Best Spy Cameras of 2022 for Hidden Filming & Surveillance


Spy cameras can serve many purposes for users. It can help anyone to track any suspicious activities of an individual that can cause security concerns. Best Spy Camera are those that are impossible to spot and identify. To be the best spycam, it should be compact, have familiar shapes that disguise it to be a different object, and unblinkable lights.

Though traditional security cameras can also be used for surveillance, spy cams are used for specific purposes. Now there are lots of spy cams that you can buy from online and offline market space. Out of some options available, we are presenting some best spy cams that are not so obvious and can serve the specific purpose you are looking for. Hidden spy cams are useful and can benefit users in many ways, but inappropriate use can land one in trouble. We would highly recommend you to not use spy cams for any illegal or unethical practice that may land into legal trouble.

We would also like to highlight some key features of the Best Spy Camera you should consider while buying to make the best buying decision. You should consider these key features if you want the best-disguised spy cams.

Factors To Consider While Buying Spy Cameras


Multi-functional spy cams are the best option to go for while choosing a suitable spy cam. Spycams disguised in the form of pens, bulbs, and other common usable objects are difficult to identify. A multi-functional spy cam doesn’t catch the attention of people visiting your place. Furthermore, if you paired the multi-functional utility with non-blinking light, then it can be the best buy for you. Make sure to make these factors prime consideration before buying a spy cam.

Media file Recording:

Most of the spy cams have audio and video recording features. To make the best buy, you can opt for the spy cams that have adjustable audio recording options. There are some high-end spy cams that provide adjustable audio recording features. As for video recording features, you may look for high-resolution supported video spy cams to serve the purpose. Video recording adjustable spy cams are also available in the market, so make sure to look for such a product.

Compactness and Viewing Angles:

A compact spy cam is also the best option to serve the purpose. A big disguised spy cam may catch the attention of anyone. A compact object that you can place anywhere in your house must be your consideration while buying a spy cam. Also, look for spy cams that have wide viewing angles and can capture wide frames easily.

  • IFI Tech Wifi 1080p HD Hidden Camera
  • GLE Hidden Spy Bulb Shape Spy Cam
  • Finicky 360 Degree Wireless Spy Cam
  • Machsmart X1 HD Pen Camcorder
  • CAM 360 Wireless Digital Clock Wifi Mini Spy Cam

Best Hidden Security Cameras of 2022: Reviews

1. IFI Tech Wifi 1080p HD Hidden Camera

Compact, lightweight, and Wi-fi integration, you can find all the features in the IFI tech HD hidden cam. This spy cam. The cam comes with a complete night vision feature that makes it a preferable choice for buyers. The cam is integrated with regular HD IP cameras that can record all the movement of anyone in the desired location. The 1080p HD mini lens is capable of capturing the movements without catching the attention of anyone.

This hidden spy cam is compatible with Android and iOS devices and can be used as a charger adapter. You only need to connect this gadget with your office or home wi-fi and you are good to go. You can live stream 1080 HD videos on your smartphones of all the happenings at your home and workplace. This spy cam supports scheduled recording that will help you to schedule surveillance on specific dates and times.

You can record 1920 x 1080p videos in AVI format with the help of this spy cam. The cam also supports loop recording features that can be useful for many users in their workspace. This spy cam has a viewing angle of up to 70 degrees. The cam has a storage capacity of 128GB but you need to buy an external SD card as it is not provided with the buying kit.

IFI Tech Wifi 1080p HD Hidden CameraKey Features of IFI Tech Wifi Hidden Camera:

  • Real-time HD video recording
  • Live stream footage on your smartphones
  • Schedule recording

IFI Hidden Camera Pros
  • Full night vision
  • Discreet mini lens
IFI Hidden Camera Cons
  • No SD card was provided in the buying kit

Buy IFI Tech Wifi 1080p HD Hidden Camera on Amazon

2. GLE Hidden Spy Bulb Shape Spy Camera

The GLE Bulb Camera can be an ideal choice if you are looking to place a spy cam in your superstores. Disguised in the shape of a bulb, this spy cam has 4 viewing modes that you can choose based on your preference. You can choose any viewing mode and live stream the footage in 3D on your smart devices. The supported devices in which you can live stream videos are smartphones, PC, laptops, and monitors.

The cam can record 1080p x 960 videos at a rate of 25 frames per second. The best part about this spy cam is that it comes with 360 degrees viewing angle. The cam supports remote connectivity for Wi-fi, cloud, and IP. Also, the cam has two storage options, an SD card, and cloud storage. The cam has a storage capacity limit of 16-128GB. When you insert the external SD card, the cam automatically starts video recording. Also, this spy cam has infrared night vision that can capture images and videos at night time.

