Most Anticipated Smartwatches in 2022


2021 wasn’t a big year if you consider the variety of smartwatches released in total. A few enticing releases did happen but it wasn’t of a magnitude, crazy enough to be called the dominating year of smartwatches. Apart from the usual premium highlights from Samsung, Apple, and a few major wearables brands, the year ended with smartwatch aficionados yearning for revolutionary designs. Read the full article to know more about the Most Anticipated Smartwatches.

2022 however, may be the year of wearables with highly anticipated releases in a variety of segments, including premium and mid-tier wearables. If you are in the market for a new wearable this year, our list of the best-anticipated smartwatches of 2022 will surely provide ample choices. Bear in mind that the year has just begun, so most of the mentioned products are yet to be available for consumers and retail purchases. Nevertheless, check out the most enticing releases in the wearables category of this year.

Top 12 smartwatches that will be all the rage in 2022

1) Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4

The Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4 is a premium smartwatch that will arrive for retail purchases in the first quarter of 2022. If the dates are to be trusted, they will be available for purchase in March 2022. The new Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4 will present 42 mm options along with the standard 45 mm and will feature tapered sides to present a subdued footprint.

Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4

Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4, both the sizes, have the same 326 PPI display along with an identical resolution and size. The sensors are pretty much the same with the 45 mm being an exception of using an altimeter. It is obvious to expect an OLED display in a premium smartwatch priced hefty at 1800 USD and a new sleek exterior is bound to attract more buyers as opposed to the older Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch. Keep your eyes posted when Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4 goes on sale in March 2022.

2) Google Pixel Watch

John Prosser has teased renders of the Google Pixel Watch for quite some time now. Google is very late to the smartwatch game but the possibility of launching a premium smartwatch is still on the cards. The Google Pixel Watch renders by John Prosser are close to the marketing pictures that surfaced online. If done right, the Google Pixel Watch could open avenues into the premium segment which is currently occupied by Apple, Samsung, and a few other brands.

Google Pixel Watch

Going by the images, Google Pixel Watch will aim for a smaller footprint and will feature a flattened chassis design. The circular design with bezel-less display and over 20 strap options, make the Google Pixel Watch a distinct option in comparison to block-shaped smartwatches. The previous release date of October 2021 didn’t materialize and now the brand(supposedly) pushed the date to the second quarter of 2022. Pixel 6 launched a few months back and it was a feature-packed device, which further amplifies the excitement and expectations for the Google Pixel Watch.

3) Garmin Instinct 2

The Garmin Instinct 2 doesn’t try to hide at all. If you’re wearing it, there’s no chance that no one will notice the obvious bulge on your wrist. The Garmin Instinct 2 smartwatch adopts a mammoth-like appearance, similar to a G-Shock, and offers the complete health and fitness tracking package. If you manage to get past the design choice, it is available in multiple options including a solar version that is a thoughtful addition to the line-up.

Garmin Instinct 2

According to Garmin, the smartwatch won’t need a dock charger if it receives three hours of continuous sunlight with a specific brightness level. It is confined to the tactical, dezl, and surf versions but if you pretty much love outdoors and rely heavily on a fitness tracker, the Garmin Instinct 2 can be your new work buddy. The pricing begins at 350 USD and peaks at 500 USD for the solar-powered versions. And don’t even doubt its trackers and sensors as it has pretty much everything present in an ultimate fitness tracker, all of which is enclosed in a rugged shell.

4) Huawei Watch D

Huawei is still pretty much active in China and the latest Huawei Watch D showcases impressive features with a heightened focus on health monitoring and fitness. The Huawei Watch D offers blood pressure tracking, SpO2 monitoring, ECG and offers advanced alerts and insights into medical conditions like arrhythmia. Its new TruSeen 5.0 PPG sensor enables it to precision track the vitals and the GPS sensor helps track your outdoor physical activity and workouts. There are 70 plus workout modes, so you will find your favorite ones in the exhaustive list of workouts.

Huawei Watch D

The design of the Huawei Watch D is nothing extraordinary, just a big, improved high-resolution AMOLED display with enough legroom to swipe and tap easily. Being a fitness tracker, the ip68 water and dust resistance is crucial to protect your smartwatch from sweat and dust. Huawei Watch D is available in China but the chances of it launching anywhere outside the country are next to impossible. You can ship it to your country via some e-commerce players but the experience won’t be the same due to its exemption from the Android platform.

5) Moto Watch 100

It won’t be incorrect to say that the Moto Watch 100 looks identical to its predecessor, the Moto 360. Moto Watch 100 attempts to target the budget segment with its 99 USD pricing and offers an acceptable blend of features and battery life. The main highlights include an LCD, 14-day battery life, small display size, and 360*360 pixels resolution. It runs a custom OS and the decision may have been an attempt to maximize the battery life on this budget smartwatch.

Moto Watch 100

Moto Watch 100 includes a heart rate monitoring sensor, SpO2 monitoring sensors but sheds the GPS sensor. If you ignore the tiny display footprint and average LCD panel, its features are great to monitor and plan your fitness sessions. Moto Watch 100 will be released in the USA and Canada with USD adjusted pricing for Canadian people. At 129 CAD, it is still not a bad proposition if you intend to buy the latest offering from Motorola.

6) Huawei GT Runner

The Huawei GT Runner is a relaunch of the existing and very popular Huawei Watch GT 3 with AI-powered tracking and coaching features. Huawei GT Runner has pretty much the same looks with the addition of a new floater antenna to increase the GPS accuracy. You get a spacious 1.43 inch AMOLED display with Harmony OS under the hood and a projected battery life of 14 days. Don’t be fooled by the number as the actual use case range diminishes to 5-7 days if you use every tracking feature on it.

