Homeplenish Smart Towel Holder Review


Buying paper towels from the supermarket again & again is a really annoying task. Imagine a smart paper towel holder that automatically reorders towels for you when you’re getting low?

That’s what this Homeplenish smart towel holder does for you. If you are looking to convert your home into a smart home, you can’t ignore the bathroom right? Keep reading till the end to know why investing in this little thing can solve a big problem for you as this is a detailed review of the Homeplenish smart towel holder.

Buy Homeplenish Smart Towel Holder on Amazon

Review of Homeplenish Smart Towel Holder

Homeplenish Smart Towel Holder Review

Have you ever imagined a smart home where everything is digital? It’s been a long while since we are living in this world with smart speakers, smartphones, smart lights & a lot more. But now we’re going even beyond that. Things like digital smart mirrors are a reality now. Not just that, but we even have smart towel holders now.

Homeplenish Smart Towel Holder Price

This Homeplenish smart towel holder can do magic for you. It’s a wifi-enabled smart towel holder that is connected to the Internet and can place orders on Amazon automatically when your towels are getting finished. There are no such brand restrictions applicable, you can customize to order paper towels from any of your preferred brands available on Amazon. In case you don’t want it to reorder automatically, you can even set it to just notify you when the towel stocks are getting empty.

Talking about the pricing, it is priced around $45 on e-commerce platforms, but you can get it for under $35 on Amazon. Now let’s dive in a bit more and discuss the features in detail that this smart towel holder offers you.

Key Features of Homeplenish Smart Towel Holder 

The Homeplenish smart paper towel holder is one of the very unique things you can buy for your home. It costs under $40 and the value it provides you is definitely worth it. Here are the key features of this smart towel holder.

Smart Re-Ordering

One of the most loved features of this device by consumers is the smart re-ordering technology. When you have the Homeplenish smart towel holder at your home, you’d never have to visit the supermarket again to collect tissue paper rolls again. The smart re-ordering technology automatically orders tissue rolls on your behalf from your Amazon account.

Smart Count Technology

The smart count technology automatically counts the current towel supply that you have at your home and it also analyses how much you use so it can define how much quantity you have to order again for your home.

Smart Inventory Management

You can easily check your current paper rolls inventory using the Homeplenish app, as the device has the special inventory management feature that shows you the current paper towels quantity that you have available at your home and sends you reminders when you get low.

Ease of Installation

Setting up this Homeplenish smart towel holder is pretty easy. It can easily fit along with your current tissue roll holder in your washroom. Not just that, but you can even customize which tissue holder you want to order, the brand, the size, the amount, & everything.

Homeplenish Smart Towel Holder Review

It only takes a couple of minutes to install the device in your roll holder and connect it with your phone. Simply, start with removing the white color plastic tab to turn on the device.
The LED lights should start illuminating indicating that the device is now turned on. Now you need to install the Homeplenish app from Playstore or AppStore on your phone.

The brand itself has an app that you can download on your phone to control all the settings as per your preference for your smart towel holder. You can easily connect your phone to the smart towel holder using WiFi.

It is just a one-time process, after that, you can easily customize all the settings from the Homeplenish app. Not just that, if you already use the Alexa app on your phone, you can also customize your re-order settings from the Amazon Alexa app.

Now simply log in with your Amazon account credentials inside the Homeplenish app. Stay assured it’s completely safe. Now tap on the “Add Device” button and scan the QR code displayed on the bottom of the smart holder.

Wait a few minutes and your device will get connected to your smartphone. Now you’ll be able to easily set up the Smart Re-ordering with your Amazon account. Simply, choose your preferred brand from the list and you’re done. Now all you need to do is simply put your tissue rolls on your device and you can easily monitor everything on the Homeplenish app.

Buy Homeplenish Smart Towel Holder on Amazon

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How it Works

Basically, it comes with WiFi connectivity so you can easily connect it with your phone using WiFi. You need to install the Homeplenish app on your mobile phone or you can easily manage the same things on the Amazon Alexa app as well.

Homeplenish Smart Towel Holder

Once you install the app on your phone & connect it to the smart towel holder. You will be able to track everything on the mobile app itself. The holder itself has a smart sensor technology that can automatically analyze what is your current tissue supply in the roll. As soon as the paper rolls get finished, the smart towel holder will automatically re-order another roll for you with your preferred brand.

You can easily set up which brand’s product you need to order and how much quantity you want on the mobile app. Also, in case you do not want this to happen, you can even turn off re-ordering, in doing so, you’ll only receive notification on your phone that your toilet rolls are getting finished.

With all of that, you can anytime open the Homeplenish app and have a look at the current inventory without you having to go inside the washroom. It all can be managed on your smartphone itself.


Smart towel holders are getting popular these days. If you want to buy one, the Homeplenish towel holder can be a good option for you. You can easily set it up on your existing tissue holder and start managing your tissue rolls inventory digitally using your phone. It tracks the current supply, analyses your usage, re-orders your preferred brand supply when you’re getting low. Basically, you will never have to walk into the supermarkets to shop for toilet paper ever again.

The product itself is available in three different colors, Black, Silver & White, so you can choose the one which matches your bathroom mounted tissue roll holder.
The smart re-ordering system is something that you’ll definitely love while using this awesome device for your washroom. Just in case you do not want to order automatically, you can turn it off or even cancel the orders at a tap.

The Homeplenish smart towel holder is really one of the very unique and interesting smart devices that you can buy for your home online. It’s all worth the $35 price, you must definitely try it.

Buy Homeplenish Smart Towel Holder on Amazon

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