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The Smartwatch market is witnessing a yearly increase in customers, and almost all the world-renowned watchmakers have entered the fray. Yet, a niche prefers Gold Smartwatch to adorn their wrist. Yes, the Gold Smartwatch does serve more than one purpose. The wrist which wears the watch is definitely and easily identifiable compared to the ones that wear just leather straps and Glass material for a dial. Certain smartwatches are unisex, but a clear divide exists between men’s and women’s gold smartwatches.

Almost every health app and fitness apps are available on these Best gold smartwatches for men. They can even wear it while they swim, and the Bluetooth connectivity enables plenty of features. IOS and Android smartphones are compatible with most gold smartwatches, thus serving yet another purpose of allowing calls and notifications a much better display.

Found below is the Top Gold Smartwatch Brands review which would help you choose your Best gold smartwatch for men.

Top 10 Gold Watch Brands Reviews

1. Olio ‘One’ H1B-SKU-10 Stainless Steel and 24K Gold Smartwatch

Olio 'One' H1B-SKU-10 Stainless Steel and 24K Gold Smartwatch

Key Features of Olio ‘One’ H1B-SKU-10:

• Watch weighs 2.72 ounces
• Compatible with all Android/iOS smartphones
• Cloud Assistant available
• Sturdy as it of stainless steel
• Battery operated (lithium-ion)

  • Large display at 47 mm
  • Water resistant up to 165 feet and can be worn during swimming
  • A big-‘time’ saver
  • High connectivity, including Bluetooth
  • Battery cannot survive more than 24 hours

Have you ever heard of a cloud-based assistant who saves your time? Well, that’s what Olio Assist does, which powers the Olio Model One Gold Collection Smartwatch timepieces. The Olio Assist becomes your secretary as it draws a pattern of your preferences over a period and then suggests ideas that would save time. Inadvertently, this also helps you concentrate on other issues. Intelligent connectivity enables you to synchronize with both types of Smartphones, iOS, and Android, namely Bluetooth Connectivity and is considered an ideal gold smartwatch for iPhone.

It ensures you have read all notifications to help plan your day. Would you not want such a timepiece to be sturdy and durable? Olio also provides the solution to that, as the construction is 316L for hardness. Milled stainless steel and crafty hands take over to give it the 24K yellow gold. The battery life exceeds a day, and its 47 mm diameter dial display lets you see the mechanical hands show perfect time. Its water resistant up to 50 meters, and its limited Edition watches, thus inserting prestige wear.


Buy Olio ‘One’ H1B-SKU-10 on Amazon

2. Fossil Gen 5E Digital Black Dial Men’s Watch-FTW4051

Fossil Gen 5E Digital Black Dial Men's Watch-FTW4051

Key Features of Fossil Gen 5E Digital Black Dial:

• Storage at 4GB and RAM at 1 GB
• Bluetooth connectivity 4.2 Le
• Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100
• AMOLED Display 3 cm
• Has sensors that include Accelerometer and Gyroscope

  • Durability ensured as the build is of Stainless steel
  • Heavy-duty batteries that can last many days but are rechargeable up to 80% under an hour
  • The two-tone color adds to the aesthetic value and displays readings
  • Call Receiving/dialing is not possible

The Best rose gold smartwatch from Fossil has a screen size of 1.28 inches, a case diameter of 44mm, and a round AMOLED Display with the basic construction in Stainless steel. The above features guarantee an aesthetic look and a well-constructed watch. Add the word Smart to it, and the benefits increase manifold, which you would surely enjoy. Its compatibility with both types of smartphones and the connectivity via Bluetooth is the start of things to come.

You can download various health and fitness apps, and the Smartwatch monitors you every step of the way with precision. The GPS is built-in and helps achieve many results and, along with that, aids you in planning along the same lines. It can resist water depths of 50 meters, and you need not bother removing it when you go for a swim. The Fossil Gen 5 Garrett HR Smartwatch Price is ₹22,995.00 and serves the purpose.


Buy Fossil Gen 5E Digital Black on Amazon

3. Fossil Gen 6 Men’s Smartwatch with AMOLED Screen, Snapdragon 4100+

Fossil Gen 6 Men's Smartwatch with AMOLED Screen, Snapdragon 4100+

Key Features of Fossil Gen 6:

• WearOS powered
• Fold over clasps
• Lightweight
• AMOLED crystal

  • Water resistant up to 30 meters in depth
  • Google friendly but Compatible with iPhone too apart from Android
  • One full charge sustains a week and is rechargeable up to 80 % under one hour
  • Cannot make or receive calls

Are you searching for a Rose Gold Smartwatch with smartphone compatibility? A watch that can last for days, armed with new battery modes? You will get all that and more with the Fossil Gen 6 Men’s Rose Gold Smartwatch. It comes with a large dial and screen size, and high resolution. The connectivity is smooth, and syncing is effortless.

