Best Smart Air Conditioners In 2022


Smart is now integrated with every gadget. Smartwatch, Smart toilets, Smart Assistants, and so on. Home appliances have also seen an exponential improvement in their functionality over the years. Smart Air Conditioner is one such home appliance that has seen major improvements over the years. You might be thinking what makes an AC smart? We will be presenting a detailed list of some best air conditioners you can buy for your house. Before starting the list, let’s have a brief look at the features of a smart AC.

Generally, a smart AC has a Wi-Fi radio that allows you to connect it with a smartphone. Some AC comes integrated with Cloud which lets you control the functionality from anywhere. Smart AC is usually compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri where you can voice commands to make changes. One handy utility of smart AC is that you can set a cooling schedule that will adjust the temperature to your comfort level when you arrive home.

Top 8 Smart AC’s to Keep Your Home Cool

1) LG 1.5 Ton Dual Inverter AI AC

Artificial Intelligence has made our lives easy. And, you will be getting this rich feature in the LG 1.5-ton Dual Inverter AI AC. The AC is fitted with an AI dual inverter that can adjust the various functionalities by detecting the ample cooling capacity. It can select the ideal fan speed and temperature settings that will provide maximum comfort. You can frequently clean the AC without using your hands as it comes with an Auto-clean feature. The AC has an AI convertible 6 in 1 cooling mechanism that provides optimum cooling and saves energy at the same time.

Talking about other smart features, it has an Anti-Virus protection layer that deactivates the virus and bacteria present on the surface of the AC. The AC has low gas detection which improves the lifespan and makes maintenance easy for the users. In addition, the AC is equipped with safety sensors that will ensure safety and protection all the time. It is a low-power consuming best smart air conditioner that can reduce your electricity bills.

LG 1.5 Ton Dual Inverter AI AC

Key Features of LG 1.5 Ton Dual Inverter AI AC:

  • AI dual inverter
  • Safety sensors
  • Air convertible 6 in 1 cooling

  • Low power consumption
  • Anti-virus protection layer
  • Understanding the remote-control buttons can be tedious initially


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2) Midea DUO Smart Inverter 14000 BTU Portable

Midea Duo Smart AC comes with the hose in hose design which makes it one of the best air conditioners to opt for. Duo hose design enables the AC to form a balanced air circulation in your room. It has an optimized air duct system that can provide maximum cooling in the room. You can connect this smart AC with Google Assistant and Alexa to control it from anywhere on your smartphone.

The variable-speed inverter technology is fitted to this smart AC to save energy and bills. This technology provides fast cooling with less power consumption. You can hop between the 3 cooling modes according to your requirement. This smart AC has an advanced air duct system that can propagate and blow cool air up to a distance of 26 feet.

Midea Duo 14000 BTU AC

Key Features of Midea Duo 14000 BTU AC:

  • Innovative duo hoe design
  • The optimized and advanced air duct system
  • Inverter technology

  • Cooling modes
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Tedious to set up due to bulkiness


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3) LG Wi-Fi Inverter Window AC

Window AC is a great option to spend your summer in comfort. LG Wi-Fi smart AC provides a high-speed cooling range along with some smart features. The AC has a Varied Speed Dual Rotary Motor which ensures that you get ample cooling in your room. The functionalities of this smart AC by LG can be controlled via the LG ThinQ app or with voice control. You can integrate it with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to make necessary adjustments.

The AC will notify you when it is the right time to clean the filter indicator. In case you are facing any issue with this smart AC, it can troubleshoot it and help you diagnose the issue directly on your smartphone. You can track all the necessary information on the LED display of the AC.

LG Wi-Fi Inverter Window ACKey Features of LG Wi-Fi Inverter Window AC:

  • Auto-detection and indication
  • LED display
  • Filter cleaning reminder

  • Dual rotary motor
  • Dust filter
  • Noisy operation


Buy LG Wi-Fi Inverter Window AC on Amazon India

4) Panasonic 1 Ton Wi-Fi Split AC

Panasonic Wi-Fi Split AC comes with intelligent and unique features which makes it a red-hot favorite for the buyers. The AC has an AI-enabled Mirae app that offers tons of customization. You can create a customized sleep profile based on your comfort. You can schedule hourly temperature sleep profiles or opt for different sleep profiles on weekends and weekdays.

You can adjust the temperature, change modes, and monitor the status of AC right from your smartphone or via your voice commands. The AC is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa devices that you can use to control the functionalities. The auto-diagnosis feature of this best smart AC can help you detect issues in advance so you can fix them on time.

You can use the Dry Mode function during a rainy day to eliminate humidity and moisture. It is an auto convertible AC that can adjust the cooling capacity in sync with the temperature of your room. This sturdy and durable best smart AC comes at an affordable price range and you can try your hands on this product for sure.

