Best Smart Motion Sensors For Your Home in 2022


Smart gadgets can simplify any work and help save time. Using smart gadgets for household purposes is now possible with the best smart motion sensors for your home. There are diverse smart sensors available in the market out there that you can buy and use. You can automate all the actions that need to be performed at a specific time with the help of the best smart motion sensors for your home.

Smart sensors can also detect the air quality of your home, protect your family members from intrusion, and monitor your tiny tots in your absence. There are tons of other benefits you can take from the smart sensors and enhance the security of your living place. We are compiling and presenting the top 10 best smart motion sensors that you can buy for your home based on your needs.

Top 10 Best Smart Home Sensors for Alexa

1) Aqara Motion Sensor

The Aqara Motion Sensor can detect motion within a range of 170 degrees and notify you about it. This best smart sensor is compatible with other smart gadgets like Apple Homekit and Amazon Alexa. You can place this motion sensor anywhere you want as no complex installation process is required. The sensor stand of Aqara Motion Sensor can rotate 360 degrees which you can adjust based on your preference.

You can turn on the alarm mode when you leave the house and you will be notified instantly if there is any unusual motion in your absence. The sensor has a sturdy build quality, thanks to flame retardant material built paired with an anti-UV shell. The sensor has an advanced Japanese infrared sensor that helps in the precision detection of human motion.

Aqara Motion SensorKey Features of Aqara Motion Sensor:

  • Durable build quality
  • Precise human motion detection
  • Compatible with Apple Homekit and Amazon Alexa

  • Easy to place
  • Security notification
  • 360-degree rotation
  • The detection range is limited


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2) Philips Hue Indoor Motion Sensor

The Philips Hue Indoor Motion Sensor is a tiny and smart sensor that can be perfect for your home. The light of your room will automatically turn on and off on your arrival and departure respectively when you install Philips Hue Sensor. The smart sensor in this gadget will detect the optimum daylight levels and will help you to save energy and reduce your bills. You can place this best smart sensor on any surface or mount it to the wall with the help of a screw.

This indoor motion sensor automatically switches to the smart light night settings to make your night comfortable and peaceful. You can install the Hue app to customize and change the settings of the house room’s lighting. Besides this, you can set a timer, create your ambiance, and configure home smart accessories with this Philips smart sensor.

Philips Hue Indoor Motion SensorPhilips Hue Indoor Motion Sensor Key Features:

  • Smart sensor to detect optimum daylight
  • Smart night light settings
  • Trigger Hue smart lights

  • Customize sensitivity of light
  • Voice control
  • Easy to install and use
  • Multiple units will be required for large halls and rooms


Buy Philips Hue Indoor Motion Sensor on Amazon

3) Okos Smart Alarm Sensor

With flexible placement options in your door, windows, and entrance, Okos Smart Alarm Sensor is next on this list. This smart sensor works with 2.4 GHz home Wi-fi and no separate hub is required. This best smart security sensor can detect any unusual motion or activity in your home in your absence. The sensor will immediately send an alarm to the users in case anything unusual is detected.

You can also set automated actions like switching lights and door opening. The sensor is powered by a CR2 battery which makes it a durable and long-lasting product. The door sensor comprises a wireless transmitter and permanent magnet that keeps you updated with all the happenings in your home. This multi-purpose smart sensor can be a great choice to enhance the security of your house.

Okos Smart Alarm SensorKey Features of Okos Smart Alarm Sensor:

  • Smart security sensor
  • Works with home Wi-fi
  • Immediately send an alarm push to the user

  • Flexible placement
  • Long-lasting performance
  • No hub required
  • Waterproof
  • Time lag in updating the status

4) Centralite Micro Motion Sensor

The Centralite Micro Motion Sensor offers wide compatibility with platforms like Wink, Vera, ZigBee, and SmartThings which makes it one of the best smart motion sensors. It can work as a security and home automation gadget for your home. The Motion Sensor has a detection range of 30 feet which makes it ideal for big houses also. Based on your suitability, you can mount this motion sensor on walls, ceilings, and corners.

When you sync this sensor with the electronic appliances at home, it can automatically adjust the lights during different phases of the day. You can use the Smart Scheduling feature to turn off the lights in a vacant house. Also, this best smart sensor has a powerful battery that comes with a 2-year usage cycle, thus minimizing the replacement cost.

Centralite Micro Motion Sensor

Centralite Micro Motion Sensor Key Features:

  • Wide compatibility
  • Home automation feature
  • Smart scheduling

  • 15 foot detection range
  • 2 year battery life
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Do not have power monitoring


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5) Z-Wave Plus Sensor

Z-Wave Plus Sensor is a door and window smart sensor that can take care of the security of your home. The sensor is capable of detecting the opening of a door and window during any type of intrusion from outsiders. The product is available in blue and brown color options. Z-Wave Plus Sensor is natively compatible with Samsung SmartThings and you can control other smart devices with it. The product has an easy installation process and will not take much of your time.

Z-Wave Plus Sensor

Key Features of Z-Wave Plus Sensor:

  • Detect intrusion
  • Compatible with Samsung SmartThings

  • Easy to install
  • Black and brown casing
  • Not compact as compared to its peers


Buy Z-Wave Plus Sensor on Amazon

6) Samsung SmartThings Magnetic Sensor

Control and manage all your home with the Samsung SmartThings Magnetic Sensor. You can connect lights. Switches. Cameras, doorbells, door locks, and other appliances with Samsung Smart Sensor. The best part is that you can connect a whole range of smart devices wirelessly with this smart sensor. The sensor sends an immediate alert when an unexpected movement occurs inside the house.

