Top 5 Best Smart Walking Stick for The Blind


Having visual impairment makes it real tough to walk safely around the surroundings. A walking stick is probably one of the best inventions in the world for blinds. As blind people cannot look through their eyes, walking sticks are no less than eyes for them. They help them have a better understanding of their surroundings and go ahead in their direction on their own.

Our tech world has evolved so much that even the blind walking sticks have become smart. Yes, if you are looking to invest in a Best Smart Walking Stick for yourself or for your loved one, this guide is for you.

Today in this article, we are about to share the Top 5 Best Smart Walking Sticks for The Blinds. By saying smart, I really mean it, they have cool technology embedded in them.

Best Intelligent Walking Sticks Reviews 

Smart walking sticks can not only help the blinds in understanding their surroundings. But they can also help in guiding the way throughout and notifying them if anything goes wrong along the way. They are literally the best invention for visually impaired people.

We looked throughout the market to bring out this special guide for you. After scanning dozens of different products, here are our finalized top 5 best smart sticks for visually impaired people, let’s get straight into it.

1. WertelOberfell Sense Five

WertelOberfell Sense Five

Key Features of WertelOberfell Sense Five:

  • Responsive to Surfaces
  • Elegant Design
  • In-hand Wrist Band

  • Sense Five detects and responds to different surfaces
  • A comfortable grip easily lets you hold it firmly
  • Environment detection keeps you safe from obstacles
  • Not really observed

The WertelOberfell Sense Five is a very futuristic smart stick for visually impaired people. The reason why I’m calling it futuristic is that it really is.

This smart stick literally is responsive to its surroundings. Beginning from the safety purpose, there’s a wristband that you can wear with the stick, so the stick does not get fall off or lost.

There’s a special holding grip to it from where you can hold the grip comfortably. Also, this area has some crazy technology that pairs with the sensors installed that makes it react to the surrounding.

What it does is, when you’re holding the stick and if there’s something nearby like a wall or vehicle in and around 5 meters distance, it lets you know by giving a gesture at your hand.
Not just that, it also detects fast-moving objects like a dog, vehicle, or anything within a distance and notifies you at your palm smoothly.

This technology works in real-time, so it instantly gives you the senses at your palm if there’s something nearby you. It’s really very helpful for blind people. If you’re looking to gift a smart stick to your loved one, this one is definitely an intelligent walking stick for blind.

Buy WertelOberfell Sense Five

2. WeWalk Smart Cane

WeWalk Smart Cane

Key Features of WeWalk Smart Cane:

  • WeWALK Smart App
  • Obstacle Detection
  • Automatic Voice Navigation

  • Easily connect your smart cane with your smartphone through the app
  • You can also use the WeWalk app even without the WeWalk smart stick
  • The Voice assistant tells you about nearby shops, stores & restaurants
  • Not really observed

The WeWalk Smart Cane is a very popular smart stick these days. If you see a visually impaired person holding a smart stick, it’s probably the WeWalk smart cane. You can easily find tons of WeWalk smart cane reviews online.

It is very popular in the U.S & U.K. One of the reasons why it’s popular is because they have a free app for blind people. No matter if you own their smart stick or not, they mention they really want to help visually impaired people so they can use their app for free.

The WeWalk app has a lot of features like a voice assistant that keeps telling you about the nearby stores. It also lets you know which direction you need to go for your location.

If you connect the smart app with your WeWalk smart cane, things get easier as then the stick works in combination with your mobile app.

The WeWalk smart cane easily detects nearby obstacles and lets you know if you’re in danger. You can even get to know about the public transport vehicles at your fingertips using the smart cane.

The WeWalk smart cane is one of the very popular smart sticks and it really is worth the price. The WeWalk software team keeps updating their system with new features and fixes, so you stay pretty safe all along.

You can easily buy this WeWalk smart cane on Amazon or from their official website. It is definitely a very good choice. This was our honest WeWalk smart cane review, it’s definitely a very good choice in the market. But this smart blind stick price is very high compared to other ones in this guide.

