Top 10 Best Smart Running Shoes of 2022 : Reviews & Prices


Smart wearables occupy a huge market in the smart devices segment. We have already seen wearables like headphones, earbuds, fitness trackers, and smartwatches evolve into products that make our lives better. Similarly, there are the best smart running shoes that help you cover long distances with added comfort while calculating your efforts for post-workout analysis. These are the top 10 best smart running shoes for 2022 that can help you to identify the improvement areas and achieve an optimum level of physical fitness. Without further ado, let us understand what smart Bluetooth running shoes are and why you need them.

What are the Best Smart Shoes for Running?

Best smart shoes for running embed multiple sensors inside the shoe insoles. These sensors track the movement of your feet, applied pressure, and other valuable metrics to tabulate a visual graph of your performance on the track. Do not think of them as mere pedometers, as they can produce precise tracking results as compared to an entry-level-level fitness band. The main reason is that sensors are actually located in the shoes, so tracking foot movement is a lot better. Moreover, these smart shoes can have other quirks such as customizable LED lights that help identify a runner in dark, auto-tightening shoelaces, and much more. We will now list the top 10 Best smart running shoes for 2022 that you can buy and upgrade your performance tracking system.

Best Smart Footwear for Men in 2022

Nike Adapt BB 2.0 Basketball Shoes

Smart Nike Adapt Bb 2.0 Men’s Bq5397-001 rank high on our list of the top 10 best smart running shoes for men. Nike was the first brand to introduce auto-lacing Air Mags and it kept working on other lines of footwear as well. The Nike Adapt Bb 2.0 Men’s Bq5397-001 is a men’s shoe designed specifically for basketball players to help them be at the top of their game every time. These best smart shoes Nike’s proprietary FitAdapt technology to help you adjust the lacing fitting of the shoes.Nike Adapt Bb 2.0 Men's

There are two buttons present on the sides that help you tighten or loosen the laces to the right amount. Moreover, it has a featherweight body that feels like wearing nothing. That’s all that to these top 10 best smart running shoes for 2022. It doesn’t have any sensors and is designed to help you find the best fitting smart shoes for basketball.

Pros of Nike Shoes
  • Lightweight
  • Motorized lacing system
  • Foam insole
Cons of Nike Shoes
  • Cannot track movement
  • No sensors


Buy Nike Adapt BB 2.0 on Amazon

Men’s UA HOVR Sonic 3 Running Shoes

A Men’s UA HOVR Sonic 3 Running Shoes are the second on our list of the top 10 best smart running shoes for 2022. These are the best road running shoes 2022 because of the ingenious design and comfort it offers to the runner. Under Armour is known for great sports shoes and this one is no exception either. The foamy insole and stitched tongue flap help achieve a snug fit.

Men's UA HOVR Sonic 3

Men’s UA HOVR Sonic 3 Running Shoes doesn’t have too many sensors or smart tech-infused into the shoe. It only has a single sensor that tracks your steps and other metrics such as distance, strides, etc. You can connect it with the UA MAPMYRUN app to analyze your performance. All in all, it is among the best smart footwear in 2022.

Pros of Men's UA Shoes
  • Foamy insole
  • The smart step tracking sensor
Cons of Men's UA Shoes
  • Can measure the basic metrics only


Buy Men’s UA HOVR Sonic 3 on Amazon

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Shoes

The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Shoes are probably the best budget running shoes of 2022. They were launched way back but still are competent enough to shadow most of the competition on our list. Even the design aspect is equally good and you get comprehensive fitness tracking with the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Shoes.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Shoes

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Shoes use the Amazfit Intelligent Chip 2 which processes all the data logged by the six-axis sensor present inside it. There is reflective material on the laces and heel piece which makes it easy to spot in a dark environment. All the data syncs to the Mi Fit app using which you can monitor your performance while wearing the best budget running shoes of 2022.

Pros of Xiaomi Mijia Smart Shoes
  • Amazfit Intelligent Chip 2
  • Bluetooth 4.0
Cons of Xiaomi Mijia Smart Shoes
  • Average design


Buy Xiaomi Mijia Smart shoe on Amazon

Altra Torin IQ Smart Shoes

Altra Torin IQ Smart Shoes are funky-looking smart sportswear that is the dream of every fitness coach. These may be the best running shoes of 2022, as far as the features are concerned. Altra Torin IQ Smart Shoes contain all the necessary sensors to calculate capture distance, pace, cadence, running style, and much more. It is the only gear you need to measure your productivity in workouts.

Altra Torin IQ Smart Shoes

There is no need to wear any additional sensors like a smart fitness band to keep track of your workouts. You only need to tap the companion app once to alert the shoes to start monitoring your session. The app is designed to offer overwhelming stats of your activity, which is a dream come true for your trainer. Altra Torin IQ Smart Shoes may not be the best budget running shoes of 2022 because of their price, but they are much better at tracking your workouts.

Pros of Altra Torin IQ
  • Multiple sensors
  • Detailed workout tracking
Cons of Altra Torin IQ
  • Slightly expensive


Buy Altra Torin IQ smart shoes on Amazon

RunScribe Plus Smart Shoes

RunScribe Plus Smart Shoes are not embedded in shoe insoles like the rest of the products. Instead, they clip onto your shoes and track your physical activity. They are a much better option if you like to use your favorite running shoes and not buy a new smart shoe. These clip-on trackers come in pairs and attach to both shoes to calculate efficiency, motion, shock, power, and symmetry.

RunScribe Plus Smart Shoes

These metrics are depicted beautifully in the companion app and they are IPX6 water-resistant which makes them suitable for the rainy season. The only downside of this product is that it is very expensive. At 600 USD, it is clearly meant for the elite athletes who can actually make use of the statistics and improve their careers.

