Best Military Headsets Reviews 2022


When you search for the Best Military Headsets, the choices are enormous. It is indeed difficult to choose the perfect one which would suit you. Found below are the best headsets with Mic, which are all-purpose ones. It’s a guide to making the right decision too, and multiple Headsets suppliers distribute them, and as a result, prices may vary.

Top 8 Tactical Headsets and Radio Accessories 

1. EARMOR Tactical Headset Hunting & Shooting Earmuffs

ARMOUR Tactical Headset Hunting & Shooting Earmuffs

Key Features Of EARMOR Tactical Headset:

• Multiple speakers with noise cancellation
• Ear protection assured
• Voice tracker
• Heavy-duty and accepted meeting military standards
• Adjustable headset as it is padded

  • Sound reception is excellent
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable earmuffs
  • Can communicate through microphones
  • Waterproof
  • Battery consumption is high
  • Lack of rail retention causing sagging


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Are you looking for military headsets that meet the standards they have set? The EARMOR is a good choice as it does more than meet the benchmark. Loud noise can harm your ears, and the EARMOR does not allow more than twenty-two. It’s easy to wear and transport as it is lightweight at 400 Grams and would prove helpful for various purposes, including practice shooting.

The headband has adequate padding to ensure comfort, but the product is heavy-duty, making it durable. Also, the earmuff is tactically designed for noise cancellation but does not compromise on audio clarity. The waterproof headset is NATO standards with a frame that can withstand accidental falls and is an economical buy for you as this military tactical headset would suit you best.

2. Bowman Evo III Military Headset with TCI Tactical PTT Z029

Bowman Evo III Military Headset with TCI Tactical PTT Z029

Key Features Of Bowman Evo III Military Headset:

• The design is twin-sided
• There are three adjustable straps
• The plug meets military standards
• MIC that has a design to be used on either side

  • The design permits wearing the headset with the helmet covering it
  • Highly durable as the nylon used is of premium quality
  • Suitable for every user as the design allows being detached and refitted
  • The PTT has to be purchased separately.


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Are you looking for the best tactical headset with a microphone? If so, the Bowman Evo 111 Military headset should suit you. The product, which has a double-sided design, permits you to wear it under the headgear. You can make it more conducive by adjusting it with those three straps, thus making it the best tactical headset. You can shift the flexible Mic can be turned to either side for convenience purposes, and war games that one can play outside become more realistic.

3. Helmet Way Radio Tactical Headset

Helmet Way Radio Tactical Headset

Key Features Of Helmet Way Radio Tactical Headset:

•The design is 360 degrees rotatable
• Compatible with all ‘ Fast helmets’
• MIC can be placed at your convenience
• Construction using ABS material

  • Free movement of a headset when not in use
  • The noise is muffled and proves to be a good substitute for noise reduction
  • Permits easy installation
  • High Compatibility with Push- to – talk units
  • Buttons do not work. They are just present as decor


Buy Helmet Way Radio Tactical Headset on Amazon

Helmet Way is yet another Radio Tactical Military headset that you can hang over a helmet with the MIC placed either to the left or right as per your convenience. Such a rotation is made possible due to the Hang buckle. The product comes with a 19- 21mm rail size and is compatible with all ‘FAST’ helmets. Communication over the radio is a rich experience despite the adverse conditions you may use it under (crawling, running, etc.). Despite the absence of Noise reduction and the availability of functions related to communication, only the ear muffs keep the external noise to a minimum.

4. Hearangel Tactical Headset with ARC Rail Adapter

Key Features Of Hearangel Tactical Headset:

• 360-degree rotatable design
• Gel ear pads of premium quality
• Battery operated
• Both sides have their respective microphones

  • The ears are well protected as even a sudden loud noise does not affect you
  • The product is compatible with helmets with an arc on the rail side
  • Long and continued usage does not hurt the ear
  • Foot speech does not mute the external noise or sound
  • Batteries separate
  • Noise reduction technology is not resident

The Hearangel comes in with total assurance of protection for your ears. Usage of gel ear pads is the main reason for this as it insulates you from deafening noise. Insulation is possible as the pickup feature switches off automatically. The Hearangel fits perfectly to the rear of your ear when airsoft headphones are not in use, thus permitting ear rest. It is one of the best gaming headsets too.

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5. 3M Peltor ComTac III Electronic Headset

3M Peltor ComTac III Electronic Headset

Key Features Of 3M Peltor ComTac III Headset:

• Gel ear padded cushions
• Higher radio frequency
• Water resistance, including salt water
• Two-way communication enabled

  • In compliance with rules set under DA PAM 40- 501 2015 standards
  • Reputation enhanced as the military prefers it along with law enforcement agencies
  • Meets all mission needs
  • Clarity is perfect, be it via radio or intercoms
  • Battery drains away fast


Buy 3M Peltor ComTac 3 headset on Amazon

The product is price-worthy. It has PTT and is capable of handling dual channels. The NRR is at 20 dB and has a high rating of IP67. Army personnel are well aware of this 3m tactical headset, like gel inserts that make the earmuff more effective. Long hours of wearing these headsets do not create any pain for you, although the AAA batteries tend to lose their power faster. The other issue is that you must know how to load the batteries.

