Best Talking Bible for Elderly and Blind


Are you looking for the best talking bible for the elderly and blind? Well, if you want to gift someone a talking bible but are not sure which one you should pick, this guide is all for you.

Deciding what to gift a senior or blind person is really a difficult task. In both cases, two of the best things that you can give them are an electronic talking bible or a smart cane.

We have already reviewed the best smart walking stick for the blind. If you want to buy talking bible products online, tons of different brands in the marketplace have launched their Voice activated bible for the blind and senior persons.

So it’s really confusing to choose the best electronic bible reader from dozens of products on the market. We researched the whole market and finally, we are curating this guide with the Top 5 best talking bible for elderly and blind 2022.

Keep reading till the end, you won’t have to read another review guide after this.

Top 5 Electronic Holy Bible Audio Players in English for Seniors

We conducted our research on various products we found online and finally here we are with our Best Audio Bibles 2022 Review Guide. These products are not just the best electronic bible reader, but they are also one of the best sellers in the market.

Enough talking here is our first product on the list, this is probably the best Voice activated bible for the blind and seniors from this whole guide.

1. Wonder Bible KJV- The Talking Audio Bible Player

Wonder Bible KJV- The Talking Audio Bible Player

Key Features of Wonder Bible Audio Player:

  • USB Charging
  • 10 Hours Battery Backup
  • 10+ Meditation Music Tracks

  • Perfect gift for blind, seniors & kids
  • Easy to navigate using the buttons
  • You can resume where you left at a tap
  • The product is built considering the U.S. voltage, you’ll need an adapter or converter if you are outside of the U.S

Wonder Bible KJV is considered to be the best Audio Bible For Blinds of 2022. Not just for the visually impaired, but for kids, adults, & seniors as well.

This electronic bible reader contains both old & new testaments of the bible reader as available in the King James Version which you usually see on the television.
Not just KJV, but it also comes with over 10 meditation music tracks. It is a complete package for someone who is really into spirituality and worshipping.

It is a very easy-to-use device, there are just a few buttons anyone can recognize after using the device a few times. The device also resumes where you left listening so you won’t have to keep the bookmarks or timestamps manually.

The device comes with a rechargeable battery with 10 hours of battery backup on a single charge. It also comes with a USB charging cable & earphone jack.

Wonder Bible KJV is the best-selling electronic holy Bible audio player in English for seniors. The product has thousands of ratings & reviews by customers. We kept this product in the first place in our Best electronic bible Reviews guide, so you won’t have to look for anything else.

Still, if you are looking for a few more options that you can consider, keep reading we have a lot more on this list. Let’s move on to the next one.


Buy Wonder Bible KJV on Amazon

2. Talking Bible – Electronic Holy Bible (Battery Powered)

Talking Bible - Electronic Holy Bible

Key Features of Electronic Holy Bible 

  • Battery Operated
  • Connects with Headphones
  • 8GB Memory Storage

  • Easy to use for seniors, kids, & visually impaired
  • It actually looks like a digital book
  • Audio format available in KJV & ESV versions
  • It is costly compared to other bible audiobooks

Talking Bible Book is another voice-over in touch bible that you can buy to gift someone. The best part about this product is that it actually looks like a digital book that speaks.
As it has a book-style design, one can easily carry it anywhere as it’s a portable device. In case of traveling, you can connect headphones too to listen to this bible mp3 player.

This Talking Bible book is a very easy-to-use audio bible for elderly people. Every senior person has gone through the times when radios were in trend, it feels very nostalgic as using it is as simple as using a radio.

It comes in King James Version along with the new and Old Testament, read by Dan Wagner. If you prefer English Standard Version, the same device is available for you in the ESV version.

One thing to note here is that the KJV version comes with USB connectivity support whereas the ESV version has the auxiliary cable type of connectivity. With 8 GB of storage & rechargeable battery, this is so far one of the best audio bible players.

The best part about this talking bible is that if you buy this product, a small part of your purchase is donated to charity funds. A spiritual person would feel really great by buying this product and donating a little amount to the ones who are in need.

Considering the price and all the features this device has to offer, it is definitely one of the Best Electronic Bible readers in 2022.


Buy Talking Bible (Battery powered) on Amazon

3. Talking Bible – Electronic Holy Bible (Solar Powered)

Talking Bible - Electronic Holy Bible

Key Features of Electronic Holy Bible Audio Player

  • Solar Powered
  • USB Charging
  • ESV Version

  • Listen easily to English Standard Version bible stories
  • Both Solar & USB Charging Support
  • Very easy-to-use device for blinds, kids & seniors
  • Costly compared to Wonder Bible KJV

This Talking bible is the Solar Powered bible audio bible player version of the previous model that we talked about. This does not mean you’ll always have to go out for charging, basically, it supports both USB & Solar charging.

