8 Smart Medical Devices in 2022 for Better Health


Investment in a smart medical device can save you from rushing to a clinic for minor and routine vital checkups. These best smart medical devices are essential for families who have elderly who need monitoring frequently. Moreover, smart medical devices ensure the longevity of your life by keeping you updated with your current medical condition and delivering timely reminders about it. I will discuss the best smart medical devices that can make a difference in your lives and can help you become healthier and fitter.

Best Smart Medical Devices to Buy Today

TytoCare TytoHome Medical Kit

The TytoCare TytoHome Medical Kit is an all-in-one pre-diagnostic kit with ample tools to measure the vitals. The idea is pretty simple: a device with a subscription service that guides you to administer the vitals of the patient and send them for further examination. The device is small and intuitive in design and comes with multiple attachments for measuring heartbeats, temperatures, checking tongue, etc. It is powered by a 5V adaptor that is proprietary and not micro-USB.

Smart Health and Medical

TytoCare TytoHome Medical Kit has an embedded camera and can be set up by installing the companion app for the device. Once done, you can book appointments and let a certified medical practitioner guide you to administer vitals. It is among the very few FDA-approved smart medical devices that are available for commercial and personal use. The doctors can use the recordings and use the data to prescribe medicines or recommend further tests.

TytoCare TytoHome Medical Kit is not a complete testing kit but its importance is increasing because of the pandemic. The burden on the health care system can be significantly reduced by conducting video consultations and diagnosis of the patient. If you have kids and elders at home who frequently experience seasonal allergies and problems, the TytoCare TytoHome Medical Kit will be a valuable addition to your home.

ADAMM: A Smart Healthcare Monitoring System for Asthma

ADAMM Smart Healthcare Monitoring System for Asthma is a tiny wearable device specially designed for asthmatic patients. The device is attached to the body using medical-grade glue or tape and can be worn anywhere on the upper torso. ADAMM Smart Healthcare Monitoring System for Asthma is a completely self-capable device that does not need a continuous connection to a smartphone to function properly. It is super tiny yet super effective in tracking the vitals of asthmatic patients.

ADAMM: A Smart Healthcare Monitoring System for Asthma

ADAMM Smart Healthcare Monitoring System for Asthma tracks cough, heart rate, and a few other vitals and continuously monitors for a change. If the vitals deviate slightly, the device vibrates to alert you about the changes. All tracking data is visible in the companion application for ADAMM and can be used to manage asthma better. It doesn’t warn about future attacks but can help in monitoring them. The device is rechargeable and can run up to 18 hours on a single charge. ADAMM Smart Healthcare Monitoring System for Asthma is a must-have device for patients suffering from asthma who need constant monitoring.

LARQ: Automatic Water Purifying Water Bottle

LARQ is an automated water purification bottle that runs on rechargeable batteries. The bottle is especially handy while traveling because access to clean drinking water is not available everywhere. It can make the water clean and fit for consumption and does not induce a smell in the water during the purification process.

LARQ: Automatic Water Purifying Water Bottle

Bottled water seems very accessible but the quality of bottled water is not the same everywhere. LARQ kills 99 percent of microbes and doesn’t take a lot of time to do so. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about falling prey to diseases such as typhoid and dysentery. If you live in a place that doesn’t have bottled water or a clean drinking water supply, the LARQ bottle is an ingenious alternative. It is slightly costly and retailers around 100 USD depending upon the e-commerce platform. On top of that, you will need a filter and battery replacement for the bottle every couple of months.

iHealth Smart Wireless Glucose Monitoring System

iHealth Smart Wireless Glucose Monitoring System integrates a few smart features that are absent in a normal glucometer. The main effort is on digitization and data processing algorithms that showcase and tabulate your reports on a graph. The graphs are color-coded and easy to understand. iHealth Smart Wireless Glucose Monitoring System uses a Bluetooth connection to transfer data to the app and stores it for future examination.

iHealth Smart Wireless Glucose Monitoring System

Measuring the blood glucose level is still the same. You have to pierce the finger and check the blood sugar using the test strips. A digital meter displays the current levels but detailed insights are only available through the app. iHealth Smart Wireless Glucose Monitoring System can even generate elaborate blood sugar reports and past results in PDF and CSV format via the export feature. The reports can be used by the medical examiner to obtain insights into the patient’s medical history and the change in blood sugar levels over time.

iHealth Smart Wireless Glucose Monitoring System

Kinsa Smart Thermometers

As the name suggests, Kinsa is a smart thermometer that logs your body temperature rather than just displaying it. It is a digital thermometer that comes in two variants, one for oral use and the other one for taking in-ear temperatures. The primary advantage of Kinsa Smart Thermometers lies in its data tracking and guidance system which provides recommendations based on the current vitals. It became the most trustworthy product during the first wave of covid and is now trusted by thousands of families across the country.

