Best Automatic Fish Food Feeders for Aquariums in 2022


Having a pet in the house and attempting to sneak away on a holiday trip. There exists the choice of dropping them at an animal shelter, but what about the fish in your tank? Who would feed them? You can ask your relatives or neighbors to provide them every day, but that could become a concern for you. Installing the automatic fish feeder can relieve you of this anxiety. However, it could be short-lived as the next area of concern is whether they work correctly when you’re away.

Hence, buying and installing the best automatic fish feeder is imperative. Here is a list of the Ten Best Automatic Fish Food Feeders 2022.

Top 10 Automatic Fish Feeders – Reviews 2022

1. Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder

Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder

Key Features of Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder:

  • Rotating container
  • Feed times pre- programmable
  • Feeding ring attached
  • Food Container with a capacity of 3.38 Fl Oz

  • Display is digital
  • Storage of fish food up to six weeks
  • Dispenses food thrice a day
  • Low battery warnings
  • Adapts to both salt and freshwater
  • Brackets make it easier to fit into lidless tanks
  • More convenient for lidless tanks

This Eheim automatic feeder can hold fish flakes and food for six weeks as per its design and 100Ml in terms of capacity. It can dispense food a minimum of three times a day and is battery chargeable. The display in digital and a warning system combine to warn you of low charge, and the Eheim can be easily fit into a lidless tank thanks to its mounting bracket. On the other hand, the lightweight plastic-cased fish food dispenser can be placed on top of the lid if one is there. The casing also makes it conducive for both fresh and saltwater.

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2. Dophin AF012 LCD Automatic Fish Food Timer

Dophin AF012 LCD Automatic Fish Food Timer

Key Features of Dophin Automatic Fish Food Timer:

  • Made of plastic but durable
  • LCD screen along with Electronic Control
  • Five-time rime set- up for dispensing
  • Digital display
  • Both flakes and pellets can be stored
  • Maximum three times feed

  • Timely food dispensation
  • Battery takes over during power outages
  • Well-controlled feeder mouth
  • Food can last for ten days with three times dispensation
  • The non-transparent feeder bucket misleads the exact quantity of food left

Built of sturdy plastic, the AF- 012, the automatic fish feeder can hold up to 100 grams of fish food. You can set the five timings as per your wish to dispense the food one to three times a day. It can be manually operated too, and it holds firm when fitted at the edges of the tank. The alkaline batteries swing into action when there is a power cut, and control is ensured through the electronic controls and the LCD, which guides you on dosage.

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3. Decadal Automatic Fish Feeder Aquarium Tank

Decadal Automatic Fish Feeder Aquarium Tank

Decadal Automatic Fish Feeder Tank Key Features:

  • Voice-controlled fish feeder
  • Echo and Alexa compatible
  • Timer available
  • Control via App on mobile

  • Countdown timer to facilitate feed timings
  • Alexa or Echo enabled Voice Control
  • Supports both flake and pellets forms of fish food; Granules too
  • Storage is ample at 170 Ml
  • Works on USB and Electricity
  • No batteries, so power cuts become an issue

The Decadal auto fish feeder is smart with voice control through Alexa and Echo. You can feed your fish up to five times without manual stress, and the feeder can adjust the quantity it dispenses every time. It does not matter that the food can be frozen or fresh, and there is an appendage to prevent them from flying away.

Buy Decadal Automatic Fish Feeder on Amazon

4. NICREW Automatic Fish Feeder

NICREW Automatic Fish Feeder

NICREW Automatic Fish Feeder Key Features:

  • Programming is in digital
  • Fish feed can be food pellets and Flakes.
  • Food can be dispensed three times periodically
  • Perfect fit for tanks with their top at .95 inches.

  • Simple procedure to program
  • Reasonably priced
  • Silent motor
  • LCD
  • Moisture proof
  • Bulky

The CREW Auto fish feeder is a programmable one that dispenses fish food 8n the most perfect manner possible three times a day. The feed time can be scheduled, and that’s a huge convenience as you’re away on holiday. The width of the NICREW is .95, and that’s perfect to fit in a tank.

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5. Lychee [Upgrade] Wi-Fi Control Automatic Fish Feeder

Lychee [Upgrade] Wi-Fi Control Automatic Fish Feeder

Lychee Fish Feeder Key Features:

  • Timer functions with flexibility
  • App is driven with Wi-Fi
  • Voice control commands
  • Various modes of feeding
  • Can be mounted on a fish tank in two methods

  • Feeding system does not require a network once the setting is done
  • All the operations can either be done from the app or manually
  • USB charging through Android cable; Charge lasts for a month
  • Setting it up initially is slightly tricky.

The App and Wi-Fi combined with the Upgraded Lychee fish feeder are the best solution to maintain the pets in your aquarium. The 2.4 GHz Wife control is required only when the settings are done on your Android mobile through the app. The network is not necessary to dispense food once such a setting is done and the timer works in the most precise manner. The app comes in sixteen different languages, thus becoming conducive for Universal use. The choice to feed your fish is yours as you can do it through the remote control, automatic feeding, and manually. The package contains a USB cable to make charging convenient.