Panasonic 1 Ton Wi-Fi Split AC

Key Features of Panasonic 1 Ton Wi-Fi Split AC:

  • Customized sleep profile
  • Intuitive voice control
  • Auto diagnosis

  • Anti-corrosion
  • Auto convertible inverter
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Ordinary remote control


Buy Panasonic 1 Ton Wi-Fi Split AC on Amazon India

5) Motorola 1.5 Ton Smart AC

Motorola 1.5 Ton Smart AC has smart automation that can maximize your comfort level. The AC has 4 pre-set smart automation that can adjust the cooling level and temperature to meet your comfort levels. Also, you can set pre-set schedules on this best smart air conditioner for any case. The AC is designed to provide rapid and uniform cooling to the users. It has a 5-speed fan and SurroundCoolX to provide optimum cooling in the room.

The AC also has intelligent geofencing features that will auto on and off based on your current location. You can connect the AC with a smart voice assistant like Google Assistant and Alexa.

Motorola 1.5 Ton Smart AC

Key Features of Motorola 1.5 Ton Smart AC:

  • Pre-set smart automation
  • Sleep profiles
  • Intelligent geo fencing

  • Handy app features
  • Energy efficient
  • 4-way airflow
  • Short drainage pipe

6) Windmill Smart Home AC

Windmill Smart Home AC is another energy-efficient smart AC that offers handy features to the users. You can connect with Apple and Android devices also. The AC has an auto-dimming hidden display that shows all the required information. The AC is fitted with an antimicrobial-protected mesh filter that blows clean air into your room. You can switch on the AC 10 minutes before reaching home via your smartphone.

The sleek remote control of the AC will be provided with the buying kit. There are 3 modes which you can opt from to improve the comfort level of your rooms. The best part is that it has hassle-free installation. The kit is pre-assembled in the box which will save installation costs.

Windmill Smart Home ACKey Features of Windmill Smart Home AC:

  • Easy to install
  • Auto-dimming LED display
  • Noise-free operation

  • Cooling modes
  • Compact
  • Voice-enabled
  • Can be connected to Android and iOS devices
  • Do not have a dry mode


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7) Daikin 1 Ton Wi-Fi Inverter AC

Daikin is a leader in home electrical appliances and its 1 Ton smart AC is a must buy. The fan rotates smoothly, thanks to its Neo Swing Inverter Compressor. This improves the durability of AC, due to which we will highly recommend you to try it. It is an IoT-enabled smart AC that helps you to adjust the temperature and other features remotely from anywhere. There is also a mobile app that you can install to control the AC.

The AC has Econo Mode that reduces power consumption and saves energy. You will get an in-built stabilizer with this AC which eliminates the need for any external stabilizer. You do not need to worry if you are facing any issue in the AC, as it is capable of self-diagnosing any type of error. The error will be displayed on your remote screen.

Daikin 1 Ton Wi-Fi Inverter AC

Key Features of Daikin 1 Ton Wi-Fi Inverter AC:

  • Neo Swing Inverter compressor
  • Econo mode
  • Self-diagnosis

  • Stabilizer inside operation
  • Mobile app-controlled
  • Provided remote control could have been better


Buy Daikin 1 Ton Wi-Fi Invertor AC on Amazon India

8) LLoyd 1.5 Ton Smart Split AC

Smart 4-way cooling, Low gas detection, and filter cleaning indication are some of the great features you will be getting in this smart LLoyd split AC. Air-cooled AC Box technology enables the AC to cool the room in the hottest conditions. The AC provides a 10 m long throw that makes it an ideal choice for spacious rooms and lobbies. The Clean Filter Indication is displayed on the indoor panel of the AC that reminds you to change the filters timely.

Antiviral dust filters of the AC can trap contaminants, dust, and virus and supply fresh air blowing into the room. The hidden LED display is also one handy feature that will help you track the status and other information. Likewise, with other AC, it also has a stabilizer-free operation. To change the temperature and other functions, the users will be getting a Backlit Remote. You can use the backlit remote to avoid the accidental press of the wrong keys.

LLoyd 1.5 Ton Smart Split AC

Key Features of LLoyd 1.5 Ton Smart Split AC:

  • Wi-Fi Ready
  • Turbo cool
  • Backlit remote

  • Smart 4-way swing
  • Filter cleaning indication
  • Low gas detection
  • Can be noisy on high fan speed



What is the duration for which I can leave a portable AC?

There is no specified duration for leaving your portable AC on. You can leave it open as long as you want, keeping one thing in mind. Make sure that you clean the filters timely on a regular basis. And, as discussed in our listicle, smart AC can auto-detect and remind you of cleaning the filters on time. So, it would be a smart choice to buy smart AC for your home.

How often do I need to drain my Midea Duo smart AC?

Generally, it is advisable to drain your Midea Duo Smart AC every 8 hours to improve the overall functionality. Draining frequency is also dependent upon the location in which you are living. If you are living in a high-humid locality, then you will need to timely drain your Midea Smart AC.

Which is the best type of AC one can choose while buying?

Inverter AC is the best type of AC that we highly recommend to the users to buy. The reason is, that it is more energy-efficient compared to the traditional AC. In this way, you can save energy and bucks while spending on buying an AC. Also, inverter AC has a noise-free operation, which is another factor that makes it a first preference for the users. Best Smart Air Conditioners In 2022.

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