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You can’t get a better budget tracker. Read Samsung Galaxy Fit e review


After Apple released its smartwatch, many leading players in digital tech started developing more and more smartwatches since Apple showed the true potential of having a smartwatch on your wrist. This move also led many to believe that smartwatches will take over fitness trackers but they were wrong. Know Samsung Galaxy Fit e review in detail in this article.

Samsung galaxy fit e Watches honest review

Smart bands carved out their own niche and seem to appeal a lot more to fitness enthusiasts. Just imagine, would you want to wear a simple and stylish looking fitness tracker during a workout or a smartwatch that is heavier and does a lot more things than fitness tracking? Though smartwatches do everything that a tracker does, I prefer wearing a tracker for some occasions.

Unlike Apple, Samsung Galaxy realized the need for a fitness tracker (Galaxy Fit) as well as a smartwatch (Samsung Galaxy Watch Active). Let’s have a look at Samsung’s best smart band Galaxy Fit e.

  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight
  • Integration with Samsung Health App
  • Continuous heart rate monitoring
  • Compatible with both Android & iOS
  • Trouble reading under bright sunlight

samsung galaxy fit e watches Key Features:

  • Low price
  • Lightweight
  • Auto-detect up to exercises
  • Water-resistant
  • Continuous heart rate monitoring

Samsung Galaxy Fit e: Screen and Design

Fitness trackers have little room to come up with breakthrough designs every year. The product must be simple, light in weight, and deliver the expectations. I liked Honor Band 5’s design because of a slightly curved 2.5D screen. Well, Samsung is the first name that comes to your mind when it comes to bent screens or curved edges such as Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. However, Galaxy Fit e looks simple, weighing 15g (that is more than 30% lesser than the weight of Honor Band 5 smart band).

Galaxy Fit e is waterproof resistant up to 50 m depth. That means you can use it while taking a shower or have it on while swimming. You cannot take this for deep scuba diving since 5 ATM water resistance means the product can survive in depths of 50 m for 10 minutes.

You can either double-tap the screen or raise your wrist for the watch to wake up. The band comes with a 0.74-inch PMOLED display. There is nothing extraordinary here, you cannot adjust the brightness and sometimes the band can give you trouble reading under sunlight. This is slightly disappointing since the competitor products at this price range such as Honor Band 5 offer adjustable brightness and better readability under different types of sunlight.

There are about 6 watch faces in the band. Not bad, not good, it is what it is at this price range. I recommend you select a face that shows the battery level of the smart band.

We didn’t see any problems with the strap connection. The Samsung Galaxy Fit e can be fastened and unfastened with ease.

Samsung Galaxy Fit e: Specifications

First things first, install the Samsung Galaxy Fit app and link your device to your smartphone using the app. The smartphone app is where you can tweak which notifications you would want to see in your band, switch watch faces, and customize app icons that appear on the smart band windows.

Galaxy Fit e doesn’t have in-built GPS. Of course, you do not have in-built GPS for any of the hit products in the price range such as Honor Band 5 and Mi Band 4. So, along with the smart band, you need to carry your phone in order to measure your outdoor fitness activities.

The accuracy of distance tracking, step count, etc. is pretty good. I didn’t find any issues here.

Galaxy Fit app and Samsung Health app

Since the smart band screen is incredibly small, you may not want to use the band’s screen for all operations. Galaxy Fit app helps you to monitor your watch and the Samsung Health app helps you to track statistics of your fitness activities. I think the Health app comes into the picture if you want to be more social about your fitness statistics (like sharing calories burned with your friends). However, using multiple apps is slightly inconvenient for me. I would like Samsung to integrate all its smart band features into one App.
Through the app, you will also be able to change weather settings, set alarms, and access other features like ‘Find My Band’, which buzzes the tracker and lights up the screen.

The auto workout tracking feature detects some fitness activities automatically. These activities include walking and running. The feature syncs to the Samsung Health app in real-time.

Heart rate monitoring

Yes, there is continuous heart rate monitoring. Though switching on the continuous mode may cost more battery life, I am just letting you know it is there. Heart rate measurements show decent accuracy. However, in high-intensity activities, the smart band finds it hard to capture wild swings in heart rate. For beginners, it is not an issue, but if you want to track advanced fitness activities, we see a downside to using this band.

Apple watch pioneered smart tracking technology and nothing comes close to Apple watch when it comes to the accuracy of fitness tracking. However, you need to pay 10x the price if you want to grab an Apple watch.

Sleep tracking

Honor Band 5 mastered the sleep tracking technology, and comparatively, Galaxy Fit e is pretty decent when it comes to the accuracy of sleep tracking. You get all the basic sleep tracking metrics. It tells you the duration of the time you are awake and also tells you the time spent in three sleep stages- REM, deep, and light.

Samsung Galaxy Fit e: Battery life

Comes for about a week which is the case with many low-budget smart bands. You need to use the proprietary docker to charge your Galaxy Fit e. The battery life could have been better. Some users complain that the band lasts only 3-4 days if you keep notifications and continuous heart rate monitoring. So if you think the battery is draining fast, you have the option to put a watch face that shows the battery level of the smart band.

Final Verdict:

As advertised, the Samsung Galaxy Fit e is a compact, lightweight smart band. Nothing too extravagant to talk about. Samsung kept everything simple. Priced at 2490/- Samsung Galaxy Fit e Smart Band still got to do some work to beat the tough competition it is getting from players such as Xiaomi’s Mi Band 4 and Honor Band 5. We believe Samsung will come up with satisfying software updates for its customers and the Galaxy Fit e smart band is a good product with high future potential.

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