Bellabeat Leaf Review : Smart Jewelry Health Tracker


One of the coolest things you can get to see these days is the pace at which technology is growing. This technology becomes, even more, cooler when it gets embedded into things you could have never imagined.

Have you ever imagined wearing smart jewelry that you can not only wear but can also use to track your health activity? You can track your physical activities, sleep durations, and even your menstrual cycles too.

Well, Bellabeat leaf smart jewelry cum activity tracker is one of the very coolest inventions of the time. It is a smart piece of jewelry that also works as a health tracker. You can wear it as a pendant or on your wrist as a bracelet, just as you want.

But is it worth it? Should you be preferring Bellabeat leaf over tons of other smart health trackers available on the market? Is it better than the Apple Watch, Fitbit & other popular health trackers? Well, that’s what this guide is about.

This is a detailed Bellabeat leaf review guide. Just keep reading till the end, you’ll get all your answers regarding this piece of smart jewelry by reading this single guide.

Bellabeat Leaf Review – Is it Really Worth it?

Bellabeat leaf is a smart health activity tracker that you can use for measuring your activities day out. For e.g, breathing, sleep, physical activities, period cycles, etc. Well, there are a lot of other smart health activity trackers available in the market.

But what makes Bellabeat leaf stand out from every one of them is the design. Basically, it is a very fancy & stylish piece of jewelry into which the brand has embedded the technology.

When you’ll be wearing it, nobody would be even able to recognize that it’s a smart gadget. It looks like a modern piece of jewelry that you can easily wear as a pendant or a bracelet.

If you have researched a bit, Bellabeat does have a few variants of this smart health tracker jewelry. You can choose from the Bellabeat leaf chakra & urban crystal variants.

Let’s see what these devices have to offer for a woman in this detailed Bellabeat leaf review. As there are two models, we’re starting the guide with Bellabeat leaf urban review 2022.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban (Chakra) Fitness Tracker Review

Bellabeat Leaf Chakra Fitness Tracker Review

Key Features of Bellabeat Fitness Tracker

  • Beautiful Pendant Design
  • IPX Grade 6 Water Resistant
  • 30+ Meditation Exercises

  • Easily wear it as a Pendant or a Bracelet
  • Comes with Battery Replacement Tool
  • Connects to the smartphone wirelessly
  • The battery needs to be replaced in 6 months

Let’s begin this Bellabeat Leaf Chakra fitness tracker review with its design & built material. It is built with rose quartz & natural crystals that looks really very adorable when you wear it.

If you check Bellabeat leaf crystal reviews by customers on the marketplaces, there are a lot of positive reviews for this variant. As it is very compact, it looks really good when you wear it as a pendant or bracelet.

There are no disturbing buttons present on the device, it just looks like a regular fashionable piece of a pendant that you can wear in your regular lifestyle. Instead, you can monitor all your tracked activities on your smartphone by syncing the device wirelessly with the Bellabeat app.

You can easily track several physical activities like steps, calories, distance, breathing, sleep patterns, and much more. There’s so much packed inside this little device you can’t even imagine. It has a collection of 30+ meditation exercises that you can follow along with your routine.

This IPX 6-grade water-resistant device comes along with a 1-year warranty. It looks really very beautiful when you wear it around your neck. Also, you never need to charge it as it comes with a replaceable battery unit that can easily last long for over 6 months.

The Bellabeat leaf chakra fitness tracker is one of the best inventions for women who love jewelry and technology as well. If you ask our honest Bellabeat leaf chakra review 2022, this device is really worth the price. Let’s move on to the Bellabeat leaf crystal review.

Buy Bellabeat Leaf Chakra on Amazon

Bellabeat Leaf Urban Review (Crystal Bracelet)

Bellabeat Leaf Urban Review (Crystal Bracelet)

Key Features of Bellabeat Crystal Bracelet

  • Astonishing Bracelet Design
  • Tracks 24 hours Everyday
  • Android & iOS Compatible

  • With the compact design, looks good as a bracelet
  • Comes along with an infinity necklace
  • Tracks your activities completely 24 hours
  • Battery replacement every 6 months

The Bellabeat leaf urban health tracker is probably the most popular Bellabeat smart health tracker jewelry. This one costs a bit less than the leaf chakra model. Both devices have the same features to offer. But the main difference here is in the design of the units.

The Bellabeat leaf urban smart jewelry health tracker is a little bit more compact in nature and you can easily wear it as not only a pendant but also looks fabulous as a bracelet on the wrist. This is probably the reason why this model is also popular as the Bellabeat leaf bracelet.

The Bellabeat leaf accessories include the leaf urban bracelet along with the infinity necklace. The battery life of the device is easily around 6 months. After that, you might need to change it so it comes along with a battery removal tool.

You can download the Bellabeat leaf mobile app on Android & iOS devices to monitor all your daily physical activities on your smartphone to build your own future goals.

The Bellabeat leaf urban health tracker easily connects wirelessly with your phone. In case you need to reconnect it to a new device, you can easily do it and it will resynch everything on the new device itself.

