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Tired of flipping the switch every time? Well, then smart bulbs can be of very much assistance to you. Smart bulbs are an integral component of home automation that can power up without requiring manual input from the switchboard. Moreover, they can help you achieve a smart home setup that powers the lights based upon pre-defined instructions. These smart bulbs are also available in RGB and have a greater luminosity than the average incandescent bulbs. We have listed the available and the Best Smart Bulbs or Smart lights in India for consumers that are packed with smart features and can be operated wirelessly.

 Best Smart Bulbs or top smart LED lights to Buy in India 

1) MI Smart LED Bulb

MI Smart LED bulb is an inexpensive smart light that comes in a single color (white). The smart bulb uses the standard B22 base and can be installed in ordinary bulb holders with ease. It can achieve a color temperature of up to 6500K and also supports the feature of changing brightness. MI Smart LED bulb is compatible with both Alexa and Google Voice Assistant and can accept voice commands by the user. It does not require any hub to connect and operate and uses a 2.4 GHz wi-fi connection to connect to the smartphone or any other device. Operating it via the Mi Smart Home app is fairly easy and the app lets you change brightness, and also group it with other smart lights from the brand. It is a 7.5 W smart light that is rated for 15000 hours of usage before going dark permanently.

MI Smart LED bulb

  • Easy setup with the app
  • Brightness is adjustable
  • Comes with a universal connector base
  • Budget smart light
  • Single color
  • Take some time to connect wirelessly
  • Needs Wi-Fi and internet

Buy MI Smart LED light (India)

Buy MI Smart LED Light (USA)

2) WIPRO Garnet 9w Smart Bulb

Garnet 9w WIPRO smart bulb is a color-changing smart light that comes with a capacity of 9 watts. Wipro smart light supports 16 million colors and can even be used as a simple white smart light. The Wipro smart bulb also supports tuning the white light as per your preferred color temperature and can go from 2700 K to 60500 K. To control the Smart bulb, the brand bundles a Wipro Smart Home app that can connect to it and alter its brightness and colors.

You can create scenes and routines so that your smart bulb automatically turns on and off at specified time intervals and can also issue commands using Alexa or Google Voice Assistant. It also supports a music sync function that changes the lighting effects based upon the current music track.

WIPRO Garnet 9w smart bulb

  • Music Sync Function
  • 16 million Color
  • Voice Control
  • Colour rendition is problematic
  • average brightness in color mode

Buy Wipro Garnet 9W WiFi enabled bulb (India)

3) Smitch Smart Bulb

The Smitch smart bulb offers multiple interesting lighting effects including the music sync feature and a few other effects such as candle figure, strobe, lighting, etc. This is one of the Best Smart Bulbs or Smart lights in India. It is a 10-watt smart light that comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi and a B22 universal base which can easily fit into any bulb holder of your residence. It supports a 16 million color palette and allows granular control over color fitting via the Smitch app. The smitch smart light also supports voice assistant commands from Alexa and Google assistant and facilitates changing the temperature of the light.

Smitch smart bulb


  • Easy to connect to WIFI
  • Multiple lighting effects
  • Universal B22 base
  • Basic app design
  • No brightness controls

Buy Smitch WiFi Smart bulb 10W (India)

4) Syska smart bulb

Syska smart bulb supports 3 million color shades and allows you to set tones for different moods. It allows changing the colors and the White temperature so that you get to choose from soft and relaxing white colors that look great. This smart light is embedded with a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi module that enables it to connect to any smartphone, voice assistant, or router. As opposed to the 16 million color palette on Philips smart light, it only comes with 3-million shades. The voice assistant feature works decently and allows you to issue commands to the bulb via your smart speaker. Syska smart bulb supports scheduling so that you do not have to manually turn it on and off.

Syska smart bulb


  • Voice assistant integration
  • Comes with a partner app
  • Supports scheduling and color tones
  • Only 3 million color palette
  • The colored light is a little dim
  • Wi-fi connectivity is jittery

Buy Syska WiFi enabled Smart LED light (India)

5) Philips Wiz Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb

Philips Wiz Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb is among the most selling products in the smart lights category and the Best Smart Bulbs or Smart lights in India. It comes with a B22 universal base and a 9-watt capacity. The smart light can be controlled via the Wiz app that lets you adjust its color temperature and set timers. This smart bulb also supports voice commands by compatible voice assistants such as Alexa, Google voice assistant, and Siri. Being a 9-watt capacity bulb, it is suitable for a medium-sized room.

