Garmin Venu SQ review | Venu Sq Music Edition Garmin Smartwatch Price in India

An accurate heart rate and blood oxygen measurement, fitness tracking features, and heart rate alerts make Garmin Venu SQ a good value for money.


The Garmin Venu SQ is a very sleek and classy-looking watch. It is available in music and non-music variants. Go through this Garmin Venu SQ Review to know more about it. The Venu SQ Features for both these variants are similar, apart from accessibility to downloaded music on your smartwatch. The price difference between the Venu SQ GPS Smartwatch and the Garmin Venu SQ music edition SmartWatch is around $67/INR 5000.

The Garmin Venu SQ is a smartwatch that is compatible equally well with both Android and iOS devices. So if you are an Android user or an iOS user, you do not need to compromise on the smartwatch features. However, unlike most other Garmin Smartwatches that have an AMOLED display, this model has an LCD. The low-priced smartwatch is an affordable buy for all Garmin fans. Good battery life helps you to track your health and fitness data for long durations without the slightest worry of running out of battery.

In this Garmin Venu SQ Review, we will discuss the different features of this model and help you decide on buying your Garmin SQ Budget Sports Watch.

Rating: 4.0/5

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Key Features

  • 6 Days of Battery Life in normal mode
  • Built-In GPS
  • Always-on display
  • Music variant
  • Performance Features
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Weighs 37.6 grams

  • A Good Battery Life
  • Accurate Blood Oxygen Monitor
  • Sleep tracking with good accuracy
  • Support Garmin Pay
  • Reasonably Priced
  • On-board music variant
  • REM Sleep stage tracking
  • Pre-loaded workout modes

  • No elevation tracking, altimeter is not present.
  • Small Screen
  • Slow GPS Tracking

Garmin Venu SQ review | Venu SQ Music Edition Specifications

The features of the Venu SQ original edition and the music edition are the same. The music edition comes with music on-board. We will be discussing the Garmin SQ Budget Sports Watch Features in general in the following sections.

Screen and Build Quality

Design & Display

Garmin Venu SQ review

This sporty smartwatch comes in a 40.6 x 37.0 x 11.5 cm display and a circumference of 125 to 190 mm. The quick-release bands of silicone and the square screen add a classy look to the smartwatch. You can also choose from a wide range of third-party straps that are compatible with this smartwatch. 

The lens is of Corning Gorilla Glass 3, and the case material is fiber-reinforced polymer, which makes the smartwatch durable. You do not need to worry about having scratches on the screen and body with the slightest of rough use. The bezel material is of anodized aluminum that adds to the watch’s protection capability. It is lightweight at 37. 6 grams compared to many Garmin models, and definitely, the Garmin Venu weighs higher. It has two top and down buttons on the right side, allows you to sift through the fitness activities, and acts as a back button, respectively.

Unlike most other Garmin models, the Venu SQ GPS Smartwatch has an LCD and not an AMOLED display. It has a 1.3-inch display, which is somewhat small and is difficult to use for the touchscreen effectively. The screen resolution is 240 X 240 pixels, and there are no issues with the brightness and visibility of the screen. The always-on display mode gives clarity for the visibility of the device. The built-in GPS ensures that you need not carry around your phone for tracking distances. However, you would have to give a 30 seconds headstart to the GPS signal to lock your location, which is somewhat slow compared to many smartwatches with built-in GPS. 

Battery Life

Venu Sq GPS Smartwatch Review

The smartwatch comes with good battery life. It can last you for 6 days on normal mode, which comes down to 14 hours if you have the GPS tracking on. If you are streaming music or continuously tracking blood oxygen levels, along with GPS, it will be 6 to 8 hours. 

There are no power-saver modes available for Garmin Venu SQ, but you can disable features that track health metrics continuously to save on battery time. We suggest that you get this Garmin SQ Budget Sports Watch from the Online stores.

Fitness & Sports Tracking

Swimming Tracking

Water-resistant to up to 5 ATMs, this watch can track pool swimming activities. However, tracking real-time information underwater is a little tricky due to its small size. You can measure the swim distance, pace, stroke count, stroke type detection, calories, lengths, and SWOLF (swim efficiency). 

The swim feature shows only the pace and distance metrics on the widget. For the rest of the features, you need to visit the Garmin Connect App for details. There are time and distance alerts in this feature. Also, you will find a rest timer that goes up from 0, where 0 signifies when you are at rest. Heart Rate tracking is also possible underwater with the help of its powerful heart rate sensor. 

