Top 10 Best Smart Mirrors to Buy in 2022


Everything is getting smarter these days. From smartphones to televisions and now the real future has come, Smart mirrors are in existence. It looks like a regular reflecting piece of glass at first, but there are a lot of hidden smart features deployed inside it.

You can talk to your mirror when you wake up in the morning every day. Digital display, touch screens, smart apps, & a lot more stuff, there are a lot of useful features that these smart mirrors have to offer to you.

How Exactly Does a Smart Mirror Work?

There’s hardly any day when we do not look into the mirror. It’s the first thing that all of us do in the morning, right? Everyone loves to look good, it affects your overall personality and self-confidence too. If you have never used a smart mirror, you should get one for yourself. For makeup artists especially, it’s a highly recommended gadget that you must have if you want to look more professional in the eyes of your clients.

If you’re looking to purchase one, you are at the right spot as here we have compiled a list of the top 10 best smart mirrors that you can buy in 2022.

Top 10 Smart Mirrors in 2022

Doesn’t matter if you need a low-budget option or a really expensive piece of digital smart glass, from smart makeup mirrors, fitness mirrors, to even smart bathroom mirrors, we have got you covered. Let’s start this buying guide with our first product on the list.

1. iHome Vanity Mirror iCVBT2

iHome Vanity Mirror

Key Features of iHome Vanity Mirror

  • Wireless Bluetooth to Listen to Music
  • Handsfree Speaker
  • Smartphone Charging

iHome Vanity Mirror Pros
  • Distortion-Free Appearance with 7×9 Inches Mirror
  • Both Siri & Google are Integrated
  • You can easily charge your smartphone
iHome Vanity Mirror Cons
  • The light defect is one major complaint by users.

Beginning the list with the most affordable option. This is a 7×9 inches smart mirror that allows you to control it with voice commands. It really feels like you’re talking to a mirror. It will cost you around 100$ and provides you with all the basic features that a smart mirror must have under this price segment. From LED lighting, Siri & Google support, smartphone charging, to wireless Bluetooth. It does have all the basic smart features that obviously a normal regular mirror does not have.

Also, it is available in black & white colors & can easily fit on your work desk as well. If we talk more about its features, it has a hands-free speakerphone to pick up calls or play music using voice commands. The iCVBT2 mirror provides you with a focused and distortion-free experience which really helps you groom better for the day. Definitely, under the $100 price segment, it is one of the finest options present in the market.

Buy iHome Vanity Mirror iCVBT2 on Amazon

2. HiMirror Mini 16G 

HiMirror Mini 16G

Key Features of HiMirror

  • Beauty Box App
  • 2x 3x Magnification
  • AR Beauty Filters

HiMirror Pros
  • It recommends you products suiting your skin & current weather conditions
  • LED Lighting to focus on your skin routines
  • AR Beauty Filters let you do digital makeup to try new looks
HiMirror Cons
  • The camera quality is not good in this mirror.

This one is for beauty & makeup lovers. It has all the features that a makeup enthusiast would expect to have inside a mirror. You can scan digital barcodes of your makeup products using this mirror. It has awesome LED lighting to focus on your face while doing makeup. One awesome feature that users enjoy in this product is the AR Beauty Filter that allows you to try new makeup looks using Augmented Reality. Again, this product as well as all the basic smart features like Google, Alexa Integration, can also use social media like YouTube, Instagram & Facebook on this mirror.

Buy HiMirror Mini 16G on Amazon

3. BYECOLD Horizontal Vanity Bathroom Mirror

BYECOLD Horizontal Vanity Bathroom Mirror

Key Features of BYECOLD Bathroom Mirror

Smart Touch Switch
Weather Forecast
Anti-Fog Function

BYECOLD Bathroom Mirror Pros
  • Easily defog your mirror using the Anti-Fog feature during warm showers.
  • Dimmable LED Lights let you control the brightness as you want.
  • Multifunctioning features to enjoy while connected to WiFi.
BYECOLD Bathroom Mirror Cons
  • The connectivity apps have some bugs to be fixed

If you want to take your makeup looks to the next level, this bathroom smart mirror is for you. This BYECOLD smart bathroom mirror is available in various sizes to choose from depending upon your bathroom wall. You get to enjoy a lot of fancy features inside this smart mirror & the one which people love is its anti-fog functionality. It has a smart-touch digital panel to control all these features on quick taps. You can decide what to wear on the day while taking shower by looking at the real-time weather forecasts on your smart mirror’s wifi clock app.

