Best Smartwatches under Rs.1500 in India 2022


Smartwatches are becoming more popular in India as they are becoming a powerhouse with technological advancements. The price was initially high, but it has become affordable with new models appearing on the stands regularly. You can buy smartwatches under ₹1500/- online in India, and the choices are overwhelming. However, one should take certain precautions in doing so, for they might end up with a poor performance product.

You may prefer to buy noise Smart Watches online compared to those that vibrate. Hence it is advisable to browse the internet for a smartwatch under ₹1500 on Amazon. The popular One Plus Smartwatch prices in India 2022 have also substantially come down, and a few models are available under ₹.1500 too.

Please find below the list of Best Smartwatch under ₹.1500 for 2022 in India with all its features explained in detail.

Top 7 Smart Watches Under 1500 Online in India

1. Smart Watch for Boys Y68 Bluetooth Calling Smart

Smart Watch for Boys Y68

Key Features of Smart Watch for Boys:

• Touchscreen
• 1.3-inch screen with OLED display
• Lithium-ion battery
• Water-resistant
• Android compatible

  • Tracks your activity all day- long
  • Allows Fitpro app to be downloaded from Play Store
  • Bluetooth 4.0 version
  • Battery recharge in 90 minutes
  • Accuracy in Heart rate/sleep data
  • Calling disabled
  • Warranty is only for thirty days

The Unisex Y68 Smartwatch targets the youth (Boys &Girls) with a host of unique features at a low price. The watch is scratch and water-resistant, allowing the person to indulge in various sports and Fitness activities. The 1.33 large-sized dial with its OLED display allows the wearer to observe data with great clarity. All the outputs regarding calories burnt, heart rate, sleep patterns, activity, and idle time are accurately measured. You can recharge the battery through the USB cable within 90 minutes. Incoming Notifications are immediate with vibration to alert you.

Health and fitness and setting time to become active by downloading and installing the Fitpro app available for free on the Play Store. It is compatible with smartphones, laptops, etc, with Bluetooth connectivity 4.0. The Bluetooth has to be connected only through the app and not directly through the band. The Y68 is one of the Top 3 Smartwatches Under ₹1,500 on our list.

Buy Smart Watch for Boys Y68 on Amazon

2. Smart Watch D116 for Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G Touchscreen

Smart Watch D116 for Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G Touchscreen

Key Features of Smart Watch D116 for Xiaomi Mi:

• Designed for Boys and Girls
• Daily activity tracker
• Compatible with both Android/iOS devices
• Screen size 1.3 inches with OLED display
• Compatibility with all Smartphones, laptops

  • The Compatibility of this Smartwatch with many devices
  • Three months warranty
  • Accurate data provided by both Health and fitness trackers
  • 5G Compatibility
  • Touchscreen makes operation simpler
  • Calling disabled
  • No OLED display

When you shop for Smartwatch under 1500 Amazon, you are bound to find the D116 Smartwatch keeps you updated and active. It monitors our movements and distances to encourage us to encourage more fitness-oriented activities. The OLED displays calendar alerts, SMS, and SNS messages promptly. It does not stop there. Emails, WhatsApp, WeChat, are also available immediately on your wrist. The color touch screen has pre-installed apps for daily status updates, heart rate monitoring, and sports tracking. There are sport tracking modes that make available statistics ready for your observation.

The watch can measure sleeping patterns, profound sleep, mild sleep periods, and waking times. The Smartwatch is 5G c compatible, and it does not connect only with smartphones but with Television, speakers, etc. It’s made of durable plastic and comes with a three-month warranty, thus becoming one of the Top 3 Smartwatches Under ₹1,500. You can use the USB port and cable to recharge the D116, which targets boys and girls, making it a Unisex Smartwatch.

Buy Smart Watch D116 on Amazon

3. Snoozehub V8 Smartwatch Review

Snoozehub V8 Smartwatch

Snoozehub V8 Smartwatch Key Features:

• Battery capacity 380mAh
• Anti-lost feature to recover lost phones
• Camera enabled
• Synchronization between music, contacts, call logs possible
• Activity Tracker enabled

  • Dialing and call receiving enabled
  • Immediate notifications from social media and SMS
  • Anti-lost feature warning
  • Camera with remote control
  • Battery durable
  • Guides you on fitness and exercising
  • Micro SD card costs extra

The Snoozehub V8 Smartwatch unisex watch is one of the top three smartwatches under Rs.1500 available in India. It aids in one’s exercise and fitness schedule by guiding them perfectly. The prerequisite is, of course, inserting a MicroSD card to access the app. Apart from viewing notifications from social media and SMS, the Circle Smartwatch under Rs.1500 allows you to receive/ reject calls apart from allowing you to dial from your contact list. Moreover, the health features such as monitoring your sleep pattern, daily activity tracker, Pedometer make you well aware of your health situation.
The Bluetooth connectivity comes in handy as it controls the music, voice recorder, call making, etc. Moreover, the camera can be controlled and activated via a remote, and the Anti-lost feature increases security for your valuables. Therefore, if you wish to shop for budget-friendly watches under Rs.1500 online in India, the SNOOZEHUB V8 is one of the best.

