Best Smart Solar Panels in 2022


Climate change is evident in our lives. We all can contribute to minimizing climate change. The best way to improve your ecosystem is by using nature’s energy. Solar panels are just designed to fulfill this purpose. They can convert the natural sunlight into clean energy that you can later use for other purposes.

Now if you are thinking that it is a tedious process to buy the best smart solar panel, then give it a second thought. We are compiling some best smart solar panels available in the market that can suit your budget and needs. Before going into the listicle, let’s have a glimpse at some benefits of the best smart solar panels.

Benefits Of Smart Solar Panel

Convert natural sunlight into usable energy: Solar panels can convert natural sunlight into usable energy. You can use the converted energy to charge your smart devices without the hassle of wires. Smart solar panels can charge a wide range of smart devices like smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and laptops.

Portable: You can convert sunlight into usable energy without worrying much. It is so because smart solar panels are compact and portable that you can carry with you wherever you go.

Top 7 Most Efficient Solar Panels: Reviews

1. EF EcoFlow Portable Solar Panel

EF Ecoflow is a 400W output solar panel that can provide ample energy to your power station with efficiency. The panel is foldable which

makes it easy to carry anywhere. This durable solar panel is made of tough fibreglass and flexible EVA. With IP68 rating, it becomes one of the best solar panels to opt for from the options available. It can withstand dirt, rain, and debris. The panel also has the best conversion rating of 22.4%, which makes it a must buy for the buyers.

EF EcoFlow Portable Solar panel

The key feature of this solar panel is that it is designed with market’s leading Monocrystalline technology. This technology ensures that you get the maximum energy output out of this device. The panel has wide-ranging compatibility which helps you to charge it with third party portable power stations like Delta Max, Delta Pro, etc.

Pros of EF EcoFlow
  • High conversion rating
  • Weather proof
  • Monocrystalline silicon cells
  • Universal compatibility
Cons of EF EcoFlow
  • Setting up panel frequently is tedious



Buy EF EcoFlow portable solar panel on Amazon

2. BLUETTI Solar Panel

With an adjustable kickstand design and high cell efficiency up to 23.4%, the next is the BLUETTI Solar panel. It has an over charge, over current, and over temperature protection mechanism which makes it the most efficient solar panel. The panel is smart that can maximise the electricity production in the available area.

BLUETTI Solar Panel

This 350W solar panel has a durable ETFE material surface and has IP65 certification that can withstand water splashes. It is an easy to store and efficient solar panel that can last years. You will get an extended charging cable with the panel. Also, the product is universally compatible with most of the solar generators available in the market. The panel has a conversion efficiency of up to 23.4%.

  • Durable and splashproof
  • Convenient to carry
  • Wide compatibility



    Buy BLUETTI Solar Panel on Amazon

    3. Dokio Portable Solar Panel

    Dokio Portable Solar Panel comes with smart 4 stage charging, making it the first choice for the buyers. The charging stages are bulk, boost, float, and equalisation. The smart charging feature increases battery life of the panel. Also, it has intelligent protection against overcharging, short circuit, and reverse current.

    Dokio Portable Solar Panel

    The 220W solar panel possesses a large amount of energy which you can mount, hand, and transport with yourself. With a high efficiency monocrystalline cell, the panel can supply great power efficiency. This best solar panel for solar generators provides a conversion efficiency of 23%.

    Pros of Dokio
    • Smart charging stages
    • Overcharging protection
    • 2 USB ports
    Cons of Dokio
    • No web straps on the corners



    Buy Dokio Portable Solar Panel on Amazon

    4. Jackery Solar Saga Portable Solar Panel

    Jackery SolarSaga Portable Solar Panel adapts PERC solar cell technology to generate maximum input from the sunlight. The panel has an IP65 water resistant rating that protects it from water splashes. The solar panel has an easy kickstand setup that helps you to install it anywhere easily. You get an upgraded MPPT controller, making it one of the efficient solar panels to spend your money on.

    Jackery Solar Saga Portable Solar Panel

    It can provide 80% solar recharging in 9 hours, thanks to twice SolarSaga panels. This solar panel is compatible with Jackery 240/300/500/1000/1500 power stations. You need to separately buy the power stations. This eco-friendly solar panel is highly rated due to which we would highly recommend you to buy this solar panel.

    Pros of Jackery Solar Saga
    • PERC solar cell technology
    • USB outputs for phone
    • 80% solar charging in 9 hours
    Cons of Jackery Solar Saga
    • Kickstand is not waterproof



    Buy Jackery Solar Saga Portable Solar Panel on Amazon

    5. Allpower Portable Solar Panel

    Allpowers has been dedicated to designing user-friendly portable power stations and solar panels over the years. This best solar panel has a built-in voltage regulator that can protect your device. The panel has a huge capacity and can charge up to two devices. This 100W Monocrystalline solar cell has 23.5% efficiency and can power up your devices under the sunlight.

    Allpower Portable Solar Panel

    The panel is compatible with most solar portable generators like Goal Zero, Suaoki, Jackery, and Rockpals. Also, it is a high anti-wear PET solar panel that ensures waterproof and weather protection. It is a compact and foldable panel that can be a good option for outdoor activities.

    Pros of Allpower
    • High efficiency material
    • Over power protection
    • Fast charging
    • Built in voltage regulator
    Cons of Allpower
    • Slightly bulky



    Buy Allpower portable solar panel on Amazon

    6. FF Flashfish Solar Panel

    Moving further, next up we have FF Flashfish Solar Panel on our listicle. It is a foldable solar panel that has DC and USB charging output. The cell efficiency of this solar panel is 21.5% to 23.5%. With higher efficiency, it can generate more energy and can outperform other solar panels. The panel can charge your smartphones, digital cams, and tablets. This best solar panel is compatible with Flashfish 100/160/220/300Wh power stations.

    FF Flashfish Solar Panel

    Pros of FF Flashfish
    • High conversion efficiency
    • Dual USB output
    Cons of FF Flashfish
    • Doesn’t have enough connectors



    Buy FF FlashFish Solar Panel on Amazon

    7. Sunpolar Solar Panel

    Sunpolar Solar Panel is another compact solar panel that can convert solar power into clean energy efficiently. The product includes a variety of channels and connectors and has wide compatibility. This efficient solar panel has 4 output ports that can help you charge up a wide range of your smart devices. You can charge smartphones, laptops, tablets, and power banks with this best smart solar panel.

    Sunpolar Solar Panel

    The panel has a smart IC chip that can maximise the charging speed and at the same time ensures that it is not over charged. Like others, it also has Monocrystalline solar cells which can efficiently convert energy in one go. The panel has a conversion efficiency of 23-25%.

    Pros of Sunpolar
    • 4 Output ports
    • IC Chip
    • Wide variety of channel and connectors
    Cons of Sunpolar
    • Average build quality



    Buy Sunpolars 110W Solar Panel on Amazon

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