Best 100-Inch TVs to Buy in 2022


The Television Industry never rests. Many innovative technologies have made the box ‘smart’ and, along with it, screen size enhancements. The steady progress from a 32-inch TV reached 75 inches, where it spent time gathering force. The spurt from that point was quick, and it reached 110 inches! Combining Projectors with screens that are HD and apart from that, stand-alone TVs have entered the living rooms although the 100-inch smart TV price is steep. Decisions need to be taken as there is an option of choosing between 100 Inch Smart LED TVs and the QLED ones. We will scrutinize six such Best Large Screen TVs to buy in 2022 and the Best Smart TVs of 2022 which are feature packed and turn your living room into a cinema hall.

Top 6 Best 100 Inch Smart LED TV: Reviews

We would also scrutinize the best large screen TVs to buy in 2022 available in India.

1. GTUOXIES 110 Inches Ultra HD Television

GTUOXIES 110 Inches Ultra HD TelevisionKey Features Of GTUOXIES 110:

• Fan-less
• Defining Contrast features
• Heavy-duty
• Mountable friendly
• Ultra HD
• The TV weighs 110 lb

  • TV can sustain long-running continuously
  • Decor friendly
  • Built-in speakers rule out a connection to external speakers
  • The LED-backlit delivers pictures with picture resolution that are incredible
  • Option to decide on wall-mount or sturdy stands that are mobile
  • Does not suit the gaming

The Chinese GTUOXIES 110-inch Television has plenty to offer. It arrives in only one color, and that is black, which makes it conducive to fit into any decor. The TV can withstand continuous runs exceeding a day and up to a week. It is Fanless, and that allows easier maintenance. The smallest detail is captured and delivered back to you in real-time, thanks to the backlit LED full array. The built-in speakers set up perfect surround sound that hits you from all directions without missing the slightest effect.

Apart from the immersive effect it provides at home, you can use the TV with a frame rate of 120Hz in the boardrooms and office gatherings apart from video conferencing. The visual angles of H 178° and V 178° make it comfortable to view the picture from any place in the room, thus preventing furniture movement. The images and videos are ultra-detailed with a resolution of 3840* 2160. The BOE display is right out of the factory of the world’s leading display giants.

The manufacturer guarantees at least six years of viewing (50000 hours) for this100 Inch Smart TV, which translates into a minimum of more than twelve years of regular usage. The GTUOXIES can be used to play slideshows and rules out using the PC thanks to the USB, which is built in and serves as a media player. You can connect numerous systems to this TV and control it with the well-designed remote.

Buy GTUOXIES 110 Inches Ultra HD Television on Amazon

2. Hisense 100L9G Laser TV Triple-Laser

Hisense 100L9G Laser TV Triple-LaserKey Features Of Hisense 100L9G:

• Ambient light rejection screen
• Smart System
• Speakers 2x 20, which are built-in
• 4- K resolution
• DLP (three) lasers

  • Bright and pleasing to the eye pictures
  • Lasers that emit colors Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) heighten color performance
  • Built-in Speakers rule out extra speakers
  • MEMC Processor that processes response levels faster compared to OLED
  • Cannot be viewed in the best manner from all angles

The Hisense 100L9GTUK Laser TV comes in with a host of features that would excite any big TV fan. It is an intelligent mix of a laser projector and a screen that rejects unnecessary light. The blend delivers a luxurious TV experience but does make you feel it’s an ultra-laser projector. The speakers with a total output of 40K split into two are found at the projector’s rear. Dolby Atmos makes sure of clarity in speech, goose bump highs, and lows with a booming effect. The maximum output of the tri-laser lighting system is an impressive 3000 lumens, and it delivers standard light living room situations; the visuals remain vibrant and watchable.

In addition to this, the screen construction is not only solid but layered too. Such a design prevents scattering the light rather than the projector absorbing it. The connectors of the 100L9GTUK have a lot to offer. It’s a bonus that there are three HDMI connections instead of the customary two on projectors, a built-in WiFi to stream videos, and an RF tuner input that enables HD broadcasts. HDR support is indeed available and accurate, per the HDR10 and HLG standards.

