Fossil Sport Smartwatch Review 2022 | Fossil Sport Price in India, Full Specifications

One of the best budget-friendly watches for Android users

Rating: 3.75

Fossil Sport Smartwatch Review

A nice attractive design is a thing for Fossil smartwatches. There has been no compromise when it comes to the built quality and the design of Fossil smartwatches. In this Fossil Sport Smartwatch Review, we will discuss, if Fossil can go beyond design and aesthetics and give better sports tracking features. The sports watch is well suited for both men and women and serves some of the essential sports features you would want to track. This mid-range sports watch is priced reasonably compared to the mid-ranged fitness features it comes with. It is most suitable for Android users. If you are an iOS user, you can only settle with some preloaded apps. Here, we will take you through an In-Depth review of the FOSSIL Sport 41 Smartwatch and discuss the reasons why you should and should not think about purchasing this Fitness watch from Fossil.

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FOSSIL Sport Smartwatch Key features

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Good hardware (Snapdragon Wear 3100)
  • Built-in GPS
  • One of the best cheap watches to buy 
  • The internal storage of 4 GB 
  • NFC for contactless payments (using Google Pay)
  • Swim-proof
  • Always-on display (Optional)
  • Good battery life

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Great price
  • A Powerful Snapdragon Wear 3100 hardware
  • Built-in GPS
  • NFC for contactless payments (using Google Pay)
  • Good battery life
  • 4 GB Internal Storage
  • Lack of brighter display. Works fine most of the time except outdoor works at noon
  • Does not have in-built speakers. So queries to Google assistant would be displayed on the screen (Mic is available)
  • Google Fit is not great compared to third-party fitness applications like Strava

Fossil Sport Review | Fossil Sport: Screen and Build Quality


Fossil Sport Smartwatch Review

The Fossil Sport comes with a compact 43 mm dial size and a sleek design that lets you wear it through the workout sessions comfortably. It comes with 3 buttons that help you navigate through the different fitness and smartphone features. The design has never been a tough spot with Fossil, and if you are looking for a sophisticated and classy-looking smartwatch, this is the one for you. While the center button can use the crown to navigate through the menu, the top and bottom buttons can be customized to launch any app.

The bottom nylon casing improved the durability, but it gives a rough look to the watch. The Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor is powerful and can aid in performance. The built-in GPS is good to have for outdoor tracking. The Fossil Sport is swim-proof to up to 5 ATMs, so you can take a dip in the pool with this smartwatch.

Fossil Sport: Display

When you buy the Fossil Sport Unisex Metal and Silicone Smartwatch, you will get a bright, always-on (optional), 1.2 inch OLED display. The display is not very bright, but apart from visibility during broad daylight, you will not face any visibility issues with the display of the Fossil Sport watch. The Fossil Sport watch is fully touch-enabled

Fossil Sport: Battery Life and Battery Mode

Fossil Sport Smartwatch Price in India

The Snapdragon Wear 3100 did not have a major effect on improving the battery life of the Fossil Sport Watch. The battery life is good and can last for 24 hours at a stretch with all the smartwatch features turned on. If you do not use any smartwatch feature and use the Fossil Sport in only the time-only mode, you can use the battery without charging for up to 30 days.

Fossil Sport: Health & Fitness Tracking

Fossil Sport Smartwatch Review

You can use the Google Fit App to track your health and fitness data. You can Buy the FOSSIL Sport 43 Smartwatch and start using it to meet your health and fitness goals with the third-party health and fitness tracking apps such as Stava, Runtastic, Nike Run, and more. The built-in GPS is a little slow but can pick up more or less accurate signals. The heart rate, heart rate zones can be tracked with the help of the heart rate monitor. Using the Heart Points and Move Minutes can help you get a detailed idea of various fitness and health features. The Google Fit app can allow you to choose from a big list of activities and workouts. The tracking parameters can be curated as per the activities you are performing.

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Fossil Sport: Smartwatch Features

One of the best Fossil Sport Full Specifications that we like is that you can manage calls and respond to texts from your phone. Even though there is an in-built mic, there is no built-in speaker. You could, however, manage the notifications from your smartwatch instead of using your phone. You can manage your app alerts, calendars, alarms, reminders, check weather alerts, etc.

Fossil Sport: Music Integrations

Fossil Sport Smartwatch Review

Music integrations are not possible on the Fossil Sport, but the Fossil Sport Smartwatch can stream music from leading music streaming platforms, especially from Google Play Music, but you would require a subscription for that. You can store music files to up to 4 GB on the smartwatch and stream it with the help of a Bluetooth headset on the go.

Fossil Sport: NFC Payments

You can now make payments on the go with the Google Pay app. The NFC contactless payment option can help you make the payments just with a tap on your smartwatch screen. Considering that many vendors accept Google Pay, you can make payments from your smartwatch without opening your physical wallet. 

Fossil Sport: Google Assistant

You can use Google Assistant Commands to control the Fossil Sport features. But because there is no in-built speaker on the device, you will only get to see the Google Assistant answers on your watch screen. 

Fossil Sport: Price and Availability

Fossil Sport Smartwatch Price in India

The Fossil Sport Smartwatch Price in India used to be at INR 17995/ $ 275 and is not available on many e-commerce sites. If you Buy Fossil Sport SmartWatch Online you can get it for less than $100 in many regions. It has been one of the cheapest smartwatches available in the market today!

Is Fossil Sport worth the price, given its mid-range features?

Fossil Sport Price is very low given its mid-range features. If you Buy Fossil Sport SmartWatch Online, you could even avail of the best deals and get the smartwatch at $100. 


Are there any better alternatives at this price range?

There are a few. In some places I see the Fossil Sport coming for $100 – this is a steal. However, you have better options at the same price outside Wear OS, we recommend you to check Apple Watch 3, Fitbit Versa 2, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, and Amazfit Bip


Fossil Sport was an instant hit when it was released and was priced high at that time. Now the price came down substantially, making it the best budget-friendly android smartwatch currently available in the market. Fossil Sport is more suitable for android users for its health and fitness features, but iOS users can still use it if they are okay with the limited features preloaded on the device. We still recommend Apple Watch 3 for iOS users at this price range. The classy design is something that makes this smartwatch stand out. Even for Android users, we recommend Samsung Galaxy Watch Active for a slightly higher price.

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