Pros of RunScribe Shoes
  • 9-axis motion sensor
  • IPX6 water-resistant
Cons of RunScribe Shoes
  • Super expensive
  • Meant for elite athletes


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Digitsole Smartshoe | The World’s First Intelligent Sneaker

Digitsole makes smart insoles rather than making smart footwear for running or other sports. It is among the best smart footwear in 2022 because it can be used with whatever shoe you like and you save quite a bit of money too. Digitsole analyzes your walking based on ten unique parameters and uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with the smartphone and transfer all the data logged on the tracker.

Digitsole Smartshoe

Digitsole is super convenient to install in any shoe and comes in three different sizes which can be cut as per your preference. It is IP56 water-resistant and can last up to 40 days on a single charge via the USB 2.0 port on the insole. Moreover, this best smart footwear in 2022 is fairly economical if you compare it to something like the RunScribe smart plus shoe trackers.

Digitsole Smartshoe Pros
  • IP56 water-resistant
  • 40 days on a single charge
Digitsole Smartshoe Cons
  • Need to be cut and fitted


DropLabs EP 01 Triple Black Haptic Gaming Sneaker 

To make it easy for you, DropLabs EP 01 are shoes with speakers, and nothing more. If you feel alone and avoid carrying bulky headphones for your audio needs, then DropLabs EP 01 can help you with the problem. They feature small speakers inside which can help you relish your music tracks while walking/running. That is all they can do.

DropLabs EP 01

DropLabs EP 01 doesn’t have the fancy sensors found in most of the smart shoes mentioned above. They are purely for people who want music playback while they toil their bodies. We are not sure how practical they are and whether they will disturb others in your vicinity but if those things don’t bother you at all, you can buy DropLabs EP 01.

DropLabs EP 01 Pros
  • Speakers and LED lights
  • Comfortable sole arch
DropLabs EP 01 Cons
  • Not for extensive workout regimes
  • No smart tracking


Buy Droplabs EP 01 Shoes on Amazon

FeetMe Smart Soles

FeetMe Smart Soles are like the Digitsole insoles. They need to be installed in your shoes and then track the foot movement to present detailed insights into your fitness regime. You can even view the stride output in real-time and see your performance live in the companion app. One major advantage of FeetMe Smart Soles is that they can connect to smartphones and a select few smartwatches.

FeetMe Smart Soles

So, you can view your real-time stats on the watch without ever needing to see your phone during workouts. But all these advanced connectivity, training insights come at a staggering cost. You can get a good pair of smart shoes for this price but if you need detailed activity tracking and personalized recommendations, then the FeetMe Smart Soles are a better option.

FeetMe Smart Soles Pros
  • Advanced connectivity
  • Training insights
FeetMe Smart Soles Cons
  • Costs as much as a pair of entry-level smart shoes


E-vone Smart Shoes

The E-vone Smart Shoes are not among the top 10 best running shoes for men but are specifically designed for elderly people or people with disabilities. These best smart shoes send a notification alert with the GPS location of the person wearing them. Thus, assistance can arrive on time and help them get back on their feet fast.

E-vone Smart Shoes

These smart shoes were built as a protective measure to track the condition of elderly people. It cannot track steps and other metrics but can inform about the person’s location on the map. It vibrates to tell them that help is on its way. If the person regains their balance and continues walking again, the smart shoe can relay the update to the close members as well. So, if you are looking for a shoe that can help you track the elderly of the house and always keep track of their location, the E-vone Smart Shoes are a decent option.

Pros of E-vone Smart Shoes
  • Instant alerts
  • Vibrate to inform about help
Cons of E-vone Smart Shoes
  • No sport tracking features


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IOFIT Smart Shoes | Golf’s First Smart Shoe

IOFIT Smart Shoes are made solely for aspiring and professional golf players. It doesn’t look as good as the products from Under Armour or Nike but the IOFIT Smart shoe packs impressive technology inside them. They can help you visualize your foot angles and offer real-time stats of your stance and foot movement. Moreover, there is a swing comparison feature that compares your swing performance against all the athletes recorded by the app.IOFIT Smart Shoes

IOFIT Smart Shoes come with a one-year warranty and can connect to both Android and iOS devices with ease. It uses Bluetooth to pair and sync the logged data which you can use to strengthen your skills and swing game in golf. However, they aren’t great for running and are suitable for gradual walking and movement.

IOFIT Smart Shoes Pros
  • Real-Time Swing Analysis
  • Practice Mode via Bluetooth App
IOFIT Smart Shoes Cons
  • Only meant for Golfers
  • Bland design


Buy IOFIT Smart Shoes on Amazon


These were the best running shoes of 2022 that you can buy to track your activity in different sports. Not all of them are worth the money but for light tracking, you can go for the Under Armour shoe which is among the top 10 best running shoes for men. Other of the best running shoes of 2022 include the Nike and Xiaomi Mijia which are equally great at tracking your feet movements and sport enticing designs. Lastly, if you are an elite athlete who needs precise tracking of his/her foot movements, then the RunScribe Plus Smart Shoes are an undisputed champion in the category.


Which brand has the best running shoes?

Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and many more brands have an extensive range of the best running shoes. It is entirely up to you to go for any of these world-renowned brands.

What is the future of shoes?

Smart shoes are already here and they will get better with time. Also, the sensors will undergo a drastic change as you see with the smart insoles that completely changed the game of footwear tracking.

Does the Reebok Men’s Smart Trek Running Shoe have sensors?

No. It is just a poor naming scheme by the brand to make it appealing to consumers. It is an entry-level footwear product for runners that don’t have any kind of tracker built into them. Don’t confuse them with the smart shoes we have mentioned above.

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Best Handheld Body Fat Scanners of 2022

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