Buy Lychee [Upgrade] Wi-Fi Control Automatic Fish Feeder on Amazon

6. Dophin Auto Feeder AF007

Dophin Auto Feeder AF007

Dophin Auto Feeder Key Features:

  • Simple operation
  • The stand which comes along with it adapts to multiple sizes and shapes of tanks
  • Choice of two colors – Silver &Grey
  • Weighs 410 grams

  • Perfect at releasing the required amount of food
  • Option of setting food Dispensation twice a day
  • Highly suitable for an aquarium with 25 liters or more capacity.
  • Only two timer settings

The Af007 Dophin does serve the purpose of auto-feeding. Therefore, the fish and turtles get their food on time, once to twice a day.
The battery lasts a month, and the operations are kept simple. The clamp that comes with it facilitates fitting of the gadget in tanks with various shapes and is found a perfect fit if the tank is 25 liters or more. You can use it manually too.

Buy Dophin Auto Feeder AF007 on Amazon

7. Warmtone WT-180A Aquarium Food Timer

Warmtone WT-180A Aquarium Food Timer

Key Features of Warmtone Aquarium Food Timer:

  • Six feeds is the maximum limit
  • Mounting on the tank in five various positions
  • One AAA Battery is sufficient
  • Pellets of the smaller variety and flakes can be loaded

  • Timer driven for six feeds a day
  • Build quality is excellent
  • Dispenses on time set
  • The adjustable clamp makes it convenient to fit it in five types of different aquariums
  • Few complaints on extra food being dispensed

The highly reliable Warmtone fish feeder dispenses fish food at the exact quantity specified. It can let out food six times a day, and the battery comes in handy during a power outage. Moreover, the clamp allows us to fit the product into five different fish tanks.

Buy Warmtone WT-180A Aquarium Food Timer on Amazon

8. Qpets USB Charger 3 Way Automatic Fish Feeder


Key Features of Qpets Automatic Fish Feeder:

  • Installation is as simple as it can get
  • The electronic controls and times are accurate
  • It’s a 200 ml storage container
  • It’s battery-powered

  • Fish Feed can be stored for thirty days
  • Transparent container that allows awareness of food levels
  • Turtles and fish can enjoy its food dispensation
  • It can rotate 360 degrees
  • Not suitable for Goldfish.
  • Battery charge levels are not displayed

The Qpets can work on batteries and dispense food three times a day; Additional benefits with both USB and battery rechargeability. The other good feature is that you can feed turtles too. The option of manual and automatic feeding is also available.

Buy Qpets USB Charger 3 Way Automatic Fish Feeder on Amazon

9. Qpets Duble Fish Feeder Box

Qpets Duble Fish Feeder Box

Qpets Duble Fish Feeder Box Key Features:

  • Runs on AAA Batteries which last a minimum of three months.
  • Double Food box container

  • Double storage container
  • Goldfish is the only exception this feeder cannot dispense feed for
  • The food slot is transparent, making it easy to fill- up on time
  • Lack of automatic time set-up
  • Comes without batteries

The highlight of the Qpets fish feeder is the presence of the double container, which can store sufficient fish food with two AAA batteries lasting at least three. The other advantage is that it can accommodate almost all types of fish food, and it is priced far lower than a programmable fish feeder.

Buy Qpets Duble Fish Feeder Box on Amazon

10. Dophin KWZONE Aquarium Auto Feeder (Auto Feeder AF013)

Dophin KWZONE Aquarium Auto Feeder (Auto Feeder AF013)

Key Features of Aquarium Auto Feeder: 

  • Perfect display rendered through an LCD screen
  • Convenience in setting up various feeding times
  • The button to operate is one-touch
  • Fan available

  • Dryness in food maintained due to fan
  • Reasonably priced
  • Operations are kept simple
  • The design is good and conducive
  • The fan is noisy

The Dophin AF013 sports an LCD through which monitoring can be done of the feeding. It is suitable to store multi- fish foods, and the settings can be your choice. The easy-to-operate feeder has a one-touch operation. The design resembles a camera reel and looks sporty.

Buy Dophin KWZONE Aquarium Auto Feeder on Amazon


Q. What to look for in Best Automatic fish feeders?

A. The following features should be resident in an automatic fish feeder you choose. They are:

  • It should be user-friendly and easy to install with simple operations
  • It should be made of good Grade material to last long
  • It should be affordable
  • it should dispense food at the time set up by you
  • It should be able to dispense food at least three times a day
  • It should come with clamps or stands and thus becomes conducive to fitting into different tanks with different shapes
  • The output hole should be adjustable
Q. Are Automatic fish feeders safe?

A. Yes, they are safe to a large extent as they serve the following purposes to ensure your fish live healthy and long.

  • It prevents the water from contamination
  • It delivers the perfect quantity of food and ensures that the fish do not eat excess
  • It clears the tank of any unconsumed food found floating
  • It can allow you to go on a holiday or business trips for weeks together but maintains the fish by feeding them regularly
  • It comes with a fan to dry the food and drive away from the moisture.
Q. Traditional way of feeding fish vs Automatic fish food feeders- what’s the difference?

A. The traditional way of feeding the pet fish is by hand. Although there is a ‘ human touch ‘ attached to it, the food dispensation would vary every time. On the other hand, the automatic fish feeder would dispense food regularly, periodically, and in equal quantities.

The Traditional way requires your presence to feed the fish, and it would be challenging to go away on holiday. Such complexity is avoided with the automatic one, which can take care of the fish for weeks together.

The Automatic fish feeder continues to work on the battery when there is a power – cut, thus ensuring the process is carried on.


The simple solution of installing an Automatic fish feeder and ensuring proper feeding time for your fish is indeed a welcome one. As mentioned earlier, it allows you to go on a well-deserved holiday with the family with the happy feeling your fish are taken care of the same way when you are present physically. The digital fish feeders are ultimate, while the others also serve the purpose.

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