6. Z Tactical Comtac II Tactical Headset



Key Features Of Z Tactical Comtac II Headset:

• Lightweight Headset at just 320 grams
• Constructed out of Nylon Plastic
• Battery-operated/ powered
• Sixth Generation Chip used

  • Allows suppression of external noise
  • The design is sleek and slim
  • State-of-the-art technology enhances Noise Reduction
  • Amazon special offer of product return if found unsatisfactory (thirty days)
  • Batteries are not part of the package


Buy Z Tactical Comtac 2 headset on Amazon

The Z- Tac uses the latest technology to deliver a premium military headset. The IC and the 6th Generation Chip combine with the slim design to provide many exciting features. To start with, you can hear all the sounds around you and suppress them at will. Secondly, the microphones possess ear cups dual by design to facilitate such suppression of noise. Next is the sound Magnification along with Noise reduction. The design is surreal and is very comfortable when one wears them. Made of Nylon Plastic, the product is sturdy and durable.

7. WishRing Z Tactical Comtac II Headset Airsoft



Key Features Of WishRing Z Headset:

• Built of Nylon Plastic
• Lightweight at 450g
• Water-resistant
• One can control the volume
• Moveable arm

  • Latest Design allows great comfort
  • Suppression of noise is automatic
  • Smallest sound is amplified four times
  • It’s a Boom Microphone with flexible arms
  • Battery operated and not part of the package.


Buy WishRing Z Tactical Comtac 2 Headset on Amazon

The Com Tac has all you require since you are keener on good sound magnification, allowing for suppression. The lowest sounds are amplified up to 18 dB, whereas the harmful and high-sounding noise does not exceed 82 dB. To aid this kind of hearing, the WishRing has a dual-ear- cup with premium foam material. All the sounds undergo digital reproduction. You would also be satisfied with the fact it is lightweight and sturdy.

8. Newest Z Tactical Comtac Tactical Headset

Newest Z Tactical Comtac Tactical Headset

Key Features Of Newest Z Tactical Comtac Tactical Headset:

• Superior quality Nylon Plastic used in the build
• Sponge pads with gel ear cups
• Battery operated
• PPT easy to operate
• Cushioning effect for ears thanks to solid design

  • Extended battery life comes with the package ( 2 AAA), and it shuts off automatically when not used for four hours
  • The gel ear cups and the deep ear cup makes life more comfortable for the one wearing the headset all day long
  • Noise reduction at its best along with sound amplification
  • Microphones on both sides help pick up incredibly soft sounds
  • None


Buy Newest Z Tactical Comtac headset on Amazon

Choose this product as you get more than your money’s worth. The top feature is the batteries which have a shutoff function to economize. Thus, long-lasting batteries become helpful as the headset can be used continuously for more hours. The design permits foldability, thus facilitating easy storage. The quality build includes cushions and ear cups, which help in hearing all the noise around you. The PPT becomes easier to operate as you have a relatively better grip.


Q: What are the best bone conduction headphones?

Ans: The Bone Conduction headphones are called ‘ Bonephones’, which specialize in transmitting sound waves directly to the user’s skull. Some of the best bone conduction headphones are.

  • EKEN
  • NG Open Ear
  • Vape only
Q: What are some of the best headsets for truckers in 2022?

Ans: Truckers are on the road most of their lives. Heavy vehicles are not cars to toy with, and a momentary lapse of concentration or diversion would turn fatal. The reference here is to the headsets they wear since they need to communicate constantly and use the best headset for truckers in 2022.

•BlueParrott B550-XT
•Blue Tiger Elite Ultra

Q: What constitutes an excellent military headset?

Ans: A few factors need to be a part of a military headset, and they are

• Compatibility
• Bone Conduction
• Battery life vis-a-vis usage
• Comfort for the ears
• MIC positioning

Q: What are the advantages of Military headsets?

Ans: There are many benefits to wearing a military headset. A few of them are:

• Quick Alerts
• Reduces or extinguishes external noise to the minimum
• One can relay instructions to be followed


Even though we have listed the top headsets, it is not easy to choose unless you consider a few more factors. The Brand’s reputation matters most, as well as the price. It should suit your budget, and the Brand name enhances the reliability factor. It’s also advisable to go by users’ views as these tend to inform you on various issues you may have using it.

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