Kinsa Smart Thermometers use the Kinsa mobile app to collect and visualize the data, and then ask a series of questions every time you take a temperature. It tries to narrow down the severity of illness based upon the current symptoms. If your temperature and symptoms point towards a worrisome medical condition, it can recommend a doctor’s appointment for the patient.

Furthermore, the patient data is useful for the medical examiner as they can see the peaks and valleys of fever. Kinsa Smart Thermometer is FDA approved and also showcases the active number of fever cases in a region. You can use that as an early warning of the onset of seasonal diseases and allergies and plan accordingly.

Kinsa Smart Thermometers


The Kolibree is a smart toothbrush powered by AI to monitor your daily brushing habits. It is a simple yet lightweight addition to your medicine cabinet and can help you keep your teeth healthy and sparkly white. Electric toothbrushes are infamous for their heft and become a chore to use daily, but Kolibree Ara is a featherweight in comparison to most options out there. Like other smart medical devices, it also uses a companion app to describe your brushing habits and make personalized suggestions about them.

Kolibree has a special toothbrush for kids as well. Kids try to avoid late-night brushing, but the Kolibree hum plans to change that habit. The Kolibree Hum offers reminders and guidance into your brushing habits. It is rechargeable and allows vibration adjustment as per your preference. All in all, a great smart medical device for your kids to inculcate healthy brushing and mouth hygiene habits.



The FoodMarble is a smart medical device that aims to take the guesswork out of eating. It seems gimmicky at first, but indigestion and an unhealthy gut are a much larger issue than you can imagine. FoodMarble uses a hydrogen testing device to measure the kind of food your body is unable to digest easily. Not everyone is born with a good metabolism, and food allergies further aggravate the problem of indigestion in the body. With FoodMarble, you can monitor your eating cycle and habits to learn about the food groups that wreak havoc on your digestive system.

Once you find out the source, you can eliminate them from your diet. To do that, you need to enter the meal and its components you just ate. The companion app of FoodMarble is more than a data visualization tool. You can use it to get personalized solutions and improve your diet for the long run. Indigestion can lead to ulcer formation and damage to the digestive tract, all of which can be identified and prevented using the FoodMarble breath analyzer.

Lumen Portable Metabolism Tracker

Lumen Portable Metabolism Tracker is an ingenious attempt to trick your metabolism. Like FoodMarble, this too uses the breath analyzer technique but the application area are somewhat different. Lumen Portable Metabolism Tracker tracks the number of calories you are intaking daily and the nutritional value of those meals. It tries to solve the problem of incomplete nutrition that is the root cause of weak metabolism.

Lumen Portable Metabolism Tracker

Lumen Portable Metabolism Tracker not only measures the food digestion levels but also delivers tailored meal plans which help to plan your meals ahead. Changing your snacking habits, untimely eating, etc., is possible by viewing the real-time stats displayed in the companion app. Lumen also includes workout recommendations to the users and sustainable meal plans which help you to stay fitter. While it is presented as a device for athletes, you can use the Lumen Portable Metabolism Tracker for personal health and fitness goals too.


These were the best smart medical devices that can help you achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle. A few of them offer an extremely specific use case but still are worthy recommendations for you. Before purchasing any smart medical device, make sure to check if it is approved by FDA and the extent to which its results are accurate. If we have missed a smart medical device that must be on this list, make sure to inform us in the comments section below.


What smart medical devices should I have at home?

Any device that has ubiquitous usage must be present at your home. The list includes smart BP, blood sugar, heart rate, and fever monitoring devices.

What are examples of wearable medical devices?

Wearable medical devices are super compact and deliver great accuracy despite their small size. An ideal example would be a modern smartwatch, ADAMM, etc.

Is a Fitbit a medical device?

No, it is not a certified medical device. You can check out the list of certified medical devices by checking the type of FDA approval.

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