Noise ColorFit Pro 2 Smartwatch Review | Fitness Band Review with Pros and Cons


Read Noise ColorFit Pro 2 Smartwatch Review. Noise ColorFit Pro 2 is a successor of Noise ColorFit. It comes with a color touchscreen, better fitness tracking modes and improved accuracy in tracking measurements (compared to Noise ColorFit), and much more. Let us see what it has got to offer.

Noise colorfit pro 2 Key Features

  • Approximately 10 days of battery life with a magnetic charger
  • Menstrual Cycle Tracking
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • Color touchscreen

Screen & Design of Noise Colorfit Pro 2

Similar to other smartwatches, Noise ColorFit Pro 2 has a square-shaped dial with curved edges. The full capacitive touch screen with 1.3″ color display gives ColorFit Pro 2 a stylish and elegant look. The screen is fully capacitive which makes it easier to read under sunlight and to control the watch face with taps and swipes.

Noise Colorfit Pro Fitness Band Honest Reviews

You can choose different colors for the strap such as grey and black. The strap is made of synthetic material, which is relatively more comfortable to use than other types of straps and gives a sporty look. Also, you won’t have trouble wrapping the watch around different sizes of wrists.

Similar to Realme Fashion smartwatch, the device is IP 68 Water Resistant, which means, by international standard, it can withstand dust, dirt, and sand, and is resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to thirty minutes.

You have sensors (heart rate monitoring and electrodes for magnetic charger) on the back and home button to the side of the watch.

The watch has bezels at the top and bottom of the screen. I am not a big fan of large bezel spaces, and it becomes challenging for smartwatch manufacturers to go bezel-less for the price they are offering. Even the popular Realme Fashion Smartwatch had the same issue.

It doesn’t look like you have fingerprint protection as you have in Mi Band 4. However, it is not a massive blocker to the style or design of the watch.

There are only 5 Watch faces. We think Noise ColorFit Pro 2 could have offered more. Let’s hope for more watch faces in future updates.

Fitness tracking & Sports

Noise ColorFit Pro 2 comes with 9 sport modes. That’s a good number of workout modes for the price. In a similar price segment, Mi Band 4 offers 6 workout modes, and Realme Fashion Watch offers 14 workout modes. You probably won’t use all the workout modes. However, it’s good to have a variety of options. Also, for women, this smartwatch offers menstrual cycle tracking. This feature is not something every smartwatch has. So definitely a unique feature, and we believe it is a pretty useful one.

No in-built GPS. That is not uncommon at this price range. However, we didn’t hear about other ways of connecting to GPS, such as piggybacking your phone’s GPS using the app and measuring outdoor fitness pursuits. This feature is available in Realme Fashion Watch and in Mi band 4.

Sleep monitoring

Sleep tracking looks good with options to track deep, light, and REM sleep modes. Many times you see the apps getting cluttered with too many fitness metrics. In this aspect, Noise ColorFit Pro 2 is simple to understand and covers what’s required for the user.

Heart rate monitoring:

Yes, we have heart rate monitoring (sensors on the back of the watch). We see automatic and manual monitoring options. However, it is not clear if continuous heart rate monitoring is available. Though continuous heart rate monitoring demands significantly more battery life, it will help some curious users to check their average heartbeat at different times in a day.

NoiseFit Sport App & Smartphone integration

Unlike the Realme Fashion Smartwatch, the ColorFit Pro 2 is compatible with both Android and iOS. All you have to do is install the NoiseFit Sport app from the Android or iOS store, link your device to the app, follow onscreen instructions, and that’s it! You are all set.

The ColorFit Pro 2 supports smartphone notifications from services like Facebook, WhatsApp, calls (answer or reject), etc. You can control music, podcasts, and other supported applications through NoiseFit Sport App or from the touchscreen. All you need to do is use the NoiseFit Sport App and check which other applications in your smartphone are compatible with your smartwatch.

Noise ColorFit Pro 2 doesn’t play music through Bluetooth headset. We would have loved to see this feature primarily because of the increase in trend of customers using Bluetooth headsets- especially handy during workouts where you need your tracker to measure fitness activity and play music for you at the same time.

Battery life

Noise ColorFit Pro 2 claims to have a battery life of about 10 days, a slight improvement from its predecessor Noise ColorFit Pro which comes for ~7 days under normal usage (without continuous heart rate monitoring). We see trackers having 10-15 days these days. Since smartwatches have more features than trackers, we believe the battery life of Noise ColorFit Pro 2 is up to the industry standard.

Final verdict

The second version Noise ColorFit Pro 2 is a worthy upgrade from its predecessor ColorFit Pro. We loved how it came up with some unique features, such as menstrual cycle tracking. However, there is some room for improvement. Customers would love to see features such as Anti Fingerprint coating, piggybacking from smartphone GPS (in-built GPS is not expected at this price range), more watch faces, connectivity with Bluetooth headset, etc. For the price it is coming for, it is a decent purchase. You can also check out Realme Fashion Watch, which is in a similar price range and has better options.

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