Bellabeat Ivy Review – A Fitness Tracker that can be used as a Jewelry


Bellabeat Ivy – A fitness tracker that can be used as jewelry is a distinctive fitness tracker that makes an earnest effort to stand apart from the crowd. Bellabeat Ivy – a fitness tracker that can be used as jewelry has a long lineup of eye-catching, fashion-focused wearables that do not spoil your style game. The Bellabeat Ivy is the latest addition to the lineup and focuses on complete feminine health and wellness tracking. If you are searching for a wellness tracker that is specifically designed for women and are confused about choosing Bellabeat Ivy or not, this post will help you make a decision.

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Bellabeat Ivy Review – Design

Bellabeat Ivy Review

Bellabeat Ivy is designed to feel like a feather on your wrist. The body of the tracker is made using Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel and silicone straps that feel extremely light on your wrist. Bellabeat Ivy weighs just 9 grams which is a lot less than any of the unisex fitness trackers on the market. This is primarily due to the display-less design that only has sensors and nothing else. You can pick from four enticing color combinations; namely Rose Gold, Jet Black, Rose Gold & Silver. The straps are interchangeable but the main unit remains the same. Moreover, the straps are less wider than a normal fitness tracker which makes it feel subtle on the wrist.

Bellabeat Ivy Review

Bellabeat Ivy Features

Health Tracking

Bellabeat Ivy has numerous sensors that can track your heartbeat, blood oxygen saturation, and so on. This best fitness tracker for women is capable enough to measure your vitals with stellar accuracy. It all begins with the kind of goal that you choose for yourself. The app presents three options: weight loss, getting fit, or getting healthy. These options determine how you will begin your fitness and wellness journey with the Bellabeat Ivy. Since it has no display, all the tracking and monitoring can be done using the app only.

Readiness Score

Bellabeat Ivy displays a readiness score that describes how prepared you are for the new day. It factors resting heart rate, respiratory rate, and cardiac coherence and combines all these metrics to present the readiness score. Now, you can understand that a higher readiness score means you are well adjusted in your lifestyle and are giving your body the proper care and nurturing it needs to function well. However, if you have a low readiness score, it is a clear indicator that it is time to slow down a bit and give proper rest to your body. Thus, you don’t need to scour through complex readings and charts to understand your body. The readiness score describes that aptly.

Bellabeat Ivy Review

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Wellness Score

The Wellness score measures the daily efforts that you put towards realizing your goal. It includes your activity, sleep, meditation, menstrual cycle, and hydration log, all of which are then evaluated to process a Wellness score on a scale of 0-100. Thus, the wellness score is a clear indication of your efforts and how you can increase them to obtain flying colors on the wellness meter. This is how Bellabeat Ivy slowly nudges you into a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable.

Bellabeat Ivy Review
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Bellabeat Coach

The Bellabeat Coach is the companion app for the Bellabeat Ivy device that keeps track of all the data and converts it into wellness and readiness scores. The companion app is super convenient and designed to take the confusion out of the window. On the main page, you see the dashboard with your scores. It extracts all the logged data on the device via Bluetooth and then calculates your scores based on them. Bellabeat coach also has a meal recommendation section that suggests your caloric intake and versatile meal plans to keep things exciting in your fitness journey.

Bellabeat’s Ivy Smart Bracelet Price

Bellabeat coach is a paid application that is available for 9.99USD a month. Or you can save some money and purchase the annual plan for 99 USD. Bellabeat Ivy offers a free trial of the premium Bellabeat coach app for six months to every consumer. After the trial ends, you can continue to use the app without a paid tier if you want to. With the paid tier, you get personalized coaching and training recommendations along with meal plans and wellness advice. This is a strong selling point for the Bellabeat coach app as you don’t leave anything for guesswork and always have a guide to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Battery life

The Bellabeat Ivy can also stay up to eight days on a single charge. It is largely possible because the Bellabeat Ivy is a data tracking device with no display, so you can get over one week of battery life. It can refuel itself in 90-120 minutes and then last over a week.

Bellabeat Ivy Flaws

The Bellabeat Ivy is a well-rounded device that focuses solely on women’s fitness. But it does not have a distinctive sleep tracking feature. You can get some information about your sleep cycle but it doesn’t offer any insights into your REM sleep. Another missing feature is activity tracking which is a basic feature in any fitness tracker. You cannot track different workout modes and have to just trust the wellness and readiness score. Bellabeat Ivy should work in these two areas because it is an exemplary fitness tracker with stunning looks. But the lack of sleep tracking data and activity tracking makes it a difficult choice for athletes and workout-focused females.

Is it worth buying the Bellabeat Ivy in 2022?

Bellabeat Ivy is a device designed to improve the health and fitness of women. The device is even tested on female participants only before designing and rolling out in the market. It understands the body of the woman and how complex it can be at times. All these features make it a decent choice for a female fitness tracker. But the pricing of Bellabeat Ivy is a little too steep to be within the budget of every person. At 250 USD and the additional app coaching costs, it will set you back around 350 USD in the first year and then 100 USD every year to use it with all the features. So, if you can afford it, Bellabeat Ivy is a decent choice but if you need activity tracking and other data, it’s best you look towards unisex fitness trackers like Fitbit.

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