Top 6 Best Smart Rings to Buy | The Ultimate Smart Ring Buyer’s Guide, Review, Pros & Cons


Compact and smart are the two adjectives common in the tech industry. Smart gadgets are now getting compact like smartphones removing audio slots to make their device sleeker. Smartwatch and fitness bands are the most preferred common smart wearable at this point in time. Both are compact and offer a wide array of features, can perform multiple functions, and the best is they can be easily carried. Smart rings are the next big thing that can give tough competition to smart wearables.

Top 6 Best Smart Rings to Buy in 2022

Smart rings are more sleek, compact, and user-friendly than other smart wearables. Basically, smart rings are smart gadgets equipped with mobile components like chips and NFC that can help the users execute multiple functions. Choosing and buying the best smart ring can be tricky, as it is an evolving sector of wearables. To help you out but the best smart rings that are worth every penny, we have a comprehensive listicle. 

Our detailed listicle of the best smart rings can help you pick the best product based on your requirement and budget. We will be explaining in detail about the best smart rings along with their key features, pros, and cons. Before starting, as the smart ring is a new wearable accessory in the market, let’s look at some utilities it can provide to the users.

Utilities of the Best Smart Rings

Fitness Tracking: 

Smart rings can be handy for users that are health conscious. Fitness tracking just like other smart wearables can consistently monitor your fitness matrix. It can track your body movements, the number of steps taken, and calories burned throughout the day. Also, smart rings can track your sleep cycle and recommend an ideal sleeping pattern that can improve your overall mental and physical well-being.

Digital Payments:

Earlier smartphones used to make digital payments, now smart wearables do this job for the users. Smart rings are one such smart wearable that can be used to make contactless payments. Several countries like the UK, France, Russia, and the Netherlands are now accepting contactless payments via smart rings. You can make contactless payments via smart rings by touching the POS terminal at any store.

Multi Utility: 

The more utilities a smart gadget has, the more it is loved by the users. Smart ring is one such smart gadget that can perform multiple tasks for the users. From tracking your health to making payments. You can use smart rings to control your smart appliances via voice command or you can use them to manage your calls.

Top 6 Best Smart Rings to Buy

  • Token Smart Ring
  • Ring Pay
  • Oura Smart Ring
  • Motiv Smart Ring
  • ORII Smart Ring
  • BodiMetrics Circul

1. Token Smart Ring Overview

Token Smart Ring is a diligently crafted best smart ring that biometrically pairs with your fingerprint. The ring is fitted with  an optical and fingerprint sensor that protects all your digital data. The ring has tons of technology that makes it an optimal choice for the users who are conscious about their data. The ring provides bank grade encryption to the users that protects your data from breach. Two factor authentication of 2FA along with EAL-5 certification ensures that no one can access your sensitive data without your permission.

The ring has a smart power management system that offers you a long period of usage in one charge. The inductive charging technology recharges the battery in quick succession. You can use the ring for 20 hours on one charge and can juice it up again in 3 hours. The ring is water resistant and can resist up to 3 metres of water ingression.

The data stored on this smart ring is decentralised that further affirms the privacy and security of your data. All you need is to install the Token app on your smartphones and integrate your biometric data. You can add your credentials and you are good to go. The rings support NFC or Near Field Communication and Bluetooth mode of communication. The platform is also collaborating with hundreds of integration partners that assists you in creating unique passwords.

Token Smart Ring

Key Features of Token Smart Ring

  • Decentralised data storage
  • High density laser-etched circuit boards
  • Advanced power management system
  • Two Factor Authentication

Token Smart Ring Pros
  • Autonomous sensors
  • Biometrically pairs with your fingerprint
Token Smart Ring Cons
  • Limited features

2. Ring Pay Smart Ring Overview

Ring Pay is a next generation smart ring that can be used to make hassle-free contactless payments. The ring has an ergonomic design and durable build quality. It is made of scratch resistant high-purity zirconia ceramic material. The ring has hypoallergenic properties that eliminates the issue of skin irritation. You can wear the ring for long hours without worrying. Also, the ring is water resistant that makes it an ideal choice for outdoor usage.

You can make quick contactless with the Ring, and earn cashback. You can also set up a preferred top up amount that will automatically fill your account when it is running low or falling below the minimum level. You can make hassle-free transactions between two rings, making it one of the best smart rings to choose from our list.

The best part about the ring is that it does not require any charging and you can carry it on your fingers all the time. The ring has an isolated wallet that protects every transaction you made.You can download the RingPay app and manage all your transactions conveniently. Also, you can track your expenses when you integrate the ring with the app.

Ring Pay

Key Features of Ring Pay

  • Scratch-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Hypoallergenic properties

Ring Pay Pros
  • Isolated wallet
  • Requires no charging
Ring PayCons
  • Can only make payments

3. Oura Smart Ring Overview

Oura Smart Ring offers a wide array of fitness tracking features that makes it a feasible choice for fitness freaks. This best smart ring can track heart rate, analyze your sleep, and provide personalized health insights. The ring has 7 temperature sensors and can adapt to your surroundings. You can track your day heart rate during your day-to-day activities with the Oura Smart Ring.