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The Golfing feature of the Venu SQ music GPS Watch Offers the tracking metrics such as distance measurement to the hole, layups, and doglegs, short distances from anywhere on the course, stroke tracking, fairway hits, and greens, putts per round, etc. It also shows a digital scorecard to keep the count. To avail of all these features you need to preload the golf course and sync with Garmin Connect on your watch. Ensure you sync the complete golf course, or it will lead to incorrect data. 


You can preload yoga workout sessions to avail of this feature to its best. For this feature, the smartwatch tracks your stress and breathing data for fitness tracking. The Garmin Coach allows you to switch through courses. This feature also allows you to get the correct yoga postures by allowing you to toggle the positions on your smartwatch. However, this is not a very efficient feature when you are in a physical yoga class. When you are practicing yoga by yourself the toggling feature will be quite useful.

Running and Personal Running Coach

Venu Sq GPS Smartwatch

The three main run profiles available on the Garmin Venu SQ are the Indoor Track run, general run, and treadmill run. The main information you get in this feature is pace, distance, heart rate, and the time for a lap. You will also get information on the number of steps taken per minute (cadence) and the time spent on each heart rate zone. The watch makes use of the GPS feature for tracking most of these metrics. The Garmin Coach allows you to prepare for runs and marathons with customized run workouts. Buy Garmin Venu SQ Music Online and start practicing your runs.

Body Battery

Like many other Garmin models, the Garmin Venu SQ uses the body battery feature to track your energy levels throughout the day. It gives you a score between 1 to 100 where 1 is when your energy is at its lowest and 100 it is maximum. You can select and decide on the workout session depending on your body battery score.

Health Tracking

Respiration Tracking

The watch can track breathing rate during exercise and workouts and especially during yoga sessions. The smartwatch can track your breathing rate and breathwork even when you are asleep. It represents the data in the form of a graph. Unnatural peaks in the graph show abnormal breathing rates. In case you see such peaks on your breathing rate graph, please consult a certified physician to understand the possible causes of peaks. You can also take up guided breathing sessions for better breath control during the various workout sessions.

Sleep Tracking

In the sleep tracking features, you will get a complete breakdown of the sleep stages between the REM sleep, light sleep, deep sleep, and awake stages. The feature will take into account your blood oxygen level and breathwork into account while providing the data. However, the smartwatch does not give any insights into the sleep tracking data. You need to draw the insights yourself if you wish to dig deeper. Unlike many other smartwatches, this model does not provide any definitive sleep score. 

Heart rate Tracking

The wrist-based heart rate tracking with the help of external heart rate sensors is a key feature of this smartwatch. You not only get constant heart rate tracking data, but you also get resting heart rate data. The smartwatch also provides high and low heart rate alerts which are very useful for tracking your health. The smartwatch uses an elevated heart rate sensor along with basic heart rate tracking with the help of SpO2 sensors that tracks the blood oxygen levels. The accuracy of heart rate is good with this Garmin Venu SQ smartwatch.

Stress Tracking & Hydrations Tracking

Venu Sq GPS Smartwatch review

The Garmin Venu SQ comes with all-day stress tracking feature. It is a good feature that is common in most Garmin models. If you are looking for stress tracking features, the price generally goes up. However, the Garmin Venu SQ offers the stress tracking feature at the reasonably priced model. It uses information such as heart rate variability, breathwork, etc., to define a stress score between 1 to 100. Here, a score from 0 to 25 determines the resting stage, from 26 till 50 is the low-stress phase, 51 to 75 is high stress, and above 75 till 100 a high-stress phase. 

You can manually track your water intake daily and set alerts and reminders to drink water and stay hydrated throughout the day and even during workouts. Menstrual tracking and logging in your mood, body stats, and menstrual data through the Garmin Connect App is also possible with this watch.

Smartwatch Features

Garmin Connect IQ

The Garmin Venu SQ has the Garmin Connect IQ integration. You can use the Garmin Coach for customized training and track information in detail through Garmin Connect IQ. You can download many apps, data fields, widgets, and watch faces through this app. If you are looking for customized strength workouts, yoga, cardio, pilates, etc., the Garmin Connect is the way to go. It uses the Garmin OS which is somewhat less functional compared to iOS and wearOS.

