Best Electric Scooters For Kids In India 2022


The true potential of a child is known when you let him do what he wants to do. Kids generally love playing outside and enjoying sporty activities with their friends. Games like cycle racing, football, baseball are some of the favorite games kids prefer. Electric scooters are a favorite vehicle for the kids that they love to enjoy riding when it comes to outdoor adventures. There are plenty of the best electric scooters for kids in India that you can buy for your kids.

We are compiling a comprehensive listicle of some best electric scooters for kids based on the needs of the buyers. We are also highlighting some factors you should consider while buying the best and a top electric scooter for kids. It is necessary to consider these factors to make the best out of the money spent on the electric scooter.

Things To Look for While Buying Best Electric Scooter For Kids

Build Quality:

Always look for the build quality of the scooter before buying it. You can search for the materials used to manufacture the scooter. Also, you must make sure that the scooter has a proper braking system. An ideal electric scooter has a mechanical and electric brake. The mechanical scooter can stop the scooter manually while the electrical brakes can be applied by pressing a button located near the hand of the kid.

Driving suitability:

You should consider the design of the scooter before making the final buying decision. Always opt for a scooter that is suitable for driving. An ideal electric scooter can be chosen based on the age and height of your kid. Choose the best electric scooter that can be easily driven by the kid.

Braking System:

Electric scooters now usually come with dual or triple braking systems. We would highly recommend you to buy the scooter with a triple braking system to ensure the safety of your kids. Also, look for the tire circumference area and build material to make the best buy.

Best Electric Scooter For Kids In India

  • Baybee Alpha Scooter
  • Toyhouse Vespa
  • CXM Self Balancing Electric Scooter
  • Uboard X7 Electric Scooter
  • Baybee Pepto
  • Uboard Electric Scooter

Top 6 Electric Scooters for Kids

1. Baybee Alpha Elctric Scooter

Available in more than 10 colors, Baybee Alpha Scooter tops our list of the best electric scooter for kids in India. The scooter has an adjustable handlebar along with LED flashing wheels that let the kids enjoy hassle-free driving with their friends. The shining LED lights of the scooter helps kids to drive in the nighttime as well without any problem. The scooter comprises 2 big front and rear LED PU wheels that make it an optimum choice for the kids to drive in every scenario.

The T-bar adjustable handlebar can be adjusted from 23 to 30 inches from the ground level to make it suitable for driving for kids of different age groups. The scooter comes with Lean-to that allows kids to smoothly turn and drive it on rough roads. Also, it has ABEC-7 bearings to stably glide the kids on their riding journey. For the safety of kids, this best electric scooter comes with an aluminum rear-wheel foot brake.

The scooter can take up to 100kgs of weight, thanks to a wide deck and durable rubber wheels. The deck is non-slippery that avoids any kind of unwanted event. The best part is that the scooter is compact and you can fold it to carry wherever you want.

Best Electric Scooters For Kids In India

Key Features of Baybee Alpha Scooter :

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Safe wide deck
  • Compact and portable

  • Lean to steer technology
  • Aluminium reinforced rear-wheel foot brake
  • Taking turns can be tricky

Buy Baybee Alpha Elctric Scooter on Amazon

2. Toyhouse Vespa Electric Scooter For Kids

Toyhouse Vespa is a highly rated best electric scooter for kids aged between 3 to 7 years. The scooter is available in an exquisite red color that adds an appealing factor. The scooter is certified by European standards making it the best choice for your kid. Also, the scooter has BIS certification by Indian standards, making it one of the best electric scooters for kids in India. The maximum weight capacity of the scooter is 40kgs.

The scooter is kid-friendly, thanks to the thoughtful design by the manufacturers. It is a battery-operated scooter paired with double motor and foot acceleration that helps the kids to easily drive on uneven roads. The scooter has a headlight and taillight that ensures safe driving during the nighttime. You can use the power button to start the scooter and get going. The appealing feature for the kids in this scooter is the in-built music that they can play during their journey.

Best Electric Scooters For Kids In India

Toyhouse Vespa Electric Scooter Key Features

  • Friendly design
  • Meets European and Indian Standards
  • Double motor

Vespa Electric Scooter Pros
  • Battery operated
  • Inbuilt music
  • Digital power display
Vespa Electric Scooter Cons
  • Limited color option

Buy Toyhouse Vespa Electric Scooter on Amazon

3. Gotrax GKS Electric scooter

Gotrax GKS Electric scooter is a kid-friendly scooter designed keeping in mind the safety and convenience of the users. It is a two-way scooter where kids can ride it via kick or press the electric button to enjoy the riding experience. The scooter has a sensitive gravity sensor system that ensures the safety of your kids. Kids can place their foot on the front panel to kick start it and then put another foot on the back button to activate the motor.