Philips Wiz

  • Universal b22 base
  • Compatible with most voice assistants
  • 16 million color palette
  • No music sync feature
  • Fit for a medium-sized room
  • Expensive

Buy Philips Wiz WIFI LED Bulb (India)

Buy Philips Wiz Smart bulb (USA)

6) Panasonic Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Bulb

Panasonic Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Bulb is a 9-watt smart light that comes with a secure partner application to control the lights. It is good to see that the brand is focusing on preserving the confidential information of the users. This smart bulb supports a 16 million color palette and can be operated using voice controls. You can easily schedule your lights as per your convenience so that they turn on and off automatically, during daytime or night-time. It also supports dimming features to reduce the brightness as per ambient lighting. There are no presets or a music sync feature available with this smart light.

Panasonic Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Bulb

  • Secure companion app
  • 16 million color palette
  • Supports scheduling and dimming features
  • No music sync feature
  • Average color intensity

Buy Panasonic Smart Bulb LED (India)

7) HALONIX Bluetooth PRIZM

Unlike most smart bulbs mentioned in our list that come with Wi-Fi connectivity, HALONIX Bluetooth PRIZM uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone. This smart light supports changing brightness and can be used as a white LED bulb or a colored bulb. It comes with useful color themes such as meeting, night, reading, leisure, and much more useful pre-sets. The lights also synchronize to the music playback and can be used alongside other Halonix smart lights. It does not support voice assistant integration and can only be operated via the partner app.



  • 16 million color palette
  • Useful color presets are available
  • Music sync feature
  • Does not support voice assistant commands
  • Requires internet and location to operate
  • Can only be controlled with one device

Buy Halonix Prime Bluetooth base smart bulb LED (India)

 8) EncyKick Led Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker Music Light Bulb

EncyKick Led Bulb is the Best Smart Bulbs or Smart light in India with Bluetooth Speaker Music Light Bulb exactly resembles its features present in the name. It is a cheap RGB light bulb that comes with an inbuilt speaker to play music. As far as the lighting part is concerned, you have to use the bundled remote that can be used to cycle between various lighting colors and effects. There is no dedicated application to control this LED light and you can pair it with BlueTooth to play tracks from your mobile phone. The audio output is average, as it is a tiny speaker housed in the body of the light bulb.

EncyKick Led Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker

  • RGB lighting effects
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth speaker
  • Remote control operation
  • Not a smart Light
  • Subpar speaker output
  • Low brightness LED bulb

 Final Words

These were the best smart bulbs that can spruce your lighting setup and not break the bank in the process. The USP of the smart light is its configurability and the capability to be operated remotely. You can use these smart lights to move a step closer to home automation and they require minimal manual intervention after set-up. You can use one or install a collection of smart lights and control them via the proprietary app or using the voice assistant.

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Frequently asked

How to connect a Wipro smart bulb to Wi-Fi?

  1. Download the Wipro Next Smart Home App and register.
  2. Then connect your Wipro smart bulb into a compatible B22 holder and power it on.
  3. Add the device to your account on the app by tapping “+” and then selecting lighting devices.
  4. The bulb will flash once after which your device will be connected.

 How to connect a Wipro smart bulb to the hotspot?

  1. Go to the Wi-Fi settings on your smartphone and enable the hotspot.
  2. Open the Wipro Next Smart Home App and pair the smart light.
  3. Now, the app will require a Wi-Fi connection. Select your created hotspot and enter the password.
  4. After a successful connection, the app will show that the bulb is connected.

 How to Connect a Wipro Smart Bulb to Alexa?

First Method
  1. Open your “Wipro Next Smart Home” app and navigate to “More Services”.
  2. Then click on the “Alexa” icon and link to Amazon “Alexa”.
  3. Follow the steps correctly and you’ll be redirected to the success page.
 Second Method
  1. Search “Wipro Next Smart Home” skill from the “Alexa” app skills category.
  2. Click Enable skill of “Wipro Next Smart Home”.
  3. You’ll be redirected to the Wipro Next Smart Home login page.
  4. Enter your Wipro Next Smart Home account credentials, you’ll be redirected to the success page.

How to connect a Wipro smart bulb to Google Assistant?

  1. Open Google home and click the option named ‘Add device’.
  2. Select the option ‘Set up device’ then find the option ‘works with google’.
  3. Perform a search and select the ‘Wipro Next Smart Home’ app.
  4. A web page will open. asking you to link your Wipro account with the google account
  5. Enter correct credentials and submit.
  6. Now you will see that the smart bulb appears in the list of available devices.

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