Buy Hisense 100L9G Laser TV Triple-Laser on Amazon

3. Hisense 100L5G-CINE100A 100 inches 4K Ultra-Short

Hisense 100L5G-CINE100A 100 inches 4K Ultra-Short

Key Features Of Hisense 100L5G-CINE100A:

• Brightness at 2700 ANSI lumens
• 4 K laser projector
• DLP chip 1080
•Ambient Light Rejection type screen
• Warranty for two years
• Weighs 20.3 lbs

  • 4K (3,840 x 2,160) resolution and TI’s XPR fast-switch pixel shifting
  • Light rejection screen with excellent color correctness, contrast along with shadow detail
  • Android TV and TV tuner that comes with the built-in combination
  • A 2,700 ANSI lumen laser-phosphor light source that renders precise brightness
  • Lack of 3D support

The 100L5G-Cine100A combo includes the L5G and a 100-inch ALR screen. It’s always the intent of the manufacturer to attract new purchasers, which provides entry-level ones too. That’s why the UST, combined with the ALR screen, is specifically designed to attract first-timers.

100L5G does deliver accurate colors, pleasing contrast, black levels, shadow definition, and sharpness right out of the box on this 100 Inch Smart TV.

The L5100-inch G’s screen has a viewing angle of 150 degrees, which is pretty generous. When placed in a family room, the curve is more than adequate to cover all the possible viewing positions.

Hisense claims this, and they are accurate with that information. It is common for manufacturers to specify default pairing options and throw the screen into the mix. The grey color scheme on the 100-inch screen provides its benefits; the screen’s 0.6 gain offers the same brightness as a 1,620-lumen projector. A 1.0-gain white screen is also paired with the above.

The combination of the ALR technology with the gray color is far better than what you see on a white screen, given that you see it under room lighting.
In terms of size and weight, the L5G projector is 6.2 by 21.5 by 13.6 inches and 20.3 pounds.

A solitary DLP chip is used in its construction, as is typical for 4K UST laser models. One DLP chip can display 3,840 by 2,160 pixels on the screen using TI’s XPR fast-shifting pixel shifting technology. When operating at maximum power, Hisense estimates that the laser-phosphor light source will last 25,000 hours.

Three HDMI ports back up all these to enable multiple external hardware connections. You can connect to the system through two different forms of Connectivity. Either a WiFi or Ethernet. The sad part is there is no Netflix app!

Buy Hisense 100L5G-CINE100A 100 inches 4K Ultra-Short on Amazon

4. TUOSTAR High-end 100 Inch LED LCD Screen TV TS100TPTV

TUOSTAR High-end 100 Inch LED LCD Screen TV TS100TPTVKey Features Of TUOSTAR TS100TPTV:

• Android 100-Inch TV
• Screens from BOE
• Designed Fanless
• GTUOXIES high resolution at 3840X 2160
• Heavy duty

  • Rules out external speakers
  • Can be viewed from all angles
  • Can cater to a vast audience
  • Picture quality and Frame rate are par excellent
  • Converter required if used outside the USA

The TUOSTAR TS100TPTV is a 100 Inch Smart LED TV with endless features you wish for in a 100-inch TV. The ‘Active ‘ Contrast has a wide range of variations color-wise and provides depth too. You can deploy the TV in any location of your choice where the LCD monitors are not within touching distance but within eyesight of the audience viewing it. The remarkable vibrant visuals and the natural colors with perfect depth are something to be seen to believe. The GTUOXIES 3840X, 2160 DPI resolution, adds to the splendor of this TV, and the High Definition display dazzles, which means all pixels are active. It is simply proof of spectacular UHD.

