Best Smart Security Cameras in India | Top 10 Wireless CCTV Cameras for Home and Office


Best Smart Security Cameras in India

Best security cameras are rare to find and you need to do good research to find a smart security camera that fits your needs. Security cameras have evolved a lot in the last decade. From the original DVR-based recording cameras with fixed focus and movement, technology has advanced to smart security cameras that can detect presence and trigger alerts. Security cameras are not just limited to plain video recording in low resolution anymore and can capture crisp details along with voice capture as well. I will be rounding up the best smart Wi-Fi security cameras in India that are available for commercial usage that provide stellar video capturing along with a bunch of useful features as well.

Here is our list of the top 10 Wi-Fi security cameras to buy in India.

1) Qubo smart home Security Camera

best smart security cameras in india

Qubo smart home security camera is a wireless security camera that comes with a large field of view and supports video capture at FHD resolution. The camera provides a dual-storage option that includes SD card storage of up to 128 Gb and an optional cloud storage service. The camera can pan and tilt manually and does not support in-app rotation and adjustment via Wi-Fi. You can directly stream the Qubo camera’s recording and live view using the companion app but cannot download the video on your smartphone unless you have a cloud subscription.

The camera is loaded with smart features and can instantly detect a moving object via motion detection technology. It also has a two-way microphone system for communicating with the person in front of the camera and has a powerful siren that can be turned on to scare the troublemakers. Night vision is also supported in the Qubo smart camera and it can record the movement and objects in the nighttime. If you have an existing smart speaker with a voice assistant, the Qubo Wi-Fi security camera can be controlled using voice commands.

  • Cloud storage support
  • Night vision and motion detection
  • Tap to raise alarm sound
  • Stream recording using the app
  • Downloading videos requires a cloud subscription
  • No motorized rotation
  • The service outage is common

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2) MI 360 Home Security

best smart security cameras in india

MI home security camera is one of the reliable Wi-Fi security cameras that you can buy today and supports all the smart features that need to be present in a modern camera. This smart camera supports 360-degree tilt, pan, and rotation, all of which can be done wirelessly using the Mi Home application. MI home security camera requires internet connectivity only while startup, after that it can record without an active internet connection as well. Mi 360 supports micro-SD cards of up to 64 GB and accessing the video files can be done using the MI Home app.

This Mi home security camera supports video recording in both 720P and 1080P and comes with a talkback feature to let you communicate with a person close to the camera. The speaker is not very loud and is useful in outdoor areas with less background noise. The app supports pictures in picture mode and can be used while using other apps on your smartphone. Video can be run at 2x/4x/16x speed as per your preference but cannot download the videos on your smartphone. Mi 360 home security is a pretty good smart Wi-Fi security camera that also supports Google Assistant.

  • 1080p HD recording
  • Supports up to 64 GB micro-SD card
  • Night mode recording
  • Two-way communication
  • Delayed motion alerts
  • Lacks alarm feature
  • Lacks privacy feature

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3) TP-Link Tapo C200 Smart Cam

best smart security cameras in india

TP-Link Tapo C200 smart cam is a robust outdoor security camera that comes with double the storage capacity of the Mi 360 security camera. It requires a Wi-Fi network to connect and pair, after which it can record videos on the SD card. Cloud storage support is not available for the TP-Link Wi-Fi security camera and the SD card is the only source that backs up the recorded files.

It is easy to access the video files using the Tapo app and the videos can also be shared amongst your friends. Compared to the Mi 360 security camera, the TP-Link Tapo C200 smart cam has infrared-based night vision and motion detection, both of which work flawlessly. It can trigger instantaneous alerts to the app and supports live streaming and two-way audio communication.

This smart camera supports 360-degree rotation and pan and tilt via the app and does not need any manual angle adjustment after installation. Another nifty feature is the light alarm that blinks LED and raises an alarm to warn any miscreant attempting to get inside the premises. All of these features make the TP-Link Tapo C200 smart cam a reliable security camera that records videos in crisp 1080P resolution.