Also, you can track heart rate during and post-workout to know how your body reacts. The ring has the best temperature sensors that can adapt and respond to your body temperature. The ring can be handy in determining the date of your monthly cycle. The ring measures your body temperature and can help you know when your next monthly cycle is. As for other fitness tracking features, it can detect 30 activities and fetches useful insights for you.

Oura Ring can track your sleeping patterns and rate your sleep quality on a scale of 1-3. The ring also provides useful recommendations to improve your sleeping pattern. If you are having a stressful day, then Oura Smart Ring can help you. With the help of the Rest Mode, the ring will suggest your daily rest and recovery goals. The best feature of this ring is that it provides guided audio sessions that you can follow to improve your lifestyle. The ring has a curated library of 50+ audio sessions from experts and professionals.

Oura Smart Ring

Key Features of Oura Smart Ring:

  • Personalised health insights
  • Sleep analysis and recommendations
  • Sleep scores
  • 7 Temperature sensors

Oura Smart Ring Pros
  • Guided audio sessions
  • Adapt and respond according to your body temperature
Oura Smart Ring Cons
  • Tedious fitting process

4. Motiv Smart Ring Overview

With subtle design and diverse functionality, Motiv Smart Ring is next on our list of the best smart rings. The ring is available in three exquisite colors that you have chosen. The ring is ultra-light and waterproof so that you can carry it all day long. The ring provides handy fitness tracking features. You can track your heart health, sleeping patterns, and steps with the help of the Motiv Smart Ring. The ring is available in 7 different sizes which you can choose based on your preference.

The ring is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. You can connect the Motiv Ring with Apple Health and Google Fit to sync and view all your data. The ring offers a usage period of 3 days on one charge. You can juice up the ring in 1 hour 30 minutes and you are good to go again. As for the sensors, the ring has a 3-axis accelerometer and optical heart rate sensor to track your health data.

Motiv Smart Ring

Key Features of Motiv Smart Ring :

  • Available in 7 ring sizes
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • Optical heart sensor
  • Sleek and minimal design
  • Multi platform compatibility

Motiv Smart Ring Pros
  • Long usage time
  • Can track sleeping patterns
Motiv Smart Ring Cons
  • App is not rich in customization

5. ORII Smart Ring Overview

ORII Smart Ring is a premium-looking durable range that you can use for multiple purposes. It has an aluminum case and is available in four appealing colors that you can choose from and wear on different occasions. It has a sleek design that fits perfectly on your fingers. This best smart ring eliminates the need of taking smartphones out of your pocket.  The ring has a gesture and voice interface making it one of the best smart rings. You can use intuitive gestures to control different activities.

You can use the intuitive buttons to manage your calls and notifications. The ring alerts you of new messages or calls that arrive on your smartphone. You can reply to messages and voice calls with the help of the intuitive buttons of the ORII Smart Ring. The ring is compatible with Bluetooth speakers and headsets, your music is in your fingers. You can play, pause, and skip tracks with this best smart ring. Also, the ring has a message readout overlay that keeps you informed of everything.

ORII smart ring can also be your assistant. You can use voice commands to control all the smart appliances with the help of the ORII smart ring. You do not need to worry if the ring fits or not in your fingers as it comes with interchangeable ring sizes. This minimalist smart ring should be your top pick while looking for the best smart rings in the market.

ORII Smart Ring Key

ORII Smart Ring Key Features:

  • Sleek figure
  • Minimalist design
  • Intuitive buttons
  • Can be used for multiple purpose

ORII Smart Ring Pros
  • Voice assistant
  • Gesture rich control
ORII Smart Ring Cons
  • Lack fitness tracking features

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6. BodiMetrics CIRCUL Smart Ring Overview

BodiMetrics Circul is an asleep and fitness tracking ring that is available in different sizes. The ring can constantly track the blood oxygen and heart rate. You can track heart rate during activities like during your workout. Also, it can count the calories burned during a workout session. You can integrate the ring with Circuit mobile app and track all your health data on your smartphone. You can track and share all the stats with your friends, trainer, and physician to assess your performance.

The ring can be charged via a USB cable in 2 hours and you are good to go again. The ring is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, which eases your task of syncing the health data. You can set customizable alerts for your sleep patterns and blood oxygen so that you can take notice at the time when it matters the most.

BodiMetrics Circul Smart Ring

BodiMetrics Circul Key Features:

  • Customizable alert thresholds
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Complete fitness tracker

BodiMetrics Circul Key Pros
  • Fitness tracking up to 18 hours
  • Available in different sizes
BodiMetrics Circul Key Cons
  • Data accuracy is fluctuating

General FAQs Regarding Smart Rings

Is a Motiv Ring worth buying? How long does it last?

Yes, a Motiv Ring can be a good option to buy if you are looking for a mid-ranged smart ring. It can do all the basic stuff like health tracking, sleep monitoring, etc. The Motiv Ring can last for 72 hours after one charging cycle. The total charge time of the ring is 90 minutes.

What is NFC? Can we make payments via NFC rings?

NFC or Near Field Communication is a mechanism where one can make wireless communication within a short-range. Some examples of similar mechanisms are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Yes, wearables do now come with NFC. Besides smartwatches, Smart rings also can be used to make payments. Mclear PayRing is one such option to make NFC contactless payments.

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