10 Most Important Smartwatch Features


Which is the best smartwatch to buy? We will discuss the most used features of smartwatches that can assist you in arriving at the best conclusion and deciding which features to look out for in your next smartwatch. A smartwatch brings vital information from your phone to your wrist. The convenience of being able to gaze at your phone’s screen without touching it is sufficient justification. However, purchasing a smartwatch isn’t as easy as it appears. It is a mature device with several brands and models to pick from.

A wristwatch can track your health, but its primary purpose is to act as a mobile phone interface. So now is the moment to figure out what you want. You will find a product that does both. Here are some must-have features of smartwatches that you need to consider.

Advanced Features For Smartwatch


Purchase a smartwatch only after confirming that it is compatible with your existing Smartphone. For instance, Apple Watches are only compatible with the latest iPhones. We have compiled a list of the best Android Smartwatches that pair with your Samsung, Google, or other Android smartphones. Device compatibility is critical for Smartwatches, which are meant to be used in conjunction with Smartphones. Fitbit’s like Versa 3 and Versa 2 can sync with a variety of Android phones and iPhones.

However, Android phone owners do have one advantage: quick text message replying and the ability to answer phone calls.

As of now, the new Google Wear OS is only available on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, but it will roll out to other Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100-powered Smartwatches in the future as well. We put together a Wear OS eligibility guide, but for the time being, it’s limited to the TicWatch Pro 3 and TicWatch E3 from Mobvoi.

The Apple Watch is only compatible with the iPhone, which is to be expected. One can access the WatchOS App Store via the iPhone’s pre-installed Apple Watch app. Your favourite iOS apps will be available for installation on your watch, as well as new ones.

Everything from games to fitness trackers to productivity app extensions is available in the store, so you can get Slack notifications or see your ‘To-do list’ while using one of your favourite productivity apps.

The Fossil Gen 6 is also on the way, but it will not ship with the most recent version of Wear OS. Instead, the new software will be released in an update next year, according to the company.


Availability of apps is an important consideration when deciding between Wear OS and watchOS. However, other features like compatibility, design, and functionality are indeed more important.

Display LCD Screen vs OLED Screen

Smartwatches are typically equipped with a colour LCD or AMOLED display, which provides a richer colour experience and a higher level of brightness when viewing photos, apps, and other content. The downside is that Smartwatches have a shorter battery life, although manufacturers are working to make the devices more energy efficient. If you want a long-lasting display, you’ll want to go with a black-and-white model.

Touchscreen vs. Touch-less

It would appear that getting a touchscreen smartwatch is a no-brainer. However, a small touchscreen display can make it difficult to select items, and gesture-based user interfaces aren’t always intuitive.

As far as Wear OS goes, it presents notifications as cards that can dismiss with a single swipe, but getting to other applications and options within those applications requires even more swiping. You can, however, flick your wrist to switch between cards.

The Apple Watch features a touch display, a digital crown, and a side button on the right side, choosing a hybrid approach. You can use the height to zoom in on content or scroll, and the screen uses Force Touch, which can tell the difference between a tap and a long press. In addition, you can access the dock, which contains frequently used apps, by pressing the side button for quick access.

Rotate the bezel on the original Samsung Galaxy Watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, and the most recent Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to navigate through menus. Together with the sense of touch, they’re used in this.

Design and personalization

The best Smartwatches let you choose your strap or swap it for a third-party option. It is one of the interesting features of smartwatches and is vital if you want to customize your device’s look.

Today’s Smartwatches allow extensive pre-purchase personalization. For example, for Apple Watch and Fossil Smartwatches, you may customize the band, face, finish, and size.

More and more Smartwatches now have circular faces, resembling conventional timepieces. However, the newer ones are thinner. The Garmin Lily is an excellent choice for slimmer wrists.

App Selections

With over 20,000 apps, the Apple Watch offers the most diverse app library, including ESPN, MapMyRun, Uber, and even Rosetta Stone. In addition, you can control your Philips Hue lighting (and other smart home gadgets) and even order Seamless lunch.

The Apple Watch app for iOS has a unique Apple Watch App Store for such apps. See our roundup of the best Apple Watch apps for additional details.

Also, read Top Fitness Apps for Fitbit, Wear OS and Samsung Smartwatches

Fitness Features

If you are an athlete, consider a watch with heart rate monitoring and GPS (for tracking your distance and pace during runs). Activity-monitoring features are increasingly being integrated into Smartwatches as fitness trackers remain popular. However, most Smartwatches contain a built-in pedometer for step counting or step monitoring, while others use your Smartphone for activity tracking.

The Fitbit Charge 5 and the Garmin Forerunner 245 both let you change the watch face and read notifications, making them good choices if you plan to use your smartwatch mostly for working out. In addition to the ability to monitor periods and symptoms, both apps allow you to compare your cycle to other health indicators like sleep and activity to see how it affects your cycle. There is a heart rate monitor in every wristwatch we recommend, but they are not necessarily as reliable as fitness trackers like the Fitbit Inspire 2. We found that the heart rate sensor on the Apple Watch was more precise. Runners and cyclists who wish to track their distance and pace while running or bicycling outside will appreciate the GPS capabilities of certain heart rate monitor models.

Interchangeable Bands

Watch Bands that you can remove and replace: The clasp or buckle on the watch band should be easy to use and interchangeable. Replace the bars if necessary, and make sure they are easy to come by.

Battery Life

When taking your pick, pay close attention to the rated battery life. The most battery-efficient Smartwatches are analog-style hybrids that look like wristwatches. However, using watches with voice functions as phones reduces battery life. For example, the Apple Watch has 18-hour mixed-use battery life.

Like the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, most Smartwatches support wireless charging. However, instead of immediately charging your device, you put it flat on a charging puck.

Smartwatch Price 

Except for inexpensive devices from unknown companies, most Smartwatches range from $100 for earlier models to $1,600 for the Tag Heuer Connected. Most Smartwatches cost between $200 and $500 depending on features and accessories.

So the Apple Watch Series 7 starts at $399 for an aluminum case and silicone band with no GPS, while the ceramic case or designer variations start at almost $1,399!

Your budget will dictate the optimal blend of form and function.


Choosing a smartwatch with the best smartwatch features can be tricky – you need to consider appearances, functionality, hardware, compatibility, and more. Hence, you should do your homework and research on different smartwatch features and benefits before blindly investing your money in something that will either be obsolete in a few months or incompatible with your present Smartphone. 

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