  • Advanced night mode
  • Motion detection and alerts
  • Inbuilt warning alarm
  • 128 GB storage space
  • The companion app needs a major overhaul
  • No desktop application
  • No cloud storage service

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4) TP-Link Tapo C100

best smart security cameras in india

TP-Link Tapo C100 is a fixed mount indoor security camera from the “C” series line-up of TP-Link smart cameras. The only prominent aesthetic difference between the TP-Link Tapo C100 security camera and the C200 is that it cannot move 360 degrees. The camera needs to be manually adjusted if you want to change the view. The rest of the feature set remains the same which is appreciable as this one is cheaper compared to the C200. It has motion detection, night vision up to 30 feet, lights, and alarms, and supports a 128 GB SD card that can record a fortnight’s worth of footage.

TP-Link Tapo C100 also has a privacy feature that turns off the camera if you need to have a private conversation. Users can also schedule video recording as per their preferences and can override the existing video recording settings. This FHD resolution security camera supports a talkback feature and works with Google voice assistant. Alexa integration isn’t working as of yet but may be introduced in the future via a software update. The app experience remains clunky and needs a major upgrade to work smoothly. It doesn’t have any cloud storage feature and every clip is stored on the SD card only.

  • 1080P resolution with 2MP camera
  • Light and alarm feature
  • Privacy mode
  • 128GB storage capacity
  • No cloud storage feature
  • App experience needs improvement
  • Infra-red lights are visible
  • No 360-degree rotation

Buy TP-Link Tapo C100 Security Camera on (India)

5) Realme 360 Deg 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi Smart Security Camera

best smart security cameras in india

Realme 360 Deg Smart Security Camera is a strong competitor to the existing 360-degree smart cameras mentioned in our list. It has a motorized base that lets the camera move in 360 degrees while also supporting pan and tilt. It has a physical anti-sight switch that can be rolled down if you want privacy and can be controlled by the companion app for the security camera.

The Realme 360 Deg smart camera can record footage in FHD resolution and produces admissible color quality even in low light conditions. Also, the Realme 360-degree smart Wi-Fi security camera uses AI-motion tracking and has a powerful intruder alert system to prevent break-in and robbery attempts. Its storage capacity is capped to 128GB that is decent enough to store data for almost fourteen days and is auto encrypted.

It supports inverted and upright installation and comes with an inbuilt Wi-Fi extender to amplify the signal strength of your network connection. Even advanced features like motion tracking and voice talkback are included with the Realme 360 Deg Smart Security Camera, which makes it a powerful contender in the segment of the best smart security cameras in India.

  • Real-time Motion Tracking
  • Up to 128GB Storage
  • In-built Wi-Fi Extender
  • Full color in low light
  • No Cloud Storage or NAS support
  • Not waterproof

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6) Conbre MultipleXR2 Pro HD Smart Wi-Fi Wireless IP CCTV Security Camera

best smart security cameras in india

Conbre MultipleXR2 Pro Security Camera offers both wired and wireless connectivity options that help you to choose whichever connection is feasible to you. The ethernet port can be used if you have the router close by or have a weak Wi-Fi signal in the area where the camera is installed. It has infrared lights and supports 355 degrees panoramic view which is great if you want to reposition camera angles. The base is quite large as compared to other smart security cameras mentioned above and it is suited for indoor usage.

Conbre security camera supports motion detection, but that feature is more of a gimmick as compared to the other cameras. It can send push notifications via email but those are delayed quite a bit. The companion app enables you to control the camera and stream videos to your mobile phone. The 64GB storage capacity is fit for one week to ten days’ worth of recording which depends upon your recording schedule.

  • Two Way Audio
  • Detection and alarm feature
  • 355 degrees panoramic view
  • Both Wi-Fi and ethernet connection supported
  • Average video quality
  • Delayed motion detection alerts

Buy Conbre MultipleXR2 Pro HD Security Camera on (India)

7) Imou 360 Degree Security Camera

best smart security cameras in india

The 360 Degree Imou Security Camera packs a lot of features in its tiny chassis that supports 360-degree rotation using motorized parts. Also, it comes with a staggering 256GB storage space that is fit for up to a month’s worth of video recording in Full HD quality. The app lets you choose between SD and HD streaming if you are running low on bandwidth and also supports talkback and two-way communication with a single tap.

There is a privacy mode present in the camera that flips the lens to stop recording. Imou 360 Degree Security Camera has a gigantic storage space support and comes with compatibility for voice assistants such as Alexa and Google voice assistant. You can control the camera using the app as well as issue commands to it. Besides the Wi-Fi connectivity, this smart security camera also comes with an ethernet port to connect directly to a modem and provide maximum signal strength for streaming.

