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Robots and Toys, two different things combined together make learning and playing fun for the kids. You can buy your kid a robot toy that can help him in his development of the concepts. And, at the same time, kids can enjoy learning when they play with robot toys. Robot toys are available for multiple purposes in the market at affordable prices. You can choose the best robot toys for kids based on their age, interest, and learning requirement. If you are looking for the best robot toys for kids, then you have landed on the right page. We are compiling a comprehensive listicle of some of the best electric toys for kids in India that you can buy for your kid.

A robot is an intelligent machine that uses sensors, motors, and computation to get used to its surroundings. Robot toys can be the best learning tool for small kids. With robot toys, kids can learn how to assemble any structure. Though adults might think it’s an easy task to assemble anything, it is not as easy as it seems. Also, robot toys can teach kids problem-solving and enhance their skills. With so much to offer, robot toys are a must-have accessory for your kids. Before getting started, let’s look at the things you should consider while buying a robot toy for your kids.

What To Look For While Buying Robot Toys

Design and Build should be robust:

You must look for a robot toy that has a robust build quality. The toy should be made of the best material and can resist any kind of damage. The design of the robot toy should be appealing that attract the attention of the kids. An appealing design of the toy will engage the kids in the learning process and will help them enjoy the learning. Also, look for a robot toy that is compact and user-friendly. You should buy a toy that can easily be stored and comes with user-friendly controls.

Should have interactive learning modes:

Learning with fun should be your purpose if you are planning to buy a robot toy for your kid. Look for toys that offer multiple learning modes to the kids in an interactive way. You should buy a robot toy that has skill development games like problem-solving. When you look for such a robot toy for your kid, you are grooming him from an early age to develop a skill. Take benefit of the technology and always look for such learning-based kid toys for your kids. Some robots also offer to learn shapes, colors, and common phrases that can work as a boon for your kid in his early stage of mental development.

Type of control:

Robot toys can be operated in multiple ways. You can buy a robot toy that supports remote control or one which works via voice command. Touch-controlled robots are also readily available in the market right now. Kids enjoy using remote controls to operate their robot toys, so it can be a good option for you to buy remote control toys. Touch and voice controls can also be an optimum choice if you have a grown-up kid that can effectively use voice commands to operate toys.

Top 6 Best Robot Toys For Kids In India

1. Remoking Robot Toy

Repetition and consistency is the key to fitting anything in the memory muscle. Remoking Robot Toy is a phonetic recognition robot that can listen, record, and repeat your words. The compact quirky look of the robot will surely be loved by kids. The robot can promptly respond to induction and can change directions accordingly. You can use the record mode feature of the robot to record anything. After recording the audio, you can short press the button and play your recordings. The robot has a tactile sensing feature and performs various actions when you touch it. It will sing when you touch its head or it will move when you touch both sides of its head.

With the record mode feature, you can store all the learning material and play it in front of your children on loop. The robot can also sing, dance, and walk on your voice command that keeps the kid entertained. Two buttons are placed on the chest of the robot to control all the features. Also, you can use the voice command to instruct the robot to do anything. The voice usage distance of the robot is between 10-20 meters. If the range limit exceeds, then it may not properly identify and record what you are saying. This smart robot has all the essential features to make it one of the best robot toys for kids.

Remoking Robot ToyKey Features of Remoking Robot Toy:

  • Voice command
  • Tactile sensing
  • Imitate language

Remoking Robot Toy Pros
  • Can record hours of audio
  • Appealing design
Remoking Robot Toy Cons
  • Limited hearing range

Buy Remoking Robot Toy on Amazon

2. Wonder Workshop Dash Remote Control Robot

The Wonder Workshop Dash is a coding robot that is ideal for kids between 6 to 11 years of age. The robot consists of 5 free programming STEM apps that can help kids to learn coding in a fun way. The Dash Robot provides an open learning platform to primary and high school kids. Kids can use voice commands to access the picture-based coding language to start their coding journey. The Blockly app integrated into the Dash Robot gives access to fundamental and advanced concepts of coding. You can start learning coding with the GO app and get to know about the steps you need to follow in the learning journey.

The Dash Robot comes with a virtual dashboard where kids can learn and track everything. The robot has maths activities and learns to code puzzles making the learning process interactive and fun. Kids can choose from the 60 low-prep maths activities to learn coding in an effective way. Teachers or parents can view the progress dashboard to see what code each kid is writing. Also, the progress dashboard suggests solutions that parents can use to enhance the learning process. Teachers can conduct 1:1 sessions with the dash robot in an interactive 3D environment.

Fresh high-quality content is also added frequently to keep the learning process active. You will get a 12-month Connect Class subscription when you buy this product. Kids can also assemble the dash robot in any shape like an animal, truck, or quirky look. Dash Robot is now a part of more than 20,000 classrooms and you can also become one of its members giving it to your kid.

Wonder Workshop Dash

Key Features of Wonder Workshop Robot Toy:

  • Picture based coding language
  • Advanced concepts of coding
  • Progress dashboard
  • Fresh content added frequently

Wonder Workshop Robot Toy Pros
  • Maths activities and learn to code puzzles
  • 60 low-prep maths activities
  • Suggested solutions to enhance learning
Wonder Workshop Robot Toy Cons
  • The price tag is a bit high

Buy Wonder Workshop Dash on Amazon

3. Makeblock mbot Coding Robot Kit

Makeblock mbot is another kid-friendly robot toy that can train kids in various fields of STEM. This coding robot kit is ideal for kids between 8-12 years of age. The robot is designed for learning robotics, programming, and electronics in an efficient and interactive way. The coding robot provides rich programming tutorials to understand the concepts you wish to learn. The robot is matched with 3 free Makeblock apps that kids can use to play programming games.

