Huami Amazfit Verge Lite Smartwatch Review

The watch has GPS and is in the lower price range

Rating: 4 / 5


Read Huami Amazfit Verge Lite Smartwatch Review. The term Lite itself indicates that this is a scaled-down version of Amazfit’s premium smartwatch Amazfit Verge. Huami Amazfit Verge costs twice as much as the sister version ‘Amazfit Lite’. However, we are getting a smartwatch under 5000 INR with an in-built GPS functionality. This integrated-GPS for such a price range is the sole reason why I chose to review the Huami Amazfit Verge Lite smartwatch. Let’s check out the box and see for ourselves.

  • AMOLED Display
  • Anti-fingerprint coating (I do not want to see smudges all over my watch face)
  • Battery life up to 20 days
  • Integrated GPS
  • Accuracy of fitness tracking
  • Can’t answer calls (but push notifications do come through)
  • Limited watch faces (could have been more)

Key features Amazfit Verge Lite design

  • AMOLED Display
  • Anti-fingerprint coating
  • Battery life up to 20 days
  • Integrated GPS
  • Touchscreen
  • Fitness & Outdoor
  • Smartphone notifications and apps control
  • Sedentary Reminders, Sleep Tracking, Smart Notifications

Huami Amazfit Verge Lite: Screen and Design

Amazfit Verge Lite looks similar to it’s bigger brother Amazfit Verge. The design looks pretty cool in my opinion. In simple terms, Verge Lite is a modern upgrade to a traditional watch.

Unlike other smartwatches that come with a square face and curved edges, Amazfit Verge Lite has a round watch face and a smooth strap. Even though the strap material looks cheap, the 1.3-inch AMOLED display looks clean and classy. If you don’t want the default silicone strap that the watch comes with, you can unpin the strap easily and get a strap of your taste.

A display resolution of 360 x 360 Pixels is enough for you to get a crystal clear display. You will not find any issues reading the watch under bright sunlight.

You can set custom watch faces using the app (ZEPP, available in Google play store and iOS app store). There are limited watches faces available right now and I am hoping that there will be more watch faces in the upcoming upgrades.

Expectedly, the smartwatch is water-resistant with an IP68 rating, which means the device can withstand dust and is resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to thirty minutes.

In this simplistic body design, all you have is a 4 pin connector at the bottom of the watch for charging and a heart rate monitor to measure your cardiac performance and calories burnt, and a button to the side of the watch which helps in navigating through the screen menu.

Features of Amazfit Verge Lite design

Huami Amazfit Verge Lite: GPS + Glonass

To start with absolute basics, a fitness tracker comes with a 3-axis accelerometer that senses body movements, records them, and finally feeds the data to a processor that analyzes your fitness activity. The issue with ‘3-axis accelerometer’ is that the sensor can get your step count wrong in some situations. Sometimes, it can increase your step count while you are washing the utensils. That does not happen every time but there are chances. So your regular sensor is not as accurate as GPS but gives you a decent idea of your physical activity.

However, if you have GPS, you can comfortably use your watch to measure outdoor fitness pursuits such as jogging, cycling, mountain climbing, etc. It is just more accurate and reliable to track the routes, distance covered, and places/tracks that you used.

Amazefit added dual positioning by having both GPS and Glonass. Glonass is a second navigation system that is operating at a global scale after GPS. A combination of GPS and Glonass (dual positioning) makes the tracker a perfect goto device to track all your fitness pursuits.

amazfit verge lite heart rate accuracy

You will not heat a smartwatch without heart rate monitoring. If you do so, don’t purchase it. Huami Amazfit comes with a heart rate sensor at the bottom of the watch touching your skin.

Heart rate sensing is accurate- in fact, anything that relates to fitness tracking is awesome in the Huami Amazfit Verge Lite smartwatch. Also, it does remind you to move around if you are sitting idle or slacking around during this lockdown period (Sedentary reminders).


Unlike the Amazfit Verge, the Verge Lite cannot be used to take calls. It does provide you a notification that the call is coming but you need to answer the call using your smartphone. You can’t interact with your push notifications and also you do not have a microphone (microphone helps you to reply to text messages by directly talking to the smartwatch instead of typing the message from the smartphone).

amazfit verge lite Smartphone and app integration:

You can use the ZEPP app to connect the device to your smartphone. You will find it hard to integrate third-party applications since the Huami Amazfit uses a proprietary operating system. In this regard, Samsung’s Tizen has one of the best integrating capabilities for third-party applications.

App control

Though you cannot answer calls, you can certainly control music. You can pause, play the next song, or stop the music directly from your smartwatch. Use this feature to control applications such as Wynk music, Gaana, Spotify, and other music applications.

Sports tracking:

With dual-mode positioning GPS +Glonass, sports tracking is pretty strong. You can map out your outdoor fitness activities, record calories burnt, measure resting heart rate, check distance ran, and much more.

You can also monitor your sleep activity. The Amazfit Verge Lite measures your deep, REM, and light sleep modes. Honestly, I do not keep a smartwatch while going to bed. But if you don’t mind wearing it, this smartwatch can track your heart rate while sleeping. This is useful information especially for someone suffering from anxiety or panic attacks in the night.

amazfit verge lite Battery life

You won’t regret your purchase when it comes to the battery life of Amazfit Verge Lite. With your watch continuously connected to Bluetooth, the battery would last for more than two weeks. It is not surprising for a smart band/tracker but for a smartwatch, it is pretty good.

Final verdict

Priced under 5,000 INR, it is a steal if you are someone who is looking for an affordable smartwatch with in-built GPS so that you do not need to carry your smartphone during your fitness time. Factors such as a classy design and a long battery life should be taken into consideration if you are contemplating between buying this one or another product. The Huami Amazfit Verge Lite does come with some drawbacks. The smartwatch has room for improvement when it comes to the ability to interact with smartphone notifications. Also, more watch faces could have been better. Evaluate what is important for you and make a purchase that best suits your needs.


Which is a better Amazfit verge or Stratos?

The Amazfit Verge is a better fitness tracker and has a brighter screen and a microphone, whereas the Stratos is a much better looking watch that’s fully waterproof. So Amazfit verge  is better when compared to Stratos.

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