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Doors and windows are a direct source of natural sunlight for the inhabitants. Doors and windows are also the first line of defense for the people living in the house. You can protect your home from unexpected burglar attacks or intrusion by installing smart sensors. Besides installing sensors, there are many smart home window solutions that you can opt for while making your home smart. Here, we will be suggesting some best smart home window solutions to the users who are in search of the same.

With a smart home window solution, you can strengthen the protection of your home, and install smart glass and windows to get the required amount of natural sunlight. The smart home window solution offers a vast array of features that can help you automate and turn your traditional home into a smart one. So, without any further delay, let’s jump in to see what are the best smart home window solutions available for the users.

Top 7 Smart Glass Solutions: Reviews

1) Lifelong Smart Door and Window Sensor

Monitoring the activities outside your door and window can be handy. Lifelong Smart Door and Window Sensor can do that for you effectively. It is a wireless door and window sensor that comes with a magnetized strip. The product has a smart sensor and window alarm sensor that will track every entrance throughout the day. You will receive an alert notification if there is any unusual activity noticed outside the gate of the window.

You can also use this product to automate your home and make it smart. The product can switch on and off the entrance light whenever it senses the opening and closing of the door. You can add an AAA battery to use the product which provides a battery life of 6 months. You can replace it with a new one when needed.

Lifelong Smart Door and Window Sensor

Key Features of Lifelong Smart Door and Window Sensor:

  • Close sensing
  • Peel and stick installation
  • Wireless

Pros of Lifelong Smart Door and Window Sensor
  • Magnetized strip
  • 6 Months battery life
  • Alert notification
Cons of Lifelong Smart Door and Window Sensor
  • Lag in response to voice assistants


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2) Mengshen Window and Door Alarm

This is the highest-rated brand in the market nowadays. Mengshen Window Door Alarm is very popular based on customers’ recent orders. This compact wireless window door alarm will surely protect you, your family, and your house. You can use it in homes, shops, offices and other needed places. Its size is 40x88x16mm and the weight is almost 60g. Its material is ABS and the type of alarm is wireless. It is one of the main reasons it is very easy to use.

A 108db loud alarm and bright light can effectively scare the thieves and intruders away. It is very easy to operate because it has a remote control system. It has the function of the arm, disarm, emergency alarm, and doorbell, widely meeting your demand. For extra remote controls, it needs to pair with the host and one host can be controlled by 8 remote controls. It is for both windows and doors. This can close the doors and windows and open them too. One remote control could pair and control up to 50 pieces of the host.

Disarm key, when you press this key the status or loud voice will stop. SOS key will bell 105db voice though the host is not triggered. Lastly, the doorbell key bell ding dong sounds to alert you someone is coming. The host has doubled sided adhesive so you just have to peel and stick to install them on doors and windows or wherever you need or want.

Mengshen Window and Door Alarm

Key Features of Mengshen Window and Door Alarm:

  • Voice and light alarm which scare thieves
  • Magnetic sensor alarm
  • Multi-function security alarm

Mengshen Window and Door Alarm Pros
  • Alarm for different scenario
  • Remote control
  • None


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3) Neo Fenster Home Automation System

Automate your home and operate doors, blinds, locks, and rollers with Neo Fenster Home Automation System. You can control everything in your house without Wi-fi or any Cloud platform. You can use the Loxone app on your smartphone to control home automation tasks. The sensors installed immediately track and report if any window or door is open. After sensing, it can automatically close the opened door or window. You can also use this feature with any home alarm system.

The product has a four-phase security protocol that makes it impossible for intruders to breach your security. The smart AI sensors of this product can optimize and regulate the amount of sunlight entering your rooms. Besides this, you can customize your doorbell tone and steam music with the integrated multi-room audio feature.

Neo Fenster Home Automation System

Neo Fenster Home Automation System Key Features:

  • Do not require Wi-Fi or Cloud
  • Control automation tasks via an app
  • Smart sensors

Pros of Neo Fenster Home Automation System
  • Fully integrated multi-room audio system
Cons of Neo Fenster Home Automation System
  • High maintenance cost


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4) Velux Skylights

Velux Skylight allows the natural light of the sun to enter your house. Moreover, it gives you wonderful and amazing home design and besides that a healthy lifestyle. These are the roof windows. They’re a great way to provide natural light without obstructing your roofline.