The salient feature is, of course, the Fossil powered by WearOS, which translates to Google user-friendly. Health apps are available in plenty, and such apps consume power. The battery recharge is quick, and the watch weighs just 140 grams despite the stainless steel construction.


Buy Fossil Gen 6 Men’s Smartwatch on Amazon

4. Emporio Armani Matteo Smart Watch (GPS, 44 mm)

Emporio Armani Matteo Smart Watch (GPS, 44 mm)Key Features of Emporio Armani Matteo:

• Suitable for Men
• It has all the essential features such as an Alarm clock, calendar, etc
• Tracks Health and fitness with perfection in reporting
• Compatible with Smartphones

  • The bezels are stainless steel which ensures durability
  • The combination of Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi leads to the best connectivity
  • It is water resistant even at 5000 cms
  • Digital display allows for instant information relay to the user
  • Call receiving and Call dialing are not possible

The Emporio Armani Matteo Gold Smartwatch from the fashion house of Armani is stainless steel with Gold. Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor and is compatible with both types of Smartphones. You can store a lot as it has an 8 GB storage facility and RAM at 1GB to process all data faster. The display is a touchscreen, and you can rely on Google Assistant. Music control is on your wrist, and so are all the other fitness apps.


Buy Emporio Armani Matteo Smart Watch on Amazon

5. Garmin vivomove Luxe, Hybrid Smartwatch

Garmin vivomove Luxe, Hybrid SmartwatchKey Features of Garmin vivomove Luxe:

• 1.2 inch Touch screen
• Mechanical hands
• Smartphone Compatibility along with Bluetooth connectivity
• Stainless steel construction

  • Interactive Display
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Facilities payment transactions
  • Water-resistant
  • Aesthetic look
  • Call receiving and call dialing are not possible

Why don’t you consider a smartwatch with a display that interacts with your touch? The Smartwatch from Garmin with the Gold and leather band weighing 1.6 ounces does that as it is a touchscreen with a difference. The mechanical hands display the precise information you seek on the rounded 1. 2 inches dial screen. You may seek information on many things this AMOLED-colored screen can display. If you wish to transfer payments for purchases or credit cards, or you want to read your messages, Garmin is the best choice.

Thanks to its connectivity with Smartphones and Bluetooth adaptability, the watch consistently monitors your health issues along with the GPS-enabled fitness tracker. It even reminds you to consume water periodically apart from measuring your sleep patterns. It comes with a powerful Lithium-ion battery that keeps all its activities alive for atleast five days in Smart Mode and one week extra if it runs on watch mode. It sports a crystal sapphire lens and the case durable stainless steel. It is water resistant too.


Buy Garmin vivomove Luxe on Amazon

6. Citizen CZ Smart Stainless Steel Smartwatch Touchscreen

Citizen CZ Smart Stainless Steel Smartwatch Touchscreen

Key Features of Citizen CZ Smart:

• Stylish design
• Both Case and Band are made of stainless steel
• Water resistant up to 30 meters
• Digital display

  • Compatibility with both Android & iPhone
  • Large screen size, which requires just a glance to observe all readings
  • You can dial or receive calls (apart from notifications) with your smartphone at a distance
  • Contactless payments via Google Pay
  • Difficulties experienced while accessing iPhone features

One of the best watches in the world combines hands with Google to present you with a Gold Smartwatch. Citizen CZ has WearOS to power it, and that’s not all. The watch comes with other preloaded Google apps and enhances it to a different level. In short, it is ‘all Google ‘! Google Pay allows you to transact. Google Assistant waits for your voice commands.

Google Fit guides you on your fitness with its active GPS. Connectivity through Bluetooth triggers many functions, especially while making calls or receiving them with a speaker in it. Spotify music app is yet another app that entertains you. Health apps are plenty, and the battery lasts 24 hours with the choice of extension. Moreover, it is sturdy and water resistant.


Buy Citizen CZ Smart Stainless Steel Smartwatch on Amazon

7. Smart Watch for Men Women, 360 x 360 Smartwatch for Android and iOS Phones

Smart Watch for Men Women, 360 x 360 Smartwatch for Android and iOS Phones

Key Features of Smart Watch for Men Women:

• Suitable for both men and women
• Gold Band color
• Touch screen
• Water resistant
• Battery-operated and lightweight

  • Colour & Touch screen
  • Allows customization of watch faces
  • Construction is of stainless steel
  • A single charge lasts more than ten days
  • All the inferences made by health apps are real-time and allow you to plan better
  • Cannot be synced with Tablets or Standalone computers

The Unisex Smartwatch from Garmin is the ideal watch for you if you are searching for one with many features but on a limited budget. That’s right! The lightweight at 140 grams not only packs a punch with its aesthetic looks but also its innumerable apps. It casts you into a healthier world with its fitness trackers and health apps.

You can view the accurate results with just a glance at the screen, which is perfect at 1.32 inches as it is a 360×360 HD screen. Its compatibility with both Android 4.4 and iOS 9. O + Bluetooth connectivity turns the gold watch smarter. You can customize the face of the Smartwatch to suit your personality. It’s mandatory to download the “Qwatch Pro”, which is available on the Mobile app.


