Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review | Galaxy Watch 3 45 mm LTE Smartwatch Features & Price

One of best in the business with stylish looks and a classy rotating bezel

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is one of the best smartwatches that we can recommend for non-iOS users. If you are looking for a smartwatch with a smart design and great high-end features, the Galaxy Watch 3 is for you. If you can spare the budget, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is a must-have in your smartwatch collection. Samsung is back with its physical bezel smartwatch similar to its previous model. We found that the design of this new smartwatch model has improved and is now smaller and more compact. Features such as SpO2 Monitor and heart rate tracker along with special features such as FDA-Approved ECG monitor and blood pressure tracker (not active and requires FDA-Approval), make this smartwatch worth considering. We believe that the Galaxy Watch 3 Price & Specs go hand in hand. The high price you pay for the smartwatch is balanced out with great features such as an ECG monitor, physical bezel, multiple workout modes, etc., that it provides.

Read on our Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review as we discuss the different features in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 45 mm LTE Smartwatch that can help you come to a buying decision. 

Key features

  • Sleek design
  • Rotating bezel for menu navigation
  • FDA-Approved ECG monitor
  • Numerous fitness features
  • Tizen interface
  • Built-in GPS
  • Water-resistant

  • Sleek and classy design
  • Rotating bezel for navigation
  • FDA-Approved ECG monitor
  • T9 Keyboard that helps you to text directly using the watch
  • Blood pressure monitoring capability is provided but it is not active yet (Will be available in the future updates)
  • Third-party app support needs to increase in Tizen OS
  • Price increased significantly over the Galaxy Watch
  • Has NFC for payments, but not Samsung’s patented MST technology that works with any credit card terminals with a magnetic strip

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review | Screen and Build Quality


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Price in India

Samsung has held up its quality and creativity in terms of designing its smartwatches. With each smartwatch, they provided some tweaks to the design to ensure that the buyers get an additional reason to get the watch in their collection. If you are looking for a bigger-sized or a small-sized smartwatch, the Galaxy smartwatch can meet both your requirements. A sleeker and classy design allows you to flaunt the smartwatch anywhere you go. The round dial with a physical bezel improves the look of the smartwatch.

However, in terms of the design, the smartwatch does not have many differences from the original galaxy smartwatch apart from the sleeker design and lighter weight. The stainless steel and titanium dial of the watch holds up the durability. The dimensions of the smartwatch are 45X 46.2X 11.1 in width, height, and thickness. The weight is also 53.80 grams, which is low when talking about a bulky smartwatch as most of Samsung’s models. For improving the classiness, the watch strap comes in leather. The watch is available in 3 color variants, mystic bronze, mystic black, and mystic silver. 

The smartwatch is water-resistant to up to 5 ATMs, and you can use it at a depth up to 50 meters underwater. Tizen 5.5 OS present is powerful but provides certain limitations of running third-party apps conveniently. However, you can still run apps like Spotify and Deezer, or use messaging apps such as WhatsApp. 

Galaxy Watch 3 45 mm LTE Smartwatch Display

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Price in India

The display resolution of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is 360X360 giving it clear visibility in any situation and even underwater. The scratch-proof Corning Gorilla Glass DX and the Super AMOLED Display improves the visibility of the device. The display size is 45 mm, and you need not put pressure on your eyes to view the display on the screen. There are many watch faces to select from, and you can choose and change them as you will. 

Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 price


The battery life of the Galaxy Watch 3 is not great compared to Samsung’s previous models, but it is reasonable compared to many other smartwatches available in the market. The smartwatch can work up to 2 days to full capacity when all the fitness and smartwatch features are in use. The battery life is also affected by the Always-on display. You can decide to keep the display off to save on battery life. The bigger-sized smartwatch has a battery of 340mAh, whereas the smaller variant has a 247 mAh battery size. You can charge the batteries with the help of a wireless charger with its Powershare feature that is proprietary for Samsung devices. 