If a kid loves to build blocks, this coding robot kit has it. Kids can use mbot STEM building kits to assemble and build any block within an hour. STEM building kits will help the kids to gain a conceptual and profound understanding of the concept. Kids can play with the built kit with the help of a remote control system. You can connect more than 100 electronic modules and 500+ parts from the Makeblock platform. Kids can easily learn the coding program, thanks to the drag and drop programming interface. Kids can try their own coding programs or use preset programs to control the robot. Also, kids can explore the robot’s lights, sounds, sensors, and movements.

Makeblock mbot Coding Robot Kit

Makeblock Robot Kit Key Features:

  • Game-based programmable robot
  • Multiple control modes
  • Rich learning resource
  • 100+ electronic modules

Pros of Makeblock Robot Kit
  • Rich programming tutorials
  • mBot STEM building kit
  • Easy to assemble
Cons of Makeblock Robot Kit
  • No sound recorder and cameraṣ

Buy Makeblock mbot Coding Robot Kit on Amazon

4. Hexbugs Mobots Remote Control Robot for kids

Hexbugs Mobots is an interactive educational toy for kids over 3 years of age. The yoke-shaped robot moves in every direction and on every type of surface. The robot has a fun robot and sounds that will keep the kids entertained during the learning process. Also, the robot has multiple personalities that can keep the kids engaged while learning. The robot is capable of carrying objects and can easily carry a can to any distance. The robot can record and playback sound in loop mode.

The robot has one eye and two working arms. LEDs are provided that can simulate the eye of the robot in multiple colors. 4 LEDs have been placed in the product. Arms are handy in gripping and lifting objects. The robot supports 2 directional driving that you can control using an IR remote. Kids can record their voices and listen to them over and over again. Kids can also modify the pitch of their voice with the help of the inbuilt microphone.

Hexbugs Mobots

Hexbugs Mobots Remote Control Robot Key Features:

  • Supports 2 directional driving
  • Kids can modify their pitch
  • Can lift heavy objects

Hexbugs Remote Control Robot Pros
  • Inbuilt microphone
  • LED to simulate different colored lights
  • Agile and needs to be handled with care

Buy Hexbugs Mobots on Amazon

5. Seckton Building Block Robot Toy 

The Seckton Building Block Robot as the name suggests is a block building robot consisting of 351 high-quality ANS plastic building blocks. The building blocks will help to enhance your child’s creativity and hand-eye coordination. This best robot toy for kids comes with a 2.4Ghz remote controller. You can use the remote control to move the robot in different directions or make it do 360-degree rotating stunts. Playing with Seckton Building Block Robot is fun. The remote control has a usage range of 20 meters and you can move the robot on any type of surface.

You can control the robot via a mobile app and use 4 remote control modes to operate it. Voice control, gravity sensor, path mode, and stem programming are the 4 remote control modes kids can choose from to operate their robot. The robot comes with built-in rechargeable batteries that can give you a usage time of 140 minutes in one charge cycle. You can charge the Seckton Robot via portable bank, laptop, and any other smart device.

Seckton Building Block Robot

Key Features of Seckton Robot Toy:

  • 351 high-quality ABS plastic building blocks
  • Enhances problem-solving skills of kids
  • Remote control
  • USB charging design

Pros of Seckton Robot Toy
  • 2.4Ghz Remote controller
  • Supports 4 remote control modes
Cons of Seckton Robot Toy

    6. Lego Mindstorm Remote Control Robot Toy for Kids

    Moving down the listicle, the last robot toy on our list of the best robot toys for kids is Lego Mindstorm. Lego Mindstorm integrates the digital world with intelligent vehicles and remote control robots to make the learning process interactive for the kids. Kids can assemble and build 5 unique shapes of Mindstorm Robot. Also, the robot has coding and challenging activities that keep the kids engaged. Learning becomes Edutainment with the Lego Mindstorm Robots.

    Kids can play ball, drive balls, and more with the help of interactive remote control robots. Kids can build an advanced quadruped, a sports truck, a modular multi-functional, brink-eating vehicle with the help of Lego pieces. Kids can take assistance from the 1000 lego pieces to build their robot. The robot will help kids develop STEM skills as it has intelligent hubs, sensors, and motors.

    Lego Mindstorm Robots

    Key Features of Lego Remote Control Robot Toy:

    • Intelligent vehicles
    • Build multi-functional robots
    • 1000 Lego pieces

    Lego Remote Control Robot Toy Pros
    • Edutainment learning
    • Develop kid’s creative skills
    • Coding and challenging activities
    Lego Remote Control Robot Toy Cons
    • Limited OS platforms compatibility

    Buy Lego Mindstorm Robots on Amazon

    General FAQs

    What can the Dash Robot do?

    Dash Robot is an interactive feature-rich robot that can be used for multiple purposes. Kids can learn to code and build different structures with the Dash Robot. Dash Robot offers 5 free apps that kids can use to program the robot. Kids aged between 6-10 can program the dash robot to dance, sing, and respond to voice commands. Additionally, you get a 12 months Class Connect subscription when you buy this product.

    What is Makeblock?

    Makeblock is a renowned platform that has been producing kits to teach kids programming languages in an interactive way. It ensures that kids can learn the basic concepts of robotics via a rich learning resource. The platform also holds a competition between kids to assess the skill level and learning pattern of every kidṣ.

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