Best Gold Smartwatches For Women


Wristwatches have come a long way since their discovery. It was always considered a part of jewelry, but now it arrives in gold! The stainless-steel bracelets receive a rose gold-tone, but that’s not all.

The gold watches also became smart with technology embedded in it. Thus, looks and brains combined perfectly, and women’s rose gold smartwatches received their share too. Watches were designed to suit them exclusively, and all the useful apps could be stored. Call dialing and receiving are also possible in the best of such watches, and there is the gold smartwatch for iPhone. We look at the top eight of such best gold smartwatches for women.

Top 7 Best Gold Watch Brands

1. Fossil Women’s Gen 5E 42mm

Key Features Of Fossil Gen 5E:

• 1.2-inch Touch screen
• Compatibility with both Android & iPhone
• Wear OS
• Extendable battery life through various modes

  • The display is on forever
  • Highly compatible through many forms of connectivity
  • Allows customization
  • Measures and displays precise health and fitness results
  • You can control Smart home devices through settings on the watch
  • Connectivity is not good as promised

The Fossil 5 Gen E is nothing short of wearing the world on your wrist. Powered by the supreme Wear OS, a Google app, you would find that your Fossil is compatible with the latest Android or IOS versions. The features make the Fossil Gen 5E one of the Best gold smartwatches for women, but they may differ from country to country depending on the platforms they operate on, but the variations are minimal. The Battery is the heart of the watch, and the charge would last for days together as it has an Extendable Battery Mode. The charge would last at least 24 hours if loaded with functions and increase with lesser.

It turns user-friendly with the magnetic charger that rotates 360 Degrees, and the Battery gets charged up to 80% in lesser than 50 minutes on this fossil gold smartwatch. You can customize the watch to suit your current activity, whether fitness or any other activity. It does not strain your wrist as it is lightweight at 4.23 Ounces, and you can wear them even when swimming in the water, thus preventing any theft. The GPS helps you keep track of all your fitness activities with state-of-the-art sensors displaying accurate results. Dialing and receiving a call has never been easier, and the notifications are real-time. You are more at home with this Women Gold Smartwatch as it can control other smart devices at home.

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2. Fossil Gen 6 42mm Touchscreen Smartwatch

Fossil Gen 6 42mm Touchscreen Smartwatch

Key Features Of Fossil Gen 6:

• Made of stainless steel
• Qualcomm 4100 app processor
• Alexa is built-in.
• Battery operated
• Water resistant up to 30 meters

  • Provides easy access to Alexa as it is built-in
  • Lower consumption of power due to advanced technology
  • Customization allowed on the dial
  • Call receiving and call dialing are enabled as it is compatible with most smartphones
  • Efficient health and fitness tracking system is available on this fossil gold smartwatch.
  • Does not measure blood oxygen or ECG

It is a great feeling to wear a powerful device on your wrists that guides you every step of the way. The Fossil Gen 6 brings revolution and innovation along with it. The women’s gold Smartwatch is powered by the latest Qualcomm 4100+ chipset and enhances the performance by at least 30%. Such technology enhances other functions, and you can feel it with the Bluetooth range and other connectivity.

The gold android smartwatch measures 42 MM and has a round-shaped dial made of Stainless Steel. The display is 24/7 and bright enough to convey all readings in one glance. You can customize the watch in the best manner you prefer, and if you are an Android user, the benefit of Alexa exists. Fitness apps, music, call dialing and answering, and numerous other functions drain the power faster, but you can recharge the Fossil Gen 6 faster than most other watches. Thanks to the magnetic case back, it takes only thirty minutes to reach a charge of 80%. You can swim wearing it as it is water resistant, and you can easily do payment transactions.

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3. Michael Kors Gen 6 Touchscreen Smartwatch with Alexa Built-In

Michael Kors Gen 6 Touchscreen Smartwatch with Alexa Built-In

Key Features Of Michael Kors Gen 6:

• Compatible and connectivity with Bluetooth 5
• GPS enabled, which aids fitness
• Design is 3 ATM
• Quick charge in thirty minutes
• Sturdy due to stainless steel

  • Can resist water up to 100 feet
  • Interchangeable strap
  • Chipset is up-to-date
  • SpO2 and heart tracker, which is accurate
  • Watch weighs heavier

When a brand screams loud enough for you to hear, ‘I am the best-looking watch and now the smartest too’, you do not have to think twice as it happens to be a Michael Kors Access Gen 6, which comes in as a specialist watch and one of the best gold smartwatches for women with heavy ratings. It has the Qualcomm 4100 + chip sets to power it to no- end. Alexa is built in and saves you time as you can carry commands from your wrist.

The sensors bring in top features and results of both the health and fitness apps, which are displayed on increased pixels than before. You can speak and hear when you dial or receive calls, thus relieving you from carrying the smartphone in your palms. It takes just thirty minutes to charge up to 80%, and there are various battery modes to enhance battery life on these Rose gold smartwatches for women.

