Smitch BASE Smart Bulb Review

One of the best Wi-Fi enabled smart bulbs

The competition is heating up in the area of smart bulbs. Providers are trying to make your regular bulb as smart as possible. That includes Wi-Fi connectivity, multiple colors, scenic effects, support for digital assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa Echo, and the ability to remote access your smart bulb using an application in your smartphone that links directly to the bulb.

Karsan technologies, a Coimbatore based startup came up with a simple smart bulb called Smitch that is easy to use and well within the budget.

Smitch Smart Bulb: Features

Smartphone Control: MySmitch App

The MySmitch App is present in both Android (6.0 and higher) and iOS (10.1 and higher). You
can connect the app to the smart bulb and operate it using the in-app features. It is the app that gives you access to all cool features of Smitch. This where you control brightness, change colors, sync music (bulb reacts to the type of music you select), and many more.

16 Million colors:

In the MySmitch App you have the ability to change the color of your bulb. You just need to swipe through the color palette and pin to a point so that the bulb takes the color you selected

Google Assistant:

You can use voice commands to turn the smart bulb on/off. Just say ‘Hey Google, turn off the light’. The setup is straightforward. Once you have the MySmitch app installed, you just need to add the device to the Google Home App. You can do this by opening the google home app and searching for Smitch. Follow on-screen instructions and you are good to go. Also, you have Alexa support which works in the similar manner as Google Assistant.


There is one interesting feature called Music Sync. This feature allows you to sync the bulb with your favorite music. So the bulb blinks with different colors as the song goes on and you use this feature to create a party mood.

You can also use the MySmitch App to access features like candle flicker and strobe lighting that will adjust the bulb based on the occasion at home. You may want to have a glittering and colorful room if you are partying at home.

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