If you were looking for an honest Bellabeat leaf crystal review. Definitely, under such a budget, it is a very value-for-money deal. It’s our real and honest Bellabeat leaf urban review.

Buy Bellabeat Leaf Urban on Amazon

Bellabeat Leaf App Review

As you know there’s no digital screen or buttons available on the device, that’s where the Bellabeat leaf health tracker app comes into place.

Basically, you got the health tracking device, but how will you be able to monitor the readings? Well, you guessed it right now, you have to connect the device with your smartphone.

Bellabeat leaf app is available for both iOS & Android users and it lets you easily connect the device with your smartphone where you can easily monitor all your day-out activities.

Get connected

Since there is no display on the Bellabeat leaf urban health tracker, the brand has put real effort into building a really useful app and they even keep sending you updates to fix the bugs & issues.

The user interface of the app is quite very simple and yet displays a lot of information about your day’s physical activities in a single frame. This includes your sleep duration, breathing exercise duration, total steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned.

But how accurate this device is in tracking all your physical activities? That’s the main question here. We’ll talk about it deeply further in the Bellabeat leaf activity tracker review section.

Whenever you want to see detailed info about any of these activities, you just need to tap on it and you get to see a detailed report about it.

Sleep Tracking

The Bellabeat leaf urban smart jewelry health tracker has a sleep tracking feature on the app that shows you how much sleep duration you had last night. Not just that, but it also displays the quality of sleep you had.

It measures the quality of your sleep in accordance with how much movement you had in your sleep. Sometimes, even when you’re awake, the device still captures it as sleep or the other times, when you’re asleep, it still can’t detect that you’re sleeping.

The best way to come out through this problem is by entering your daily sleep routine manually into the app so it analyzes your sleep duration in accordance to that and by considering physical movements in that time period.

One good hack is to put the device near your pajamas, this lets the device detect your sleep much more accurately than wearing it on your wrist.

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Meditation Exercises

The Bellabeat leaf urban smart jewelry health tracker contains a cool feature that lets you detect your breathing. Some users think that it detects and measures your breathing level throughout the day.

But that is not the case, actually, there’s a special meditation exercise feature in the app that contains over 30+ meditations exercise tutorials.

To start, you have to attach the device to your pants near the stomach so it can detect those deep breaths. Now when you enter the meditation exercise feature, you will be given voice instructions about how you need to do the meditation exercise.

While you’re doing your thing, the device is measuring your breathing/meditation exercise and at the end, it gives you a result with your accuracy level. It is a lot very useful feature if you want to build a habit of meditating.

You can easily do 10-15 minutes of meditation by using this smart jewelry. It is a lot more interesting than you’re thinking. It will easily help you build a habit and it also gives you reports every day so you can analyze your daily growth as well.

Physical Activity Tracking

The most important tracking capability of a health tracker is the accuracy of tracking the physical activity of your day. The Bellabeat leaf smart jewelry tracker is a very useful yet fashionable device for women who’re seeking a fitness growth journey.

You can wear the device as a bracelet, or pendant, or you can even attach it somewhere around your neck. That’s the best place if you want to measure accurate physical activity on your device.

Every day, you can see the total steps you’ve taken, calories burned, & distance traveled on the Bellabeat Leaf app and compare it to the previous days to see if you’re having any growth.

If you take a look at the Bellabeat Leaf Activity Tracker Reviews on the eCommerce sites, there are very mixed opinions on the activity tracking feature.

The device is not very accurate in tracking all these things. If you compare Bellabeat leaf vs ivy or any other health tracker, it’s not as accurate in giving you the results.

But still, under this budget, it is one of the very best smart jewelry trackers available on the market. I hope this Bellabeat Leaf Activity Tracker Review helps you in making the right buying decision.


Bellabeat Leaf smart health fitness tracker is probably one of the very coolest inventions for women. It’s not just a health tracker but a piece of jewelry too. Tell me a woman, who doesn’t love wearing jewelry?

The Bellabeat Leaf Chakra Fitness Tracker is a very affordable stylish health tracker for women. You can gift it to your friend, girlfriend, or wife if you’re a man reading this guide.

If you’re a woman, you can buy it for yourself. It’s a really very amazing piece of tech. It does come with IPX Grade 6 Water Resistant technology so you can wear it along any time.

But if you’re looking to buy a bit more compact device like the crystal variant Bellabeat Leaf bracelet, then keep in mind you should keep it away from water as it’s not water resistant.

Both these models are really worth under their price range. It does offer activity tracking features & most importantly you can even track your period dates within the Bellabeat leaf app.

If you’re looking for a fancy smart piece of jewelry with some basic features, it is definitely a good choice for you. But honestly, if you compare Bellabeat leaf vs ivy or Bellabeat Leaf vs Fitbit or Apple Watch, it is not really accurate.

But still, it’s one of the best choices under the budget. This was our honest Bellabeat leaf review 2022. Which variant do you like the most, the Bellabeat leaf urban crystal or the Bellabeat leaf chakra? Let us know your thoughts about it as well.

Buy Bellabeat Leaf Urban on Amazon

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