Best Smart Yoga Mats And Equipment for Your Home Workouts


Are you a yoga enthusiast and practice yoga regularly? More so, when you practice yoga by yourself, at home? You must have tried using the different yoga apps or playing a video-guided session. However, have you heard about the Intelligent Yoga Mats that have become a ‘thing’ among yogis? If you have not yet, we are here to enlighten you.

As tech is becoming a part of all our activities, why should your yoga practices be left behind? With the advent of the best Smart mats and equipment for yoga, yoga has also become ‘tech-driven’. These best Smart yoga mats for home workouts can help you to correct your postures and get the yoga asanas right for maximum benefit.

You will not require a trainer to correct your postures anymore. These Smart self-guided exercise mats can be your best intuitive guide for daily yoga practices. These intelligent yoga mats look no different than regular mats. However, they have sensors fitted that can detect and help you get your postures right.

Top 5 Best Smart Yoga Mats Reviews 2022

Read on as we discuss some of the best Smart yoga mats for home workouts.

#1 YogiFi Gen 2 Pro

YogiFi Gen 2 Pro

Key Features of YogiFi Gen 2 Pro:

  • 10.1-inch android tablet
  • Guided yoga practice
  • Guided body weight exercise
  • Activity tracking
  • Posture detection
  • Downloadable workout session

  • Offline practice with downloadable sessions
  • Privacy-enabled practice, with no camera
  • Activity history with the track-back opportunity
  • Gamification of the app to stay at par with peers
  • Expensive
  • Posture detection available only for a few asanas

The Smart exercise mat from Yogify is a special variant of the Gen2 version. This Smart mat comes at the top of our list owing to its useful features. Even though the price for the Smart Mat is a little on the expensive side, it comes with a compatible tablet for yoga practices. The 10.1-inch tablet gives a special touch to the whole yoga or exercising experience where you can visualize your postures on a bigger screen.

It is one of those Intelligent Smart Mats that can detect your posture and provides real-time feedback as visual and audio indications. The sensors in the Smart Mat are strong enough to detect your postures and ensure that you get them corrected in real-time. If you do not wish to get real-time feedback, the smart mat app also offers you downloadable versions of yoga and exercise sessions to practice offline. It has proved to be a very convenient way of practicing yoga at home.

The other features of this yoga mat include a 5V battery having a run time of 8 hours (an hour more than the YogiFi Gen 2) and a charge time of 4 hours. There is an exhaustive list of programs for you to opt for to improve your overall health and well-being. The price of this Smart Yoga Mat, along with the 10.1-inch tablet, is Rs. 24,999.

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#2 YogiFi Gen 2

YogiFi Gen 2

YogiFi Gen 2 Key Features:

  • Guided body weight exercise
  • Guided yoga practice
  • Activity tracking
  • Posture detection
  • Activity history log
  • 1-year warranty

  • Comes with real-time feedback
  • Personalized yoga lessons with a virtual instructor
  • Gamification to hold on to the enthusiasm
  • Accurate posture tracking, balance, and weight tracking
  • Can be connected with the Apple watch to monitor vitals
  • Posture detection is available only for a few asanas
  • Repetition counting is only for a few exercises
  • Offline practice is not available

Yogify Gen2 acquired the 3rd position in our Best Smart Yoga Mats list owing to its decent features. The YogiFi Gen 2 Smart Yoga Mat has features like posture detection for some asanas, guided yoga, and body weight exercises. The activity history tracking features allow you to track back to your performance and improve on it each day, making you a pro yogi in no time.

The rechargeable battery for the sensor has a run time of 7 hours and a recharge time of 4 hours, ensuring that you can carry around the Smart yoga mat with you anywhere to practice yoga on the go. Made of thermoplastic polyester, some might not be very fond of it. This Smart mat has a Bluetooth range of 30ft, allowing you to connect it to your smartphone on the go. It is compatible with phones and tablets having iOS v14.3+. The price for this yoga mat is Rs.14,999.

