Best Smart Lockboxes in USA That You Need to Consider in 2022


Securing expensive items is a priority for every one of us but we tend to focus more on jewelry, documents, family heirloom, etc. Keys are never a security concern for anyone until they find themselves in the predicament of missing keys, theft, and the worst-case scenario – burglary. Hiding your house keys under the doormat or your garden gnomes is not the wisest choice anymore. Best Smart Lockboxes are a robust solution that can keep your keys and small valuables safe from prying eyes and miscreants.

What are the Best Smart Lockboxes?

Smart Lockboxes have the appearance and design of a gigantic padlock but have tiny storage space for storing valuables. They can be operated by using a PIN, fingerprint, or remotely unlocked using Bluetooth. It takes the physical key usage almost out of the equation, but they do come with a pair in case you forget your PIN or lose your device. These smart boxes are battery operated and do not need an active Wi-Fi connection, instead, they rely on Bluetooth connectivity which is better suited in this use case.

Benefits of using Smart Lockboxes

Here are a few reasons why you should consider using a Smart Lockbox instead of a padlock or doormat for your valuable possessions:

Storage Space: Traditional lockboxes lack storage space but Best Smart Lockboxes in USA have ample storage space to safeguard your keys and cards. It might not be huge but it makes a difference, as you can store personal valuables while also safeguarding the house or anything else.

Multiple use-case Environments: Padlocks begin to rust and act finicky in rain but Best Smart Lockboxes are weather-proofed to repel moisture and keep the contents safe. They can be used both indoors and outdoors without worrying about the moisture problem.

Power Source: Best Smart Lock Boxes are powered by AA batteries and last for quite a long due to minimal power consumption. Even if the battery is running low, the smart lock alerts you to replace the battery in advance.

Remote Accessibility: The Smart Lockboxes can be accessed remotely and can be locked or unlocked at will. Even if you fail to give your house key to other members, you can easily unlock it for them by sharing a temporary pin.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the list of top Best Smart Lockboxes in USA that you can use to secure your personal items.

Top 6 Best Electronic Key Boxes 

1. Igloo Home Smart Lockbox

Igloohome’s Smart Keybox 3 is the third iteration in the company’s smart lockbox lineup that grabs the top spot in our list of the best smart lockboxes that money can buy in the USA. Igloohome Smart Keybox 3 packs a lot of essential features in a reinforced chassis that can handle some abuse before becoming unusable. The smart lock opens via a six-digit PIN or your smartphone. The companion app is an ingenious solution that makes it easy to customize locking modes and add users and PIN codes.

Igloo Home Smart Lockbox

Igloohome’s Smart Keybox 3 comes with two different shackles of small and large sizes. The largest one can be used for securing wider objects while the small one is perfect for securing your doorknob. The companion app offers the users to set daily or weekly access codes and even issue temporary ones. The Keybox 3 automatically locks after a few seconds even if you fail to lock it.

Monitoring the lockbox access is pretty easy as the app logs each activity and syncs it with the user. On top of these features, it is IP66 rated and is a perfect solution to combat rainy seasons. If you crave maximum accessibility and storage space from your best smart lockbox, the Igloohome’s Smart Keybox 3 is unrivaled to date. It will cost you over 160 USD though for a single unit.

Pros of Igloo Smart Lockbox
  • Spacious
  • Remote unlock and PIN access
  • Detailed logs
Cons of Igloo Home Lockbox
  • Expensive

Buy Igloo Home Smart Lockbox on Amazon

2. Populife Bluetooth Smart Key Lock Box

Populife Bluetooth Smart Key Lock Box is a structurally sound and long-lasting smart lockbox that can bear heavy damage. It is anti-blasting in design and can send prompt alerts if someone tampers with the door lock when you are away. Populife Bluetooth Smart Key Lock Box is powered by four AAA batteries that can last up to 10,000 unlocks. Plus, you can add a 9-volt battery as a backup power supply in case the AA ones deplete completely. Populife perfected the most common yet unnoticed flaw in the Bluetooth power lockbox and comes with double the battery life than any other smart lock.

Populife Bluetooth Smart Key Lock Box

Populife Bluetooth Smart Key Lock Box is elongated and rectangular in shape and can carry a few keys, cards, and a small amount of cash. For remote operation, it needs to connect to a Wi-Fi router so that you can keep tabs on the lock activity and issue temporary codes and one-time passcodes for the users. It is operable in the temperature range of -25°C~55°C and uses BLE (Bluetooth low energy) to extend its battery life.

There are two shackles options for users in addition to a mounting plate for fixing the lock as a permanent key safe. All in all, Populife Bluetooth Smart Key Lock Box is a cheaper, battery-conservingExtendedThe app alternative to the Igloo Smart Keysafe 3.

Pros of Populife Smart Key Lock Box
  • Extended battery life
  • Easily mountable
  • Can be operated remotely
Cons of Populife Bluetooth Key Lock Box
  • The app experience is clunky

Buy Populife Bluetooth Smart Key Lock Box on Amazon

3. Master Lock Electronic Wall Mount Key Safe

Master Lock Electronic Wall Mount Key Safe is another viable alternative if you are looking for something compact. It is spacious but not as big as the Igloo Smart Keybox 3. This smart key box can store medium-sized keys and cards but cannot store larger keys, such as car keys which are bulky, and cannot fit in the available space. The obvious difference is that it is a wall-mounted Key safe and does not double up as a padlock. It is perfect for storing your keys but cannot act as additional lock support for your doors and other items.

