Best Smart Window Shades and Blinds in 2022


Certain home decors boost the ambiance but serve no other useful purpose other than that. However, other products liven up your home and, at the same time, would serve a purpose too.

Shades or blinds can be smart too! They can be pulled up or down without any physical effort. One can also move them in certain directions that suit you. Yes, they are considered a luxury, but when luxury extends to security or protection to you or your home, you cannot quantify it.

There are various kinds of Smart Window Shades and Blinds available in the market, and we would line up the top ten for you to decide which suits you best.

Top 9 Best Smart Blinds, Kits, and Motorized Shades 

1) Lutron Serena Shades

Key Features of Lutron Serena Shades:

  • Design customized
  • Two various kinds of styles
  • Wireless
  • Operates on batteries
  • Interaction with Google Assistant

Lutron Serena Shades Pros
  • Simple operation
  • Wider options of fabric and its colors
  • It is a noiseless operation
  • Compatible with many voice assistants
Lutron Serena Shades Cons
  • Expensive

The motorized Serena shades from Lutron are a perfect combination of three. It looks luxurious and is made of superior quality material. It lends a special look to the place wherever installed. The operation is kick-started by pressing a button, and the whole process is absolutely quiet. The shades move in unison and as desired by you. The Smart operation requires Wi-Fi and is complete without wires. The batteries last longer, and the best feature is the control part. You can operate from any part of the World by accessing the Lutron App and the Smart Bridge.

2) MySmartRollerShades – Smart Automated Roller Shades

Key Features of SmarterHome MySmartRollerShades:

  • Choice between fabrics
  • Similar price for all products
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Bluetooth enabled

SmarterHome MySmartRollerShades Pros
  • The process of installation is simple
  • Automated opening and closure of shades
  • Ensures privacy and prevents sunlight to a larger extent
  • Programming is easy and changeable too
SmarterHome MySmartRollerShades Cons
  • The selection of fabrics is not wide in choice

It’s not exactly a compromise, but the choice of colors of the shades and fabrics is quite modest for the brand ‘MySmartRollerShades’ which was earlier called’ Tilt’. You can install the Shades easily and do not warrant any technical knowledge. There is a noticeable slowness in the speed at which the shades roll, but apart from that, the process is seamless. It is compatible with Alexa and battery-operated. It comes embedded with a Solar panel and relieves you of recharging the battery.

3) Graber Motorized Shades

Key Features of Graber Virtual Cord Motorized Shade:

  • Lithium-ion battery operated
  • Comes with a plug-in transformer
  • Preset timers
  • Motorized electrical ‘wand’

Graber Virtual Cord Motorized Shade Pros
  • Easy setup with programmable timing facility
  • An electrical stick makes it easy to raise and lower the Shade
  • Batteries can last a year but can be recharged within 2 hours with other options
  • Lends an aesthetic look with its sleekness
Graber Virtual Cord Motorized Shade Cons
  • Expensive

The user-friendly app on your Smartphone powers you with many programs when you install the Graber Motorized Shades. You need not be physically present to draw the shades up or down when the sun rises or sets. You have to set up the timer, and it will automatically respond. In addition to this (app), you can move a motorized stick up and down, and the Shade will respond. The box includes one of the three choices as far as batteries are concerned. You can opt for a Rechargeable battery (lithium-ion) which would last a year in full charge. Recharge would hardly take a year. The second option is the plug-in transformer. The third is the non-rechargeable batteries which have to be replaced once a year.

4) IKEA Fyrtur Blackout Roller Blind

Key Features of IKEA Fyrtur:

  • Compatible with Alexa/ Google Home & Apple Home
  • Well constructed sturdy shades
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Comes along with a router (separate pricing)

Pros of IKEA Fyrtur
  • Shades come in eight different sizes and thus widen our choice.
  • Inexpensive when compared with other shades
  • A single charge allows for six months of operation
  • Assures complete privacy
Cons of IKEA Fyrtur
  • Not simple to install


Buy IKEA Fyrtur Blackout Roller Blind on Amazon

The Frytur Shades from IKEA serve as a bonanza for people looking for value for money purchases. The price range over a range of eight various sizes is budget-friendly. The construction is good and sturdy and compatible with Apple, Google, and Amazon Voice Assistants. All this is excellent news if you disregard the fact that you need to buy an Internet Gateway (Tradfri) which needs to be plugged into your router. Nevertheless, the product stays inexpensive, and the rechargeable battery can last six months on a full charge. The installation does not require any technical knowledge, but it does take time to assemble and install, which is the hallmark of IKEA products.

5) Powershades TruePoE Motorized Roller Shade

Key Features of Powershades TruePoE:

  • Wired but smart shades
  • Compatible with Alexa / Google Assistant
  • Ethernet cable Gateway provides the power
  • Installation only through company professionals

Pros of Powershades TruePoE
  • Does not depend upon batteries
  • Attractive and high powered
  • Price varies with each type
  • Powerful motor
  • Compatibility with various smart systems at home
Cons of Powershades TruePoE
  • Pricey
  • DIY option absent

The Powershades TruePOE has not one but two advantages. It has great speed and is propelled by a durable but powerful motor. It is compatible with almost all the Home systems, and you can exercise control over it through Alexa and Google Assistant. There is no style to choose from as these are roller shades only. The Ethernet cable serves as the heart, and this Shade is not battery-dependent. The speed of the PoE is more than double the speed of its competitors.