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#3 Smart Mat

Smart MatKey Features of Smart Mat:

  • Real-time feedback
  • Advanced sensor for alignment detection
  • 3 modes of practice
  • Compatible with iOS Version 5+ and Android 4.3+
  • 6-hour battery life

  • Consists of 3 practice modes: In-Home Private, In-Class Assist, Zen
  • Real-time feedback
  • Advanced sensor for alignment detection
  • No internet connection required
  • Expensive
  • Pre-order
  • Need to learn your body type for accurate detection of postures

3rd on our Best Smart Yoga Mats is the Smart Mat. This Smart Self-Guided Exercise Mat comes with 3 exercise modes. These modes include the In-Home Private mode where you can choose from any yoga session from the SmartMat app and get real-time alignment instructions and feedback via the app. The In-Class Assist mode allows you to practice alone or in a public class.

The real-time feedback helps you attain better body balance and posture. The zen mode, on the other hand, records your sessions silently, and you can view the recordings later to analyze. In the beginning, you need to align the mat sensors to your body and let it learn your body type for the best guidance. It is compatible with iOS Version 5+ and Android 4.3+. The lightweight and eco-friendly material ensure that you can carry it around without worry.

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#4YogiFi Smart Yoga Mat

YogiFi Smart Yoga Mat

Key Features of YogiFi Smart Yoga Mat:

  • Flagship Smart Mat
  • Sensor layer for posture detection
  • Audio guidance
  • Bluetooth
  • Sleek

  • Sleek and lightweight for ease of use
  • Mobile and Tablet holder
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Real-time audio feedback
  • Special posture guidance is not available
  • Rep counting feature missing
  • Expensive

If we talk about intelligent Smart mats, YogiFi is the first one that comes to mind. It was the first Smart yoga mat that leveraged Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to give customers a whole new Yoga and exercising experience. With features such as mobile/tablet connection using Bluetooth and real-time audio and visual feedback for improving postures, the YogiFi Smart Yoga Mat ensures that the user makes the best out of the product. It is a cool way to practice yoga at home with a virtual instructor. This flagship version of YogiFi’s Smart exercise mat comes fourth on our list with its basic features and a price of Rs.24,999.

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#5 Backlash Fit Smart Yoga Mat

Backlash Fit Smart Yoga Mat

Key Features of Backlash Fit Smart Yoga Mat:

  • Self-rolling
  • Bonus Yoga Routines
  • Stylish and strong grip
  • PVC-free
  • Extra-cushioning

  • Has a self-rolling feature
  • Bonus Women’s Health powered yoga routines that can be followed using smart speakers
  • Stylish and sleek
  • Advance features not available
  • Posture correction is not available

The Backslash Fit Smart Yoga Mat ranked last on our list of Best Smart Yoga Mats as there are not many advanced features to see. The best thing about this Smart mat is its self-rolling feature, which is not available in any other Smart Mat mentioned before. You can flip the yoga mat after your session and click on it. The yoga mat will roll up by itself. You can pair the Yoga mat with Women’s Health Yoga on Amazon Alexa, and it guides you through your yoga practice and throughout the day.

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What Technology is Used in These Smart Mats?

The Smart Exercise Mats use Artificial intelligence and Computer Vision to detect and correct your postures. The sensors fitted on the surface of the mat measure your body weight, detecting your posture to correct the alignment.

How Do I Clean My Smart Yoga Mat?

The cleaning instructions for Best Smart Mats And Equipment For Yoga are available in the product manual. However, the best way to clean any yoga mat is with soap and water. Do not rinse the yoga mat in water as it would damage the sensors. Dip a soft cloth in the soapy water and wipe the mat thoroughly. Ensure that the yoga mat is completely dry before you roll it up.


We have listed the Best Smart Yoga Mats in 2022 that can help you attain a better posture without leaving the comfort of your home and paying up at the yoga studio. If you are looking for the Best Smart Mats And Equipment For Yoga, our list can be a quick guide to help you understand the market and the products available. YogiFi is the seller of some of the Best yoga mats in India, having three products lined-up for yoga and exercise enthusiasts. If you are planning to purchase your Smart mat, we suggest you buy Yoga Mats Online at Best Prices in India.

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