They always use toughened glass to make this window which is also known as tempered or safety glass. It also saves your house from the rain because it doesn’t leak at all. Also, it gives you fresh air in your house. It gets you close to nature. This type of atmosphere also makes your morning as beautiful as you imagine.

Further, it surely secures your house, rooms, cottage, etc. It gives your house an elegant and gorgeous look. Which gives you a holiday feel in your house every day. Velux skylights come with a clean, quiet & safe glass system, which is designed to keep you from constantly cleaning.

Velux Skylights

Key Features of Velux Skylights:

  • This upscale modern cabin is closer to nature
  • Resort-style homes make every day a vacation
  • A naturally stunning smart home

Pros of Velux Skylights
  • Toughened glass
  • Elegant design
  • None


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5) Pella Insynctive Window and Door Sensor

Concealed sensors are the best option one can opt for. Pella Insynctive Window and Door Sensor do this conveniently. It has hidden security sensors that can maintain your protection from intruders. The product has factory-installed security sensors integrated into your door and window. You can use the app to self-monitor window and door controls.

You can check door and window status just with a tap or view shades from anywhere sitting in the house. You get real-time notifications on your smartphone when any door is opened or unlocked. The product is available in three different variants which you can opt for depending on your requirement.

Pella Insynctive Window and Door Sensor

Key Features of Pella Insynctive Window and Door Sensor:

  • Hidden security sensors
  • Control shades
  • Get real-time notification

Pella Insynctive Window and Door Sensor Pros
  • Available in different variants
  • Control via app
Pella Insynctive Window and Door Sensor Cons
  • Expensive


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6) Pro Display Smart Glass

Pro Display Smart Glass is a technology that helps you to switch from frosted to transparent. It works when electricity pertains. These glasses have been manufacturing switchable solutions for over 15 years. It gives safety to your house, cottage, office, and many more places like that. This switchable glass is generated by coating the liquid crystal directly onto the glass.

It gives you privacy whenever you want and gives you a beautiful view when you want. You can use these glasses for both commercial and residential projects. Its thickness is 6mm to 15mm. You can choose between them as per your need. Also, these glasses are available in 1.8m × 3m. It is compatible with remotes, light switches, and automation systems.

Toughened, laminate, and double glazed glasses options are available. This also gives your house a luxurious look. It is protected from a hard-coated PET plastic layer. When no power is applied to these glasses, the switchable glass appears opaque and cannot be seen through, when a current is applied the glass becomes clear allowing light to pass through freely.

Pro Display Smart Glass

Key Features of Pro Display Smart Glass:
  • Instant privacy on demand
  • Film options available
  • Custom front projection options are available

Pros of Pro Display Smart Glass
  • Ideal for both commercial and personal use premium quality glass options are available.
  • None


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7) AxisGear Window Shade Solution

AxisGear Window Shade Solution is an accessible, simple, and susceptible way to motorize your window shades. If you have this gear then you will never have to touch your window shade ever again. This makes your home more comfortable and much safer than earlier. You can choose between many beautiful designs which make your house amazing.

This gear has good technology which lets you easily control and schedule when your shade opens and closes. It has very innovative software. It is 46mm wide and 165mm long and weighs 10lbs. It can be connected by Bluetooth. It has some system requirements which are 6.0 and higher for Android and 11.2 and higher for IOS.

You can simply set up with the shade you already own. It has a touch strip control and an app control system. You can control it with your mobile phone by sitting on your sofa or lying on your bed.

AxisGear Window Shade Solution

Key Features of AxisGear Window Shade Solution:

  • You can set a schedule
  • App control
  • Work on both android and IOS

AxisGear Window Shade Solution Pros
  • Can effectively motorize window
  • Seamlessly connect with Bluetooth
  • None


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General FAQs

Can we open Velux Skylights in the rainy season?

Yes, you can open the Velux skylights in the rainy season for the circulation of fresh air and some raindrops. Velux Skylights have also proven to be an efficient smart glass for all the seasons, whether it’s scorching heat or rainy season. It has vents that you can open during the rainy season so that fresh air can enter your room.

Is smart glass durable? Is it effective in blocking sunlight?

Smart glass is generally PDLC laminated which ensures the durability of the product. These glasses are durable that can withstand any tough environment. Yes, smart glass can effectively block the heat rays to offer you maximum comfort inside your home. Smart glass can be controlled via remote controls or light sensors.

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