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Garmin Lily is one of the leading Women’s sports watches available at present. When most sports watches for women focus only on women’s health and fitness tracking features alone, this new Lily Garmin Sport Smartwatch for Women goes a step ahead. It does not just focus on the fitness and health tracking features but also on the stylish designs for the best interest of the target audience. If you are tired of big and bulky sports watches but cannot do away with your fitness goals, the Garmin lily Women sports smartwatch is here to make it up for the problem. You can wear the watch anywhere, even as a classy accessory with any attire. The stylish-looking watch comes in two variants, the Garmin Lily Small GPS Smartwatch and the Lily Garmin Sport Smartwatch for Women. Each of these two variants is available in different colors. The only difference between the two variants apart from their colors is their bezel material. While the original watch has a stainless steel bezel with a leather strap that gives it a premium and classy look, the sports variant comes with an Aluminum bezel and a silicone strap that makes it comfortable and more durable during workouts. The Garmin lily Watch Price in India is around $249.99, whereas the sports variant is $50 less. 

In this Garmin Lily smartwatch Review, we will discuss all the features of the classic and sports smartwatch specially designed for women. You can buy Garmin Lily Sport Smartwatch for Women Online at any e-commerce site such as Amazon and Flipkart and explore its amazing features.

Garmin Lily Review

Buy Garmin Lily on Amazon

Key features

  • Monochromatic TFT LCD screen
  • Sleek design
  • Fashionable
  • Lightweight
  • Good Battery Life
  • Heart rate tracking accuracy 
  • Responsive User Interface
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Women’s Health Tracking (Including Period tracking and Pregnancy Tracking)

  • Fashionable and Classy smartwatch
  • It weighs only 24 grams
  • Battery life up to 5 days on normal mode
  • Advanced sleep tracking
  • 24/7 respiration tracking
  • Stress and energy level tracking
  • Accurate Women’s Health Tracking
  • Heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen measurement
  • Live Track and Incident detection

  • No Always-on display (unless you are not a big fan of it)
  • Does not support Garmin Pay
  • Not compatible with apps in Garmin Connect IQ
  • No music playback (you can still control the music)
  • It does not have a built-in GPS  (You can still piggyback your smartphone GPS)
  • The barometric altimeter is missing

Lily Garmin smartwatch Features :

Screen and Build Quality

Design & Display

The Garmin Women’s Smartwatch Lily comes in a very classy design. It is especially suitable for women due to its sleek design and small size. The smartwatch comes in different color variants. The stylish look of this smartwatch is an essential aspect for Garmin fans to choose this over other models for women. It comes in a 25.4 X 21.3 mm liquid crystal display with a responsive grayscale touchscreen. The screen resolution is 240 X 201 pixels and is made of Corning Glass 3 for maximum strength and durability. Weighing as low as 24.0 grams and having a compact dimension of 34.5 X 34.5 X 10.15 mm, this watch is a perfect buy for women fitness enthusiasts.

The classic variant comes with a stainless steel case with an Italian leather strap for the premium look, while the sports variant comes with an aluminum case and silicone strap for durability. The strap fits a wrist with a circumference of 110 to 175 mm. It does not have any buttons to confuse you. Furthermore, there is no in-built GPS. It piggybacks your phone’s GPS so you need to have to carry your phone always with you to use the GPS.

Battery Life

Design & Display

With a battery life of 5 days in the normal mode, you can buy the Garmin Lily Sport Smartwatch for Women for a long-lasting performance. It uses about a 10 % charge if the pulse oximeter mode is on throughout the night. The battery life changes based on the activities you are doing. 

The Garmin Lily Smartwatch comes with a fast charge, clip charger which can get your smartwatch charged completely in 90 minutes. There is no always-on display (unless you are not a big fan of it)’, but it saves the battery to some extent. When the display is not on, you will see a blank watch face. However, the patterned glass adds to the sophisticated look of the smartwatch when the display is not on.

Fitness & Sports Tracking

Swimming & Cycling

The smartwatch comes with swimming and cycling profiles available for pool swimming and biking, respectively. These are very basic tracking features that bring about only the basic data, such as time for each lap, distance, speed, strokes per minute, pace, speed, and the like. It is water-resistant to up to 5 ATMs which is similar to most other Garmin models. You can easily take a swim or a bath with this watch without harming it. 


Battery Life

The run tracking feature helps you to run or walk while you have the phone’s GPS connected. It will show the time spent, calories burnt, distance traveled, speed, etc., of the walk or the run. The Live Track feature allows you to track your position in real-time with the help of the phone’s GPS. If you do not have your phone with you, tracking the real-time data on the Garmin Lily Women sports smartwatch would not be possible. The incident detection feature is available, similar to most other Garmin models. In this, if you suffer a fall at any point during your run or hike, the watch, with the help of your phone’s GPS, will track your location and send it to your emergency contacts set in the Garmin App. 

