Mi Smart Band 3i Review | Xiomi Mi Fitness Band 3i Price & Features

One of the best smart bands for those who are not into Heart Rate monitoring


Mi Smart Band 3i is one of the most popular budget smart bands in India. What made this band so special? In this review, we will try to evaluate Mi Smart Band 3i for the price and the features it’s coming with and let you know if it worth a buy.

Key features: Xiomi Mi Band 3i

  • OLED Display
  • ~20 days of battery life
  • Fitness activity tracking
  • Call and notification alerts
  • Water-Resistant

Mi Fitness Band 3i Screen & Design

First things first, we loved the price of the product. It is little above a grand (1,199 INR at the time of writing). For the price, the look & feel of the product is pretty good. Moreover, Mi Smart Band 3i’s 0.78 capacitive inch touch screen is fingerprint-coated which means your screen is protected from smudges and improves visibility even after repeated use.

India’s No.1 Fitness Band Features

Mi made sure the design is similar to Mi Smart Band 3 (3i is a budget version of Mi Smart Band 3) even though features vary. Since this is a budget version, you may have to compromise some trendy features such as heart rate monitoring and volume controls.

The Mi band 3i is water-resistant and offers protection up to 50m for 10 minutes. You may not have much flexibility with respect to adjusting the brightness- if you really need it.

Fitness tracking & Sports Xiomi Mi 3i

Mi Smart Band 3i has got good reviews when it comes to the accuracy of activity tracking. Though it doesn’t have advanced features like heart rate monitoring, it does do best at what it promises.

You have the ability to track your fitness activity, receive/reject calls, check notifications from compatible apps, unlock your phone (trust me, very helpful feature), check your messages, and many more. All this without touching your smartphone. That’s the best deal with the smart bands or smartwatches.

Smartphone notifications:

Once you sync the Mi Fit App with the band you can check notifications from apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. However, with such a small screen on the band, you only have so much space to read. In any case, you know if you have to read or ignore a notification just by checking the smart band instead of opening the smartphone

Mi Fit App

In the Mi Fit App, you can track fitness activities such as walking, running, and cycling. You can also record your sleep activity and check weekly progress using the data stored in the app.

Battery life 3i Fitness Band 

Can’t complain about the battery life if it is lasting close to 3 weeks. Smartwatches have about 10 days of battery life (again it depends on the usage). There are premium smart bands/trackers that have ~15-20 days of battery life. So Mi Smart Band 3i is ahead of the competition with respect to the battery life. More battery life could be coming from lack of advanced features but for the price and features it comes with, there is nothing to complain about.

Final verdict

We can say that Mi Smart Band 3i is just Mi Smart Band 3 without a heart rate sensor but comes for a much-discounted price. You can save as much as 500 INR if you go with the Band 3i. For the price and the features it is coming for, it definitely is your top budget pick.

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