Robern IQ Digital Lock Box: A one of a kind Smart and Secure Lockbox


Smart security gadgets are an emerging market but the majority portion of them is associated with cameras and locks. An often-ignored segment is the smart lockbox segment which doesn’t seem to have any dedicated product alternatives as of now. Robern IQ Digital Lock Box aims to create a niche in the category of security gadgets by offering a spacious lockbox solution, that is packed with all the smart features that you need to keep your personal items safe and secure. It is a first-of-its-kind product that will surely pave way for other brands to look into the otherwise bleak smart lockbox segment.

Robern IQ Digital Lock Box

What’s Robern IQ Digital Lock Box?

Robern is a luxury brand that deals with bathroom accessories and that’s pretty much it. It joined hands with Kohler way back in 1995 and has since worked with bathroom elements while integrating technology to make things easy for consumers. Robern IQ Digital Lock Box is a newly launched product that is essentially a smart safe of average dimensions, that can easily be installed in your medicine cabinets. It is an ingenious design that factors in almost every possible risk scenario with features to counter them. Kohler unveiled the Robern IQ Digital Lock Box at the CES 2022 event where it showcased seven other useful smart home products alongside it.


Robern IQ Digital Lock Box features an elegant design like most Robern products and is available in quite a few dimensions that range from as low as 16″ to 48″ in width. Different dimensions are designed to fit across all of the cabinets that exist in the Robern cabinet lineup to date. Robern IQ Digital Lock Box appears to be an intricate yet robust construction right from the first glance. It is crafted out of anodized aluminum which is impervious to moisture and blends in with the cabinet dimensions.

There is a digital keypad on the right along with a key opening that allows entry into the lockbox. It is worth remembering that the area occupied by the keypad mechanism is unavailable for storing items. The actual storage space begins after the digital keypad and lock mechanism.

Robern IQ Digital Lock Box: Features

Robern IQ Digital Lock Box hides a lot of smart features under the minimalistic appearance which accentuates its appeal in a modern smart home.

Multiple Access Modes

Robern IQ Digital Lock Box offers three access modes for its users. These modes present versatility in terms of unlocking and are not interdependent for opening the lockbox.

Physical keys

Robern IQ Digital Lock Box features a traditional lock-and-key mechanism that can be unlocked using the keys supplied with the lockbox. The keys are non-duplicable which means it is very hard for someone to enter the safe by forging a copy of it, which is an added relief for your valuables stored in the lockbox.

Access Code

The second mode of opening the safe is by setting an access code that will open the lock mechanism and grant you access to the items. The code length will determine the complexity but even if you do not have the keys at that moment or someone in your family needs to access it, the codes come in handy.

Remote Unlock

The users can unlock the Digital Lock Box by using the companion app on their smartphones. Just a single tap from the app dashboard grants access to the safe contents. The remote unlock option is best if you want to hide the password from kids and other members.

Combat Moisture

Robern IQ Digital Lock Box is completely safe to install in damp environments which are common if you install it in a cabinet. The lockbox uses a door gasket to seal the safe from inside, thus allowing you to keep the perishable items such as documents inside it.

Simple Installation

This Digital Lock Box comes with an appropriate set of mounting brackets required to affix it in place. Once done, the lockbox cannot be removed by force and it stays glued to the cabinet.

Robern IQ Digital Lock Box
App Support

IQ Digital Lock Box is a dedicated app available for all kinds of Android and iOS devices. The app is the gateway to accessing the lockbox remotely and also serves as a remote-control panel to monitor the lockbox. This Digital Lock Box is fitted with anti-tamper technology that sends notifications and raises an alarm whenever undue pressure or break-in attempts are made.

Robern IQ Digital Lock Box

Moreover, it issues an alert every time the lockbox is opened by someone. The app allows you to add multiple lockboxes and monitor every one of them via a single app. Users need to register their Digital Lock Box with the app before starting the app access feature.

Power Requirements

Digital Lock Box is powered by batteries and doesn’t need a dedicated power adapter to work with the app. It runs on four AA batteries which can last quite a bit before they need replacement. The power-conserving nature coupled with the lack of elaborate displays or lighting adds to the battery life of this smart lockbox.

Is it worth buying?

Robern IQ Digital Lock Box is not a cheap lockbox by any means. The base model starts at 449 USD, which is a steep entry price for a smart lockbox. Moreover, it is aimed at the luxurious crowd that wants the best that the brand has to offer when it comes to home decor and accessories. Robern IQ Lock Box is a unique product that isn’t priced well to fit into the budget of a normal consumer but surely paves way for other brands to start creating a product like this.

You can only purchase the lockbox from their official website and there are no listings on any e-commerce platform as of writing this article. We would advise you to patiently wait for the price to drop during the fourth of July sale or wait for other manufacturers to join the smart lockbox industry.

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