Other Sports

You can have preloaded workouts on the Garmin Women’s Smartwatch Lily. These workouts can vary between cardio, strength, yoga, pilates, and more. Only a few aspects of these sports can be tracked by this smartwatch. Unlike most other Garmin models, this one does not have golf tracking or other complicated sports tracking. It takes into consideration your breathwork, and the breathing data will help you understand your health better. The watch is capable of tracking the steps, calories burned, and intensity of each workout. You can have a better experience with the help of different third-party sports app integrations on this smartwatch as well.

Buy Garmin Lily on Amazon

Health Tracking

Respiration Tracking

Garmin Lily

Respiration and breathing rate tracking is a very prominent feature of the Garmin Lily Smartwatch. The Pulse Ox sensors will measure the SpO2 level 24/7, and the watch can measure the respiration rate even in sleep. You will get the respiration rate graphs for the past 7 days if you swipe across the respiration tracking widget on your smartwatch.

Sleep Tracking

The sleep tracking feature takes into account the breathwork data and the SpO2 readings. It can accurately track the Deep, REM, and light phases of sleep. It is a wonderful feature of the smartwatch with great accuracy.

Heart Rate Tracking

Heart Rate Tracking

Apart from the normal heart rate tracking, you can also avail of the heart rate alert feature. This feature senses extremely low or extremely high heart rates and sends a notification to you. This spike in the heart rate could be due to several things. So we suggest that instead of taking a risk, you inform your physician regarding it. Post detecting the spike in the heart rate, the watch will guide you through a five-minute breathing exercise to get it back to normal. 

Stress Tracking

Garmin Lily

The stress tracking feature uses the SpO2 data and respiration data to draw the insights. It uses the Heart Rate Variability to get accurate stress data. It accumulates the data to give a stress score that ranges from 1 to 100. In this, if you have a score between 1 and 25 you are in a relaxed phase, 26 to 50 signifies a low-stress level, whereas 51 to 75 and 76 to 100 each signify a medium and high-stress level, respectively. On the stress widget, you will see your stress score, and take up a short guided breathing exercise.

There is a body battery score that tracks your energy levels throughout the day as well. This score is also quantified from 1 to 100, where 1 is a low-stress stage and 100 is the maximum stress stage. The body battery score can help you decide the intensity of your workout and the time for it as well.

Menstrual Tracking & Pregnancy Tracking

In this Garmin Lily smartwatch Review, we have already discussed why this is a good watch for women. Garmin lily Sport edition Specifications that make it a perfect buy for women is the menstruation tracking. You can either log the information on the Garmin Connect App or the Garmin Lily smartwatch itself. You can add as much data as you like including cycle date, length, contraceptives used, etc. The more information you log about your menstrual cycle, the more accurate the predictions become. In the menstruation section of your Garmin Connect App, you can see color-coded rings depicting each phase of ovulation and fertility. You can find better insights into the menstrual and pregnancy data in the Women’s Health Section of the Garmin Connect App. You can get the best deals on Garmin smartwatch lily

Hydration Tracking

You can log in your fluid intake data in this section. Setting reminders and hydration goals is also possible in this feature of the smartwatch. You can track the history and progress of your goals through this feature as well.

Smartwatch Features

Garmin Connect App

The Garmin Lily is not compatible with Garmin IQ. You can connect it to the Garmin Connect App for the various additional features of the smartwatch. You can track your health and fitness information through the app in detail and draw better insight into them. You can connect with other Garmin users through this app and see their progress on fitness goals as well

Music Integrations

Garmin Lily Features

You cannot store music onboard with the Garmin Lily smartwatch, but you can control the music and its volume through your smartwatch.

Smartphone notification

If you are connected to an Android phone or iPhone, you can access the smartphone notifications easily. You can also reply to messages with a touch. However, you cannot take calls from the smartwatch. You can get calendar notifications from this device, set alarms, check on the weather, and find your phone. It does not have any payment integrations


Compatible with both Android and iOS, the Garmin Lily Sport Price in India is quite low compared to other Garmin watches with similar features. You can get the Garmin Lily Sports Online at Lowest Price in India on various eCommerce. Though the smartwatch does not have all the complex features compared to other Garmin models of higher price ranges such as Vivoactive series, it is capable of tracking the basic fitness metrics such as running, cycling, swimming, and other usual suspects that you would find in other fitness watches. The sleek design and premium look make it one of the best women’s smartwatches available at a reasonable price in the market. Gesture recognition is not that great, and the watch does not have a barometric altimeter, which means you cannot measure elevations during hikes. However, the fitness features, sleek design, and the stylish look at an amazing price make up for the few misses in the model. Overall it is a must-have model, especially when most of the others in the Garmin collection are bulky and big fitness watches. As already mentioned, the Garmin lily Watch Price in India and the US varies based on the different variants you are choosing from. You can get the Garmin Lily Sports Online at Lowest Price in India today on Garmin Official Site, Amazon, Flipkart, and many other eCommerce platforms.

Buy Garmin Lily on Amazon

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