Top 10 Best Smart Faucets for Bath Shower in USA that you can buy in 2022


Smart bath showers are a major upgrade to traditional showers. These smart bath showers allow you to control the water temperature, adjust the water volume, and come with a wide range of presets. Some of them also have inbuilt speakers for playing music, while some can pair up with Alexa or Google Assistant, and allow you to control your shower with your voice. Read the complete article to know more about Best Smart Faucets for showers.

How do Smart Bath Showers Work?

You need to have the exact water temperature that suits your body while using a showerhead. You also need a precise volume of water on your body. All the traditional bath showers in the washroom are incapable of automating this process and need manual adjustments each time. Smart bath showers are an ingenious solution to all this manual labor. Here is a list of some latest smart bath showers.

Top 10 Shower and Bath Faucets 

1. Kohler K CP Smart Shower

The Kohler K-9245-CP is a smart shower with a musical water head and an amazing chrome finish. This smart bath shower comes with a micro-USB charging port and can easily pair up with any Bluetooth device. A wireless speaker also comes along with it, which you can attach or detach to the showerhead whenever you want to. This smart bath shower does not need any electricity to work. It can work efficiently for up to 7 hours on a single charge. The showerhead is water-resistant and will not rust with time.

Kohler K CP Smart Shower

Its showerhead nozzles have a reach up to 60 degrees and provide a full coverage spray. The rate of water flow of this smart bath shower is 2.6 gallons per minute. However, the shower can also work in water-saving mode with a water flow of 2 gallons per minute. You can adjust the volume of the speakers easily. The set-up of the shower is easy and along with music, it has got many different message settings. This makes this smart shower system an ideal one for the customers. Also, the speakers of the shower are detachable and you can use them anywhere in the world. Kohler gives a lifetime warranty on the showerhead and a warranty of 1 year on the speakers.

  • Musical shower head
  • Work without electricity
  • Micro USB port
  • Short battery life
  • No option to the control temperature

Buy Kohler K CP Smart Shower on Amazon

2. Moen U Digital Smart Shower System

The Moen U Digital Smart Shower System is the first smart shower that gives cloud-based showering. This smart bath shower is completely under voice control and can easily connect with your smart home device like Alexa or Google Assistant. For this, the smart bath shower has got a two-outlet digital controller. This smart shower has a 5-inch LED controller display screen that comes along with it. Using the controller screen, you can easily control the temperature and the shower pressures.

Moen U Digital Smart Shower System

The smart shower is easily controllable by voice control, or by using the Moen U app or the control panel. Though the installation process of the shower is a bit difficult, one of the features of the shower payout for this. Once it is installed it gives you an amazing shower experience. The shower responds well in all three ways. It comes in terra beige color and finish and has two outlets. Also, it requires a thermostatic valve for safe functioning. It has got a warm-up and pause mode. A warranty of 5 years is provided by Moen on this smart bath shower.

  • Control by voice commands
  • Adjustable temperature
  • 5-year warranty
  • Separate purchase of power backup
  • Installation is a bit difficult

Buy Moen U Digital Smart Shower System on Amazon

3. Water Hawk 6 Smart Rain Shower

The Water Hawk 6 Smart Rain Shower in particular is not a shower system but a showerhead. It is an environment-friendly shower head as it works on hydroelectricity. This smart shower head has got a LED light that changes color to indicate different temperatures. With this smart bath shower head, you can keep a check on temperature and water usage. This helps the customer to keep a check and lower their bills.

Water Hawk 6 Smart Rain Shower

Furthermore, the LED display automatically clears off in 10 minutes after you switch off the showerhead. The shower head

  • Environment friendly
  • 6-inch showerhead
  • Different color rings indicate the temperature
  • Lacks various smart shower feature
  • The readings on the display screen are not easily readable
is 6 inches and the product is returnable for up to one year.

4. Blue Ocean SPA 392 M

With an attractive design and a classy silver finish look, Blue Ocean SPA 392 M is a completely economical shower panel. It has modern functioning and comes with eight multifunctional nozzles. This smart shower has an overhead and hand shower which you can operate each at a time. Also, it has a rainfall overhead shower and a tub spout.

Blue Ocean SPA 392 M

This smart bath shower has two spray patterns jet and mist. You can switch between the two spray patterns by turning the knob. If you just install the smart shower in a walk-in shower, the tub spout can be useful to fill the buckets. The temperature can be controlled by the temperature control panel which runs on AA batteries. The shower panel tower is made up of aluminum alloy and has got a battery slot below it. It is a ready-to-use shower with an easy installation process. This shower has a warranty of one year.

  • Easy installation process
  • Durable alloy structure
  • Temperature control
  • Eight shower nozzles
  • Easily affordable
  • Does not include an installation guide
  • Overhead and hand shower cannot work simultaneously

Buy Blue Ocean SPA 392 M on Amazon

5. Ello and Allo Shower Panel System

The Ello and Allo Shower Panel System is among the latest smart shower faucet with notable features. This smart shower panel is all in one and has a waterfall, and rain shower options, and different massage sprays. It has a dual function option which means you can use different shower options together. Along with this, the package includes a handheld showerhead and a tub spout.