If you are looking for the best ESV bible player version, then definitely this should be your only go-to choice. It is the Best Electronic Bible Reader in ESV format available in the market.

Talking about the features, it is very easy to use. There are tactical buttons available on the sides of the book, that one can use to control the volume, playbacks, & everything.

It is definitely one of the best gifts that you can give to someone if they are into Christianity and Spiritualism. Again, if you buy any of the products from this brand, you donate a little bit to the charity funds.

Under $60, it is definitely the best Solar Powered audio bible player available in the English Standard Version in the market.


Buy Talking Bible (Solar Powered) on Amazon

4. Daily Meditation 1 Audio Bible Player

Daily Meditation Audio Bible Player

Key Features of Daily Meditation Audio Bible Player

  • 6 Christian Tracks Preloaded
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • 10 Hours Long Backup

  • Over 6 preloaded tracks available by Pablo Perez
  • Device available in over 5 Different Audio versions
  • Comes with both numerical & chapter navigation system
  • Earbuds & charger included in the box
  • Not really observed

The Daily Meditation 1 is one of the best electronic bible audio players in 2022. This device is available in over 5 different audio versions. Whether you’re looking for KJV, NKJV, NASB, AMP, or CSB. You get to see all the audio versions available here.

If you were looking for the best free audio bible for the blind. Along with the biblical stories, the device also comes along with 6 different preloaded Christian tracks by Pablo Perez available in the device.

It is a CD type of device which you can also charge with a USB charger. The box includes a USB charger, earbuds & built-in speaker as well. On a single charge, you can use this device for over 10 hours of duration.

The device comes along in both numerical & chapter-wise navigation systems so it’s pretty easy to use for any person. With so many features & audio versions available in this device, it is definitely one of the best electronic portable bible readers for the blinds.

If you are looking for different audio variations in the talking bible, this product definitely should be your first choice.


Buy Daily Meditation 1 Audio Bible Player on Amazon

5. Franklin NIV-570 Holy Bible (New International Version)

Franklin NIV-570 Holy Bible

Key Features of Franklin NIV-570 Holy Bible

  • Daily Devotional Verses
  • In-built Calculator
  • 3-Line Display

  • You can type & search for individual verses
  • Can also work as a calculator
  • Comes along with a 3-line display
  • Only the NIV version is available

Franklin NIV-570 Holy Bible is another very good choice you can make if you are looking for the Best electronic bible Reviews in 2022.

If you are looking for something more than just a speaker, this device is for you. It comes with a 3-line display where you can actually read the verses being played.
Not just that, this product also has a keyboard where you can type in your preferred verses which you want to listen to.

You can actually type in individual phrases or verses to listen from there. Also, chapter-wise, verse-wise, however, you want, you can play the bible audio.
This device is basically a calculator but it also has the best free audio bible for the blind. Under the price range, it is listed on the marketplace, definitely it is one of the best talking bibles for the elderly and blind in 2022.


Buy Franklin NIV-570 Holy Bible on Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a bible for blind people?

There are a lot of talking bibles available for blind people. Instead of a written book, there are easy-to-use audio devices that have high-quality audio versions available of the bible to listen for visually impaired people.

2. What is the best audiobook of the Bible?

Two of the best audiobook of the bible are the Wonder Bible KJV & the Talking Bible. We have reviewed both of these products in this electronic bible reviews guide along with the best free audio bible.

3. What version is the Wonder Bible?

Wonder Bible is available in the King James Version.

4. How long does it take to listen to the audio Bible?

On average, you can finish listening to an audio bible in over 90 hours.


Gifting an electronic speaking bible to some senior or a blind person can really make their day. Especially, if they are a lot into Spirituality and Christianity, they are going to love it.
If you are looking for some under-budget option, Wonder Bible KJV is definitely one of the best choices that you can make. For those who want something a bit better, the Talking Bible product is highly recommended for you.

Rest, there are other recommendations as well in this guide where you can get different audio versions of the holy bible. Just in case you are looking for the best free audio bible, well, you can look for various versions on YouTube or on the web.

Here we reviewed the top 5 best talking bibles for the elderly and the bible. I hope this guide was helpful for you in choosing the right product.

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