GLE Hidden Spy Bulb Shape Spy Cam

GLE Hidden Spy Cam Key Features:

  • 360-degree panoramic view
  • 4 viewing modes
  • Supports dual storage

Pros of GLE Hidden Spy
  • Can detect human intrusion
  • Infrared night vision
Cons of GLE Hidden Spy
  • The initial setting process is complex

Buy GLE Hidden Spy Bulb Shape Spy Camera on Amazon

3. Finicky 360 Degree Wireless Spy Cam

The Finicky 360 Degree Wireless Spy Cam can be used for multiple purposes which makes it one of the best spy cams on this list. The cam has a 360-degree automatic rotation feature that ensures capturing every movement. Intelligent alerts send real-time alerts when there is any unusual movement in your house. The smart detection function of the cam eliminates any human intrusion. The cam can record 960p resolution videos which you can play and view later.

The cam supports a video playback option with multiple smart devices. You can install the mobile app of this spy cam to gain more access and modify the settings. You can have a 3D view of all the recordings with the help of the mobile app. Also, you can adjust the camera and LED light visibility after syncing this cam with the mobile app.

This best-hidden spy cam supports two-way recording, thanks to built-in speakers and a microphone. The cam supports 5 different viewing modes that you can choose to align with your needs. This spy cam can also capture crisp and clear images at night time as it has an IR Night vision feature.

Finicky 360 Degree Wireless Spy Cam

Key Features of Finicky Wireless Spy Cam:

  • 3D View of the recordings
  • 5 different viewing modes
  • IR night vision
  • Two-way recording

Finicky Spy Cam Pros
  • 360 Degree automatic rotation
  • Motion detection
  • Intelligent alerts
Finicky Spy Cam Cons
  • Cannot connect multiple devices at a time to watch live stream

Buy Finicky 360 Degree Wireless Spy Cam on Amazon

4. Machsmart X1 HD Pen Camcorder

Pen spy cams have been a common gadget that we have also witnessed in the movies. Machsmart X1 HD Pen Camcorder is one such pen cam that you can buy to track any suspicious activity of anyone. This best-hidden spy cam has a smart design that makes it hard to perceive as a spy cam. It has a recessed camera design and sliding lens that can assist you in recording high-quality videos.

You can clip the pen in your shorts and record anything anywhere. You can charge this pen spy cam with the help of any USB data cable or power bank. The cam supports loop recording and can record up to footage of 75 minutes. Loop recording features ensure that you do not miss any critical information while recording. The cam has a 16GB storage space that is useful in storing footage and images.

As for the recording quality of this hidden spy cam, it can record 1080p videos at a resolution of 1920 x 1980p. The cam can record videos in AVI format and can also capture high-quality images. You can press the top button of the cam to record videos and double press the same button to capture a photo.

Machsmart X1 HD Pen Camcorder

Key Features of Machsmart Spy Pen Camera:

  • Can record high-quality videos
  • Loop recording for up to 75 minutes
  • Easy to use

Machsmart Pen Camcorder Pros
  • SD card comes with the buying kit
  • Sliding lens cover
Machsmart Pen Camcorder Cons
  • No night vision mode

Buy Machsmart X1 HD Pen Camcorder on Amazon

5. CAM 360 Wireless Wifi Digital Clock Mini Spy Cam

Moving further, the next best-hidden spy cam comes in the form of a digital clock. It has features like motion detection, night vision, FHD audio-video recording, and so many other features. This digital table clock spy cam can detect any unusual movement in your home or at your workplace. You can connect the cam with Wi-fi and stream HD live videos on your smartphones. You can install the multi-functional mobile app of the cam to gain more access.

The cam can record High Definition 1080p videos that you can store on your storage card. You can insert an external SD card to record and store videos. The SD card is not available in the buying kit. The cam also comes with a Night Vision feature that can capture videos in dark conditions. You can connect this spy cam with a Wi-fi network within a range of 15 meters. The cam is ideal for both personal and professional usage that can prove handy for many users. The cam is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

CAM 360 Wireless WIFi Mini Spy CamKey Features of CAM Mini Spy Cam:

  • Motion detection
  • Real night vision
  • Can record real-time FHD videos

CAM Mini Spy Cam Pros
  • Ideal for personal and professional use
  • Multifunctional mobile app
CAM Mini Spy Cam Cons
  • Limited storage capacity

Buy CAM 360 Wireless Digital Clock Wifi Mini Spy Cam on Amazon

General FAQs

How Long can Best Spy Camera record videos for?

The duration or usage time of any hidden spy cam primarily depends on two factors, battery power, and storage space. On average, a spy cam can record videos for 2 to 5 hours. You can use the live stream feature to view all the footage right on your smartphone. You can also opt for power-supplied spy cams if you want to eliminate the need for charging.

How do hidden cams detect any intrusion?

Spycams have motion detector sensors that can detect any kind of human intrusion. The motion detectors beep when it detects any intrusion and alert you immediately. You can assess the intrusion and take necessary measures to ensure your family’s security.

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