You can even set motion detection sensitivity in the app as per the usage environment. Imou 360 Degree Security Camera provides maximum bang for the buck. If you are looking for the best surveillance cameras with a wired internet connectivity option and cloud storage service.

  • AI Human Detection
  • Smart Tracking with sensitivity levels
  • Privacy Mode
  • Support Both Wi-Fi and LAN Connectivity
  • No inbuilt siren
  • Average recording in night

Buy IMOU 360 Degree Security Camera on (India)

8) Smitch Wi-Fi Smart Security Camera

best smart security cameras

Smitch Wi-Fi Smart Security Camera presents advanced security features in fairly economical pricing which makes it one of the cheapest FHD cameras in India. It supports pan, tilt, and 360-degree rotation using the mobile app and comes with the option for cloud-based storage space. It is an additional purchase but safely houses your recordings which can be accessed in case the memory card is corrupt or stolen.

Night vision and motion detection are supported but do not work flawlessly on every occasion. The camera does manage to produce clear video recordings even at night. Smitch Wi-Fi Smart Security Camera supports voice assistant integration. The talkback feature present in the camera offers clear communication if the listener is up close. Considering the 1500 INR price range, the Smitch Wi-Fi Smart Security Camera is a good offering in the segment of the best surveillance cameras, despite its few inherent flaws.

  • Cloud storage feature
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Talkback feature
  • Night vision and motion detection
  • Not compatible with Alexa
  • Clunky app experience

Buy Smitch WIFI Smart Security camera on (India)

9) YI 87001 Home Camera Wireless IP Security Surveillance

best smart security cameras

YI 87001is a tiny IP security camera that comes with 720P resolution. And retains many features despite the low video resolution. It supports cloud storage, but the physical storage space is limited to 32 GB, which is good for almost a week’s worth of video footage. The camera does not tilt and is meant for fixed mounting on a table or a wall and is designed for indoor usage only.

This security camera has motion detection and infra-red night vision that enables it to record at night. The videos can be accessed through the companion app and can be streamed in SD or HD resolution. It also has a two-way talk feature and an inbuilt microphone. The intruder alerts are enabled on the camera but there is no physical alarm feature to deter intruders. Nevertheless, this cheap security camera from the brand is fit for indoor usage and child monitoring.

  • Cloud storage feature
  • Motion and intrusion detection
  • Infra-red night vision
  • Fixed camera angle
  • Lacks alarm feature
  • Low storage space

Product currently not available. Check out another alternative from YI Technology

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Qubo smart home security camera and Realme 360 Deg 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi Smart Security Camera are two stellar products that are the best home security cameras in India and can be used for strengthening the security monitoring of your location. They are designed to be used outdoors and the Qubo smart home security camera can handle minor splashes as well. If you need a camera with an ethernet port as well, then Imou 360 Degree Security Camera is a good option that comes with the option of cloud storage.


1. Does the Mi home security camera support the talkback feature?

Yes, the Mi home security camera supports the talkback feature using which the user can talk to the person near the security camera. For this communication to happen, an active internet connection is needed along with the Mi Home app.

2. How to hack my neighbor’s security camera?

It is impossible to hack a security camera unless you are an adept hacker with proficiency in network intrusion. It is a big no to hack a security camera and can invite legal consequences if you attempt to hack one.

3. What is an IP security camera system?

The IP security camera system relies on a network connection such as Wi-Fi or ethernet to operate and works with both local and cloud storage. It is better than an analog security system as it requires fewer wired connections and comes with better video capture capabilities along with a communication system such as a two-way talkback.

4. What is the best camera for security in India?

Qubo smart home security camera and Realme 360 Degree are two reliable options for both indoor and outdoor monitoring. 

5. How to connect a security camera to a mobile phone?

Security cameras can pair with your smartphone after you connect them to your home Wi-Fi network. Just follow the pairing instructions which usually include scanning the QR code of the security camera in the companion app on your smartphone.

6. What is a PTZ security camera?

PTZ is an acronym for pan, tilt, and zoom which is a feature found in security cameras that can rotate 360 degrees using motorized parts. These cameras can easily change their recording angle using the commands from the companion app.

7. What is the weight of the Mi home security camera 360?

Mi home security camera 360 is a lightweight security camera that weighs just 239 grams.

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Best Handheld Body Fat Scanners of 2022

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