Master Lock Electronic Wall Mount Key Safe

Master Lock Electronic Wall Mount Key Safe features a digital keypad that grants access to the key box. You can also unlock it via Bluetooth and can create temporary access codes for this smart lock. The lock is rated to work in temperatures as low as -40 degrees celsius and can withstand the abrupt change in weather. Unlike the Igloo Smart Keybox 3, it uses a CR123A battery to power itself which is slightly difficult to find as compared to a standard AA battery. The app works fine but many users claim that there is a steep learning curve and it acts finicky at times. Hardware-wise, the Master Lock Electronic Wall Mount Key Safe is a recommendable project but it still needs to be perfect its buggy software counterpart.

Pros of Master Lock
  • Weather-resistant to -40°
  • Compact
  • Wall-mountable
Cons of Master Lock
  • Difficult to replace the battery Does not double-up as a padlock

Buy Master Lock Electronic Wall Mount Key Safe on Amazon

4. TJW Smart Key Lock Box

TJW Smart Key Lock Box is a squarish version of the Populife smart lockbox. It packs an almost identical feature set with a slight decrease in the overall storage space inside it. The smart lockbox uses a military design that is built to last in unpredictable weather conditions and is IP55 rated for use. The inherent flaw in the technology used in this lockbox makes it incapable of remote operation. Don’t get this wrong. You can still unlock this smart lockbox using your phone and Bluetooth connection but that is only feasible up to a few meters.

TJW Smart Key Lock Box

For remote use case and activity logs, it needs to connect to Wi-Fi but sadly there is no Wi-Fi connectivity built into the smart lock. Scheduling different pins and other gimmicks work partially and the consumers have reported a problem with the remote to unlock and pin resetting features. It comes with a detachable shackle, so you can use it as a smart padlock as well as a key safe. The mounting holes are present in the backplate by default. One more useful addition is the reset button that resets the password. TJW Smart Key Lock Box misses in a few areas but is comparatively cheaper than all of the smart key lock boxes mentioned above.

Pros of TJW Smart Key Lock Box
  • Reset button
  • Battery-powered
  • Steel frame
Cons of TJW Smart Key Lock Box
  • The remote control is a sham

Buy TJW Smart Key Lock Box on Amazon

5. RST-104 Large Smart Key Lock Box

The RST-104 Large Smart Key Lock Box is a toned-down version of the premium lockboxes mentioned above. This budget smart lockbox works via an app and also accepts a six-digit pin code to unlock it. It even supports one-time passwords and they can be used by individuals who need temporary access to the contents. It is worth noting that this also doesn’t have a Wi-Fi module and if you change codes, you have to relay them via a photo or text message to the user.

RST-104 Large Smart Key Lock Box

RST-104 Large Smart Key Lock Box is IPX5 rated and can preserve your keys and cards from heavy downpours. There is a physical key available for the lockbox with it and can be used if the remote access doesn’t work and the password combination is lost or forgotten. The brand doesn’t include a pair of keys which means either you duplicate them or be extremely cautious with the single one.

This is the Best Smart Lockboxes a physical display or LED keypad due to which it can last longer on a single AAA battery. If you need a basic smart key lock box with no-frill and a dedicated key, the RST-104 Large Smart Key Lock Box is an affordable choice.

  • Spacious design
  • Physical key support
  • App unlock
  • No Wi-Fi
  • OTP is a hit or miss

Buy RST-104 Large Smart Key Lock Box on Amazon

6. WeHere Smart Key Lock Box

The WeHere Smart Key Lock Box looks like a mini-safe and is made of stainless steel to keep your valuables safe. The smart lockbox has every possible mode of operation that you can imagine including remote, via the app, physical key, and PIN. The physical key can be used if you cannot implement any other type of opening method if the battery of the smart lockbox is dead. There are small hooks that come in handy to place the keys and keep them organized.

WeHere Smart Key Lock Box

The thick gauge stainless steel can repel water and moisture but there is no IP rating for this product which makes it slightly risky to store payment cards and cash. The keys are metallic so it won’t be a problem but if water seeps in, the cash and cards can be damaged. The remote operation using Bluetooth is exactly like other smart lockboxes but it comes with a dedicated Wi-Fi module that is sold separately. If you connect both of them and supply constant internet connectivity, you can access it from anywhere in the world.

It works with two AA batteries and can last up to six months before requiring battery replacement. Even if the battery dies, the physical keys can be used to recover your contents and use battery power. There isn’t any mention of activity logs for the lock owner which is acceptable since it comes at half the price point of every other premium smart lockbox.

WeHere Smart Key Pros
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Multiple access modes
  • Can be connected to Wi-Fi
WeHere Smart Key Cons
  • Wi-Fi unit sold separately

Buy WeHere Smart Key Lock Box on Amazon


There were our top picks for the best smart lockbox available for storing your keys, cards, and other tiny valuables. If you are looking for a padlock cum smart key storage lockbox then the Igloo and Populife are the best premium alternatives available in the market. These smart lockboxes can help you keep track of every lock opening or tampering activity and can send action alerts to you. However, if you are interested in a smart lockbox with key storage space but without any padlock features, the WeHere and Master Lock are two secure alternatives. The Wehere and TJW are also two decent options that aren’t as smart and remotely operable but can provide the same amount of safety.


What is a smart lockbox?

A smart lockbox incorporates robust methods of physical security along with the support for remote monitoring and unlock. Users can get real-time alerts about the activity and limit the entry of any unauthorized entity.

What is an Airbnb lockbox?

There is no proprietary Airbnb lockbox. It is rather a use-case because a smart lockbox can help owners keep track of their property and limit any unauthorized access.

Which are the Best Smart Lockboxes?

IGLOOHOME Smart Lock Box 3 is unmatched in design and features but the Populife lockbox is also worth considering due to its enticing features.

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