Music Integrations

Garmin Venu SQ review

As already mentioned, there are two variants of this smartwatch. It comes in an original variant and a music variant. You can locally store music from Spotify, Deezer, and Amazon if you have a premium account from these streaming platforms, allowing you to store their music locally.  You can connect with Wi-Fi and listen to music with the help of Bluetooth headphones even when your phone is not around. It can store up to 500 songs offline.

Smartphone Notification

Garmin Venu SQ review

If you are connected to the Android phone via Bluetooth, you can respond to texts and accept or reject phone calls. You can also reply to messages with the click of a button. You can also integrate WhatsApp or other similar messaging apps and respond to messages easily from your smartwatch. If you have iOS, responding via texts might not be possible.

Garmin Pay

The Garmin Venu SQ offers wireless payments through Garmin Pay. You can store your credit card details and tap to make payments even when you do not have your phone or wallet with you. It is available for users across the US, the UK, and other major areas.

Fall Detection and Live Track

The built-in GPS allows the watch to track your live location in real-time. However, the GPS is somewhat slow and might take some time to lock in the location. The smartwatch also comes with a Fall detection feature that ensures that you are not left alone even when you are running on a track or an unknown hiking trail. If you suffer a fall, the smartwatch detects it immediately and sends a notification to your emergency contacts filled in the Garmin Connect App.

Garmin Venu SQ Versus Garmin Venu 2

Garmin Venu SQ is quite cheaper compared to the Garmin Venu 2. The shape of these two smartwatches is slightly different. While one is round, the Venu SQ is elongated and squarish. The Garmin Venu 2 comes with a  full AMOLED display, whereas the Garmin Venu SQ has an LCD, a major cause of the Venu SQ Garmin Watch Price difference. The Garmin Venu 2  has a resolution of 416 x 416 pixels, while the Garmin Venu SQ music Smart Watch has a 240 X 240-pixel resolution. If you have a low budget and can do without features such as elevation tracking, animated workouts, ECG, etc. only then, you should go for the Garmin Venu SQ as the Garmin Venu SQ Music Edition Smartwatch Price in India is quite low. 

Garmin Venu SQ Vs Fitbit Versa 3

The Garmin Venu SQ Music Edition Smartwatch Price in India is quite low compared to the Fitbit Versa 3. You can Buy Garmin Venu SQ Music Online at a very reasonable price. While Fitbit Versa 3 has an AMOLED display of 336 X 336 pixels resolution, the Venu SQ music GPS Watch Offers an LCD of 240 X 240-pixel resolution. The built-In GPS is a little questionable for slowing in the Garmin Venu SQ compared to the Fitbit Versa 3.

However, both fitness watches offer almost the same battery life and other fitness tracking features. If you are looking for some basic fitness features and have a low budget, you should go for the Garmin Venu SQ smartwatch which holds up the quality and fitness tracking features offered by Garmin and is also inexpensive compared to the features they offer.


In this Garmin Venu SQ review, we have provided you with reasons enough to buy Garmin Venu SQ Music Online as your next fitness watch. Moreover, the detailed discussions on the various features of this smartwatch have made it quite clear that Venu SQ music GPS Watch Offers several commendable smartwatch features at a very reasonable price. Even though the LCD is not something that gives it a very premium look, if you are not too bothered about the look over the performance, this can be a great purchase.

The Venu SQ Garmin Watch Price varies slightly based on the version you are purchasing. It has a music and a non-music edition. Of which, the Garmin Venu SQ Music Edition Smartwatch Price in India is priced at about $67/INR 5000 more than the original version. The smartwatch does not have an altimeter for elevation tracking, but all the other sensors work to the best of their capacity making this a perfect buy if you have a low budget. The GPS performance is good and it can track your real-time data.

Also if you are fed up with battery dying quickly during long workouts, you need not worry any longer as the Garmin Venu SQ comes with almost a week’s battery life in normal mode. The heart rate tracking feature of this smartwatch is also pretty accurate. The sleep tracking data provided by the smartwatch can give you actionable insights on your sleeping activities and helps you to improve them for better health.

In this Garmin Venu SQ review, we have discussed most of the features of the smartwatch that will help you decide on your purchase. Like Garmin has proved with this smartwatch which is low-priced, we believe that price should not be a constraint in you buying a smartwatch. Even though the display quality is not great, the quality sports and fitness tracking features make it a powerful smartwatch at a low price. We say Garmin sq music GPS Watch Buy Online and start with a fitter and healthier life. Also, read Garmin Venu 2 review

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