Samsung Galaxy Fitness & Sports Tracking Watch 3

Fitness Tracking

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

With its fitness tracking feature, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 45mm Bluetooth Watch is capable of tracking around 40 physical activities. Out of these, about 7 can be tracked automatically without needing any assistance from your end. It is not a fitness-sensitive smartwatch, but it comes with some good fitness features to add to the worth of the smartwatch. The onboard GPS and other sensors such as heart rate monitor, ECG, blood pressure monitor (which is not active at the moment) allow you to track your activity and make sure your body is at ease with your workout regimes. The smartwatch, as already mentioned earlier, is water-resistant, and hence you can take a swim with it as well. Galaxy Watch 3 can measure your heart rate, oxygen level, and VO2max.

Run Analysis

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review

The run analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, not only helps you track your run, but also allows you to stay ahead of your fitness goals while pointing out where you stand in terms of your fitness. With this feature, you can have an insight into your run time and run activity and get tips on the go for better run movements. It not only improves your running skills, but it can also assist you in avoiding overstraining of muscles and preventing injuries caused due to runs. You can measure the VO2 max values as well. 

The built-in GPS can help you track your fall and notify your emergency contacts about your fall location. It will help you stay safe and connected even on your run and hike activities. 

Health Tracking

SpO2 Monitor

The SpO2 sensor present in the Galaxy Watch 3 can help you keep a track of your breathing disturbances if any. To see the SpO2 tracking data, you will have to visit the Samsung App. The SpO2 can be tracked even when you are sleeping, and it can notify common symptoms of sleep apnea. However, we suggest that you do not depend on the device for medical insights. Talk to your physician if you feel something does not feel right health-wise.


Basically tells you about your workout/fitness endurance. The more the VO2 Max, the better your fitness age is. The VO2max sensor will determine how you feel post and pre-workout in general. To get the readings on the Vo2max you will need to initiate the readings on the Health app from Samsung manually. You can decide on the intensity of your upcoming workout based on the VO2max reading.  

Blood pressure monitoring

A blood pressure monitoring sensor is also available on this Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 45mm Bluetooth Watch. However, in our Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review, we found that the feature is available but not active on the device. Samsung requires some clearance from local and governmental organizations to enable this feature on the device.

Sleep Tracking

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review

The sleep tracking feature on the Samsung smartwatch is very elaborate and accurate. You will get information on deep sleep, REM sleep, and overall sleep time. The smartwatch gives you a sleep score from 1 to 100, where anything below 60 determines poor sleep. A score above 90 says that you had an excellent sleep. With this feature, you can track your weekly average sleep as well. From what we hear, Samsung has partnered with the National Sleep Foundation to provide educational content helping users to sleep better. These tips on your watch will help you improve the quality of sleep by understanding your sleep in a better way.

Heart rate Tracking

The heart rate tracking feature is similar to most other standard smartwatches. With a powerful optical heart rate sensor, the smartwatch is capable of measuring your resting and activity heart rates accurately. 

Galaxy 3 Smartwatch Features

Music Integrations

You can have a Spotify integration to stream music on the go. However, the storage capacity of the device is only 3 GB which you can use to store your playlists from the various streaming platforms. The Tizen 5.5 OS supports the integration of third-party apps such as Spotify, Deezer, and many more.

Smartphone notification

The Galaxy Watch 3 comes with a T9 keyboard that allows you to text right from your watch. You can get call and text notifications on your phone which is very useful compared to many other smartwatches where you need to type on the screen and be too careful about where you touch to type the right letters.

NFC Payments

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 allows NFC payments. You will only be able to make payments from your smartwatch at NFC-enabled terminals. The smartwatch does not have MST payments which is a patented technology that is proprietary to many Samsung devices. 

Price and Availability

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review

The SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3 45 mm LTE Smartwatch Price in India is INR 32990/$399. Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Release Date in India was on August 5th, 2020. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Price in India is a little on the higher side but worth it. The smartwatch has a price that is almost the same as Apple watch 6.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3’s sleek and glassy design is something that is not available in many Samsung smartwatches. The physical bezel is something that won hearts yet again. The built-in GPS and the Samsung health app integrations are quite amazing. The FDA-approved ECG sensor is also great. However, the battery life could be improved. Also, the blood pressure tracking feature is yet to be active on the device, and we look forward to checking it out to get better insights into its abilities. Overall, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 45mm Bluetooth Watch is a good purchase if you are not looking for a very fitness-centric watch that also provides all high-end features. If you are looking for a non iOS premium smartwatch, this would surely fit your needs.

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