Buy BYECOLD Horizontal Vanity Bathroom Mirror on Amazon

4. ReignCharm Hollywood Vanity Mirror

ReignCharm Hollywood Vanity Mirror

ReignCharm Vanity Mirror Key Features

  • 12 Powerful LED Bulbs
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Bluetooth Connectivity

ReignCharm Vanity Mirror Pros
  • The best option for makeup artists looking for LED Light Mirror
  • Built-in speakers to play music while you’re working
  • Digital screen displays the current time, temperature, etc.
ReignCharm Vanity Mirror Cons
  • At such a high price, the mirror does not offer much

ReignCharm Hollywood Vanity smart mirror is one of the best options, especially for professional makeup works. Makeup Artists require good lighting to do their work at their very best. This smart mirror offers 12 bright LED light bulbs that will easily fulfill your lightning conditions while you’re doing your work.

With that said, this smart mirror also has a display where you can see basic details like time & temperature. Yes, Bluetooth connectivity is available in this mirror along with built-in speakers to enjoy music while working. It can be placed standing on a base or you can even mount it on a wall. This smart mirror has a large viewable area of 24.5” x 15.3”. Along with that, you also get wall mounting brackets inside the package in case you want to hang it on a wall.

Buy ReignCharm Hollywood Vanity Mirror on Amazon

5. Gesipor LED Bathroom Mirror

por LED Bathroom Mirror

Key Features of Gesipor Bathroom Mirror 

  • No Light Leaking Technology
  • Anti-Fog Functionality
  • Bluetooth Audio & Dimmable LEDs

Gesipor Bathroom Mirror Pros
  • Controllable LED lights to create warm or daylight effects
  • Defogger button that takes just a minute to clean the mirror
  • Play music or receive calls by using Bluetooth connectivity
Gesipor Bathroom Mirror Cons
  • No major issues were observed in this smart mirror

This Gesipor LED Bathroom mirror will cost you around $400 and offer similar features to the BYECOLD Bathroom mirror. Instead, it has some more additions in the features compared to that model. A lot of mirrors have a light leaking defect at the edges, but this smart mirror has extra anti-leaking stripe tape that prevents the light from leaking. Using the anti-defog button, you can quickly clean the fog in your mirror, just with a tap. The design of this smart mirror offers a luxury feel at home. Also, you can enjoy Bluetooth music in the showers as well.

Buy Gesipor LED Bathroom Mirror on Amazon

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6. Echelon Reflect 50” Fitness Mirror

Echelon Reflect 50” Fitness Mirror

Key Features of Echelon Fitness Mirror

  • Free 90-Days Fitness Class Membership
  • Built-in Camera Support
  • Music from Top Streaming Labels

Echelon Fitness Mirror Pros
  • Interact Live with World’s Best Fitness Trainers
  • 50-Inches Huge Touch Mirror Display
  • Echelon Fit App integration to meet your daily fitness goals
Echelon Fitness Mirror Cons
  • This smart mirror is very expensive

Echelon Reflect 50” Smart Mirror costs above $1500. Yes, this mirror is very expensive, but if you look at the features and value it offers in exchange, it is all worth its cost. This one is built keeping fitness enthusiasts in mind. It is integrated with the Echelon Fit app which allows you to talk and interact with the best fitness trainers from the world.

While you’re working out, you can explore the music of every genre and play energetic songs to push a little more at every reputation. Surely, this cannot act like beauty or makeup mirror like we talked about above, but for Fitness enthusiasts and their daily workouts, it can help you to build workout habits and meet your fitness goals.

Buy Echelon Reflect 50” Fitness Mirror on Amazon

7. KOHLER Verdera Voice Smart Mirror

KOHLER Verdera Voice Smart Mirror

Key Features of KOHLER Smart Mirror

  • Amazon Alexa Voice Integration
  • Shadowless Dimmable Lighting
  • In-Built Speakers

KOHLER Smart Mirror Pros
  • Use Alexa Commands to Play Music & Control Mirror
  • Embedded Speakers with a high-quality sound system
  • You can also use the Kohler app to control the mirror
KOHLER Smart Mirror Cons
  • This bathroom smart mirror does not offer an anti-fog feature

The KOHLER Verdera Voice Smart Mirror is the option for you if you need an affordable bathroom futuristic smart mirror. It may cost you around $1200 and it’s a value for money deal. This smart mirror has dedicated Amazon Alexa integration, which means you can use your voice commands to use Alexa Features or to control the mirror settings as well.