The speed of the scooter ranges between 7.5mph to 12 mph, which makes it one of the best electric scooters for kids. The scooter is ideal for kids aged between 6-12 years. The scooter has a simple design paired with easy controls. With the help of the 150W motor, kids can enjoy long rides on different surfaces. The scooter is UL certified and meets all the standard safety guidelines.

Key Features of Gotrax Electric scooter:

  • Kid-friendly design
  • 150W motor

Gotrax Electric scooter Pros
  • Sensitive gravity sensor system
  • Two-way scooter
Gotrax Electric scooter Cons
  • Low usage time

Buy Gotrax GKS Electric scooter on Amazon

4. Uboard X7 Electric Scooter

Next up, we have a Uboard X7 Electric Scooter on our list of the best electric scooter for kids in India. The scooter has an appealing look, thanks to its lustrous black color. The scooter is foldable and kids can fit it into their bags. Kids can easily carry the scooter whenever they want to and start riding. Talking about the build quality of the scooter, it has an aluminum alloy frame that is rust-resistant and durable. The scooter will stay intact for a long period of time which makes it worth every penny.

The scooter is powered by a 250W motor that is capable of managing any type of rough surface smoothly. Triple Braking System is offered by the manufacturer to ensure the safety of the kids. The triple braking system comprises an E-ABS brake, Disc brake, and Pedal brake that can be immediately applied in any situation. The tires are anti-slip and come with a shock absorption feature that makes them ideal for every type of surface you are riding on.

The scooter has a detachable long-range battery that helps you to enjoy rides within a range of 25 km. You can charge the battery wherever you want as it comes with a flexible charging mechanism. The scooter has a max load capacity of 125kg and has received UL LLC certification from Global Safety Certification Organization.

Uboard X7 Electric Scooter

Uboard X7 Electric Scooter Key Features:

  • Optimum design
  • Shock absorption
  • Foldable and portable scooter
  • The maximum load capacity of 125kg

Pros of Uboard Electric Scooter
  • Triple braking system
  • Detachable long-range battery
Cons of Uboard Electric Scooter
  • Not ideal for riding at night time

Buy Uboard X7 Electric Scooter on Amazon

5. Baybee Pepto E Scooter 

Baybee Pepto is for all young kids aged between 2 to 5 years. The scooter is available in four color options Blue, Red, Yellow, and White. The scooter is multi-functional making it the best electric scooter for kids. It has a built-in musical and horn button that kids can press to enjoy the music while riding. Also, the scooter has an on/off and forward/backward button that can help the kids to enjoy the ride.

The best part about the product is that it has met the stringent certification set by the European standard for the safety of babies. The scooter has en71 certification and ensures that every point is considered for the safety of kids. This 3 wheel designed motorcycle can be the first experience for your kids to enjoy a scooter ride. The scooter comes with a rechargeable battery that can help the kids to enjoy uninterrupted hours of outdoor fun.


Key Features of Baybee Pepto E Scooter :

  • Ideal for small kids
  • 3 Wheel design
  • Easy to operate

Baybee Pepto E Scooter Pros
  • Multi-functional
  • Working headlights
Baybee Pepto E Scooter Cons
  • Load capacity of 20kg

Buy Baybee Pepto on Amazon

6. Uboard Evo+ Electric Scooter for Kids

The Uboard Electric Scooter is a portable scooter paired with a convenient design and can be ideal for all age group kids. The adjustable handlebar makes it an ideal choice for kids. The scooter comes with intuitive and easy-to-learn controls that help kids to easily get used to it. An intuitive geometric design language is applied in the scooter frame, components, and accessories for swift learning.

On the handlebar, there is a single multi-functional button. You can use the button to take turns and switch between different speed modes. The digital display shows the current speed and charging status. Also, the scooter has a traffic-friendly distinctive tail light that ensures safety while driving in crowded areas.

The sturdy frame of the scooter is made of aerospace-grade aluminum making it a durable product. The scooter comes fitted with a Double Brake System consisting of a 120mm ventilated disc brake and front E-ABS regenerative anti-lock braking. Kids can immediately apply efficient responsive braking to avoid any kind of unwanted incident. The 8.5” front and rear tires are made of rubber mixed material that provides a strong grip while driving. The tires have a shock absorption feature and can easily adapt to any type of surface.

Uboard Electric Scooter

Key Features of Uboard Evo+ Kids Electric Scooter 

  • Front and rear double braking system
  • Red taillights for braking
  • Multi-functional button

  • Shock absorption tires
  • Digital display
  • Portable
  • Average build quality

Buy Uboard Evo+ on Amazon

General FAQs for buying Best Electric Scooters For Kids In India

Are self-balancing scooters safe?

Yes, Self-balancing scooters are safe for adults as well as kids. The studies have shown that there is less or no case of an accident with the self-balancing scooters. The profound mechanism of the self-balancing scooters makes sure that the rider is safe on every type of surface and condition. So, yes self-balancing scooters can be a good choice if you are planning to buy them for your kids.

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