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Keeping track of your body is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To match up with the fast pacing modern world, there are modern solutions for everyone. One of the modern solutions to enhance human life is smart tapes. Best Smart/Body measuring tapes can help you capture your body metrics in seconds without putting much effort. Out of the smart tapes available, here are some of the best smart tapes you can buy at an affordable price.

These best Smart/Body measuring tapes can help you measure all the vital body parts measurements like biceps, shoulders, hips, and more. It also helps you to determine different body ratios that are vital for a healthy body. Without any further ado, let’s get started with our listicle of the best smart tapes.

Benefits of Best Smart Tapes

Mobile App Integration: smart tapes can be integrated with mobile apps which is a handy benefit for the users. They can measure their body-related data and track them on the mobile app of these best smart tapes. The data is further presented in an interactive graphical form that helps you to easily track your progress.

Ease of Using: Traditional tapes were tedious to use. You need to use both your hands and mark the unit to determine the length. But that is not the case with the best Smart/Body measuring tapes. Smart tapes are compact and come with a digital display that helps you conveniently determine your bicep, waist, hip, and other body parts size.

Top 7 Best Smart Body Measuring Tapes

1. RenPho Smart Measuring Tape

RenPho Smart Measuring Tape will help you to measure your weight loss, muscle gain, and fitness. This best smart tape can work with the RenPho health app or the RenPho app. It has an easy lock hook which helps you a lot.

RenPho Smart/Body Measuring Tapes

With the help of this lock, you don’t need anyone to take your measurements. It is 60 inches/ 1.5 metres in length. It has an LCD screen that helps you see the data. You can measure your body progress in inches or cm. It also has a Re-trackable button. You can use it during pregnancy and check the figure of your baby’s growth.

  • One hand measurements
  • Hook lock available
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Fits too tight



Buy RenPho Smart Measuring Tape on Amazon

2. FitIndex Digital Measuring Tape

You can now record changes in your body with the help of FitIndex Digital Measuring Tape. You can track all the measurements in the fitindex app. Moreover, you can track your efforts over weeks, months or years and this can also show you a graph of your progress. It has a double measurement unit and mode. You can easily carry it anywhere because it can easily fit in your handbag or pockets.

FitIndex Digital Measuring Tape

Not only this but it also has a locking pic which makes everything easy for you. It has three buttons: the first is the data save button, the second is off and on the button and the third is the unit switch button.

All buttons can work differently- the data save button if you press it for a short time confirms the measurements and sends them to the app via Bluetooth but if you press the same button for a long time it clears to zero. The unit switch button can be used to switch between the different measurement units. This highly rated best body measuring tape on Amazon is a must-buy.

  • Accurate readings
  • Data comparison
  • Large monitor
  • Manual instructions are lil confusing



Buy FitIndex Digital Measuring Tape on Amazon

3. Bagel Pie Labs Smart Tape

Bagel Pie Labs Smart Tape is the most recommended machine for measuring your body progress. You can take all records with the help of the Pie Fit app which is free and you can download it from the play store. This can help you to measure how much you lose weight, how much you gain muscle, etc.

You can set a goal and easily beat your goal by tracking your progress in the easy-to-read tape measure chart and graphs with the help of this measuring tape. You can track the changes in your body composition. This Smart/Body measuring tape gives you the most accurate measurement guaranteed.Bagel Pie Labs SmartSmart/Body Tape

More than that this can also keep track of seven different critical body parts which is quite difficult to measure. With the help of this measuring tape, you can measure your biceps, calves, hips, thighs, waist, shoulders, and bust. Not only this but the app can keep and store track of more than 100 people and also stores different goals as well. It comes with an OLED display that helps you to track all the data.

  • Track up to 100 people
  • Accurate measurement
  • Interactive chart and graph
  • Average app interface



Buy Bagel Pie Labs Smart Tape on Amazon

4. Slimpal Body Tape Measure

You can record your data and also control your body fat with the help of Slimpal Body Tape Measure. Waist to hip ratio will help you to monitor your health. You can select your body part and save data by pressing an M button for a short time. If you press the same button for a long time then it’s changing units between inches and cm.

Slimpal Smart/Body Tape Measure

If you want to reset everything then press the power button and M button at the same time. It is 60 inches in length, which means 1.5 metres. Also, it has a lock hock which is very easy to lock, more than that it has a retractable button and also an LCD screen.

  • Calculate body fat
  • Upgraded lock hook design
  • Custom girth feature
  • Data organisation in the app can be improved



Buy Slimpal Body Tape Measure on Amazon

5. Hapaw Smart Tape Measure

Track your body fitness just in one second with the help of Hapaw Smart Tape Measure. You can measure your neck, shoulder, biceps, chest, waist, hip, calf, thigh with this smart measuring tape. It has an upgraded lock hook so you don’t have to face any problems to lock it and don’t have to put much effort.

Hapaw SmartSmart/Body Tape Measure

It easily monitors body data. Perfect for bodybuilders, measuring weight loss and gain, measuring muscle gain, it is also perfect for taking measurements for sewing. You can monitor your belly fat and also the growth of your baby during pregnancy.

  • Upgraded lock hook
  • Generate weekly and monthly reports
  • Wide application
  • The app is not handy with IOS devices



Buy Hapaw Smart Tape Measure on Amazon

6. GemRed Digital Body Measuring Tape

GemRed Digital Body Measuring Tape is a measuring machine which helps you to measure your waist, biceps etc. It comes with an auto-locking feature and is a trackable button. Also, it comes in two different colours. You can also measure your length with this tape.

GemRed Digital Smart/Body Measuring Tapes

You can measure with one hand and don’t need anyone’s help to take your measurement. The tape will adhere to your skin gently to ensure a correct waist circumference because of the locking pin.

You can easily replace the battery when it’s not working and do it by yourself. This ingenious anti-shedding groove design makes measurement efficient. This is a high-quality tape that reduces power consumption.

  • Large screen
  • Auto lock feature
  • One hand measurement



    Buy GemRed Digital Body Measuring Tape on Amazon

    7. PureNext Smart Body Tape Measure

    With the help of PureNext Smart/Body measuring tapes, you can measure your neck, shoulder, chest, biceps, waist, hip, abdomen, calf, and thigh. You can record the data of these parts as well. You can set a goal and reach it with the help of this tape because you can keep track of your progress.

    It has three ratios to make you healthy and fit which are waist to hip ratio, waist to chest ratio and chest to hip ratio. It has a large LCD screen, hook lock, lock button, and re-trackable button. You can measure in different measuring units with this best digital body smart tape.

    PureNext Smart/Body Measuring Tapes

    Also, you can select a body part and save data with the help of the M button. You can open Bluetooth on your mobile and then connect it with the app for keeping all the records. It is one of the best Smart/Body measuring tapes on Amazon that you can buy.

    • 3 Ratios to monitor your health
    • Easy to use
    • Retracting button
    • Need to specify each body part in the app



    Buy PureNext Smart Body Tape Measure on Amazon

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