Also, you can set connected devices to turn on and off during specific movements and times of the day. You can set automated routines for specific times of the day. This compact and affordable best smart sensor should be on your checklist if you are planning to buy one.

Samsung SmartThings Magnetic Sensor

Samsung SmartThings Magnetic Sensor Key Features:

  • Control whole home
  • Connected door locks and doorbells
  • Connect light and switches

  • Receive instant alerts
  • Detect triggered movements
  • Magnetic mount
  • A low battery triggers a false alarm


Buy Samsung SmartThings Magnetic Sensor on Amazon

7) Honeywell Smart Room Sensor

Honeywell Smart Room Sensor can detect the room temperature and set it to the ideal temperature to provide you maximum comfort. You can place smart room sensors all-around your house and determine the temperature of each room. You can focus on specific rooms by setting a schedule or managing multiple rooms at a time.

The battery-powered smart sensors can sense and deliver signals up to 200 feet in your house. Also, the Honeywell Home Technology can further enhance signal efficiency. You can set a home/away schedule to save energy and bills for your house. This best smart sensor is also compatible with steam, heat pump, and forced air appliances.

Honeywell Smart Room SensorKey Features of Honeywell Smart Room Sensor:

  • Set ideal temperature
  • Saves energy
  • Manage multiple rooms at a time

  • Smart room sensors
  • Strong and wide signal range
  • No microphone


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8) Yo Link Smart Home Sensor

The YoLink Smart Home Sensor has a variety of sensors that can take care of all the household needs. It has an indoor door sensor, outdoor contact sensor, water leak sensor, temperature humidity sensor, vibration sensor, and water level monitoring sensor. It also has a panic alarm button that can be handy in case of an emergency. It has 4 pre-configured buttons: arm, disarm, panic, and sleep.

The sensor can monitor indoor and outdoor temperature, and humidity and notify you when the conditions are normal. It gives a spoken message and notifies you of all the happenings. The product also comes with a Garage Door Sensor that can safely park your vehicle and notify you of any unusual activity. Besides this, you can place this product on the door of your baby’s room to check whether he is awake in the middle of the night. YoLink Smart Home Sensor has multiple uses which makes it one of the best smart sensors on this list.

Yo Link Smart Home SensorKey Features of Yo Link Smart Home Sensor:

  • Phone push notification
  • Automated calls
  • Outdoor and indoor siren alarm

  • Supervise the open and closed status of doors and windows
  • Water leak sensor
  • Tedious to navigate the app


Buy Yo Link Smart Home Sensor on Amazon

9) Fibaro Motion Sensor

Fibaro Motion Sensor is an ultra-intelligent motion sensor that can detect motion, temperature, light level, etc. With this motion sensor, you can create reactive lighting programs during the nighttime in your home. This best smart motion sensor is ideal for open Z-wave systems like Vera, and Nexia. Smart Things, and HomeSeer. The sensor provides dependable motion alerts and notifies you of any intrusion.

This sensor has over 20 advanced settings that you can customize based on your preference. You can place this sensor on any flat surface or fix it on the wall using an adhesive. You can also adjust the detection and sensitivity levels for pets like cats and dogs in your house.

Fibaro Motion SensorKey Features of Fibaro Motion Sensor:

  • 4 In 1 sensor
  • More than 20 advanced settings for customization
  • Dependable motion alerts

  • Light intensity measurement
  • Adjustable sensitivity levels
  • Limited detection range as compared to similar sensors


Buy Fibaro Motion Sensor on Amazon

10) Onvis Smart Motion Sensor

The Onvis Smart Motion Sensor is a multipurpose sensor that provides unlimited motion detection. The app provides real-time notification on your smart device once the movement is captured. It comes with a motion trigger, humidity trigger, and temperature trigger. This best smart motion sensor can sense movements within a range of 7 meters.

If you are looking for previous records, then this sensor has it for you. You can view 100 recent records and the records of the past 31 days. Also, you can set custom scenes like playing music if any motion is detected. The sensor is compatible with Apple Homekit and you can directly control the switch, bulb, phone, outlet, and camera.

Onvis Smart Motion SensorKey Features of Onvis Smart Motion Sensor:

  • Notification reminder
  • Multipurpose sensor
  • Compatible with Apple Homekit

  • View 100 recent records
  • Motion trigger
  • Automated alarm
  • The app interface is laggy


Buy Onvis Motion Sensor on Amazon


What are smart motion sensors?

Smart motion sensors are smart devices that can detect movement in and around your house. In response, it triggers a response that prompts you to take the required action. It can sense the movement of intrusion and alert you. It can switch off and on the lights after sensing the detection, and so on. There are multi-utility sensors as well as specific sensors that you can buy for your home based on your preference.

Is Fibaro compatible with Zigbee?

Yes, the Fibaro smart motion sensor is compatible with Zigbee. Along with Zigbee, it also supports Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and Z-wave connectivity. Also, this best smart motion sensor is compatible with more than 1500 third-party devices.

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