It is a 24/7 TV, and the GTUOXIES ensure it’s a heavy-duty device. Thanks to its superior build, you can use it in any commercial building or a sports arena. Maintaining it is simple as it is Fan-less, and realism receives a boost with the backlights. The device weighs 220 pounds, has built-in speakers with surround effects, and rules out add-ons to amplify noise. The 100 Inch Smart TV is wall mountable or, if you prefer, a mobile stand. Detailed realistic images on a 1:1 basis as black are black. Movements are perfect on the screen, with a frame rate of 120 Hz. With BOE being the screen maker, things just get better and better with the immersive experience that the TUOSTAR provides.

Buy TUOSTAR High-end 100 Inch LED LCD Screen TV TS100TPTV on Amazon

5. TCL 98″ Class XL Collection 4K UHD QLED

TCL 98" Class XL Collection 4K UHD QLED

Key Features Of TCL 98″ Class XL:

• Dolby Vision
• AiPQ Engine Technology
• 98 Inch TV

  • Contrast perfected with VA panel
  • Response time is impeccable
  • VRR support for the 120Hz panel taking gaming to new heights
  • Dolby Vision displays accurate and realistic colors
  • ” Hey Google “available for voice commands
  • Viewing from every angle is not possible

The Smart Google TV is just that. It’s smart. An accurate color display is possible only because of the Quantum Dot Technology on this 98 Inch TV. Add to it Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range you will find the picture clarity enhanced and combined well with the contrast. The lifelike images and pictures meet the standards of cinema screens, and the presence of 192 localized Contrast Control Zones ” distinguishes the bright from the dark portions of the picture or image.” Hey, Google “contributes more than ever as it allows you to stay stationary and watch your favorite movie or game. It even obeys your voice command to seek the remote control in the room! The Billion color display TV on this 100 Inch Smart TV has a tour you should take to know all operations. It’s light at just 178.4 pounds but heavy in terms of features. There cannot be a wider choice of movies. 700K movies are available for you to choose from in all those apps.

Buy TCL 98″ Class XL Collection 4K UHD QLED on Amazon

6. SAMSUNG 98-Inch Class Neo QLED 4K UHD QN90A Series

SAMSUNG 98-Inch Class Neo QLED 4K UHD QN90A Series
Key Features Of SAMSUNG QN90A Series:

• Thin TV weighing 167 Lb
• Construction using hard plastic
• Dimming features
• Thin bezels
• AI upgradation

  • Perfect Contrast ratio
  • Allows viewing from almost all angles
  • Well-regulated brightness speaks volumes of the superior HDR
  • Perfect Bezel utilization
  • No discoloration
  • Hard to reach the rear of the TV once mounted

The Samsung QN90A QLED is an elite 4k LED television. It’s one constituent of Samsung’s 2021 Neo QLED portfolio, which blends Mini LED backlighting and QLED to showcase a vast array of colors at varying brightness levels. The Mini-LED backlighting enables the television to exhibit deeper blacks since you can control its local dimming function to a large extent. The Tizen ‘smart’ platform is user-friendly and offers a large variety of applications for download, followed by installation.

The innovative remote control possesses a solar panel on its rear, allowing it to be charged by natural sunlight. It has several game capabilities and is backed up by a robust variable refresh rate support and an HDMI 2.1 bandwidth. It isn’t enjoyable when you see that only one port exists, preventing two next-generation gaming consoles from being used simultaneously. The Samsung QN90A is a superior television, whatever the purpose may be. It is ideal for watching movies in absolute darkness since its VA panel has a high native contrast ratio and local dimming to depict deep blacks.

If you wish to use it in a brighter room to enjoy TV shows and sports, the brightness gets adjusted perfectly to prevent glare as it has excellent reflection management. Additionally, it presents a wide variety of colors for an outstanding HDR experience that can only be termed immersive.

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It is evident from the above that each large-sized TV does have distinct features but is collective in providing a whole new experience. One has to consider the 100-inch smart TV price for they differ given the same specs. The largest 4K TVs make a huge difference in your viewing and it’s best to check out the speaker system that is built in as a 100-inch Smart LED TV needs both visuals and audio to complement each other. The Best 100 Inch TVs 2022 cannot be singled out. In other words, given the present day, it has to be one of the TVs analyzed above.

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