6) Hunter Douglas’ Duette with PowerView

Key Features of Hunter Douglas Duette PowerView:

  • Independent operation of shades
  • Programmable window shades
  • Alexa, Siri & Google Assistant are compatible
  • Perfect design with award recognition

Pros of Hunter Douglas Duette PowerView
  • Just the mere swipe of your finger kicks – off the operation
  • You can use Smartphones and Tablets
  • Comes with a remote that would fit into your palm.
  • It’s a rechargeable battery with a difference; it is environmentally-friendly
Cons of Hunter Douglas Duette PowerView
  • Pricey

Powerview Automation from Hunter Douglas is ‘just classic’. It is compatible with most Home Assistants, and the battery lasts long. The manufacturers make a conscious effort to keep the rechargeability environmentally friendly. There are two options to operate it. You can do it through voice control or use the ‘Pebble’ remote control, which has all the variations of setting up a smart shade (for example, Sunrise). The design is exquisite, and it’s been awarded the ‘Red Dot’ for perfection in design. The scenes can be customized and can be automated for the entire day. It’s an easy installation process and includes a ‘Wand‘ for rechargeability.

7) Yoolax Motorized Blind for Window with Remote Control

Key Features of Yoolax Motorized Smart Blind:

  • Alexa and Google Home compatible
  • Constructed out of Vinyl/ Polyester material
  • Smart battery motor
  • Made-to-order.
  • Warranty for motor and other controls is two years

Yoolax Motorized Smart Blind Pros
  • As it’s made to order, the Yoolax shades and Blinds fit your windows perfectly
  • The battery motor is ‘smart’ and compatible with five Home Assistants
  • It’s easy to clean & maintain
Yoolax Motorized Smart Blind Cons
  • Although it’s a black-out blind, leakage (light) does seep in.


Buy Yoolax Motorized Blind on Amazon

The Yoolax shades warrant six hours of charging before initial use. The battery in full charge would last a minimum of six months under normal usage. There is a ‘beep’ indicator when the motor is running out of charge. The manufacturers warn you about a tiny gap between the valance and the Shade after installation. It is compatible with Alexa, which you can also be used to set the timer—installing the Yoolax above the specified height warrants the use of solar panels to keep the battery from repair. Yoolax themselves supplies these solar panels. Installation is easy, and you can enhance the ‘black-out’ by installing an additional blind outside the window. The blinds are easy to clean with both wet and dry cloth.

8) XINGXUN Motorized Roller Shades

Key Features of XINGXUN:

  • Shades in thirty different designs
  • Comes with a remote and c compatible with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant
  • Batteries are built-in
  • Material used is high-quality Polyester along with cotton

Pros of XINGXUN Roller Shades
  • It’s Made-to-order. Hence, it is a perfect fit.
  • The protection offers by the sun results in energy saving
  • Warranty up to two years for mechanical items
  • Thirty shades to choose from enhance choice
Cons of XINGXUN Roller Shades
  • The initial setup does have bugs in it


Buy XINGXUN Motorized Roller Shades on Amazon

The innovative Technology of Xingxun makes traditional curtains Smart. The motors are designed in such a way to allow seamless integration with the Smart Home devices. Moreover, the product is customized and thus prevents any grievance after installing it. Thirty different options (colors) would allow you to enhance each room in the house with a unique decor. You can use the remote control to set the blinds even at a hundred feet. You can program up to six different settings a day, and the battery lasts up to three years under normal usage.

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9) Leviosa Motor Shades

Features of Leviosa Motor Shades:

  • Many colors of shades
  • Light filtering options are four
  • Three choices for power
  • Valance color available to match Shade’s color

Pros of Leviosa Motor Shades
  • Sixty colors to choose the Shade you think would suit best
  • Value for money.
  • Choice of power; three options are battery, corded or hard-wired
Cons of Leviosa Motor Shades
  • Difficulty experienced in voice commands as they are lengthy

If your choice has to strike a perfect balance between functional values and aesthetic tastes, Leviosa shades are the ones you should seek. The range of colors on display is a staggering sixty! The manufacturers assure you of seamless integration with Alexa easing the operation. It’s priced reasonably and would be within your budget. The installation is kept simple, and the product is American. The quantum of sunlight that should enter the room is controllable through the discrete mechanisms designed by the manufacturers of Leviosa. Smart shades require power. Herein lies your choice with Leviosa. You can opt for battery-powered shades or the chorded ones. If those choices are not enough, then the hard-wire choice exists.


Setting up blinds or shades in the house serves a lot of purposes. Does it serve the purpose you purchased and set it up for? It is best to run through the features and check the internet for reviews. It is best to customize it as that solves half the issues that can crop up with the ones which are ‘All- fit’ sized ones. Wi-Fi connectivity and a compatible Smartphone are necessities.

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