Smart Life – Smart Living App Review


Why should you install the smart life app on your phone right now?

Smart Life apps have been great innovations in the market of smart technology and a large number of advanced and high-tech smart devices have been introduced that are compatible with our homely appliances such as smart speakers, smart lights, switches, and more like these and the best Smart life app review. Most of these smart devices are operated using Smartphone apps as well as some voice commands such as Google Assistant and Alexa.

If you are a smart technology lover and have an abundance of smart devices at your place, you will be well acquainted with the fact that an abundance of smart devices fills your Smartphone with a handful of applications which sometimes seems frustrating. Well, this is the time when the Smart Life app comes as great assistance and as a manager of multiple Smart Life app devices in the easiest manner.

Smart Life – Smart Living App Review

Smart Life app Review

Smart Life is an intelligent solution developed by the world’s renowned IoT platform Tuya. It is a smart device management application for your home that is compatible with a vast range of Smart Life app devices. Also, Smart Life makes it easier to manage and control your smart home products with a single app. These Smart Life apps can connect 90000 different smart products and thus make it convenient for everyone to manage all these together.

Smart Life App Review – Features

Smart Life app gives you an extraordinary solution with which you can set up a chain of complex commands and control your home entirely. Let’s have a look at the most amazing features of this intelligent app.

Controlling Multiple Devices at Home Remotely

You must think “what devices work with the smart life apps?” This app lets your control your smart home devices remotely with a single app from your mobile. What you need is just a wireless connection on your Smartphone, and you can manage your devices irrespective of your current location. Whether you are at the office, in a different room, or at any place outside your home, you can manage your home without any hassle.

As this app is compatible with almost all smart home appliances therefore one of the best parts of this app that has become most popular is its capability to control multiple smart devices together.

Voice Control System

Smart Life app can be configured using voice commands through Cortana, Google Assistant as well as Amazon Alexa. It means there is no need to get a manual with this application when you manage it with your voice too.

Management Control Sharing

Another best part of this app is that you can share its management control with your other family members as well. Additionally, you can also limit their control up to a certain level.

Complex Commands

Through IFTTT, using Smart Life, it is possible to create multiple complex and intelligent automation tasks. These commands may include turning off lights whenever you leave home, turning off devices and changing the color of lights, etc.

Schedule, Timers, and Energy Monitoring

You can create a schedule for your devices as to when they should turn off. Timers can also be set using the Smart Life app to automatically turn off devices after a specific period. In addition to this, if your connected smart device has an energy monitoring system, this app can help you also monitor energy usage by such devices.

Cloud Storage

Smart Life app enables you to purchase cloud storage for storing images and videos from the devices that are supposed to record these. With this availability of cloud storage, you need not add extended SD cards and memories to your Smartphone.

How Smart Life App can Help?

Smart Life app comes with multiple advantages that ease the process of managing your smart home and achieve automation to a great extent. It creates internal apps within it according to the devices pertaining to different categories and brands. The connection method created originally can help automatically detect new devices. Achieving remote control has been made possible. This application enables interaction and connectivity between different smart products thus creating a combination of smart commands.
Its third-party voice control feature lets you control your devices through your voice commands with the need for minimum manual intervention. You can monitor your devices easily and get to know their timely status doesn’t matter what is your current location.

Where to Get Smart Life App?

Smart Life app is available for free to download at various app stores including Google Play Store and Apple store. This centralized solution is becoming the first choice of every user who wants to deal with multiple smart devices.

Smart Life app instructions

To install Smart Life App first you need to download it from your app store, whether it is the Google Play store or apple store.

  • Once the download is complete tap on the ‘register’ button to complete the registration process.
  • The app is capable to detect your country code automatically but if it cannot, you can manually select the code for your home country.
  • Either use your email address or phone number for registration.
  • In case you wish to use the phone number, you will be sent a text message for a verification code. Enter that code.
  • If you are using the email address, enter the desired password and tap “confirm”.

Now you are done with creating your account and can go with setting up your smart lighting devices.

Screenshot applighting device screenshotlighting device

  • To add a device, tap on the + (plus) sign visible in the top right corner.
  • Select “Lighting Devices”.
  • Connect your smart light to a source of power. Turn the light on and then off for 3-5 seconds in order to enter pairing mode. By doing this 3 times, the light will start blinking fast when it will be in pairing mode.
  • Connect to a Wi-Fi connection by entering a password.
  • After connecting, the Smart Life app will start pairing with your smart light device.
  • Upon successful connection with the smart light with the app, you will see a screen like shown below, and here you can change the name of your lighting device.

smart light

This way you can connect with other smart devices as well with this wonderful app.

Smart Life App Compatible Devices of 2022

Some smart life app compatible devices of 2022 are:

  • Finery 3 Node Wi-Fi Smart Switch Retrofit Kit
  • Halonix Smart IOT ceiling fan kit
  • Acasa 10A Wi-Fi Smart Plug
  • Fire-Boltt SPO2 Full Touch Smart Watch
  • Arcnics Smart Surge Protector

The list of smart life app compatible devices for 2022 is much longer. You can check it out on the official channel of the Smart life app.

Smart Life App Review – Conclusion

We can conclude that the Smart Life app is the one-stop solution for all of your smart devices as it works as a centralized system for your entire collection of smart home devices. Though it doesn’t go with all the smart devices, the list of compatible devices is quite long. While purchasing a smart device, you can keep in mind whether it is supported by this app.
So, if you are looking for a system with which you can manage your smart appliances efficiently without filling your smartphone with an abundance of separate applications, the Smart Life app Review helps you make the decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Smart Life App Do?

Smart Life App is a smart device management app that helps you manage and control all your smart devices in a single centralized system easily. With this app, you need not install multiple apps for every single device.

What devices are supported by Smart Life App?

Smart Life app supports a vast selection of smart devices including but not limited to smart plugs, bulbs, light strips, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, light switches, security cameras, and many more.

Is Smart Life App Safe?

Yes, Smart Life App is completely safe to use. All the information you provide in the application is fully secure and encrypted. This app does not store your personal information related to social security and credit cards etc.

Smart Life App alternatives?

Some smart life app alternatives are Ambee and HomeSense.

Tuya vs Smart Life?

Both are the same apps. One comes with Tuya branding while the other doesn’t.

How to connect smart life to Wi-Fi?

The app will ask you to connect with the home Wi-Fi or hotspot. Choose one and connect.

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