Buy Smart Watch for Men Women on Amazon

8. Misfit Men Rose Gold-Toned Display Smart Watch

Misfit Men Rose Gold-Toned Display Smart Watch

Key Features of Misfit Men Rose Gold-Toned:

• RAM at 512 MB
• Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 2100
•Built of Stainless steel
• Water resistant
• Touchscreen, but the screen is glass

  • Compatibility with both Android/ iPhone
  • Water resistant up to 50M
  • Call function enabled
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Durable since construction is of stainless steel
  • Warranty of two years on manufacturing parts
  • Wi-Fi disabled
  • No called ID
  • No Mic

The Misfit Men Rose Gold-Toned Display Smart Watch is the opposite of what the Brand name suggests. It is a perfect ‘ fit for men who wish to have everything “Smart” in their watch. It is powered by Android Wear 2 0 and has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 as a processor. The Smartwatch has a wireless music player, standalone, and GPS. The highlight is the Virtual Bezel which combines with the GPS to make navigation easier. All you need is an Android 4.3 or an iPhone IQS 9 (or above) to activate many apps. The Bluetooth connectivity enables call functions, and the display is digital with a 1.39 Round AMOLED display. It’s a LED Screen, and the battery is Lithium Ion.


Buy Misfit Men Rose Gold-Toned Display on Amazon

9. Samsung Sm-R810Nzdaxar Bluetooth Watch- Rose Gold

Key Features of Samsung Sm-R810Nzdaxar:

Samsung Galaxy gold watch

• Lightweight at 65.8 Grams
• Lithium-ion battery operated (comes with the package )
• “Go Mobile” to effect wireless charging
• Screen display at 1.2 inches

  • From reliable manufacturers
  • Wireless charging removes the difficulty of cables running around
  • Neat finish
  • Bluetooth and smartphone compatibility
  • Health and fitness tracker
  • Not water resistant
  • Compatible with select smartphones

Samsung, the Electronic giant, did not take much time to plunge into the world of watches and followed it up with Smartwatches. This gold Smartwatch Samsung should be your best buy if you are a Samsung fan. The watch weighs just 66 grams and is battery-operated. A single charge would last four days at the minimum, and the Lithium-ion battery accompanies your purchase.

It is Bluetooth connectivity enabled, and the battery recharge is wireless too. You can customize the watch’s face as there are many options available. You can install health apps, and you can view your progress. You may have an issue with the Bluetooth connectivity as it can connect with certain Smartphones only. The dial is round with a screen size of 1.2 inches and has mechanical hands, which many traditionalists would love.


Buy Samsung Sm-R810Nzdaxar Bluetooth Watch on Amazon

10. Gen 4 Smartwatch Q Venture HR Rose-Gold-Tone

Gen 4 Smartwatch Q Venture HR Rose-Gold-Tone

Key Features of Gen 4 Smartwatch:

• WearOS from Google
• Processor QUALCOMM Snapdragon Wear 2100
•Case size is 40 mm, and strap width is 18 mm
• 4GB storage

  • Battery lasts a good while, and recharge is quick
  • Bluetooth connectivity enabled and rated at 4.2 for consuming low energy
  • Healthcare through various apps and Fitness guidance through relevant apps with precise monitoring
  • GPS aids navigation
  • Call receiving and calling is not possible

Fossil is a brand with an international reputation when it comes to Smartwatches. The reputation only went up when they came out with their Fossil gold smartwatch for men. You require the latest Android versions to support the WearOS of Google, on which the smartwatch depends. Similarly, iOS would support features depending on various platforms a country may offer.

The case color is Rose Gold with a strap width of 18mm. It has been rated 3 ATM for water resistance, and that’s a lot. It’s a Lithium-ion battery which you can recharge upto 80% levels in under an hour. The charge lasts two days with minimal usage and a day if extensively used.

The Fossil uses the VENTURE HR Smartwatch, and its processing is carried out by the QUALCOMM Snapdragon Wear 2100, which helps all the apps connected to the watch work efficiently. Buy Fossil Q Venture HR Rose Gold SmartWatch as there are many features and apps that can help you in health and organizing your life.


From the review above of the Best Gold Smartwatches for men, it is evident that there is an equal divide in which the display occurs. Some are digital, others still prefer mechanical hands, and a few are hybrid. Women’s gold Smartwatches follow almost the same pattern but tilt more towards the Digital types. It is best to choose the Smartwatch with features you regularly use than to have everything resident in it but never use them.

The prices of the Best Gold Smartwatches increase when you go for top features like the Fossil Gold Smartwatch for men. The decision could prove wiser if you opt for the Fossil Gen 5 HR Smartwatch, as both genders can use it. Budget constraints apply while buying such valuable timepieces, but on the other hand, the gold smartwatch for men does last a long time.

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