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4. Fossil Women’s Monroe Hybrid Smartwatch

Fossil Women's Monroe Hybrid Smartwatch

Key Features Of Fossil Monroe Smartwatch:

• Fossil’s Hybrid Smartwatch
• 38mm screen display with interchangeable 12mm bands
• Powerful batteries
• Compatibility with both iOS & Android smartphones
• Quartz movement

  • Connectivity enabled to a smartphone
  • Bears a traditional and rich look
  • Batteries are powerful and capable of sustaining more than two weeks
  • Lack of touch screen, which is the main feature of any smartwatch

A gold smartwatch does plenty, but the Fossil Hybrid does little. If you love the traditional wristwatch with just a few features of a smartwatch as a bonus, then your best and perhaps the only choice is the Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch for women. At first glance, you may not even think it’s a smartwatch!

The precise quartz movement is still a wonder, but in this product, the two- hands of the watch combine to navigate many things on the watch’s 38mm screen. Although You cannot type messages cannot be typed, receiving them can be set up easily. The lack of a touchscreen does not mitigate the perfect and accurate information of health apps you receive. The Hybrid from Fossil is one of the best gold smartwatches for women who love tradition.

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5. Apple Watch Series 7 [GPS + Cellular 41mm]

Key Features Of Apple Watch Series 7:

• Crack resistant built of Stainless-steel and Aluminum.
• Certified IP6X for dust resistance
• OS 8
• Brand new design

  • Fast in performance
  • Accurate and precise fitness and health tracker along with reports
  • Display never better before
  • Battery endurance
  • Pricey

The narrow bezels on this Apple 7 lead to a larger and brighter display on this specially developed gold Smartwatch for iPhone. The Smartwatch is 41mm without increasing its previous footprint. The perfect alloy of Stainless steel with Aluminum makes it extremely durable and crack resistant. It also bags a certification of WR50 for water resistance and dust resistance. Siri is available; waiting for your voice commands and making calls apart from receiving them has never been easier till the arrival of this gold smartwatch apple.

It is compatible with all your Apple products, the iPod or Apple Pay. Sensors are more advanced, guiding you along the path of fitness, and there are no compromises on health features or apps. It has many interchangeable bands, but the one thing you cannot change is the immersive experience this product gives you.

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6. Fossil Women’s Charter Hybrid Smartwatch

Fossil Women's Charter Hybrid Smartwatch

Key Features Of Fossil Charter Smartwatch:

• Compatibility with both Android and iPhone
• Durable Battery
• USB charger magnetic
• Screen display large at 42mm
• Sturdy product built of Stainless-steel.

  • Water resistant up to fifty meters
  • Light weight at 2.54 Ounces
  • Tracks activity without being connected to the smartphone
  • Easy process to customize the face of the watch
  • Notification of messages in real-time
  • Answering or receiving calls disabled

The design integrates mechanical hands with smart features. With the case size measuring 42mm, you can read the curated information with one glance. The ‘heart’ of the watch is the heart sensor which renders exact information on your wellness along with fitness apps. The Battery would last a minimum of two weeks upon normal usage, and the Hybrid is compatible with both types of smartphones. With these Rose gold smartwatches for women, you can control the music you play, but the phone cannot receive calls, let alone dial them.

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7. Michael Kors Women’s Gen 5E

Michael Kors Women's Gen 5E

Key Features Of Michael Kors Gen 5E:

• 43 mm sized dial
• Touchscreen
• Made of stainless steel
• 5E Generation smartwatch
• WearOS
• Magnetic charger

  • Quick recharge as it takes only 50 minutes to reach 80% level charge
  • Enabled to make calls / receive them.
  • Allows numerous health and fitness apps to be installed
  • Durable Battery with Extendable mode
  • Heavy usage of apps drains away Battery faster than claimed

If you are looking for a Rose gold smartwatch for women with both looks and functionality, the Michael Kors Women’s Gen 5E is the one you should wear on your wrist. The Touchscreen is powered by WearOS, which is resident in your smartphone and has a flip clasp. The color of the dial is ‘pitch’ black, thus making the display brighter. You can customize the watch and recharge it in a quick time.

The GPS is functional around the clock and monitors your steps day and night. The entertainment section is perfect with music control, games, news, etc. Its Touchscreen is conducive for communication as you can make or receive calls apart from calendar synchronization and message notifications. The world is on your wrist as it is undoubtedly one of the best Smartwatches for women.

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It’s obvious from the women’s gold smartwatch review above that there are unique features in every best gold watch brand. It is best to choose the one which would serve your purpose. It would not be wise to buy the Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch if you are looking for many features in the form of apps. On the other hand, it’s best to choose the same watch if you wish to embrace tradition with some smart features.

The Apple 7 series is the best rose gold smartwatch for ladies as the features are overwhelming. Even though it’s pricey, the watch is best for women who are very active daily. Last but not least, women love to sport a smartwatch that looks aesthetic and attractive. Even the gold Android wear for women serves that purpose, although it may not be conducive to the iPhones.

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