Huawei GT Runner

Huawei GT Runner incorporates AI to offer customized training plans, diet and workouts based on past data and gives a running ability score of your performance. The features confine its use case to running athletes and if you don’t care for them, then you can wait for the Moto Watch 100. Nevertheless, the Huawei GT Runner will be available for 299€ when it goes on sale in the UK. The USA consumers mustn’t wait for this one as Huawei is likely to return to the market there.

7) Skagen Falster Gen 6

Skagen Falster Gen 6 is available as of February 2022 and has a sleek design that caters to all genders of the smartwatch community. This unisex smartwatch uses a stainless steel body which offers robust security. Being a 2022 release, it packs all the bells and whistles including a Qualcomm 4100 processor and the latest version of wear OS. The new operating system brings support for iOS users which is the main software highlight of the Skagen Falster Gen 6.

Skagen Falster Gen 6

The Skagen Falster Gen 6 retails at 296 USD, a premium price that doesn’t include the extra that you have to spend on attractive strap options. Hardware-wise, it is packed with 8 GB storage and one GB RAM along with the SpO2, heart rate sensor, and GPS for outdoor tracking. The iOS features do present occasional hiccups but if you are looking for a new fitness tracker from Fossil, then Skagen Falster Gen 6 is worth a try.

8) Withings ScanWatch Horizon

Withings ScanWatch Horizon is not your traditional smartwatch. Instead, it is a premium accessory with smartwatch capabilities that is both functional and aesthetic. With a 500 USD asking price, you certainly don’t get a large display. It is because the Withings ScanWatch Horizon tends to retain the design and looks of a Swiss watch with a tiny circular display in the middle. The features are accessible by pressing the crown and the dials are automatically turned away if they are covering the display.

Skagen Falster Gen 6

Withings ScanWatch Horizon can bear a water pressure of up to 10 ATMs which is rarely found in smartwatches. It is a perfect companion for snorkeling, swimming, or quick diving and is a delight for athletes looking for a smartwatch with Swiss watch aesthetics. Withings ScanWatch Horizon doesn’t shy away from the sensors and can detect sleep apnea and ECG, both of which are FDA certified. The problem is that you will be able to get a clear picture only via the companion app – as the tiny display can only offer small bits of information.

9) Realme Watch 2

The budget contender is back with some useful overhaul and is available in Malaysia, India, Europe for quite some time now. It hasn’t been officially released for the USA market, which further trims the options for prospectus buyers in the USA looking for a functional smartwatch. The Realme Watch 2 includes as many sensors and tracking capabilities as possible, but you miss out on an AMOLED display, which is an absolute necessity in bright light and outdoor environments. Its TFT LCD display produces average colors and the smartwatch uses proprietary OS to bolster battery life.

Realme Watch 2

Realme Watch 2 claims a 12-day battery life but expecting more than a week with all the features enabled, is a ludicrous expectation. You can buy the Realme Watch 2 for 55 USD, a price point that is extremely competitive where Tic Watch, Oppo, and other budget brands compete. This smartwatch offers a myriad of sports modes and HIIT training but lacks a GPS sensor which makes it good for basic outdoor activities only.

10) Honor Watch GS3

Honor teased the Honor Watch GS3 a while ago and going by the publicity renders, it will be a faux-metallic affair. The primary highlight is the 8-point PPG sensor and everything else is under wraps for now. Honor is quite late to the smartwatch segment but going by the designs, it could be targeting the mid-tier smartwatch segment. The PPG sensor will use an AI-powered software solution to generate precise results of the body vitals and predict a few heart anomalies as well.

The leaks also suggest multiple vibrant strap options for users, but no indication of release date, target markets, or availability.

11) Oppo Watch Free

Oppo Watch Free will be a lighter version of the Oppo watch 2, at least specifications-wise. The design remains unimpressive but the new iteration packs a SpO2 sensor and improved sleep tracking capabilities. Users will be able to monitor heavy sleep cycles and snoring events with the new Oppo Watch Free. It is available in China for 84 USD and the pricing is half of the latest Oppo Watch 2, which costs 200 USD.

Oppo Watch Free

But low pricing induces a few critical feature cuts such as the GPS sensor and average resolution. Nevertheless, the big AMOLED display and plenty of sleep and health tracking features make Oppo Watch Free a decent budget smartwatch in 2022.

12) Zepp Z Titanium with ECG

Zepp Z Titanium with ECG is not very different from the Zepp Z model available globally. It seems to be a China-only release for now and will pack the much-hyped ECG measuring capabilities, which are confined to the premium segment smartwatches only. Apple and Fitbit appear to be the direct competition of the Zepp Z Titanium with ECG but the China-only release makes it difficult for global buyers to upgrade.

Zepp Z Titanium with ECG

Zepp Z Titanium with an ECG sensor can track and predict heart abnormalities, which will appeal more to working-class individuals. It’s titanium alloy casing does add heft to an already bulky smartwatch but offers the experience of wearing a premium smartwatch. Other features are pretty much the standard ones that include heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, SpO2 monitoring, and various workout modes.

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These were some of the main highlights of the products that you may get to see in the year 2022. Google Pixel Watch may be speculation but all other smartwatches are happening this year. China’s only releases do hurt the sentiments of global buyers and we hope that Oppo and Realme plan the subsequent releases of new smartwatches in other countries as well.

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