Ello and Allo Shower Panel System

Focusing on the construction, this smart bath shower has a stainless-steel construction with both black and brushed nickel finishes. This smart bath shower has different setting options which you can customize according to your needs. The showerhead of this smart bath shower is 59 inches which makes it convenient for the users to use it. This bath shower allows you to set the temperature of the water with the temperature control knob. The temperature is visible on the temperature display panel. There is a blue LED light given in the rainfall and waterfall shower.

  • Dual functioning
  • 2-year warranty on all parts
  • Wide range of shower settings
  • Not resistant to water spots
  • The temperature display is not easily readable

Buy Ello and Allo Shower Panel System on Amazon

6. Kohler DTV+ Kohler Konnect Shower System

The smart bath shower by Kohler with the DTV technology of Kohler is famous for its spa-like experience. Kohler Konnect has a voice-enable shower and assists well with smart home devices. It comes with led lights and music which gives you a spa-like shower experience.

Kohler DTV+ Kohler Konnect Shower System

The temperature is under control by the Safe Temperature feature which means you can set limits for maximum temperature. Its design promotes easy installation and the Kohler Konnect app helps to modify the shower settings via android phones. The best feature of this smart bath shower is that it does not require handles and knobs. All settings are done with remote control. This adds to the cleanliness of the washroom.

  • Voice control
  • 5-year warranty
  • Remote control
  • Too pricey

Buy Kohler DTV+ Kohler Konnect on Amazon

7. AKDY 5333D Smart Faucet 

AKDY 5333D is a wall-mount smart bath shower system. The bath shower system has aluminum, tempered glass, and stainless-steel composition. Adding on, it has a LED light which indicates the temperature change. The LED light turns blue to red as the temperature of the water rises.

AKDY 5333D

The smart bath shower has got jet spray, hand shower, tub filler, and a rainfall showerhead. The water pressure of the showerhead is not strong enough. So, while using it you need to stand close to the jet. It does not support dual functioning which means you can operate one shower head at a time. The manufacturing company gives one year warranty only on the parts.

  • LED light indicates the temperature
  • Affordable
  • Dual functioning is absent
  • Jet pressure is low

Buy AKDY 5333D Smart Faucet  on Amazon

8. Moen S Bath Shower

The Moen S smart bath shower is a versatile bath shower having 4 outlets. It has a thermostatic digital controller in it to set the accurate desired temperature. Also, it gives twelve different controllable presets. The operational battery kit is present and this smart bath shower can easily pair up with any shower fixtures.

Moen S Bath Shower

The look and appearance of the shower complement its features. Along with the showerhead, this smart bath shower comes with an extra nozzle. The shower settings can be done using the Moen app. Their smart shower is under a lifetime warranty period.

  • Wide range of presets
  • Luxurious appearance
  • The installation process is difficult
  • Expensive

9. Grohe Smart Bath Shower

Grohe Smart Bath Shower is a well-complimenting shower to a modern washroom. This shower has an integrated Grohe TurboStat technology which enables a quick flow of water after you choose your temperature. The smart shower keeps the temperature constant even if you change the water pressure. To warn about the high-water temperature, this smart bath shower has the Grohe SafeStop technology in it. It is beneficial for those who have small kids in the house.

Grohe Smart Bath Shower

The SmartControl technology facilitates you to choose the spray type and adjust water volume by just pushing and turning a button. Available in chrome finishes, this smart shower is resistant to scratches. You can install the shower on your own, but remember this shower needs a Grohe Rapido smart box for its installation. You have to make a separate purchase of this smart box.

  • Water-saving function
  • Constant water temperature
  • Easy to clean
  • The smart box needs a separate purchase

Buy Grohe Smart Bath Shower on Amazon

10. Derpras Luxury Shower System

The Derpras luxury shower system is an environment-friendly shower system as it uses hydroelectricity to power the display panel. It has a LED for temperature and duration display. Traditional in style, this smart bath shower comes with a rainfall and handheld shower accessory.

Derpras Luxury Shower System

The installation is easy and is possible with any of your existing shower setups. The equipment of the shower includes a thermostatic valve to control the temperature and volume. The duration display feature helps you to save energy. Moreover, the showerhead has got an adjustable arm.

  • Use hydroelectricity to power the panel
  • Pocket friendly
  • Traditional look

Buy Derpras Luxury Shower System on Amazon


The above list comprises all ranges of smart bath showers available in the market. Still, the question remains “which one to choose out of these?”

If you need a fully automated smart bath shower that works on voice commands, then you may go for Kohler Konnect or Moen U Digital Smart Shower System. Both of these shower systems almost have all the features that a smart shower should have. Moreover, both of these showers work on voice control.

If you are looking for a bath shower that is pocket-friendly and environment friendly then you can choose either Water Hawk 6 Smart Rain Shower or go for Derpras Luxury Shower System.

All other bath showers can also be taken into consideration. Each of them has its unique features. You need to compare the features of all and choose one which suits your needs.


Are smart bath showers worth buying?

Yes, they are worth buying. They make your bathing experience more comfortable.

Is a smart bath shower environment-friendly?

Smart bath showers are environmentally friendly products. They keep a check on water usage and reduce water wastage. Also, some of them work on hydroelectricity.

Is it difficult to install a smart bath shower?

No, most of these showers come with an installation guide so you can install them on your own.

What is the best smart shower?

Kohler Konnect remains on the pinnacle of smart showers and is packed with features that accentuate your bathing experience.

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