There is an integrated stereo sound system to listen to your favorite music in the showers. With all of that, you can even control the lights of the smart mirror with your voice commands. In case you need it, you can also use the Kohler app to control the mirror settings using your smartphone. The only feature this smart bathroom mirror lacks is the anti-fog functionality that is available in other bathroom smart mirrors on our list.

Buy KOHLER Verdera Voice Smart Mirror on Amazon

8. Keonjinn Double Sink LED Smart Mirror

Keonjinn Double Sink LED Smart Mirror

Key Features of Keonjinn Smart Mirror

  • Over 50,000 Hours of LED Life
  • One-Tap Anti Fog
  • IP54 Waterproof LEDs

Keonjinn Smart Mirror Pros
  • The LED lights used in the mirror are IP54 rated, completely safe to use
  • You can control luminance from 10%-100%
  • One-touch anti-fog feature cleans the mirror in a few minutes
Keonjinn Smart Mirror Cons
  • No major issues were observed in this model

This Keonjinn LED smart LED mirror is an affordable option to install in bathrooms or even at salons. It is mainly built for beauty & makeup purposes, and it comes in various sizes. It is a double sink LED smart mirror that comes with IP54 waterproof LED Lights. Also, the brand says that if you use the mirror LED lights for 3 hours daily, it will still last around 40-45 years of lifetime. With all the important bathroom mirror features like the Anti-Fog function, this is one of the finest smart LED bathroom mirrors for beauty and makeup enthusiasts.

Buy Keonjinn Double Sink LED Smart Mirror on Amazon

9. FENCHLIN Vanity Smart Mirror

 FENCHLIN Vanity Smart Mirror

Key Features of FENCHLIN Smart Mirror

  • Smart touch & memory function
  • Bluetooth Connectivity for Music along with USB Port
  • Adjustable Light Brightness Levels

FENCHLIN Smart Mirror Pros
  • This mirror has 5 different size options to choose
  • It has 18 smart LED bulbs
  • Suitable for both tabletop or wall mount placements
  • 10X Magnifying for Eye Makeup
FENCHLIN Smart Mirror Cons
  • This smart mirror does not have any app connectivity feature

The FENCHLIN Vanity smart mirror is another very affordable and suitable option for makeup artists or salons. If you ever needed a smart mirror with digital functions like Bluetooth connectivity, USB charging, & touch screen controls. This Vanity smart mirror is for you. One of the major reasons why you should buy this is because you place it as a tabletop or mount it on a wall as well.

It has 10x magnifying capabilities which will let you focus on the eye makeup. You can easily control the brightness levels of the 18 LED smart bulbs depending upon your requirements. No doubt, if you want to buy a smart mirror for yourself or you want to give it to someone as a gift, this Fenchlin Vanity mirror is a really good option.

Buy FENCHLIN Vanity Smart Mirror on Amazon

10. Hansong Vanity Mirror

 Hansong Vanity Mirror

Key Features of Hansong Vanity Mirror

  • 3 Color Lighting Modes
  • Bluetooth Connectivity with Speakers
  • Detachable Mirror Base & Hanging Set

Hansong Vanity Mirror Pros
  • Extra-large mirror size, suitable for makeovers
  • 18 LED Bulbs that can be controlled
  • Touch Smart Keys to Adjust Brightness and Mirror Settings
Hansong Vanity Mirror Cons
  • Mirrors get damaged during deliveries, do contact the brand if found.

The Hansong Vanity Mirror is a very similar model to the FENCHLIN smart mirror. It does also have the same features. You can easily control the brightness levels of 18 LED bulbs using smart touch buttons. By using Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily connect the mirror with your phone and play music while you’re working.

The mirror size of both of these models is fair enough to do makeovers. This smart mirror has a 10x magnifier which helps in detailing eye makeup. Again, you can mount it on a table or hang it on a wall too. One important thing that you need to know is that a lot of times, mirror glass gets damaged during deliveries, however, you don’t need to worry, just contact your brand to get your issue solved!

Buy Hansong Vanity Mirror on Amazon

Wrapping Up

It all began with smartphones, but now it has reached smartwatches, smart televisions, & smart mirrors too. If you want to stick along with the ‘Smart’ trend, you must try out the smart mirrors too.

The time has finally come, now you won’t just imagine talking to your mirror. Instead, you will talk to your mirror and I’m sure it is going to give you beautiful compliments every day.
Even while taking showers, you can prepare yourself for the whole day. You can ask things like how’s the weather today, so you can decide what to wear and where to go.

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Best Handheld Body Fat Scanners of 2022

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