Best Handheld Body Fat Scanners of 2022


Your body compositions need to be healthy to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most people use body fat monitors to calculate the amount of body fat or muscle fat. These handheld body fat scanners are easy to carry at any place. They measure the data through your gender, height, and weight. With a combination of products coming into the marketplace, everything has expanded into multiple alternatives. Most of these handheld devices are lightweight and digital. People are looking into various segments of options that are available. You can monitor your health and fitness with these handheld body fat monitors.

These convenient body fat scanners provide you with accurate readings at your fingertips. Some of these handheld body fat devices support smartphone connectivity. They intelligently display the correct data, so if you are an athlete or a bodybuilder, you can get the instruments and grab the opportunity to stay fit. The traditional ones are different from these Smart body fat scanners. If you need to carry these devices to your gym, you can opt for one of these devices and put it in your bag. These devices are inexpensive and can sync with your favorite health applications.

These digital body fat monitoring devices analyze your health status in the most effective way possible and shows you the real outcomes. A sense of accountability is recognized while using these advanced body fat devices. We have evaluated each of these products based on today’s needs and trends and curated the list of best products you can find on Amazon. Here, check out the best handheld body fat scanners of 2022.

Top Body Composition Monitor Reviews 

You can start your fitness journey and see noticeable improvements in your health with the help of these handheld body fat scanners. These monitors deliver consistent results to improve your body composition needs. Your health is crucial to living a happy life and that is why you should not compromise the accuracy of your body weight. Handheld body fat monitors are an excellent choice because they do not carry heavy weight and keep perfect track of your health.

Most of these, body fat monitors are not limited to a particular accuracy level. They have proprietary technology embedded inside them that preserves the increased level of precision. These handheld body fat monitors act as a palm-sized personal trainer for you guiding you towards the right path in your wellness expedition.

1. Bello – Handheld Belly Fat Management Device

Bello - Handheld Belly Fat Management Device

Key Features of Bello Fat Management Device:

  • Precise measurements
  • Dedicated Smartphone Application
  • Tempered glass coverage

  • Results in 3 seconds
  • Diet management by your activity status
  • Reminders based on goals
  • Benefits of scanning regularly
  • Inconsistent results
  • Slow Bluetooth connection



Buy Bello Fat Management Device on Amazon

Bello I – This Handheld Belly Fat Management Instrument decodes your body fat results using near-infrared technology that unleashes the CT scan level accuracy. You can have access to information about your metabolic health that is a great knowledge of your inner (visceral) and outer (subcutaneous) fat. This handheld tracker tracks your daily calories and gives you precise results. Tolerating excessive visceral belly fat is hard as it is the ultimate cause of uninvited cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

A disturbing amount of obese people are facing significant problems due to the surplus subcutaneous fat in their bodies. But the Bello-I can help you to track your visceral and subcutaneous fat and reduce it to retain your proper health. The Bello readings are superior to your BIA smart scale readings and are not affected by the water intake.

A reliable Mobile Application is provided to the Bello users with frequent updates for their customers’ delight. Manage your health most adequately by syncing the Bello with Google Fit and Apple Health. Get a complete analysis of your health in just 3 seconds with the Bello device. A one-time charge lasts up to 4 months, and you can share it with four people.

2. Body Fat Management Device – Bello II

Body Fat Management Device - Bello II

Key Features of Bello II Fat Management Device:

  • Professional Results
  • Personalised wellness program
  • Portable
  • Easy to use

  • Application problem



    Buy Bello 2 on Amazon

    Bello-II delivers DEXA-scan-level accuracy as it operates on NIR (Near Infrared Technology). Bello II proposes Nine block therapy program for personalising your fitness goals and maintaining your overall health. In comparison with Bello I, Bello II offers more advantages by providing you with customised Health Services with over 4500 resources just for you.

    Bello II is 15% much lighter and 12.6% more enhanced accuracy level than Bello I, perfect for utilising it in your routine. You can optimise your daily habit by making healthier choices for you. Your weight loss journey won’t affect your mental health with the help of this Bello-II handheld belly fat management device. You need to have better health recommendations if you are constantly worrying about your health and want to make a significant improvement in your health.

    This device is an ideal choice to get inspiration and make a better change in your lifestyle. The technology it uses is highly developed according to the needs of humans and it analyses the whole-body fat in some seconds. You can measure your whole-body fat percentage, BMR, Visceral fat percentage, and your metabolic health index at your fingertips. Get accurate results in comparison with most scales that use BIA technology.

    3. Omron Handheld Body Fat Management Device

    Omron Handheld Body Fat Management Device

    Key Features of Omron Fat Management Device:

    • Standard Mode Available
    • Athlete Mode Available
    • Accurate Results

    • Can Store the data of about nine users’ profiles
    • Two modes are available
    • Works on Bio-Electrical Impedance method rather than Near Infrared Light
    • Displays slower results in about 7 seconds


    Buy Omron portable fat management device on Amazon

    Omron HBF-306C Handheld Body Fat Loss Monitor provides highly accurate readings and is easily available. This product has value for money as it comes with generous overall performance. This device displays the results in either US or metric which produces accuracy in reading. This device can track the Nine users’ profiles simultaneously. Each user can track down their health progress and share the data. Omron uses the Bioelectrical Impedance method to measure body fat percentage and body mass index. It provides athlete modes and standard modes according to your requirements. So, get this amazing handheld body fat management device from Amazon and focus on improving your health.


    Do they all measure visceral and subcutaneous fat?

    Yes, they all measure the accurate visceral and subcutaneous fat.

    Who should use these?

    People who do not want to spend more time and money should use these. They are portable, so they can be carried anywhere with ease.

    How often can we use them?

    They can be used daily or rarely according to the requirements of the customers.


    This guide was published by taking all the possible research and the results are thoroughly compiled by taking the trends and lifestyles into consideration. You may select from these options without hesitation as they will meet all your needs and satisfy you.

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    Best Handheld Body Fat Scanners of 2022

      Your body compositions need to be healthy to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most people use body fat monitors to calculate the amount of body...

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