Buy Snoozehub V8 Smartwatch on Amazon

4. Latest gen 2022 T55 Series 7 Smart Watch with Calling

Latest gen 2022 T55 Series 7 Smart Watch with Calling

Key Features of T55 Series 7 Smart Watch:

• Touchscreen
• Weighs 150g
• Health Apps including ECG monitoring
• IP68 certified waterproof
• Activity Tracker

  • Relieves picking up the mobile and calling
  • Durable battery
  • Measures calories burnt along with sleep monitoring with great precision.
  • You can activate music with a single click
  • Touchscreen allows faster and simpler operations.
  • Battery life is only 24 hours

The T55 Smartwatch finds its way into the Best Smartwatch under Rs. 1500 for 2022 in India list. It operates on an Android OS and is constructed of metal, making it sturdy. It weighs 150 grams and uses the ribbon electric cables to recharge its battery which lasts only 24 hours in full charge. The Smartwatch uses Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0 versions to carry out many activities. It can measure Body Temperature, ECG, Heart rate and controls music through its two-way search. Apart from that, you can also use it to make calls and use the microphone. All notifications will set the vibration off to alert you and set a target of 10000 steps to progress your fitness. The watch is not only unisex. It targets both adults and youth, and there are several sports modes, and you should bear that in mind when you shop budget-friendly smartwatches under Rs. 1500.

Buy T55 Series 7 Smart Watch on Amazon

5. Cospex TechKing Waterproof D116

Cospex TechKing Waterproof D116

Key Features of TechKing Waterproof D116:

• 1.3-inch Touch screen
• Constructed of metal & plastic
• Hands-free calling
• Health monitoring apps
• Camera control through remote

  • High-quality Bluetooth headphones usable for calls and music
  • Various health apps including sleep analysis, heart monitoring
  • Compatibility with all Smartphones makes it an excellent purchase
  • Batteries are not included

The design of the TPU feels pleasant against the wearer’s skin as the texture is smooth. It would not fall or slip easily, and you can remove the strap on your wrist for charging purposes using the USB port. It’s sweatproof and water-resistant too. A Bluetooth headset accompanies the Smartwatch. It supports A2DP, and the sound is high quality. The headset should stay charged for usage. It’s a touchscreen with a microphone, and the build is a combination of plastic and metal. You can customize your 1.3-inch screen with various wallpapers. Compatibility is sure with all Xiaomi Smartphones and other ones too. When one decides to buy Smartwatches for Men & Women under Rs. 1500, the Complex is a good choice.

Buy TechKing Waterproof D116 on Amazon

6. Sonata Stride Hybrid Smartwatch Review

Sonata Stride Hybrid Smartwatch

Key Features of Sonata Stride Hybrid Smartwatch

• OS is Android & iOS
• Water-resistant up to 30 meters
• Analog display
• Acrylic Glass Dial
• Accelerometer

  • One year warranty
  • It has a good camera efficient enough for a photoshoot
  • Its Compatibility with Android and iOS makes it viable
  • Health app serves you well with monitoring your sleep patterns
  • Calling not possible

The Sonata smartwatch is included in our list of Best Smartwatch under 1500 for 2022 in India. It combines Analog features with digital apps. The Sonata Stride comes in two colors and combines plastic and leather with a dial that measures 45.7 mm. All notifications, including SMS, SNS, incoming calls, alarms, are sent to your wrist in real-time. You can track down your smartphone, which may often get misplaced, by setting up a feature called ‘ Find my phone ‘. Photos of good quality can be ‘ snapped ‘, and you can quickly shoot selfies with the camera embedded in them.

It’s not possible to be near your phone all the time, but the Smartwatch does alert you on incoming calls even when you are at a distance from it. Sleep cycles analysis with precision similar to the activities through the day. One distinguishing feature with the Sonata is that it sends you an alert for being stationary for too long. The alarm sets off a vibration, and Bluetooth connectivity is a prerequisite. The batteries are powerful enough to last for a year, but they are not rechargeable.

Buy Sonata Stride Hybrid Smartwatch on Amazon


It is evident from the list above that it is preferable to buy Smartwatches under ₹1500 online in India as the choices are many. The additional benefit is that you can return the watch within ten days if it is not up to your expectations. If you are not interested in vibration modes, you can buy noise smartwatches online.

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