Mi Band 5 Review || Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 Features

A worthy successor to the Mi Band Series.


Mi Smart Band 5 Design

Here Provided the detailed note of Mi Band 5 Review.Mi Band 3 and 4 have left behind very little room for improvement for the next generation. Mi Band 5 is a wearable activity tracker produced by Xiaomi. This band is fabricated from china and globally released on 15 July 2020 as Xiaomi Smart Band 5. It is the company’s most prevalent product in India. being an adorable selling wearable for 11 quarters straight.

Mi Smart Band 5 performance and battery life

Every year the company brings meaningful upgrades to its line of products. The Mi Band 5 continues to offer a familiar black, pill-shaped design “capsule”. which is the actual tracker within a simple TPU band. Within the same footprint, Xiaomi has managed to overfill a much better display, a few new features and reliable tracking, making it more pertinent for the lifestyle people have today. While it’s no smart watch, you can still view calls and notifications or use it to control media playback. It’s also an enormous entry point for those who want to get started with fitness. bringing a healthy suite of features such as exhaustive activity tracking, heart-rate sensing with reasonable accuracy. Have a look on Mi Smart Band 5 interface and software.

Mi Smart Band 5 interface and software

More features mean, lesser battery life. However, Mi Band 5 manages to give an average of 10-day mark on a single charge. In Addition to this, the best part is the old finicky charging mechanism in favor of a new foolproof implementation. These minor improvements make the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 one of the best budget fitness trackers currently available in India. punching well above its weight. If you’re looking to get back into fitness this year, it is a good starting point that won’t break the bank.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Price in India

Once again Xiaomi has launched a new product in the lower price bucket that is going to strike a chord. The price of the Mi Bands is not much costlier when compared to other brands. These are worthwhile devices at an affordable price. A clear note of Mi Band 5 Review given here.

Mi Band 5: Design and display

The body of the band is provided with a black-colored pill-shaped tracker. which is highly responsible for the functioning of the band. In Addition to this, it is housed within a TPU plastic strap, which uses snap locks. Moreover, it has enough options to fit wrists of all sizes.

Mi Smart Band 5 specifications and features

The new screen grows by about 20% to 1.1-inches, a lot sharper at 126 x 294 resolutions, and gets brighter at 450 nits. In short, it has a great pretty display which will serve you well in all the conditions. you’ll have a feature to manually set the brightness whenever the environment changes. Under the display a single capacitive button is provided, used to go back to the home page. With the extra screen feature more information can be displayed at once. which is most noticeable on the watch screen. In addition to this Check Mi Smart Band 5 Price in India.

Mi Smart Band 5 deals

Xiaomi also seems to have increased the size in its icons, making it easier to glance Information during the day. It is also used to change the wallpapers on the face of the watch.  Like its predecessor, the Mi Smart Band 5 has a 5ATM waterproof rating. which makes it suitable for jumping in the shower with its pool swim-tracking feature. I find the charger unique and easy to use. Using magnets, the charger smoothly attaches itself to the charging pins located on the back of the watch. In Addition to this, i find this design pretty convenient.

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