Buy WeWalk Smart Cane

3. BAWA Smart Cane

BAWA Smart Cane

Key Features of BAWA Smart Cane:

  • Dual Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Wide-Angle Detection
  • High Sensitivity

  • Easily detects obstacles 1.2 meters above waist & in front
  • Combines with IoT to bring new technologies with updates
  • Dual sensors easily detect even small objects like a tennis ball
  • Does not have responding technology like Sense Five

The BAWA smart cane is a very new enhanced level technology smart cane that prevents head-level and falling accidents for blinds.
It has dual sensing technology that even detects head-level obstacles like a signboard or tree branches. It basically detects obstacles 4 feet up in the air and 4 feet in front. So it makes it really very safe for the person to walk freely without any worries.
The ultra-wide-angle detection technology easily lets you recognize obstacles widely while walking in real-time. Not just a large vehicle, but if there’s a fast-moving small object like a tennis ball, it can also alert you for that.
The high sensitivity BAWA smart can technology easily detects even such small and fast-moving objects easily which makes it very safe for the person to walk comfortably with complete confidence.
You can even explore more advancements when you connect your BAWA smart cane with your smartphone wirelessly using their mobile app. It is an intelligent walking stick for blind.

Using the mobile app, you can also personalize things your way, like the things you like and where you go more often, so the system can adapt to you easily & also displays your daily activity.

For the price bracket, the BAWA smart cane is one of the very best technologies present these days that can really help a blind person in gaining confidence while walking on crowdy roads.

Buy BAWA Smart Cane

4. Phoenix Smart Cane for Visually Impaired

Phoenix Smart Cane for Visually Impaired

Key Features of Phoenix Smart Cane:

  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Adjustable Sensor Mechanism

  • The ergonomic grip makes it easier to hold the stick
  • It has a rechargeable battery with 10 hours of power backup
  • The adjustable sensor mechanism easily detects obstacles
  • Does not have smartphone integration

The Phoenix smart cane is one of the very affordable smart canes for visually impaired people. Most of the products till now in this list are too costly, if you’re looking for a cost-effective solution, this one is so far the best choice for you.

It comes with two different working modes that can easily detect obstacles of different heights because of the adjustable sensor mechanism.

The battery backup of this device is around 10 hours on a single charge which is very sufficient for a day. The inbuilt battery is rechargeable, so you can easily recharge it once you reach home.

The adjustable sensor mechanism detects obstacles within 3 meters when outdoor and 1.8 meters indoors. For the price bracket, it is very affordable and worth the price smart stick for visually impaired people.

Buy Phoenix Smart Cane

5. Saarthi Smart Cane Blind Stick

Saarthi Smart Cane Blind Stick

Key Features of Saarthi Smart Cane:

  • 3 Variation Ranges
  • Efficient Battery
  • Affordable Pricing

  • Easily switch between 3 different variation ranges
  • The battery lasts 30 days on a single charge
  • Simple & sleek design that’s very easy to use
  • Not very high-end features like in the above devices

The Saarthi smart cane blind stick is another very affordable smart blind stick for visually impaired people. This Smart blind Stick Price is just around 100$.

One of the main features of this smart blind stick is the ability to switch between three different variation ranges for obstacle detection.

You can set the obstacle detection range from 2 feet, 4 feet & up to 8 feet as well depending upon your location whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

It has 99.7% accuracy in detecting obstacles in the surroundings in real-time. It has a very sleek and compact design, and you can easily mount this device on any white cane.

The battery life of this device is very efficient. You can easily use it for 30 days on a single time charge on daily usage. A charger is also provided within the package by the brand.
Saarthi is an Indian brand so if you’re looking to buy it within India. You can buy this Blinds Walking Stick at the Best Price in India.

It is a very good option that you can go for if you have a tight budget and you’re looking to gift a smart walking stick to your loved one. It is one of the Best Smart walking sticks for the blind.

Buy Saarthi Smart Cane Blind Stick


A Best Smart Walking Stick For The Blind is one of the best things ever made. In the traditional period, normal wooden sticks were used to help blinds walk in their surroundings.

Then slowly as technology evolved, there were white canes invented and now the time has come for the smart white canes. By smart, we’re referring to the technology that is embedded in the devices.

In this guide, we shared with you the Top 5 Best Smart Walking Sticks for the Blind. We went through a bunch of different models and finally curated this final guide. Keep visiting for more amazing well-researched review guides.

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