all information connected to the various performances, and it is digital. Braking is convenient with front and rear disc brakes, measuring 230mm and 203 mm, respectively. The braking system allows regeneration and results in saving energy. The five-color choice is excellent, along with the typical three-year warranty (or 40k km), whichever occurs earlier.

10. Revolt RV 300

Revolt RV 300

Key Features:

  • Digitized speedometer and Odometer
  • Combi braking system
  • The motor is hub-mounted
  • Three riding modes
  • Geo-fencing and other safety features available

  • Elegant, light-weight and good looks
  • CBS
  • Front fork is USD
  • The console is digital
  • Battery recharge is less
  • Ground clearance is high at 225mm and can clear potholes or speed breakers without problems to a rider
  • Tubeless tires ensure a continued run despite a puncture
  • Pass light facility
  • Absence of sound simulator
  • Speed at Eco-mode is very low at 25kpmh.

The Revolt RV300 can be considered an entry-level E- motorbike at best. The total charge can cover a distance of 150 km maximum, and it’s a 2.7W lithium-ion battery. It has three-speed modes with Eco mode at 25 kph. The maximum speed is when you ride on the sports mode at 65 kph. The average mode speed can allow 45 kph. The eco mode would allow 180km on a full charge compared to sports mode at only 80 km. The suspensions have upside-down forks at the front and an adjustable Monoshock at the rear. The owners of the bike would miss out on the remote key. Moreover, there are no immobilizers and a good simulator. The RV300 is available in 12 cities in India.

Electric vehicles would not solve the fuel problems in India but promote a climate with no pollution. The e-bikes pricing is bound to come down as the sales increase. Motorists want more speed and if the manufacturers succeed in that along with an increase in Run- time of a fully charged battery, the fuel-based vehicles would be replaced sooner than later.

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